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🎣 | KinKi Kids ・ Tsuyoshi Domoto, V6 ・ Junichi Okada asserts that “Iji is what”! "I'm going to get a lot of blur ...


KinKi Kids, Tsuyoshi Domoto, V6, Junichi Okada assert that "Iji is what"! "I'm going to get a lot of blur ...

If you write the contents roughly
There are many voices waiting for the two "fishing reports", such as "Okada-kun is always an" Ijiru "for Tsuyoshi-kun ~" "I think Okada-kun will definitely go if invited by Tsuyoshi-kun." It was being sent.

KinKi Kids' crown radio program "KinKi Kids What kind of thing! (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting) at midnight on March 3th ... → Continue reading

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