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👍 | "#Onigiri #Delicious #I'm happy with that alone" Three Funky Monkeys head to Tohoku on the same Shinkansen as 3 years ago

Photo Image: Funky Kato Official Instagram

"#Onigiri #Delicious #I'm happy with that alone" Three Funky Monkeys head to Tohoku on the same Shinkansen as 3 years ago

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On the same day as 10 years ago, the Shinkansen (three of Funky Monkey Babys) headed from Tokyo to Tohoku.

On the 11th, artist and singer Funky Kato updated his Instagram, and hashtags gathered a lot of attention ... → Continue reading

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10 年前


FUNKY MONKEY BΛBY'S(Funky Monkey Babys)Funky katoとMonkichiConsists ofJapan OfMaleGroup of 2Music unit..The old name is "FUNKY MONKEY BABYS". Formed in 2004, it made its major debut the following year.longDJ Chemicalとの3人組で活動していたが、2012年11月にDJケミカルの脱退および引退が発表された後、2013年に解散。2021年3月11日に3人での一夜限定で復活したのち、3月16日に2人での活動再開が発表された。


* Compliant with "PROFILE" on the official website[3][4].

Old member


2004 --2013: Formed --Dissolved

In 2004, a group was formed on New Year's Day.

In 2005KetsumeishiWas a personalityMOTHER MUSIC RECORDS』In the demo tape recruitment corner" Demo Ranger "go to the finals,Nice HashimotoLost to the runner-up.

On January 2006, 1, the single "To that manma eastMade a major debut with "", and the following month the 1st album "Funky Monkey Babys][5].. Aug. 8,ShizuokaShizuoka CityShimizu WardBased inShimizu S-PulseIn the event "CHALLENGE 5"ALWAYSIs adopted,Nihondaira StadiumThe same song was performed at.After that, he has a relationship with Shimizu S-Pulse, such as appearing on ORANGE-TV.jp on the homepage.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayChugoku-QingdaoHold a performance[6]..The first on June 6th of the same yearNippon BudokanHold a performance. On December 12st, "Hero"soThe 60th NHK Red and White Singing BattleFirst appearance in

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayHachioji CityCommissioned by Hachioji Tourism Ambassador[7].. The first best album "Funky Monkey Babys BEST] Is released. On May 5th and 29thYokohama ArenaA live performance was held to commemorate the release of the best album.

May 2011, 5, New Hachioji Civic CenterOlympus Hall Hachioji"FUNKY MONKEY BABYS LIVE" was held to commemorate the opening of the museum. June 6, Iwate PrefectureMiyako City-Yamada TownFree live at[8].. My first time on July 7thTokyo DomeThe performance was scheduled to be held, but it was announced that it would be canceled on April 4 due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake.In addition, this day will be laterCOMPLEXIt has been changed to the charity concert "Japan's Ichishin". September 9th, as a reconstruction support project for the Great East Japan EarthquakeKetsumeishiAt the same time, "Michinoku Riki Compare-Igupe Omedazu-" was held in Miyagi Prefecture.In the same year, the charity song "Rising Sun" of the Great East Japan Earthquake was produced jointly with Ketsumeishi. November 11thKeio GroupAs a tie-up withKeio Hachioji Station"Hero" (line 1) and "one more" (line 2)Approaching melodyIn addition to starting to use as, it will have a route in Hachioji city from the next 17thWest Tokyo BusMembers were wrapped inTransit BusService has started[9].

Since January 2012, he has been holding his first national arena tour "1st ARENA TOUR Laughing and Singing Ria ga Arena ~ Going Japan !! ~". On November 1th, DJ Chemical is at his parents' templePriestAnnounced that it will be dissolved with a national tour in 2013 as it prepares to succeed[10].

July 2013th and 6st, 1,Tokyo DomeHeld the last live "Road with You FINAL in Tokyo Dome" and disbanded[11].

2014-2020: After dissolution

From March 2015th to 1th, 1GYAO!Of all 24 works released so farVideo clipWas carried out one by one, and on the 1th of the same month, which is the anniversary of the major debut, all 25 music videos were released in full version on the official YouTube channel of Dreamusic.[12].

To commemorate the 2016th anniversary of their major debut on January 1, 25,FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 10th Anniversary “COMPLETE BEST”, "FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 10th Anniversary Best" LOVE "", and "FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 10th Anniversary Best" YELL "" are released. DJ Chemical appeared in the three jackets[13].

February 2019, 2, in collaboration with Aqua Free InvestmentConfessionAnnounced that a new music video will be produced[14], The completed music video was released on the 14th of the following month[15].

2021-: Resuming activities

March 2021, 3, on this day, 11 years after the Great East Japan EarthquakeTBSseries"Day of music』(11th) for the first time in 8 years since the dissolution, a one-night revival[2].Sendai city OfRakuten Life Park MiyagiRelay from[2]..On the 16th of the same month, it was announced that the group's activities would be resumed with the two members of Funky Kato and Monkichi.As we rehearsed for the performance on "Music Day" broadcast on the 2th of the same month, the desire to work together grew, and the big response to the performance and above all, DJ It is said that this decision was made with the support of chemicals.When resuming activities, the group name will be changed from the old nameFUNKY MONKEY BΛBY'SIt was also announced that it will be changed to[16][17].



PiereleasetitleSales production numberHighest rankJacket / PV
1stOctober 2006th, 1To that manma eastMUCD-508777 bitThat manma east (Hideo Higashikunihara)
2ndOctober 2006th, 4One-way ticket for loveMUCD-509231 bitHanako Yamada
3rdOctober 2006th, 6ALWAYSMUCD-509655 bitpenalty
4thOctober 2007th, 1 Lovin'LifeMUCD-510710 bitTomoko Nakajima
5thOctober 2007th, 5Small courageMUCD-51148 bitTomohiro Waki
6thOctober 2007th, 10You are goneMUCD-51218 bitToda Erika
7thOctober 2008th, 3DepartureMUCD-512910 bitTakuya Ishida
8thOctober 2008th, 7ConfessionMUCD-51334 bitEiichiro Funakoshi
9thOctober 2008th, 11Song of Hope / WindMUCD-514111 bitKi Kitano
DVDOctober 2009th, 1Snowy city[Annotation 1]DXBD-100334 bitAya Sugimoto
10thOctober 2009th, 2Cherry BlossomsMUCD-51467 bitTokui Yoshimi
11thOctober 2009th, 11Hero / TomorrowMUCD-5160
4 bitShinichi Hatori
Masafumi Nakayama
配 信
October 2009th, 12OldnessMU1D-1082Picture by DJ Chemical (jacket)
Yosuke Asari(PV)
12thOctober 2010th, 1Tears / dreamsMUCD-5163
4 bitAoi Yu
Ryuta Sato
Nukijiya Shihori(PV)
Tomita Yasuko
13thOctober 2010th, 5importantMUCD-5172
6 bitNarumi Riko
14thOctober 2010th, 8One moreMUCD-5174
MUCD-9015 ~ 16
8 bitMasahiro Tanaka
15thOctober 2011th, 3Runway ☆ beatMUCD-5184
5 bitSeto Kouji
Nanami Sakuraba
16thOctober 2011th, 6I still believe / love letterMUCD-9019
10 bitShuzo Matsuoka
Shinya Ueda
17thOctober 2011th, 11LOVE SONGMUCD-9025
18thOctober 2012th, 2So I was born into this worldMUCD-9029
4 bitNao Matsushita
19thOctober 2012th, 8LIFE IS A PARTYMUCD-9037
16 bitBilly Blanks
20thOctober 2012th, 11Not goodbyeMUCD-9043
17 bitMitsuyoshi Uchimura
21stOctober 2013th, 2Thank youMUCD-9051
4 bitAkashi family
22ndOctober 2021th, 9AleMUCD-5395TBADaigo

Collaboration song

Release dateSong title
October 2011th, 9Rising sun


Release dateSong title
October 2005th, 9Bastard CRUISE

Members' participation songs

artist nameRelease dateSong title
Funky kato×Hotei TorayasuOctober 2011th, 8Farewell youth light


Original album

PiereleasetitleSales production numberHighest rankJackets
1stOctober 2006th, 7Funky Monkey BabysMUCD-114315 bitDJ Chemical
2ndOctober 2007th, 12Funky Monkey Babys 2MUCD-11735 bitDJ Chemical
3rdOctober 2009th, 3Funky Monkey Babys 3MUCD-8009 (First Press Edition)
MUCD-1204 (Regular Edition)
1 bitDJ Chemical
4thOctober 2011th, 12Funky Monkey Babys 4MUCD-8021 (First Press Edition)
MUCD-1255 (Regular Edition)
1 bitDJ Chemical
5thOctober 2012th, 12Funky Monkey Babys 5MUCD-8026 (First Press Edition)
MUCD-1270 (Regular Edition)
2 bitDJ Chemical

Best album

PiereleasetitleSales production numberHighest rankJackets
1stOctober 2010th, 2Funky Monkey Babys BESTMUCD-1222 ~ 3
MUCD-8013-4 (CD + DVD)
1 bitDJ Chemical
2ndOctober 2013th, 3Funky Monkey Babys LAST BESTMUCD-1280
MUCD-8040 (CD + DVD)
1st place (Platinum certified)DJ Chemical
3rdOctober 2016th, 1FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 10th Anniversary “COMPLETE BEST”MUCD-1332-9 (7CD + DVD)DJ Chemical
4thFUNKY MONKEY BABYS 10th Anniversary Best “LOVE”MUCD-1340 (CD)DJ Chemical
5thFUNKY MONKEY BABYS 10th Anniversary Best “YELL”MUCD-1341 (CD)DJ Chemical

Other Albums

releasetitleSales production numberHighest rankJackets
October 2013th, 5MAHALO! Ukulele Funky Monkey BabysXQEB-1013Monkey imitating DJ Chemical

Video work

Live DVD

PiereleasetitleSales production numberHighest rankJackets
1stOctober 2008th, 3First Japan Tour LOVIN'LIVEMUBD-101928 bitDJ Chemical
2ndOctober 2009th, 9FUNKY MONKEY BABYS Nippon Budokan '09 ~ Road with you ~MUBD-1027-2811 bitDJ Chemical
3rdOctober 2012th, 81st ARENA TOUR Laugh and sing Ria ga Arina ~ Let's go Japan !! ~MUBD-1042 ~ 3 / MUXD-10052 bitDJ Chemical
4thOctober 2013th, 10Road with you FINAL in Tokyo Dome[Annotation 2]MUBD-1047 ~ 8 / MUXD-1007 ~ 8-FUNKY MONKEY BABYS

Documentary DVD

PiereleasetitleSales production numberHighest rankJackets
1stOctober 2011th, 4All of Funky Monkey Babys who only knows zoom ~ The future is waiting in front of you ~MUBD-1036 / 718 bitDJ Chemical
Shinichi Hatori

Participating works

  1. JOY RIDE THE COMPILATION Vol.1 (September 2005, 9, MUCD-7)
    • "Baby CRUISE"DJ TATSUTA Participated as feat. FUNKY MONKEY BABYS.
  2. THE FROGMAN SHOW TV SOUNDTRACK (September 2006, 6, MUCD-21)
    • "GO! GO! Rider" recording
  3. Sing along! CBC Radio This Month's Song Selection Vol.4 (May 2007, 5, HIOWC-16)
    • Central RegionCircle K ThanksLimited sale
    • Includes "One-way ticket for love"
  4. Our Hachioji (Announced on November 2009, 11, released on June 7, 2010)
    • At the request of Kunihiro Taniguchi and Yoichiro Honda, he wrote the lyrics. Announced on November 2009, 11, and sold in limited edition of 7 at Hachioji City Hall and others from June 2010, 6.[18]..After that, due to the great response from the citizens and fans, 1 new copies will be sold.[19].
  5. Eagle Talon ~ Secret Society Eagle Talon 10th Anniversary Best ~ (December 2016, 8)
    • "GO! GO! Rider" is included in the second song of Disc 1.

Appearance / publication

NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen Appearance History

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponent
2009 (Heisei 21) /60 timesFirstHero06/25Mizuki Nana
2010 (Heisei 22) /61 times2One more08/22Kawayuki Miyuki
2011 (Heisei 23) /62 times3I still believe03/25AKB48
2012 (Heisei 24) /63 times4Not goodbye05/25Ayako Fuji
* Appearance order represents "appearance order/number of participants".

Entertainment shows


  • PATi PATi "Saruyama Gakuen Middle School"
  • CD"FUNKY MONKEY BABYS's fashionable, ro, bo, u (heart)"
  • WHAT's IN?
  • VA (TSUTAYAFree magazine) "DJ Chemical Nationwide TSUTAYA Trip"





Song titleTie-up
GO! GO! RiderTV AsahiSeries animeTHE FROGMAN SHOW"Opening theme
Lovin'LifeEvery day broadcasting"Hz" ending theme
M-up "Artist Official Sound" CM Song
Iwate Menkoi TV"BEATNIKS"Opening theme
Small courageNippon TVsystem"Music Warrior MUSIC FIGHTER] September opening theme
GagaDistribution movie "700 days war between us and the resident] Theme song
You are goneMLJ "Artist Official Sound" TV-CM Song
Morning shotNexon Japan"Dancing paradiseTV-CM song
It's okayNippon Television Drama "Do you warm up for 24 hours? ~ Gale angry waves Convenience store biography ~"Ending theme
DepartureGagaDistribution movie "700 days war between us and the resident] Theme song
Song of hopeToeiDistribution movie "Love fight] Theme song
WindFuji Television Network, Incsystem"Mezamashi Doyoubi"Theme song
HeroNippon TelevisionZoom in!! SUPER''Zoom in!! Saturday2009 Fall Weather Theme
I'm Santa ClausNTV "Zoom in !! SUPER" "Zoom in !! Saturday" 2009 Christmas theme
To tomorrowNippon TelevisionThe 88th National High School Soccer Championship』\ Cheering song
涙You Can 2010 CM song
One moreABC TV-BS Asahi-Sky A Sports Plus"The 92rd National High School Baseball Championship』\ Cheering song
Hour beatLotte"BLACK BLACKCM song
I still believeTV AsahiDrama seriesAsuko March ~ Asuka Technical High School Story ~] Theme song
Love letterShiseido"SEA BREEZECM song
LOVE SONG"Yomiuri Land"Gelmination" campaign song
Love song"Alarm× Funky Monkey Babys ”support song
Laugh and laugh"Monte RosaBanquet Campaign "(Billion Smiles!) Campaign Song
Laugh away from sadnessNissan Motor"セ レ ナCM song
Our SkyTokyo Newspaper CM song
So I was born into this worldFuji TV drama "The day called Mr. Haya] Theme song
LIFE IS A PARTYNippon TelevisionRefreshed!!] Ending theme for February 2012
Not goodbyeShow gateDistribution movie "Our exchange diary] Theme song
Embrace happinessLIXIL Housing Research Institute Eyeful home CM song
let's start runningFuji Television Network, Inc "Mt. Fuji Women's Ekiden" Theme song
Thank youDaily broadcastGAORA"The 85th Memorial High School Baseball Tournament』\ Cheering song
Nippon TelevisionAkamaru! Scoop Koshien] Theme song


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注 釈

  1. ^ Complete first productionTSUTAYALimited sale.
  2. ^ A CD (a highlight version edited into one) was also released for rental only.


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