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📷 | XNUMXORDER fans who have a pain and itching over the flyer

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XNUMXORDER fans who have a pain and itching over the flyer

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There are many cases where flyers such as movies are exhibited in Mercari as a set of 10 pieces.

XNUMXORDER, who released the album "ONE" from a major label in January this year, performed a concert at Nippon Budokan ... → Continue reading


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Mercari inc.(English: Mercari, Inc.) IsTokyoMinato-kuHeadquartered inJapanCompanies.Flea appof"MercariTo operate.

In 2013Shintaro YamadaEstablished as Kouzoh, Inc. and changed its name to Mercari Co., Ltd. within the same year. First time in 2016SurplusTurned into[2][3].

In addition, he was operating services such as "Atte", a local community app, "Cowl", a flea app for books/CDs/DVDs, and "Mercali Maisons", which specializes in branded products.[4]Are all finished[5][6][7].


  • 2013 (25)
    • May 2 - Kozo Co., Ltd.Establishment[8].
    • May 6 -Office relocation[9].
    • May 7 -Freema app "Mercali" Android version distribution and service started[10].
    • May 7 -The iPhone version of the flea market app "Mercali" has been distributed. Raised 5000 million yen by implementing third-party allotment[11].
    • May 8 - UnitedAnd capital and business alliance. Raise 3 million yen[12][13].
    • May 11 - Mercari inc.Change the trade name to[14].
  • 2014 (26)
  • 2015 (27)
  • 2016 (28)
    • May 1 -Invested in BASE Co., Ltd.[24].
    • May 3 -Raise 84 billion yen by implementing third-party allotment[25].
    • May 3 -Launched new app ``Mercali Atte'' from subsidiary Souzo[26].
    • 6月 - 2016å¹´6月期(2015å¹´7月 - 2016å¹´6月)の売上高は122億5600万円(前期比189%増)、営業利益は32億8600万円(前期は11億400万円の赤字)で、初めて黒字化[2].
  • 2017 (29)
    • May 5 -Launch of new app "Melkari Caul" from subsidiary Souzo[27].
    • May 8 -A brand-rated flea market app "Mercali Maisons" from subsidiary Sozo[28].
    • May 8 - YahooJointly established "EC Business Council" with the aim of improving the safe EC (electronic commerce) environment[29].
    • May 11 -Launched “Melkari NOW”, an immediate purchase service operated by the subsidiary Sozo in the flea market app “Melkari”[30].
  • 2018 (30)
    • May 2 -Launch of share cycle service "Mercari" in Fukuoka City at subsidiary Sozo[31][32].
    • May 4 -Started providing "teacha", a flea market app for learning from subsidiary Sozo[33].
    • May 5 -"Mercari Atte" service end[34].
    • May 6 - TSE MothersListed on the market[35].. Immediately after the listing, the stock price remained well above the public price.[36]Fell sharply after the first settlement after listing (August 8) was in the red[37].
    • May 8 -Finished "Merkari NOW"[6].
    • May 8 -Quit "teacha"[6].
    • May 8 -Finished "Mercali Maisons"[6].
    • May 11 -Closed "Mercari Cowl" and unified it to "Mercari" application[38].
  • 2019 (31, the first year of Reiwa)
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)
    • January 1-Subsidiary Merpey of the same businessQR/Bar code paymentThe operating company of the service Origami PayOrigamiAnnounced on February 2 of the same year that it will become a wholly owned subsidiary.[45].
    • August 2- NTT DoCoMoAnnounced a business tie-up with[46].

Freema app "Mercali"

Mercari(British: purchase) IsJapanandThe United States of AmericaAre providing services atFlea appIs. July 2013, 7AndroidEdition[47], April 7 of the same yeariOSEdition has started distribution[48].. More than 1 items per day in 2013[49], More than 2015 points in 10[50].. The name of "Mercali" isLatinIt is derived from "mercari," which means "to trade."marketThe word "" has its origin[51].

According to a Nielsen survey, as of June 2014, regarding the number of service users from smartphones, among the services that combine online auctions and flea market services,Yahoo!,Rakuten Auction,MobaokuIt is the 4th place after, and the first place in the flea market app service.[52].. It has grown into a service that threatens Japan's largest Yahoo auction!

Originally popular with women in their 20s and 30s, as of 2017, listings for men in their 40s and 50s are increasing.[4].

Blogger's moat E. Masatake is the traditional MercariEC siteCovers the micro demands that cannot be covered, and in the process of deciding the transaction by listing and casual chat, there is an aspect of user self-realization through smartphones, which is one of the reasons for popularity. States that[4].

Mercari is registered when the seller is registered.IdentificationBecause you don't needAnonymousBut it is possible to sell. If you use services such as "Easy Mercuria" and "Yu Yu Mercari",AddressCan be shipped without understanding[53].. It is easy for unscrupulous traders and problem sellers to use, and some have pointed out many troubles and poor manners.[54][55].[53].

Minors are stipulated to use with the consent of their parents, but there are no age restrictions other than that, and there are virtually no age restrictions, so minors are also frequently used.[53].. It has become a place for young people to make pocket money,BrucellaThere were also problems such as improper listing by minors such as buying and selling for the purpose, and buying and selling stolen goods.[53].

Restricted use The operation introduces registration of address, name, and date of birth at the time of first listing as part of strengthening deterrence against illegal behavior and violation of rules[56]¡For that reason, it is not possible to sell with an unregistered account.


We are also expanding our services overseas, in the United States on September 2014, 9 (local time), and on March 12, 2017 (local time).The United KingdomBut started the service[18][57].

However, in the UK, in addition to the issue of recognition, it competed with a similar service that preceded it and continued to be in the red, so the service was terminated in March 2019 and withdrew.[58].

In the United States as well, it competed with similar services and continued to be in the red, but the infection has spread in various places since 2019.New coronavirusIt was held on February 2021, 2 due to the strong demand for nesting due to the influence of55th Super BowlThen it is said that it will cost more than 30 million yen in 5 secondsCMIt was posted on the frame for the purpose of raising awareness, and a 15-second commercial was aired for the first time to viewers nationwide.[58][59].


  • 2013 (25)
  • 2014 (26)
    • May-First TV commercial aired[61][62].
    • July-Design renewal[63].
    • September-Service launch in USA[18][64].
    • October-Charged sales fees[65].
    • November-Real in front of Diversity in Koto Ward, TokyoFree MarketHolding[66][67].
  • 2015 (27)
    • 4 month - Yamato TransportStarted nationwide uniform delivery service (Raku-Raku Mercari)[68].
    • May-Real at Roppongi Hills Arena in Minato-ku, Tokyo and Nakano Central Park Park Avenue in Nakano-ku, TokyoFree MarketHolding[69].
  • 2016 (28)
  • 2017 (29)
    • March-Announced launch of app in the UK[57].
    • 6 month - Japan PostStarted nationwide uniform delivery service (Yu Yu Mercari service)[75].
  • 2018 (30)
    • November-Cumulative circulation exceeds 11 trillion yen[76].
    • December-Announced that "Mercari Europe" will be dissolved by the fiscal year ending June 12[58].


Mercari, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercari, launched on February 2019, 2Contactless paymentServices[40].

It is attached to Mercari's smartphone app and can be used to pay Mercari's sales proceeds, as well as accepting deposits from banks. The payment method was initiallyFelicaViaiDIt was only, but from March 2019QR code settlementIt also corresponds to. By the way, with iD credit card payment, etc.auContracted smartphones are not supported, but iD can be used with au contracted smartphones only for Merpay.[77].

January 2020, 1, Merpay will be in the same industry as of February 23, 2QR/Bar code paymentIt announced that it will acquire all the shares of Origami, the operator of the service Origami Pay, and join the Mercari Group. The Origami Pay services and brands will be integrated into Merpay after a certain period of publicity.[45].. In addition, Origami has a business partnership until nowShinkin Central BankAnd eachCredit unionAlso announced that Mercari and Merpay will enter into a business alliance with Shinkin Central Bank in order to continue the relationship with[78].

From January 2020, 1Seven Bank OfTMJIt became possible to charge cash from Merpay. However, bank account registration or application verification is required[79].


Rights trouble

In the market of MercariTrademarkInfringementCopyrightInfringing products may be listed. A person who sold a fake branded product using Mercari in May 2015ArrestWas done[80].. It was noticed that accessories ("unofficial goods") produced using illustrations and characters without permission were on sale in May 2015.[81]..It is illegal to sell an article manufactured without a license of copyright or trademark right to a third party, even if it is an individual product (handmade).The sale of cutting sheets, posters, etc. made by entertainer fans is likely to be illegal and may infringe on portrait rights if the person's photo is used.In addition, even if it is not an individual product, items such as posters, flags, and banners that are not distributed to the general public and are posted or installed at stores or event venues may be stolen. Be careful.

Money/money laundering related

Selling cash

Two thousand yen billSince there was a request to sell items that have scarcity value even if they are banknotes or coins, such as coins that are incorrect in the manufacturing process, the rules were changed on February 2017, 2, and the listing of banknotes and coins was allowed. However, even though it is not a banknote or currency with a rare value, cash such as "14 yen for cash is 2 yen (shipping included)" "2 yen for cash is 7000 yen (cash on delivery)" There have been a number of cases in which items are sold for more than the face value and sold successfully.Credit card cashingIt is pointed out that it may be used as a means ofMoney launderingCash listing was banned from April 2017, 4[82][83][84].. July 2017, 11,Chiba Prefectural PoliceとAkita Prefectural PoliceSaid that men and women who bought and sold cash at Mercari over the face value "received interest exceeding the upper limit of the statutory interest rate",Investment LawArrested for alleged violation[85].

Exhibiting high-charged IC tickets

When cash listing was banned, this time I charged the full amountSuica,ICOCAIC ticket (such asElectronic money) Has been put up for sale. Here too, cash refunds can be made easily. Mercari replied to the interview, "Similar to the current currency, items that may lead to money laundering, such as charged Suica and pachinko prizes, are prohibited from exhibiting."[86].East Japan RailwayCommented, "Suica is rented to users, so please return it if you do not need it."[87].

In addition to this, special prizes for pachinko machines were also exhibited.[53].

Listing receipts

tax evasionMay be used forreceiptThere were many exhibitions. The management sideMoney launderingThe listing was deleted in May 2017 because it may lead to (money laundering) and violates the Terms of Service.[88].

Products with "pregnant bacteria"

Targeting women suffering from infertility, products and foods with "pregnant bacteria" that will make it easier to become pregnant from around 2014, items that "were used by pregnant women", etc.Infectious magicItems were on display. There is no medical basis for "pregnant bacteria". Mercari announced that the product of "pregnant bacteria" in 2017 is "exhibiting its efficacy,Pharmaceutical Medical Device ActThere is a risk of conflicting with (the old Pharmaceutical Affairs Law).” We are considering deleting the listings and deleting malicious sellers. In the coverage of the Mainichi Newspaper, the seller of such products did not actually have pregnancy experience, or the buyerSupplementI know that the catalog was sent[88][89].

Selling a game account

Originally, Mercari prohibited the listing of game data, but in July 2016, "・Intangible products (services, intangible products, game items, accounts, etc.)" ”And “not goods (information, provision of services, etc.)” to unlock the trading of game accounts. Many games prohibit the sale and purchase of game data in terms of use in order to maintain game balance and prevent troubles between users. For that reason, there were many criticisms that Mercari had lifted the ban on listing game accounts.[74].

Mercari account resale

In Mercari, there are cases where users create multiple accounts and buy or sell them. A user whose account has been suspended due to a problem is being used to purchase and use the sold account, or for self-dealing.Yamaguchi Prefectural Police OfCyber ​​patrolHowever, he discovered that a lot of Mercari accounts were sold on the auction site, and Mercari provided information to the Yamaguchi Prefectural Police etc.Kagoshima-ShimanePrefectural police jointly investigated, 2017 users by June 6I Electromagnetic record fraudulent creation/in-service crimeArrested on suspicion of[90].. First nationwide arrest for illegal account creation/sales[91].. Mercari announced that it will strengthen crackdowns on violations of terms such as creating and selling multiple accounts[92].

Computer virus acquisition method exhibition

From 2017th to 3th March 12, a male junior high school student from Osaka Prefecture announced on Mercari.Computer virusI received "Points" as a price for teaching the URL of a site where you can download the virus.Nara Prefectural PoliceHeadquarterschild consultation centerNotice (because he was not of a criminal age刑事 事件asCase4 boys who got the information from this junior high school student were sent documents.[93].

Commuter train seating service exhibition

About June 2019, 6 ``Hokuso Line X NUM X hour X NUM X minutes Komuro StationWith the product name of "departure 2nd seat"Hokuso Railway OfCommuter trainThe seating service was exhibited. This violates the "intangible product" of the Mercari Terms of Use,Chiba,Tokyo OfJunk Prevention OrdinanceMercari took measures to delete the relevant item before it was purchased, as it may conflict with the "prohibition of unfair provision of seats, etc."[94].

Selling found items

A woman living in Osaka found a lost wallet at Mercari the next day. The item description says, "This is a gift, but I will list it because it is not used. There is no noticeable scratch, but the back of the belt is partly peeled off." Matches the characteristics of the wallet (distortion of coin purse lid, blackened position of cloth, dirt on metal fittings, peeling of back of belt). The woman replied to the seller, "Is it really a gift? It's similar to the one I dropped at Shinsaibashi yesterday." When the comment was sent, the seller replied, "That's a pity. This is a gift." Immediately after that, the listing was deleted and it became impossible to contact. When I contacted Mercari, I was told that "I can not respond unless police contact me"[95][96].

Fraud using postpaid payment

Postpaid service from Mercari users from January 2020th to 1th, 14Paidy'[Annotation 1]There were a series of reports on the Internet that there were scams using the. Victims will have to pay twice for the payment bill for "Paidy next month" even though they purchased the product on Mercari and paid for it. Mercari announced a comment on the evening of the 2th, but did not touch on how to refund the price paid on Mercari. A spokesperson for Mercari responded to the interview that "I cannot answer because of individual cases."[97].. If a delivery method other than "Easy Mercurial flight" or "Yu Yu Mercari flight" is specified, the seller will know the address. This time the address is believed to have been misused. MAG2NEWS points this out as a "pitfall of "Mercali""[98].. In addition, regarding this, there is also a point that "Mercali has become a test site for fraudsters"[99].

Calling attention to high-value resale

From around January 2020 on a global scaleNew coronavirusDue to the spread ofMASKSAs a result of the shortage of products, the masks were sold in large amounts, which greatly exceeded the regular price. In this regard, Mercari may call out to the user on the official website for listing or purchasing within the appropriate range on February 2, the same year, and depending on the transaction situation, it may check the acquisition route, delete the product, or restrict usage. Warned that[100][101].. However, after that, high-priced listings and resale continued,Consumer Affairs AgencyRequested to deal with a flea market app operating company such as Mercari, but at Mercari, resale itself is not a violation of the law, and the act of listing a mask with a price several times the list price is not prohibited, partly Except for high-priced items[102][103][104][105].. There are also escape routes, such as listing masks at low prices and setting high shipping costs.[106]And evenWet tissueDisinfection/sterilization products such asToilet PaperPaper products such as[107][108][109]As a result, individuals who use the flea market app management company led by MercariReseller(Resale ya) Because of our masksNecessities of lifeIs calling for a big ripple because the situation that it can not be bought continues[106].

Addition of prohibited items

Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, masks, alcohol disinfectants and hand soaps have run out.There were many cases of reselling it. Since March, masks and alcohol disinfectants have been banned from listing.In addition, after May 3th, hand soaps were also banned from listing, and items listed before the start of regulation were also subject to listing.

Exhibiting a census handbag

Sanae TakaichiMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsAt the press conference on September 2020, 9, the 15st survey form began to be distributed the day before.CensusIt was revealed that the carrying bag used by the investigator was exhibited at. Originally, the carrying bag must be returned after the investigation is completed, and it may be misused for fraud.Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsRequested Mercari to withdraw this product, and Mercari responded by removing it as inappropriate.[110][111].


  • "Used stockings and underwear," "sailor clothes and gym clothes for junior high school girls and high school girls"BrucellaInformation and personal informationGraduation album,Divorce registration, College attendance cards, college etc.Bachelor of ScienceDegrees issued to prove that you have obtained a certificate are also on display.[54][112][53].
  • To use it, you need to register as a member. Previously, entering a mobile phone number was optional for membership registration, but it is now mandatory. However, some people do not have a mobile phone, so those who do not have a mobile phone cannot register themselves and are paid in advance. For this reason, there are criticisms that they are discriminating against those who do not have mobile phones.
  • In the part near the bottom center of the individual product page for iPhone versionApple PayThere is a button that allows you to make payments and purchase with, and it has been pointed out that this will cause erroneous purchases and payments.[113][114][115][116][Annotation 2].
  • The "Mercari BOX", which is provided as a question corner, is equivalent to Yahoo! Chiebukuro's "Empathy" and has a function called "refresh" that allows other people to vote for comments. This "refreshing" means that when a third party (such as Mr. C) voted for the comment of the respondent (Mr. B), the interrogator (Mr. A) also "clearly" responded to Mr. B's answer by Mr. C. You will be notified continuously each time. Originally, Mr. A's comment was "refreshed" by a third party such as Mr. C, which is good for Mr. A. Therefore, if Mr. A develops a quarrel with Mr. B at the question corner due to differences of views, etc., a third party such as Mr. C misuses this notification function and maliciously posts to Mr. B's post. There is widespread harassment in a group that votes "refreshingly" and annoys Mr. A due to the annoyance of continuous notification.


Leakage of customer information

On June 2017, 6, when switching servers on the web version, 22 customers using Mercaripersonal informationWas visible from the outside. The problem occurred at 9:41, 14:41 by a user inquiry, the service was switched to maintenance mode at 15:16, access to the cache server was blocked at 38: problem, Has disappeared. The name, bank account, last 4 digits of credit card, expiration date, telephone number, etc. that may have been viewed. Information that can directly identify an individual (address, name, email address) was disclosed to 29,396 of them.[117][118].


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注 釈

  1. ^ Mercari does not support the postpaid service "Paidy".
  2. ^ If you make an erroneous purchase, you can not cancel it without consent of the seller, so you can only cancel with the consent of the seller or give up. There is also a penalty if you cancel with the seller's consent.


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