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👍 | Giants' official Twitter account is Nippon-Ham Fighter Kenshi Sugiya "# Forgotten"

Photo Nippon-Ham Sugiya is a natural squirrel man

The official Twitter account of the giant is Nippon-Ham Fighter Kenshi Sugiya "# Forgotten"

If you write the contents roughly
Only Sugiya, who is already a mood maker like a comedian, was flooded with comments from fans such as "As expected, Sugiya", "What is the story of dropping to other teams", and "I can get rid of it everywhere".

As expected, he is a natural man. In the Nippon-Ham-Giants Open Battle (Sapporo Dome) held on the XNUMXth, the Giants won XNUMX-XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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Mood makers

Mood makers(Japanglish: mood maker) Refers to a person who has the power to improve the atmosphere and atmosphere of the place just by being there.

In sports, it is an ability that can be possessed separately from the ability as a player, and even if it does not have the ability to contribute with technology, it is an existence that gives a positive force.However, players who have the ability to lead the team with an overwhelming presence often function as mood makers as a result of their attitude.

In English, icebreaker (Wiktionary English version), Life of the party (Wiktionary English version), Life and soul (Wiktionary English version) Etc. is an expression equivalent to a mood maker.

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