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👍 | Kenshiro updated Twitter for the first time in 4 months "I will show you a stronger figure in the game" First after the drunken turmoil

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Kenshiro updated Twitter for the first time in 4 months "I will show you a stronger figure in the game" First after the drunken turmoil

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This afternoon, we met at a hotel in Osaka City and announced that we would have Tetsuya Hisada (1) = Harada =, who was ranked 36st in the same class, as a challenger, and that we would hold the 4th defense battle at EDION Arena Osaka on April 24th. ..

Boxing WBC World Light Flyweight Champion Kenshiro Teraji (29) = BMB = will be on the night of the 8th for the first time in about 4 months ... → Continue reading

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Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium(Osaka Furitsu Taiiku Kaikan) isOsakaOsakaNaniwa WardIn NambaIn XNUMX chomegymnasium.Facility naming rightsBy contract, nicknamed "" from September 2015, 9Edion Arena Osaka"(Later).


1951 In 9 monthGrand SumoOsaka placeUtilizing the site of the temporary Kokugikan where the event was held,1952 ToairplaneuseHangarIt was completed as a steel-framed gymnasium using the skeleton of.1985 Completely renovated due to the deterioration of the facility1987 The current Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium was completed in Japan, and the facility name was changed to "gymnasiumFrom "Gymnasium".

Mainly for sumo wrestlingMarch place (spring place)Including,Professional boxing,wrestlingMartial arts, etc.Black Eagle Flag All Japan Men's and Women's Volleyball Tournament,Premier League,B LeagueIt is used as a match venue for the game, and is a sports base along with the adjacent Osaka City Naniwa Sports Center.

2006 May 4ToNankai Electric Railway Designated administratorNankai Building Service Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, is entrusted with overall operation and management.[1],2021 May 4The designated administrator has been changed to Shinko Sports / NTT Group.[2].

Facility naming rights

2008 In OsakaTohashi HashishitaAfter the governor announced a policy to sell and abolish the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium as part of financial reform, it was withdrawn and decided to survive.[3]As a condition of survival, improvement measures such as reduction of operating costs were required.As part of thisFacility naming rightsIs being considered for sale in Osaka PrefectureSuita CityHeadquartered in, manufacturing and selling sports equipmentBB-SPORTS (currently body maker)Acquired naming rights.2012 In March, the facility name was "BODYMAKER Coliseum"(Body maker Coliseum) was changed.The contract period is2015 3 years until March[4]Although there was a contract renewal clause, the contract with BB-SPORTS was not renewed when the contract expired, and it was once returned to the original official name on April 4.

Osaka City on June 2015, 6KitaHeadquartered inConsumer electronics store OfEdionAnd naming rights contract for 9 years from September 1st[5]Conclusion, "Edion Arena OsakaAnnounced that it will be changed to.Initially planned for 3 years, a contract was signed to extend it for 2018 years on April 4, 13, and the name will continue until August 5, 2023.[6].


In addition to the 1st stadium where sumo wrestling, professional wrestling, and boxing world wars are held, there is the 2nd stadium in the basement, and the Jukuken Dojo.

At professional wrestling and martial arts events, it is the existing organization that has a track record of performing at the 3000st stadium with more than 1 fixed seats.新 日本 プ ロ レ ス,All Japan Pro Wrestling,Pro Wrestling Noah,DDT Pro Wrestling,Osaka wrestling,DRAGON GATE,Stardom,WWE,RIZIN FIGHTING FEDERATION,K-1 WORLD GP JAPANSo, other groups are using the second stadium, which has a small area but low facility charges (Death matchIs possible, butKokugikanthe same as,Fluorescent light-ガ ラ ス-ThumbtackDebris etc. are scatteredWeaponUse is prohibited).In the boxing world war in September 2009Nobuo MeijoversusHugo CasaresOnly the battle was held at the second stadium.The second stadium is also hosting the West Japan Rookie of the Year final.

  • Stadium 1-Floor area: 3,010m2(70m x 43m), fixed seats: 3,131 seats, mobile seats: 3,000 seats
  • Stadium 2-Floor area: 912.6m2(33.8m x 27m)
  • Judo hall-Floor area: 450m2(29m x 15.5m)
  • Kendo Hall-Floor area: 450m2(29m x 15.5m)
  • Multipurpose hall-Floor area: 330m2(27.5m x 12m)
  • conference room
  • Special room



  • 2013 It was held at the gymnasium on May 5st at that time.62 timesBlack Eagle Flag Volleyball TournamentThen, during practice between games, a piece of wood from the floorboard of the gymnasium stabbed into the abdomen of a male player, and the player was injured by sewing five stitches.At that time, it seems that a part of the floorboard was raised, but the cause is unknown.[7].


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外部 リンク

Tetsuya Hisada

Tetsuya Hisada(Hisada Tetsuya,1984 May 10 -) isJapanSource ofProfessional boxer.OsakaSakai CityI'm from 40rd JapanLight flyweightChampion.Harada Boxing GymBelongs.


In the first year of high schoolHarada Boxing GymIntroduced to2003 Made his professional debut on November 11th. 19 RKO victory to decorate the first match.

2004 All-Japan Newcomer KingAlthough he participated in the West Japan flyweight qualifying, he was eliminated in the first round.The following year, in 1, in the second rookie of the year challenge, he lost the decision after a fierce batting battle against Yuki Nasu, who was undefeated at the time with 2005 wins (2KO) in the West Japan flyweight qualifying semifinal.Later, Nasu won the All Japan Flyweight Rookie of the Year. 2008 December 12, then JapanLight flyweightIn 9st placeWBC世界Minimum gradeWas 26ndJunichi EbisuWon the 8R decision and entered the ranking for the first time in January 2009.Immediately after the end of this match, the crowd said, "The dramatic victory since the 1RTKO victory in the Okada Masatsugu match on December 12th of the previous year.Year-end man"The voice went up.

2011 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Strongest KorakuenSecond place in the Japanese light flyweight division in the semi-finalsRyoichi TaguchiHisada, who was third in the Japanese light flyweight division after losing the 6-0 (3-56 × 68, 2-56) decision in the 59th inning, lost in the semifinals of the strongest Korakuen.[1].

2013 July 7st, 1th place in Japan Light Flyweight in the strongest Korakuen semifinalKenichi HorikawaHisada, who was third in the Japanese light flyweight division after losing the 6-0 (3-55 × 59, 2-43) decision in the 60th inning, lost in the semifinals of the strongest Korakuen.[2].

August 2013, 7,OPBFRemoved Hisada from the OPBF Oriental and Pacific Light Flyweight Ranking[3][4].

August 2013, 11,Osaka Prefectural GymnasiumIn the 8th round of the flyweight division with Shunshi Nagata, he revived with a TKO win of 3 times 1 minute 49 seconds.[5].

2015 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kobe City Central Gymnasiumで行われた「REAL SPRITS42」で杦本健太とフライ級8回戦を行い、1-2(77-76、75-79、76-77)の判定負けを喫した[6].

2015 On May 5th, he played a flyweight 9th round with Shun Kosaka at the Kobe Municipal Central Gymnasium, winning 8 times 8 minute 1 seconds TKO and revived.[7].

August 2015, 7,Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium No. 2 StadiumIn the 11th round of the light flyweight division with Kyoji Yuda, who was 8th in the Japanese light flyweight division, he won 2 times 2 minutes 24 seconds TKO.[8].

On November 2015, 11, at the "Fighting Beat Boxing" held at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, a 13kg contract was held in the 50th round with Moroichiu, and 8 times 6 minutes 2 seconds TKO won.[9].

2016 On April 4, at the "Fighting Beat Boxing" held at the 22nd Stadium of the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, the Indonesian light flyweight 2th place Aldi Tefa and the light flyweight 6th round were played, and 10 times 5 minute 1 seconds KO won. Contained[10].

On July 2016, 7, at the "Fighting Beat Boxing" held at the 22nd Stadium of the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, a light flyweight 2th round was held with Kenta Matsui, and 8 times 8 minutes 2 seconds TKO won.[11].

On October 2016, 10, in the strongest Korakuen Million Match, he played against Hayato Yamaguchi, who was second in the Japanese light flyweight division, and in the 22th inning, a towel was thrown in by the Yamaguchi camp. Class championKenshiroSucceeded in acquiring the right to challenge, and was selected for the strongest Korakuen fighting award[12].. Ranked 11th in WBO World Light Flyweight on November 10th[13][14].

The match against the Japanese light flyweight champion Kenshiro Teraji was decided on April 2017, 4.[15], Kenshiro returned the throne on March 3, so the scheduled match was cancelled.[16].

2017年4月21日、大阪府立体育会館第2競技場で行われた「ファイティングビートボクシング」で拳四朗の王座返上に伴い日本ライトフライ級2位の堀川謙一と日本ライトフライ級王座決定戦を行い、10回3-0(95-92、96-91、97-91)の判定勝ちを収め王座獲得に成功した[17].. At the 5th Champion Carnival Awards Selection Committee on May 8, he was selected as a candidate for the fighting award, but missed the award after the final vote.[18].

July 2017, 7, No. 28 in Japan Light Flyweight at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium No. 2 StadiumAtsushi KakutaniSucceeded in defending the Japanese throne for the first time with a TKO victory of 8 times 2 minutes 54 seconds[19].. On August 2017, 8, the IBF ranked Hisada 1th in the IBF World Light Flyweight division.[20].

On November 2017, 11, he played against Takeru Kamikubo, who was 17th in the Japanese light flyweight division, at the 2nd stadium of the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, and succeeded in defending the Japanese title for the second time with a KO win of 5 times 4 minutes 2 seconds.[21].

2018 4月15日、大阪府立体育会館第2競技場で板垣幸司と対戦し、10回2-1(96-95、97-94、94-96)判定勝ちを収め日本王座の3度目の防衛に成功した[22].



Returned the Japan Light Flyweight Championship on December 2018, 12[25].

2019 On April 4, he played against Indonesian flyweight champion Yanmar Stadium Nagai at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium No. 20 Stadium, winning 5 times 3 minutes 1 second KO.[26].

August 2019, 10,WBAAs the world's light flyweight No. 1 challenger, the class super champion at the Osaka Prefectural GymnasiumKyoguchi HirotoPlay against.Heisei以降で最も遅い世界挑戦となった久田は、2回に右ストレートをカウンターで決め京口の膝を折らせるも、9回に京口の右アッパーと続けて打ち下ろした右フックでダウンを喫するなどして、12回0-3(112-115、111-116、110-117)で判定負けを喫し、王座獲得に失敗した[27].

April 2021, 4 at the Osaka Prefectural GymnasiumWBCAlthough he challenged Kenshiro Teraji, who became the world light flyweight champion, he lost the decision in the 2th inning 12-0 (3-108, 119-109 × 118) due to being robbed of down in the second inning. , Failed to win the title[28]..And at the end of this match, he announced his retirement.[29].

June 2021, 6, my blogTwitterOfficially announced his retirement[30][31].



  • Professional Boxing: 47 races 34 wins (20KO) 11 losses 2 draws
1October 2003th, 11victory1R 2: 46KOShogo ObataJapanese flag Japan(SF Maki)Professional debut
2October 2004th, 4敗北4RJudgment 1-2Honda TakeshiJapanese flag Japan(Amagasaki)2004 West Japan Flyweight Rookie of the Year Tournament Qualifying
3October 2004th, 7victory4RJudgment 3-0Yusuke KondoJapanese flag Japan(Key book Eddie)
4October 2005th, 6victory2R 0: 45KOYoshito MatsushitaJapanese flag Japan(Yoshiyama)2005 West Japan Flyweight Rookie of the Year Tournament Qualifying
5October 2005th, 7敗北4RJudgment 0-3Yuki NasuJapanese flag Japan(Green tsuda)〃
6October 2005th, 12victory4RJudgment 2-0Takashi MorishimaJapanese flag Japan(SF Maki)
7October 2006th, 4victory4R 2: 08TKOYoshio HayanoJapanese flag Japan(Amagasaki Kametani)
8October 2006th, 7敗北6RJudgment 1-2Takuya YamadaJapanese flag Japan(Eddie Townsend)
9October 2006th, 10victory6RJudgment 2-0Junpei HorieJapanese flag Japan(Osaka Teiken)
10October 2006th, 11victory6RJudgment 3-0Junpei HorieJapanese flag Japan(Osaka Teiken)
11October 2007th, 5victory8RJudgment 3-0Hironori TakemotoJapanese flag Japan(Kazama)
12October 2007th, 8敗北8RJudgment 1-2Takuto NambaJapanese flag Japan(Akashi)
13October 2007th, 12victory10R 0: 56TKOMasatsugu OkadaJapanese flag Japan(Green tsuda)
14October 2008th, 8victory10RJudgment 2-1Yoshida FunkyJapanese flag Japan(Nara)
15October 2008th, 12victory8RJudgment 2-1Junichi EbisuJapanese flag Japan(Akashi)
16October 2009th, 4victory8RJudgment 3-0Katsushi UranishiJapanese flag Japan(Shinken Hanshin)
17October 2009th, 7victory4R 2: 16TKOYoshito MatsushitaJapanese flag Japan(Yoshiyama)
18October 2009th, 11victory4R 2: 27TKOKatsuhiko ArakakiJapanese flag Japan(Apollo)
19October 2010th, 4victory5R 1: 28TKOYusaku SuzukiJapanese flag Japan(Apollo)
20October 2010th, 7victory7R 0: 15TKOMasatake MachidaJapanese flag Japan(Green tsuda)
21October 2010th, 11victory7R 1: 16TKORyo SuzukiJapanese flag Japan(real)
22October 2011th, 4victory10RJudgment 3-0Yusaku SuzukiJapanese flag Japan(Apollo)
23October 2011th, 7敗北6RJudgment 3-0Ryoichi TaguchiJapanese flag Japan(Watanabe)2011 Japan title challenge acquisition tournament Semifinals
24October 2011th, 11敗北8RJudgment 3-0Kenichi HorikawaJapanese flag Japan(SF Maki)
25October 2012th, 5victory8RJudgment 3-0Yusaku SuzukiJapanese flag Japan(Apollo)
26October 2012th, 7敗北4RTKOHiroyuki HisatakaJapanese flag Japan(Nakazato ATSUMI)
27October 2012th, 11victory3R 0: 52TKOShunshi NagataJapanese flag Japan(Sakaihigashi Mitsuki)
28October 2013th, 7敗北6RJudgment 3-0Kenichi HorikawaJapanese flag Japan(SF Maki)2013 Japan title challenge acquisition tournament Semifinals
29October 2013th, 11victory3R 1: 49TKOShunshi NagataJapanese flag Japan(Sakaihigashi Mitsuki)
30October 2014th, 4Draw8RJudgment 1-0Junichi EbisuJapanese flag Japan(Akashi)
31October 2014th, 7Draw8RJudgment 1-1Takahiro MuraiJapanese flag Japan(Moriguchi Togo)
32October 2015th, 3敗北8RJudgment 2-1Kenta MutsumotoJapanese flag Japan(Akashi)
33October 2015th, 5victory8R 1: 54TKOShun KosakaJapanese flag Japan(Authentic)
34October 2015th, 7victory2R 2: 24TKOKyoji YudaJapanese flag Japan(Eddie Townsend)
35October 2015th, 11victory6R 2: 12TKOMoroichiuJapanese flag Japan(Amagasaki)
36October 2016th, 4victory5R 1: 31KOAldi TefaIndonesian flag Indonesia
37October 2016th, 7victory8R 2: 58TKOKenta MatsuiJapanese flag Japan(Mikawa)
38October 2016th, 10victory7R 2: 30TKOHayato YamaguchiJapanese flag Japan(TEAM10COUNT)2016 Japan title challenge acquisition tournament final
39October 2017th, 4victory10RJudgment 3-0Kenichi HorikawaJapanese flag Japan(Misako)Japan Light Flyweight Championship
40October 2017th, 7victory8R 2: 54TKOAtsushi KakutaniJapanese flag Japan(Kanazawa)Japanese title defense 1
41October 2017th, 11victory4R 2: 58KOTakeru KamikuboJapanese flag Japan(Hiroki Ioka)Japanese title defense 2
42October 2018th, 4victory10RJudgment 2-1Koji ItagakiJapanese flag Japan(Hiroshima Sanei)Japanese title defense 3
43October 2018th, 7victory10RJudgment 3-0Akiaki OnoJapanese flag Japan(Chikuho)Japanese title defense 4
44October 2018th, 11victory10RJudgment 3-0Akihiro TotaniJapanese flag Japan(Kanie)Japanese title defense 5
45October 2019th, 4victory5R 3: 01KOStebanus Nana BauIndonesian flag Indonesia
46October 2019th, 10敗北12RJudgment 0-3Kyoguchi HirotoJapanese flag Japan(Watanabe)WBASuper World Light Flyweight Title Match
47October 2021th, 4敗北12RJudgment 0-3Kenshiro TerajiJapanese flag Japan(BMB)WBCWorld Light Flyweight Title Match


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40th JapanLight flyweightKing

December 2017, 4-July 21, 2018 (return)

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