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🧑‍💻 | Factory line at home time?A small robot arm "DOBOT MG400" that can be placed on the table


Factory line at home time?A small robot arm "DOBOT MG400" that can be placed on the table

If you write the contents roughly
From the production line to the top of a small workbench, it will be useful anywhere.

A robot arm that is active in the field of manufacturing.Unlike the large ones in the factory, put them on your table at home ... → Continue reading


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Line production system

Line production system(Line Seisan Hoshiki) is a method for mass-producing a single product in a certain period of time.mass productionI do工場In the process of assembling the product and arranging the workers in a series (line),belt conveyorFlowing due tomachineTopartsIt is a work to install and perform small processing.So-calledWork flow. AlsoLine workAlso called.Another name is mass production method.Cell production system, Is a contradictory concept.

Line work

Engage in work at the manufacturing site using the line production methodBlue collarOperatorTheLine workCall it (line).


In the line production method, each worker's job is only to assemble a few parts at most.CraftsmanTypicalskillIs not required, at allAmateurBut for a few hoursOJTIt is enough to do.Cheap uniform industrial productsmass productionIt is a manufacturing process suitable for this, according to the maturity of the worker.belt conveyorIf you increase the speed ofProductivityWill increase.

There are some conditions for adopting the line production method.

  1. Of each productneedThe amount is predictable.
  2. Even if a dedicated process is installed, there is a demand amount that is economically worthwhile.
  3. The production period of the target product is relatively long.

The line production method can be classified according to the type of product to be produced.

  1. Single product assembly line
  2. Multi-product assembly line

3S (organize, tidy, clean) or4S(Organize, tidy, clean, clean),5SIt is said that production efficiency will be improved by typically advancing (organization, tidying, cleaning, cleanliness, discipline) for the four products, processes, technologies, and management methods.

With each ingenuity, productivity may gradually exceed line production and rise even further.Of course, immediately after the assembly line is stopped and one person assembles everything, the production efficiency temporarily drops.This is a result of a temporary decrease in productivity because the worker remembers all the processes.However, once they learn the work to some extent, the creativity of the workers will increase their productivity.


What was applied to factory production英国でMark Isambad Brunel(en: Marc Isambard Brunel) Is the UKNavyTo usepulleyapparatus(en: Block and tackle)In order to make the(en: Assembly line) Is said to be the first to be used.1801It was that.

In the United States1890 eraProduction has started on an assembly line.Pope in the UKBicycleHe visited the manufacturing industry, founded the first bicycle manufacturing company in the United States, monopolized the American bicycle industry in a patent struggle, and was called the Emperor of American Bicycles.

In the United StatesAutomobileThe first assembly line work in production1901,Ransom E. Olds Oldsmobile Curved DashIt is produced and patented.The second issue isThomas B. JefferyPerformed in 1902,Ford 1903In the early daysType A FordFollowed by.Ford engineers shaped the concept in 1906, and Ford was the first company to apply the concept throughout the factory.In addition, Ford Motor Company1914Built inFord Model TAt the new production plantbelt conveyorWas introduced to further improve the efficiency of assembly line work.

社会 問題

From the beginning of assembly line work, workers' motivation to work due to unskilled laborTurnoverThe height is tremendous, and wages have been raised and work processes have been reviewed one after another.1936Isチ ャ ッ プ リ ン Ofmovies,modern times』It is taken up in the subject.This system, which requires workers to have patience as part of a machine rather than humanity, has been criticized, butSecond World WarInarms,MunitionsIt is applied to the production ofFoodIt has spread to a wide range of fields such as manufacturing and has spread all over the world.

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