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📱 | This year's April Fool's Day is a premonition of the Hajike Festival ...! "Granblue Fantasy" The next collaboration partner is that "Nosege Shinken successor"! ??

Photo This year's April Fool's Day is a premonition of the Hajike Festival ...! "Granblue Fantasy" The next collaboration partner is that "Nosege Shinken successor"! ??

This year's April Fool's Day is a premonition of the Hajike Festival ...! "Granblue Fantasy" The next collaboration partner is that "Nosege Shinken successor"! ??

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At the bottom right, there is also a right notation "(C) Yoshio Sawai / Shueisha / Toei Animation".

A new collaboration event will be held in April at Cygames' RPG "Granblue Fantasy" for smartphones ... → Continue reading


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Hiroo Sawai

Yoshio Sawai(Yoshio Sawai, same real name.19773/14[1][2] -) isJapan Ofmanga artist.AichiToyohashiBackground[1][2].. male[1].. Blood type B[1][2]..The school from which he was born is said to be Aichi Zokei Design College (currently Aichi Zokei Design College).

The representative work is "Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo』.


"Red circle jump"2000Debuted at WINTER with the one-shot manga "Yamanaka Odor Katsugeki".

"Akamaru Jump" 2000 SUMMERGag cartoon"Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo] Is posted.The same work is "Weekly Shonen JumpAfter the one-shot publication in issues 2000 and 46 of 47,2001From No. 122007It was serialized up to issue 31 for about six and a half years.Meanwhile, the same workHudsonMore 7 times video game, again200311/8ThanTV AsahiIn seriesTelevision AnimationIt will be a hit work that has been developed in multiple media such as being made into.

"Weekly Shonen Jump"2008From No. 42badGag battle cartoon "Chagcha] Is serialized, but ends early.All 8 episodes.

Second half of 2008,Gage Village Cram SchoolでKoikeStudied under.

2009,Exciting kids bookAs one of the (Shueisha) series, "Kirarincho seriesStarted writing.AlsoPlayStation PortableSoftware "Phantasy Star Portable 2』Costume design.

2011,Strongest jumpFrom the first issue of "Fluffy! Donpachi』Started serialization,2014It was serialized until the September issue.same year,"Shonen Jump +』Resumed serialization from the first issue, renamed to" Slightly! Donpachi "2015It was serialized until August.

2018On February 2, the one-shot work "Minchi Shokudo" was posted in "Shonen Jump +".


Other works of "Weekly Shonen Jump" in the work "KinnikumanAnd 'ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル], [Eyeshield 21And 'Majin detective brain biting neuroSuch asParodyI am doing a lot.He is enthusiastic about collaborating with other works,DEATH NOTE, And "Dragon Ball", as well as "Super turtle"Jump" active gag manga artist (Yoshio Sawai,Kousuke Usuta-Amon-Koji Oishi)When"Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward』Planning and executing collaborative manga.

2005In July, a boy who is a big fan of "Bobo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo" at a hospital in Nagoya (intractable disease)Adrenoleukodystrophy(While fighting illness).The meeting was a short time of about 2 hours, but I spent time giving autographs, reading aloud books, and eating side by side.[3].

I'm not good at drawing since I was a child, and even if I draw and show manga illustrations from the time I was in elementary school, I'm not good at it compared to those around me. I recall that it was a picture[4]..Even at the beginning of the activity, he was drawing manga with the awareness that "the picture is dirty".I decided to draw a gag manga because I thought, "Even if the picture is dirty or the story is messed up, just laugh."[5].

In addition, he replied to all the fan letters for 6 years that had been accumulated after the bobobo serialization.

As a person I respectShimabukuro MitsutoshiI'm giving. "TakeshiHe said he would never have been a cartoonist if he hadn't met.[6].

My fatherJapanese literature,Aichi UniversityHonorary professor OfTaizo Sawai.

List of works


2006From issue 3, the title was changed to "Shinsei Bobo Bobo Bobo Bobo" (announced in the opening color of issue 2006 of 19).

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* The above worksBobobo-bo-bo-bo-bo? Short edit by Yoshio SawaiRecorded in

  • Black Owl (April 2008, 4 merger issue, Weekly Shonen Jump)

■ChagchaRecorded in Volume 1

  • Minced dining room (2018February 2, Shonen Jump +)
  • Frontline spirits (2021August 2, Shonen Jump +)


Picture book



  • Yoshio Sawai "Bobo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo" Volume 1, Shueisha, 2001,ISBN-4 08-873138-7
  • Yoshio Sawai "Bobo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo?-Yoshio Sawai short edit" Shueisha, 2002,ISBN-4 08-873248-0
  • Mangaseek / Nichigai Associates Co-authored "Manga Artist Encyclopedia" Nichigai Associates, 2003,ISBN-4 8169-1760-8


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