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💪 | Kazuhiro Kiyohara spells out a fulfilling day "I am very happy to be able to contribute to society!"

Photo Image: Kazuhiro Kiyohara Official Twitter

Kazuhiro Kiyohara spells out a fulfilling day "I am very happy to be able to contribute to society!"

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Guessing from the tweets, it seems that the day of baseball player Kazuhiro Kiyohara was busy and fulfilling.

"I will continue to do my best, I will lose!" On the 17th, baseball player Kazuhiro Kiyohara updated his Twitter account. "today… → Continue reading

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Kiyohara Kazuhiro

Kazuhiro Kiyohara(Kiyohara Kazuhiro,1967 May 8 -) isJapanSource ofProfessional baseball player(Infielder, Right-handed right-handed),Baseball critic,talent.OsakaKishiwadaI'm from.Nickname is "Festival man","Bancho (of the ball world). "2019 ThanWorld tryoutTo supervise.


high school baseball OfKoshien TournamentTotal inHome runThe largest number of record holders (13).Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Then.1986 から2008 For 23 yearsSeibu Lions,Yomiuri Giants(Giant),Orix BuffaloesPlayed in 3 teams.

In NPBbatting average(.304) ・Home run(31)·RBI(78 points) ・Home run(236) High school graduate new record holder.The youngest record holders for 100, 150, and 200 home runs in total.Goodbye hit(20), goodbye home runs (12),All-star gameTotal RBI (36 points), All-star gameMVPThe most record holder (7 times).He has been a Japanese record holder for 21 consecutive years with double-digit home runs and 2 consecutive years with 13 home runs or more.The team record holder for 20 games in the Seibu Lions.Giants enrolled 1121 home runs transfer member's most record holder.

196 hit by pitch and 1955 strikeouts are all NPB records[1].

History (until high school)


1967 ,OsakaKishiwadaWas born in.BirthplaceElectronics store(Toshiba store) Was running[2]..I have an older sister and a younger brother.

My fatherHanshin Tigers(Hanshin)フ ァ ンAnd all the family members except my father are Yomiuri Giants (巨人) I'm a fan, and as a result I grew up as a giant fan[3].

Kiyohara is 7 years old1974 To the giantChunichi DragonsTo V10 (Central League10 consecutive victories) was blocked, the next1975 Fall to the bottom of the league for the first time in the history of the team.One of the reasons Kiyohara entered the world of baseball was that the giants supported by his family missed the championship for the second consecutive year.

Elementary school

1974 years,Kishiwada City Yagiminami Elementary SchoolEnrolled in.I started playing baseball here, but at first I only hit a small stone with a wooden stick.

January 1976Kishiwada Little League(Baseball) Seeing the member recruitment poster, took the enrollment test and joined the Kishiwada Little League.In addition, at the time of the third grade of elementary school, he was already 3 cm tall and recorded 155 m in the long-distance pitching of the enrollment test.[4]..I was practicing every day with 100 yen from my grandfather.

In 1977, he was the only 6th grader to get a regular mix with the 4th graders.He also demonstrated his talent as a pitcher.These days,Kei right OkadaThere was also a match with[5].

Junior high school

1980 years,Kishiwada City Kumeda Junior High SchoolMoved to Kishiwada Senior League[Note 1]..There, he became a captain in the second year of junior high school and won the championship in Kansai Senior.

High School days

To PL Gakuen

In 1983, high school was selected from nearly 30 scouts.OsakaTomitabayashi OfPL Gakuen High SchoolI chose.Nara prefectureTenri High SchoolI was worried about which way to go at PL Gakuen High School, but when I observed the practice at both schools, at Tenri High School, which has about 100 members every year, the first grader picked up the ball while the third grader was practicing. On the other hand, at PL Gakuen, which has a small number of elite students, it was a decisive factor that they could practice the same menu regardless of their grade.

Kiyohara's motherNaraOriginally from Kiyohara, "From Tenri High School, a powerful player in Nara PrefectureKoshien TournamentI want you to go to[6]..Kiyohara originally intended to do so, but later a scout in Osaka at PL Gakuen enthusiastically invited him to "I've been watching since I was in elementary school. Please come and see PL practice." He also said that.

Harsh dormitory life

However, the PL Gakuen Baseball Club was a boarding school, and the dormitory life was extremely harsh.

First-year students in the department were often beaten by absolute obedience to senior students and chores from early morning to late night, and were thoroughly cornered both physically and mentally.There was no entertainment[6].. Detail isThe articleSee.

Kiyohara who entered the school without knowing it is also beaten on a daily basis[Note 2]I once shed tears[6].

The only healing in that extreme life was that my mother secretly put it in.Morinaga Ofキ ャ ラ メ ルMet. 1st gradeConfectioneryAlthough the intake of the kind was prohibited, my mother told Kiyohara "SocksAnd put the caramel in the tip of the socks little by little.[6].

Also, when senior students eat in the dormitory, there is something wrong with the first graders.BowlWas thrown at the face.If I avoided it, I would be hit badly, so I had to hit it on purpose.Kiyohara said, "This experience was later in professional baseball.Dead ballIt may have led to the attitude of going to hit without avoiding. "[6].

Batting practice

However, the level of practice at PL Gakuen and the skills of the seniors were "not a big deal" for Kiyohara, a first-year high school student.[6].

In batting practice, he easily flew out of the field and was sometimes beaten by the jealousy of senior students.Therefore, I was in a state of "I don't want to hit it, but I hit it"[6].

At that time, the first graders used bamboo bats that did not have a long distance when practicing batting.[7]However, because I was flying over the net lightly[6][8], There is an anecdote that the wire mesh for Kiyohara was added. This net was called "Kiyohara Net".

Kiyohara is afraid of being hit by his seniors, so when practicing batting, try not to get a long distance.LightIn the directionOpposite fieldI came to be conscious of.That is the direction of the flow, which I am good at later.Home runIt was an opportunity to learn.KoshienThe first home run in was also in the light direction[6].

For Kiyohara, for the sake of personal safety, it was devised to "live", and it is difficult to teach the technique to others in words.[6].

Basic practice

In addition, there was also a harsh practice in which all the members competed and ran five laps on the ground, and only one of the leaders passed out and repeated endlessly.Kiyohara is said to have survived by scooping water from a Japanese style toilet to avoid dehydration. Weight is 5 between enrollment in April and the spring qualifying tournament in Osakakgfell[6].

Also, in the defensive practice, every time the first grader made an error, a senior second grader member was sanctioned to hit the buttocks with a bat.This was also a very mental burden.After further practice, the second grader hit the first grader in retaliation.[6].

Conversion to fielder

Kiyohara was selected as a regular group with Gonichi Taguchi in the first grade from early on, but he was told that he would no longer have to practice pitching (which he had hoped for from the beginning) around June.[9]..Then synchronousMasumi KuwataKnowing his outstanding ability, he chose the fielder, saying, "I can never beat Kuwata."

When the new members first gathered, I searched for Kuwata and found him, and I thought, "What a small guy," but I was amazed at the actual pitching and gave up on becoming a pitcher at PL Gakuen. I commented later.

Active in Koshien

In the PL Gakuenchugakko baseball club where elite people from all over the country gather, sit in the 1st to 4th grades[10], With Ace KuwataKoshienPlayed in the tournament for 5 consecutive seasons. 1st gradeSummer: Winner, 2nd gradeSpring:-Summer: Are both runners-up, third gradersSpring:Is the best 4th and 3rd gradeSummer: Has experienced a second victory.

In addition, the third grader (1985 ) In the bottom of the 5th in the summer Koshien quarterfinals[11],Kochi City Kochi Commercial High School OfHiroaki NakayamaHome run (140 flight distance), which is said to be "the largest in Koshien history" m)[12]Kiyohara himself later called this home run "(in baseball life).The most memorable shot'[13]"I think it's the biggest home run I've hit (at Koshien)," he recalls.[14].

In particular, Kiyohara and Kuwata said, "KK combinationIs called, and laterKuwata Kiyohara generationBecame a representative of this generation.Later entered the proHideaki Matsuyama,Nariyuki Imakurus,Masahiro TakumiAlso played an active part together.

As an individualKoshien total 13 home runsEtc. (66th competitionでNobuyuki KagawaUpdate the record of[15]), High school total 64Home runRecord. In the final match of the summer of 3rd year, the second run of this match, in one tournament at that timeNew recordNo. 5[Note 3]When you release[Note 4],Ueda Sadao"Is Koshien for Kiyohara?"

Third grade spring pairHamamatsu merchant(I.e.[19]And in the summer of the same yearTokai University Yamagata High School Battle(Both in the final round with a large score difference)Nakamura JunjiI begged him to pitch as a pitcher. However, he was the umpire of the game for throwing a curve on the first ball.Hisashi NishiootachiThere is an episode instructed from "Release straight in the middle!"[20].

His success in the game, such as a dynamic home run, gave birth to many legends, but his attitude toward practice was also sincere. In the Senbatsu semi-final in the spring of 3Tomoo WatanabeThe team was completely suppressed with 3 strikeouts, and the team lost 1-3 and could not advance to the final of the Koshien tournament, which was the only one in the third year of high school.Kiyohara shed tears on the bench after the match, but on the night after returning to school that day, when he found a light in the indoor practice area where there should be no director Nakamura, he looked inside and found his upper body. There is an episode that naked Kiyohara was silently practicing batting alone while sweating like steam.[21].

Draft meeting

Kiyohara has been enthusiastic since he was a childYomiuri Giants(Giants) I'm a fanHanshin Koshien StadiumWith the giant inHanshin TigersWith (Hanshin)One battle of traditionI was always looking forward to it.

When joining a professional baseball team, he eagerly aspired to join the giant, whose father is a fan, or Hanshin, whose father is a fan.Both armiesProfessional baseball draft conferenceIf you miss the right to negotiate with yourself, do not become a professional until the next yearNippon Life hardball baseball clubでAdult baseballHad stated to do[Note 5].

But of fate1985 OfDraft meetingOn that day, the giant was not Kiyohara,Waseda UniversityOf the teammates who had announced that they would go on to higher educationMasumi KuwataWas nominated forcibly in the first place in the draft.

The Kiyohara in question is Hanshin andNankai Hawks,Nippon Ham Fighters,Chunichi Dragons,Kintetsu Buffaloes,Seibu LionsReceived the 6st place nomination from 1 teams of.However, as a result of the lottery, Seibu, not Hanshin, won the right to negotiate.At the press conference immediately after the draft meeting, a disappointed and tearful figure was broadcast.Detail is"KK draft caseSee.

Later, when I saw Kiyohara crying at home, my mother said, "You fell in love with me and I wasn't shaken by myself. Give up like a man. If you're a man, look back. You shouldn't have time to cry!" , Declined the offer of the Japan Lifestyle Baseball Club to look back on the giant, and decided to join the professional team[Note 6].

History (Seibu era)

In the year of graduating from high school, Kiyohara joined Seibu as it was, and his uniform number was 3.

Rookie year1986 , In the open game, the game will start without hitting any home runs after being baptized by a professional, but after repeated revisions to the hitting form, the second game of the season (April 1)Nankai HawksFrom the top of the 6th inning of the game, when he made his professional official game debut in the middle of the defense due to the defense of the first base, in the first at batFour balls, In the second at batShuji FujimotoHe hits his first home run, which doubles as a professional first hit and RBI.

Although he lost the match 2 to 4, he was still overjoyed because of his personal success, and he was angry at him asking, "Is there anyone who is so innocently pleased with the losing match of his allies?"In an interview after the match, Fujimoto was struck and said, "I was surprised that I chose four balls exactly like a veteran without touching the invitation ball at the turn at bat in front of the home run." Kiyohara wrote about this in his own book, "Our team (Nankai) would have been dominant, and above all, I thought I was a newcomer and cut corners. So it was monotonous and easy to read." ).

After that, he made his first starting lineup appearance on April 4th at No. 8, and after that he became a starting member.He gradually improved his batting order and was assigned the 8th position as early as May 5th.

Batting average .252 in the first half, returning with 11 home runs,All star gamesWas elected first in the fan vote. High school graduate newcomers participated in the All-Star1954 OfTakao Kajimoto,1955 OfKihachi Enomoto,1970 OfKoji OtaKiyohara was the fourth player in history to hit a hit and a home run for the first time (hits in the first round and home runs in the second round).Won MVP in Round 4[22].

Recorded 20 home runs in the second half alone, and became the first high school graduate newcomer in September.Monthly MVPWon[23]..The team did not improve in the same year, and although the lower ranks were sluggish in the first half of the game, the team's performance improved as Kiyohara improved, and he played a fierce battle for the championship with Buffaloes. In the Kintetsu match on September 9, the 27th issue was released for the first time.Yasumitsu ToyotaWhen he broke the record for high school graduate home runs for the first time in 33 years, he released No. 8 in the 29th inning.Nagashima ShigeoLined up in the rookie season record[24].. In the match against Lotte on October 10, he was selected as No. 7 for the first time, and in that match, 4 times with 1 point behind.Joji TakoIn 31, he hit the 1959st home run, the most in the history of high school graduates.Takeshi KuwataAchieved the most tie record for newcomer home runs[23].. Kuwata was 23 years old and Kiyohara was 19 years old when he achieved it.[23].. In the 7th inning, which was tied at the same point, he was the first professional to play in the scene of XNUMXnd base.Shy awayAlso experienced[23].. On October 10, he contributed to the victory with 9 hits and 2 RBI, and the team's victory was decided.At that time, there were 1 games in the season, but the battle was entangled until the 130th game.At this point, the batting average was .129, but in the final round of the season the next day, Mori asked if he would play in Kiyohara, and Kiyohara said "I will" and hit 301 hits to get a batting average of .3. I stretched it out.This year, he played 304 games, hit 126 home runs, andbatting average.304 andRBI78 also set a record for high school graduates who set a batting average of .1955 and 298 RBIs in 67, and the new player's double-digit home run was the fifth feat in 2 years.Newcomer KingWas elected.Japan seriesIn all eight games, he made a full appearance on the 8th and 4st base, and in the first game he was hit by an accident in which he hit his left foot and broke his thumb. And recorded the most hits, contributing to the team's number one in Japan.Won the Series Outstanding Player Award.

This yearBuzzword AwardCaught "New humanityAs a representative ofKimiyasu Kudo,Hisanobu WatanabeAttended the award ceremony.

1987 Batting average drops to .259,Second year jinxHowever, his long hitting ability was alive and his RBI exceeded the previous year, such as hitting 29 home runs.In addition, the number of strikeouts fell below 100, and he achieved all games in his second year of high school graduation.Japan seriesThen,Sadaharu OhPlay against the giant led by the director.In the 3th round, where Seibu had 6 wins and a check, he led 3 to 1 and shed tears when he died in the 9th inning and was on the defense of first base, and the game was suspended.Kiyohara said in his book, "I could see the giant player on the third base bench, Mr. Wang, from the first in the 9th inning, and I remembered the draft and couldn't stop crying."Hajime TsujiSoothed. He stood on the mound nine times in advance of this match.Kimiyasu KudoIn an interview after the match, he answered, "I was thinking about what kind of guts pose I should do (because I was a pitcher with one out more), but he (Kiyohara) cried and it was no longer the case." "The tears were really beautiful," he said.

1988 Also played all games as in the previous year, recorded 31 home runs, and increased batting average from the previous year.Most winning pointsHe won the title and scored 97 points, the most in the league, contributing to the league's third straight victory. July 3thLotteIn battleHiroshi OgawaHe is hitting a goodbye home run for the first time as a professional player.ChunichiWithJapan seriesThen the first round twiceKazuyuki OnoFrom 1 strike 3 balls, catch the 5th ball with a sweet slider and leave the field outside (Nagoya StadiumIt is said that it hit the soundproof wall of the Tokaido Shinkansen running near the building), and an oversized first solo home run with an estimated flight distance of 145m[25], 4 times in Round 5Akira Uehara2 home runs from, 5th in Round 6Tatsuo KomatsuHe hit a solo home run and 3 home runs, and recorded 16 at-bats, 6 hits and 4 RBIs.[26]With 4 wins and 1 loss, he won the best player award in Japan for 3 consecutive years.

1989 On June 6, he achieved the 4th home run at 21 years and 9 months, the youngest in history.However, on September 100, in the midst of a battle for victory, it was four times against Lotte.Hiranuma SadaharuReceived fromDead ballHe was sent off for the first time because he was angry and threw a bat into a brawl.[27].. For this reason, Kiyohara's participation in consecutive games that had continued until the day before stopped at 490.[27].. In addition, this matter was later broadcast on October 2015, 10, "Legal counseling service』And apologized again[28].. The final result was 35 home runs, leaving a batting average of .283. The number of strikeouts was 60, which was the lowest number in the year when he reached the regular strikeout.

1990 Batting average .307, 37 home runs and 94 RBIs. 37 home runs are the most.He achieved his batting average of 2% for the second time, but since then he could not record 3% of his batting average, so 3% of his batting average was the last in the same year.The batting average of career high to reach the regular batting average is also this year.With the giantJapan seriesThen in the 2th round of the 8nd roundYuu KidaTimely hit, in the bottom of the 4th round of the 5th roundMizuno YujiHe hit the ball in a timely manner, and the team also won four consecutive games to become the best in Japan.In the off contract renewal, he became the youngest player in history at the age of 4 and became a 23 million yen player, fulfilling his desire to become a 1 million yen player by the age of 25.[29].

1991 He made the best start with 7 home runs in the opening 6 games, but fell into an extreme slump where he couldn't hit home runs in 35 games and 151 at-bats, and lost his grades.With HiroshimaJapan seriesThen in the bottom of the first roundShinji Sasaoka2 home runs, the bottom of the 6th roundJun KawabataHe hit the first timely hit from Japan, and was the best in Japan for the second consecutive year with 4 wins and 3 losses.

1992 On June 6, he achieved No. 26 home run at 24 years and 10 months, which is also the youngest in history. In the same year, he won the title with the highest on-base percentage. But,Japan seriesThen in the second round 2thAraki DaisukeEven though he hit a two-point home run fromDirector NomuraHe was researched by Yakult, who led him, and fell into a slump. From the 4th to the 7th rounds, he had 17 at-bats and no hits.

1993 May 5rd match against Lotte (Seibu Stadium)so,Hideki IrabeAt the time of the match against, he was thrown the fastest straight of 158km / h in the Japanese ball world at that time (at the end, he hit the straight of 157km / h in front of the center, and the match went up to Kiyohara)[30]..In the same year, the number of strikeouts reached 120, and the number of strikeouts exceeded 5 for the first time in five years.Kiyohara often recalls this time.

1994 The number of strikeouts exceeded 100, but on the other handFour ballsThe goodness of the batting eye shined, such as over 100[31].. It was the first time in four years that walks exceeded 100.

1995 Dislocated his right shoulder and ended up with less than 100 hits, but he is the best in his totalIsoDIt was the season that recorded (on-base percentage-batting average)[31].. In the match on September 9, Orix won the league title and saw the victory of the opponent team for the first time as a professional, and the team itself will put an end to the golden age.

1996 Exceeded all three hit categories from the previous year.Although his batting average was poor at .3, he played in all games for the first time in eight years and recorded more than 257 home runs for the first time in four years.

It was once said that only Kiyohara could surpass Sadaharu Oh.Mori AkiraReigned in No. 9 and No. 8 of the "Seibu Golden Age", which produced many famous players who achieved 6 league championships and 4 times in Japan during his 3 years as a coachKoji AkiyamaThe combination withAK gunWas called. 88Thai Bamber CleoBecame an "AKB gun" after 1989Orestes DestradeIt becomes "AKD gun" instead of. Mori highly appreciates Kiyohara's ability and personality, and stated that "Kiyohara's thinking about baseball is improving year by year" when Seibu retired. It is said that Mori had no sign for Kiyohara and was basically no sign.[32].

Masahiro Doi"I can say anything now, but it was Mr. Mori himself who insisted on starting Kiyohara as a second army.Yoshiaki TsutsumiWhen he found out that he had a backup from the owner, he changed his attitude and said that he used it with patience. (Forest) was a person with a lot of praise and praise. "[33].Hirohisa Matsunuma"I decided to use Kiyohara from the first year because of the intention of the Tsutsumi owner. I think Mr. Mori also had a hard time using it."[34]It has said. Forest in 2005Baseball hall of fameWhen he entered, he rushed to the first place to congratulate him, and he has been dating even after Mori moved to Hawaii. Although he never got an MVP in the Japan Series, he was selected as an excellent player in 1986 and 1988, and as a fighting award in 1993 and 1994 when he lost the war.[Note 7].. After retiring, he said that during the Seibu era, he compared his total number of home runs for each year with that of the king.

To join the giant

Kiyohara himself admitted that he was too blessed, but because he felt a dilemma and got a FA qualification, he was able to transfer to the giant he was longing for, so he declared FA off. ..Giants and Hanshin have made a name for themselves.

When Kiyohara declared FA, he was directed by Hanshin Tigers.Yoshio Yoshida"Even if you change the vertical stripes (of the uniform) to horizontal stripes ..."[35], Giants directorNagashima ShigeoTwo pick-up lines, "Dive into my chest," became a hot topic.[36].

As a result, Kiyohara transferred to the long-sought giant with a five-year contract.Uniform numberNagashima is his ownPermanent numberHe also revealed the idea of ​​giving up 3, but decided on "5".

Contract terms between Giants and Hanshin

However, in the contract with Hanshin, the contract fee presented is nearly three times higher in Hanshin, and the contract period is twice as long as the giant, so based on how to behave after retirement, after passing it through a lawyer It was a complete favorable treatment of a contract[35].. At that time, Hanshin had a uniform number of 3.Hiroshi YagiHowever, when Kiyohara joined, he expressed his intention to hand over the same number.

The condition actually presented by Hanshin is "10-year contract, total 36 billion yen, lifetime employment for the director and the team president", while the condition presented by the giant was initially "2-year contract, total 5 million yen". It is said that there was a big disparity of "degree".Kiyohara later spoke in 2021[37][38].

Also, if you transfer to Hanshin, it will be your home base.Koshien StadiumWas worried that the strong beach breeze from the light direction would push back the ball hit in the light direction from Kiyohara's favorite center, which would be disadvantageous.Furthermore, when Kiyohara transferred, the annual salary had to be set at 1.5 million yen or more, which is 3 times the previous year, but it was the highest salary in Hanshin at that time.Yutaka WadaWas about 1 million yenHanshin fanHe said he was worried that he might buy the antipathy of[37][38].

In addition, with the addition of Kiyohara, he was 43 years old at the time when he was defending the first base of the giant.Hiromitsu Ochiai[Note 8]Transferred to Nippon-Ham in search of an opportunity to participate.At the giant withdrawal interview, Ochiai said to the press with tears, "I don't think I'll lose against Kiyohara, but I don't want to see Nagashima's face, who is worried about which one to use (Ochiai or Kiyohara)." Responded[39].

History (Giants era)

1997 Has served as No. 4 since the opening, and although he hit the first home run in the third game of the opening, Hanshin's No. 3 throughout the season.Shinjiro HiyamaAnd struck out, and set a new league record of 152 strikeouts at that time.[Note 9](Hiyama has 150 strikeouts)[40]At one point, I also received a cheering boycott (no cheering song or call).In the end, he recorded a batting average of .249, 32 home runs, and 95 RBIs.Home runs and RBIs exceeded the previous year's level, and the giant's right-handed hitter hit 30 home runs in 1988.Tatsunori HaraSince then, more than 90 RBIs have been made since 1987.This was Kiyohara's last year of over 30 home runs.However, in the middle of the game, the opponent team avoided Hideki Matsui and chose the Kiyohara game, and there were many games that were defeated as a result of Kiyohara's resignation, and Kiyohara's engine started to start after he dropped out of the competition for the championship.

The Giants quickly left the championship front this year and ended the season with Kiyohara's first professional B-class.

1998 Has been a long time since the reflection of the previous yearGod lord methodMade a major remodeling of the batting form from. In order to respond to the severe in-course attack of the Central League, Kiyohara revived until he abandoned his pride, such as laying down the bat that had been standing vertically and leaving a handful of grip, in order to catch the ball at the shortest distance. I was hanging. In contrast to Matsui, who suffered from a slump due to a knee injury at the beginning of the season, which started at No. 3 Kiyohara and No. 4 Matsui, Kiyohara was in great shape because of the batting remodeling. April is in HiroshimaMaeda SatoshiHe made a good start, such as finishing with the top hitter of the month, and took the 4th place from Matsui. However, due to some troubles such as the left thigh strain, the condition gradually deteriorated. In the same year, he hit 100th in nearly 4 games with a batting average of .268, 23 home runs, and 80 RBIs, which was lower than the previous year in terms of batting average, but the number of strikeouts remained less than half of the previous year.Tatsunori HaraIt surpassed the 12th consecutive year of the game, and achieved a Japanese record of 13 home runs for the 20th consecutive year since entering the pro. On the other hand, from this year onward, he has always suffered from lower body breakdowns.

1999 Has been suffering from injuries since the openingHanshin Tigers OfYabu KeifromDead ballI had a fracture in my left hand. Furthermore, in June, the right foot during the close play against HiroshimaLigamentを負傷。出場試合数は86試合、成績は.236、13本塁打、46打点とプロ入り後最低の数字にとどまり、前年までの「連続20本塁打記録」は13年で途切れた(尚この年の8月24日の対横浜戦にて、公式戦としては1991年の10月10日対ダイエーホークス戦以来の三塁手として先発出場し、年間で11試合の三塁手先発出場は、1990年に並ぶ試合数であった)。しかも右足の負傷は膝側副LigamentIt was a serious rupture. Kiyohara, who has finally reached the brink, goes off to go to Saifukuji Temple in Kagoshima and then jumps to the United States to work on strength training (“body modification”) (details will be described later). In the same year, it was reported that he was playing golf with a gangster off in 1996, and there were voices at the time of his arrest that the turmoil at that time led to a later drug case.[41][42].

2000 Also caused a strain during the camp, and it was the first start of the opening second army with a professional.At that time, he was the owner of the giantTsuneo WatanabeWas even told, "(Because Kiyohara is not in the army) the winning factors have increased."[43].. I was on the first base when I left Kiyohara from the previous yearDomingo MartinezHowever, he was active this year and Kiyohara was standing on the edge of the cliff, but after returning on July 7, he hit a three-point home run in his first at-bat and appealed for his resurrection. On July 7, the "Sapporo Series" that was held every year at that time (Maruyama Stadium, Sapporo City), He became a starting member and achieved a total of 400 home runs with a professional in an out-of-field home run.In the summer, he returned to the regular position and recorded .75 batting average and 296 home runs in 16 games.The team also won the championship for the first time after transferring to Kiyohara,Japan seriesAlso conquered. This year, the modelKimura AkiAre married to. Also, around this time, I finally decided to quit smoking.

2001 Was the final year of the five-year contract, and it was said that the contract renewal was hopeless from the results so far, but he continued to hit without serious injury from the opening, especially the chance to fight for the RBI until the end. With a batting average of .5, 298 home runs, and 29 RBIs, he achieved his best record since joining the Giants (over 121 RBIs for the first time), and won a four-year contract with a significant increase in annual salary.

2002 Has been doing well since the opening, but due to a breakdown, he left the front line. The eldest son was born on August 8.He returned to the end of the season and finished 23 games, but he had a batting average of .55 and 318 home runs.In the opening round 12 of this year (Giants-Hanshin: Tokyo Dome), he is in line with the number of "2" home runs of Nagashima, who he respects and was aiming for when he achieved the 400th home run.Also, on the day of the match, it was released in front of Nagashima, who was in charge of commentary.I pushed the breakdown and participatedJapan seriesThen, play against Seibu of the old nest. In the first roundDaisuke Matsuzaka2 home runs from, 3 point behind in the 1rd roundZhang MagazineHe hit a total of two home runs, including a tie home run, and contributed to Japan's number one, and was selected for the Outstanding Player Award for the first time in 2 years since 1988, when he was in the Seibu era. Kiyohara himself has never won the league or the best in Japan since then, so this year was his last league victory and the best in Japan. In addition, the home run from Zhang was the last home run in the Japan Series.

2003 A few days after Matsui's transfer to off the previous year, he was nominated as No. 4 by Hara at a meeting of the Sankai, and while suffering from breakdowns, he recorded a batting average of .290 and 26 home runs. In the bottom of the 4th inning against Yakult (Tokyo Dome) on April 24Narumoto ToshihideHit by pitch on his arm, with 167 hit by pitchTakenouchi MasashiIt becomes a professional baseball record by overtaking the record of. In the match against Hanshin on May 5thGo ShimoyanagiとYuya AndoHit a home run fromHiromitsu KadotaThe pitcher who hit a home run overtook a record with 185 people, but in the latter half of the seasonRobert PetaginiHowever, Petagine often hits No. 4 (however, Petagine also lacks regular seats), and Kiyohara mainly hits No. 5 in 114 games and 341 at bats.Since this year, the number of appearances has dropped sharply due to repeated injuries, so it was the last 100 appearances.In addition, on July 7th, PL's 5nd year junior and ChunichiKazuyoshi TachinamiAchieved a total of 2000 hits in the Giants match at Tokyo Dome ahead of his senior Kiyohara.At that time, Kiyohara, who was on the first base, presented a bouquet and blessed him.

2004 However, the number of games played decreased due to the combined use with Petagine, as in the previous year.The 31st player in history, the 6th giant player since Ochiai, achieved a total of 2000 hits.[44][45]However, due to a hit by pitch in June and a long-term withdrawal due to a broken bone, he finished 6 games and was sluggish with a batting average of .40, 228 home runs and 12 RBIs.Most of the 27 hits and 23 RBIs recorded this year were due to home runs, and the season was uncertain.After the seasonTsuneo HoriuchiIt turned out that he was out of the coach's force concept, and he was in danger of leaving the team.[46][47],Takuo TakihanaA direct interview with the new owner, "Is the organization right in the director or in the front desk?", And the giant had a contract left for another year, so he managed to survive.[48][49][50].. Kiyohara himself talked about this direct interview (at that time he was not involved in the team).Kazumasa NagashimaThe biggest reason is that he was confused by the fact that he had been notified outside the concept through, and wanted him to speak directly from the team.[51][Note 10].. When deciding to stay, he commented, "I want to play as hard as I can to get rid of muddy water." In the fall of this year, a team with Orix and the Central League (the exchange partner was a pitcher) asked the giant to trade, and Tsuneo Watanabe was particularly active in releasing Kiyohara immediately after the owner resigned. Did not hold[52].

2005 Is a 400m Japanese record holder,Tokai University Athletics ClubCoach'sTakano SusumuI received guidance on how to run and tried to strengthen my lower body. Also, I wore diamond earrings on both ears and went to the match. This is generally a major leaguer and I respect himBarry BondsIt was perceived that it was awkward, but in reality, in his books "Otokodo" and "Confession", "The Giants drank boiling water at the contract negotiation table, and I put it in place of tattoos so that I would not forget that regret. ".This pierced earring has a bad reputation from OBs of other teams including Giants OB.Katsuya NomuraThere were many baseball players who complained. Originally, the giant was a "gentleman", so brown hair, beard, piercing, etc. were basically prohibited, but Horiuchi, who was the director at that time, also grew stubble at the camp and said "Oyama no It was ridiculed as "the Cold War between the generals." Even so, he was assigned the 4th opening of this year, and at the Hanshin Tigers on April 4th.Shinobu FukuharaThe number of pitchers who hit home runs reached 200 (first in history).On the other hand, the 500th round against the Hanshin Tigers on April 4st, with a check on 21 home runs (Tokyo Dome), In the bottom of the 10th inning, which allowed a lead of 2 to 7, in the scene of two dead basesFujikawa KojiHowever, after Fujikawa pushed to the full count, he threw a fork and struck out.[53], Remarks that are not good for the other party's battery[Note 11]It became a problem because I did[54][58](In addition, regarding this case, Kiyohara apologized for his fault in the video message played at the ceremony after the retirement game of Fujikawa on November 2020, 11.[59][60]). April 4th pairHiroshimaBattle (Hiroshima City Stadium)soHiroshi KojiAchieved a total of 8 home runs for the 500th person in history[61]..After that, he hit a home run for a while, and was a provisional double crown with RBI, and his batting average temporarily rose to .2.All star gamesHe also participated in the game and hit a home run.

However, the teams have been unable to win since the opening, as if they were in conflict, and Kiyohara himself was in an interleague game against Orix.Kazuo YamaguchiHe received a hit by pitch from his head, and his performance gradually declined due to a breakdown of his lower body. At this time, Kiyohara advised Yamaguchi directly, but when he made a direct apology to Kiyohara when he became a teammate the following year, Kiyohara accepted this and said, "That is an accident." I forgave him after commenting on Yamaguchi.

There was a problem that the feud with Horiuchi surfaced.In the match against Hiroshima on August 8, when he recovered from his injury, he hit a home run in the top of the fourth inning, went around the diamond, and refused to give a high five with Horiuchi, a coach, and a player on the bench. It is said that he was furious at being appointed as the 4th batter.In addition, the registration was canceled on August 4th.[62], This home run was the last home run in the Giants era (it was not the situation to stand on the front line from the above-mentioned serious injury, and the team also took care of it, but it could not be acknowledged from Kiyohara's pride as a batter. Is said to be[63]).

After all, this yearIsao HarimotoHe has recorded double-digit home runs for 20 consecutive years and more than 2 home runs for the first time in two years since joining the team, and although he has increased his participation opportunities compared to the previous year and participated in 2 games, his batting average is the lowest as a result of many hits. Naru .20 and Kiyohara himself were not satisfied with the result.

Out-of-force notification

In the end, he was injured in the left knee meniscus and was isolated by himself in the above-mentioned high five refusal case.[Note 12][64], From the team without waiting for the end of the seasonOut-of-force notificationOfficially on December 12ndFree contractAnnounced as a player[65].

During Kiyohara's Giants era, the media and baseball fans often spoke in a negative sense, and although he continued to be exposed to various bashing while enrolled, he was asked "Do you regret joining the Giants?" He immediately answered "NO" and later said, "Although various emotions are mixed, it was a fulfilling nine years in my life." "I am grateful to the giant." ing[66].

On the other hand, Horiuchi, who resigned as director in the same year,Weekly postHe criticized that "Kiyohara is not suitable for baseball. It is a mistake to advance to baseball, which is a team competition."Kiyohara also criticized Horiuchi many times later at events.[67][68].. In addition, it is said that Horiuchi has had a feud between the two since he was a coach.[69].

During the Giants' era, he reached the regular seats only three times in 1997, 1998, and 2001, and the Giants could not record 3% of the regular seats.In addition to the year when he reached the prescribed seat, he participated in 3 games only four times in 100.In addition, he has won the championship only twice in 2003 and 4 after joining the Giants, but both are the best in Japan.

History (Orix era)

To join Orix

One day after the end of the 2005 season, when the Giants notified him that he was out of force.Akira AokiI received a phone call from him and was persuaded many times to say, "Come back to Osaka. I will make your last flower road." I decided to join Orix.[70].. In 1, when Ohgi was the first year of Kintetsu coaching10.19After losing the victory battle with Seibu at the end of the deadly battle, Kiyohara's Seibu won the Japan Series with Chunichi, and Kiyohara said in an interview after winning the Japan Series, "Now I can face Kintetsu players." Said.When he saw this, he was touched by "What a masculine guy," and since then he has been calling out to Kiyohara every time.

Immediately afterLung cancerbyRespiratory failureAlthough he passed away, Kiyohara still describes Ohgi as "the most respected person in the baseball world." However, since the decision to join Orix was made after the death of Ogi, it was criticized that "I may have decided to join Orix after confirming that there was no offer from other teams". "I was determined to join the team, but I wanted to see if I could be a force by looking at my knees," he denied. During the Blue Wave era, the year before the merger of the team with Kintetsu, Ohgi enthusiastically solicited Kiyohara in 2004 off and met directly with the giant team representatives to negotiate a trade.[71].

The jersey number is "5" following the Giants era (initially, 3 was prepared by adding 5 from the Seibu era and 8 from the Giants era, but 8 was joined in the same year.Norihiro Nakamura[Note 13]I got it). At the press conference, he said, "I want to go to base and contribute to the victory of the team, whether it's a hit or a dead ball." At that time, he weighed 120 kg, but in less than two months he lost about 2 kg.

2006 Is the team before the openingYoshimoto KogyoSince we had a business alliance with Nakamura et al.Yoshimoto New ComedyAlso appeared in. For a while after the start of the season, Kiyohara's characteristic hits from the center to the light and walks were conspicuous. He participated in the match against the Hanshin Tigers on May 5, and achieved a total of 21 RBIs for the eighth person in history by hitting the bases loaded in a timely manner. No. 8 solo home run, which will be No. 1500 in total in the match against Yokohama on May 5Daisuke MiuraHe hit the right wing seat and achieved 12 bases for the 4000th person in history. In the match against Yokohama on May 5, the following day, in the bottom of the 27th inning, No. 9 reversal goodbye home run was hit.Mark KroonLed the team to victory. In addition, with this goodbye home runKatsuya NomuraIt was lined up in 11 home run records of goodbye. In the second round of the All-Star Game on July 7, he participated as a substitute in the scene without two dead runners in the 23th inning.Fujikawa KojiHe aimed for the record for the most home runs in the All-Star game, which was close to one more, but he was struck out. In the battle against Seibu on August 1Shuichiro NagataNo. 10 goodbye home run.With this home run, he achieved double-digit home runs for 21 consecutive years, and became the sole leader in professional baseball history with a total of 2 home runs and a total of 12 walk-off home runs. First time against Lotte on September 20ndShimizu going straightNo. 11 hit a 3-point home run, but in 2007 he couldn't play in the first army, and in 2008 he played in the first army for the first time in two years, but he couldn't hit a home run, so this was his last home run.This year, there were some memorable activities such as the above-mentioned goodbye home runs, and the number of home runs was 2.Norihiro NakamuraThe number of home runs in the team is second only to that of the team, but Nakamura and Kiyohara have repeatedly broken down and have not contributed significantly to the team. It was sluggish at .2, and the team's ranking dropped to 23th.

The day after receiving the hit by pitch in this season, when he was interviewed about the hit by pitch, he said that he declared retaliation, saying, "If that happens, I will run to the mound for my life and I want to defeat it." It became a problem.

2007 Injured his left knee during camp and withdrew, and on February 2, his left kneecartilagePerform removal surgery[72].Exchange battleAlthough it was reported that he was returning to Japan, his recovery was not good, and he underwent a transplant operation on his left knee at a hospital in Kobe City on July 7, and this year he did not participate in the first military match since he became a professional. finished.After that, at a press conference, he declared, "If you look at Kuwata's efforts in major leagues, I think Kuwata is doing so hard, and I want to continue working." "I am grateful to the team for allowing such a major surgery, even though ordinary athletes would not be allowed to do it." The contract was renewed on December 6, and the contract was signed with a single-year contract of 12 million yen, which is 10% and 40 million down, which exceeds the reduction limit (45%) by the baseball agreement.

2008 However, due to the influence of the surgery of the previous year, the adjustment of the second army continued, so the "Big Boys StrikeI couldn't serve as a regular, but on July 7, I joined the army for the first time in 31 days.However, at a press conference on August 532, he said, "I don't think I'll be on the ground next year because of this situation," and virtually announced that he would retire from active duty for the same year.Kiyohara-related team goods sold 8 million yen on this day.This is equivalent to the sales of all Orix players for one year. August 2rdFukuoka Softbank Hawks7 times in battleHittingI participated in the event for the first time in 695 days,Kenji OhneiStrike out in front of.In the same battle the next day, I will play again as a pinch hitterKoji MiseHit the straight in front of the center and hit the first hit after returning. August 8thSeibu DomeAt the pairSaitama Seibu LionsAfter the end of the war, he said, "I was happy to have my last birthday as an active player here (Seibu Dome)," and revealed that he had decided to retire from active duty for the same year. After the final card battle with Seibu at Seibu Dome, where he spent 9 years since joining the pros on September 29, after going out to the ground and answering the Seibu fan Kiyohara call of the light stand, both Orix and Seibu players A ceremony was held to raise Kiyohara,Hisanobu WatanabeAlso presented a bouquet from.AlsoHiroyuki NakajimaAnd exchanged uniforms.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kyocera Dome OsakaThe final match of Orix's season against Softbank was Kiyohara's retirement match. Advance tickets are usually sold one month before the match, but if that day is Monday, they are usually sold the next day, but Orix has taken special measures to start selling on Monday, September 1. It was. Advance tickets for admission were sold out in less than an hour from the start of sales.Ichiro,Go Shimoyanagi, Masumi Kuwata who retired in the same year, was the director of PL Gakuenchugakko baseball club eraNakamura JunjiWhile they are watching[73],No. 4·Nominated batterStarting in (except for baseball players)Norika Fujiwara,Yoshihiro AkiyamaEtc. were rushing. ).Before the matchSadaharu OhThere was also a bouquet presented by the king, and the king told Kiyohara, "If you are reborn, let's compete for a home run with the same team."While the cheering songs of Seibu, Giants, and Orix were played in order from the outfield stand, the first at-bat was the first batter in the second inning, and the third ball from the second strike was light-flyed.In the second at bat, he struck out the fourth ball in the bottom of the fourth inning with one out and first base.In the third at bat, Orix led 1-2 in the bottom of the 2th inning with a first base and a double in the right middle in a timely manner (RBI 3).This was the last hit and RBI in active duty. The final turn at bat in the bottom of the 2th inning ended with a strikeout on the 4th ball.Opponent pitcherToshiya SugiuchiThrew all 4 fastballs in 18 at-bats. Kiyohara took off his helmet and bowed to Sugiuchi, and the ball he missed served as a commemorative ball and served as a ball umpire in this match.Toshio AzumaHanded over to Kiyohara, Kiyohara signed this ball with "Thank you for the best ball to Sugiuchi, Kazuhiro Kiyohara" and gave it to Sugiuchi.[74].. Orix won the match 4-1. Winning ball recorded a complete game victoryKazuki KondoWas handed over to Kiyohara, but Kondo was the first professional player to win a double-digit victory in this match.Regular pitch timeKiyohara, who knew that he had achieved the goal, also signed this ball and gave it back to Kondo.At the retirement ceremony after the match,Hirotoshi KitagawaとTomonori KanemotoPresented a bouquet fromGo NagabuchiHas been used by Kiyohara as an admission theme song since the Giants era.Dragonfly'[Note 14]TheAcoustic guitarI sang enthusiastically with the live performance of.In the retirement greeting, I thanked Seibu, Giants, Orix, the fans of each team, and Ohgi who paved the way for joining Orix, and finally, "I will retire today. Professional baseball fans nationwide. Thank you very much for your support for 23 years. "After that, he went around the venue once and raised his body on the home base by Orix players.The following day, October 1, the Orix team decided to go to Kiyohara at their own request.Voluntary retired playerApply as, same dayPacific Baseball FederationPublished by[75].. Orix ranked second this yearClimax seriesAlthough he got the right to participate, Kiyohara volunteered to decline the participation.The climax series, the first stage (vs.Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters) Then at Kiyohara's requestuniformWas put up on the bench, and Kiyohara himself cheered from the guest room.

History (after retirement)

Turned into a critic / talent

After retiring, he started working as a baseball critic on January 2009, 1.Nikkan Sports Osaka HeadquartersAnd exclusivecriticSigned a contract as[76]..In a comment after the critic contract, he said, "In the future, I want to become the second team manager of the baseball team to which NPB belongs and fight with the players I raised in one army."World Baseball ClassicAlso interviewed "[76].

As mentioned above, as a professional baseball commentator, immediately after retiring, he did not conclude an exclusive contract with a specific broadcasting station, and he said, "2009 World Baseball ClassicAtSan DiegoI had the right to relay the round,TBS TVAppointed as a special navigator for relay[77].

After that, "Sport!(Fuji TV) andSunday Morning(TBS TV) as a commentator and "F1 Grand Prix』(Fuji TV) as a guestMonaco GPLocal appearance as a special caster[78]Performed talent activities including.

August 2011, 2,2011 seasonIn "Culture Broadcast Lions Nighter』(Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.) Program 30th Anniversary Image Character[79][80]..Along with that, he appeared as a special commentator about once a month.

Problem behavior

However, after turning into a critic / talent, he worked as well as at the end of the Giants era.DotacanBecame noticeable.

At the time of the 2009 WBC appearance mentioned above, despite entering the United States, he gave a live commentary on the semi-finals and finals, but he slammed the commentary on the San Diego round. The special commentary on "Lions Nighter" took the same action, and as a baseball commentator from the broadcasting station at the end of this season.No accessBecame in a state[81].

Immediately after the start of the commentator / talent activity mentioned above, a weekly magazine reported an affair with a mom in a high-class club in Ginza, despite being a wife.To accompany the club mom to San Diego and MonacoPublic and private confusionThe act was regarded as a problem, and the critic contract with the Nikkan Sports Osaka head office was canceled without renewing the contract.

In addition, even in lectures and shooting as a commercial character, there were a series of poor behavior such as getting angry and returning home during shooting, and it became the target of the weekly photo magazine.

Also, on February 2014, 2, the team to which he belonged2014 seasonSpring campAtOkinawa Cellular Stadium NahaWhen I compared the clothes of Kiyohara's senior and junior baseball critics during the visit to the Giants' XNUMXst Army camp in Tokyo, I visited with a strange white suit and enamel shoes.[82]On the other hand, he is also a teacher of the Giants active era.Tatsunori HaraWas regarded as a problem, and as a result, he acted to estrange himself from the professional baseball world.

Possession and use of illegal drugs

News report

September 2014, 3, ``Weekly BunshunIn the March 2014, 3 issue, "Kazuhiro Kiyohara, a charismatic model wife who was tattered with an emergency hospitalized drug, was chased with a knife" in a top article to treat side effects caused by illegal drug use. An article that hit Kiyohara directly after a medical examination at a university hospital was published.[83].

However, Kiyohara will be released next weekPhoto weekly magazine"FRIDAY"," Medical examinationType 2 diabetesBecause of the medical certificateInsulinRefute the allegations of presenting a pen-type syringe for inoculation and denying the use of illegal drugs[84], Indicated to file a civil lawsuit against Bunshun, but did not file a civil lawsuit as a result[85][86]..As a case that will appear later in this article published by Bunshun, the right footCalfIt became open that I put a tattoo of a rising dragon from my left chest to my back.[87]..Later, on December 12nd of the same year, he was a close friend.Kazuhiro SasakiI attended a party to celebrate the entrance to the Baseball Hall of Fame, but I had the opportunity to appear at the venue in a very thin state and exchange greetings with Sasaki, but at that time I was told to remove the tattoo from Sasaki, but Kiyohara was Sasaki. I didn't listen to the words.


In addition, due to the influence of the above-mentioned poor behavior with his wife Kimura, a couple quarrel has caused domestic violence such as domestic violence to Kimura.[88]As a result, Kimura, the eldest son, and the second son were separated, and the divorce was completed in August of the same year by sending on September 9 of the same year.[89]Announce that[90]..The custody of the eldest son and the second son passed to Kimura.

The talent activity was continued, but due to the above-mentioned poor behavior, the actual talent activity could not be carried out.However, from around the summer of 2015, Kiyohara continued to appear on TV variety shows as a result of actively pushing to the program producer side with the backing of a major entertainment agency in order to dispel suspicions.[91].. However,"It was your thanks to the Tunnels"(Fuji TV)'s location project"Manly rock-paper-scissors seriesIn the middle of winter during the location, a large amount of sweating, which is a side reaction of the use of stimulants, was caused and the location VTR was stored.[92],Downtown Nau(Fuji TV) Appeared in the August 2015 broadcast of "Hashigo Sake", and in response to a request in the in-program talk, he released a tattoo on his left chest and denied drug use with a joke.To increase the chances of refutation, I suddenly started the official blog at 8:2015 pm on November 11, 25.[93]..Also, on January 1, 2016, one month before the arrestFukuoka DomeMade inMeikyukaiHe participated in the event "Meikyukai Baseball Festival 2016" as a Pacific League team, entered the turn at bat and released a hit from Sasaki, showing the same appearance as usual.


However, the coverage of the weekly Bunshun was correct, and with the coverage of the weekly Bunshun as a trigger, other weekly magazines also followed up.Metropolitan Police DepartmentOrganizational Crime Countermeasures Department Section XNUMXとMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareRegional Health BureauDrug Enforcement DepartmentContinues to investigate insiders for a year[94], The result of continuous confirmation of Kiyohara's behavior[95]Initially, he had a policy of arrest in the summer of 2015.[96], Kiyohara is wary of the investigation, and it is considered that he is trying to destroy the evidence by selling his home condominium and private car.[95], The policy was forgotten and the investigation was continued.A stimulant component was later detected in sweat adhering to tissue, which is a waste product of a hotel in Tokyo where he was staying the day before his arrest.[97].

Home search / arrest / prosecution

Kiyohara's around 2016:2 pm on February 2, 8Minato-kuHigashiazabuPerformed a forced home search at a weekly condominium located in[95], About 48 minutesStimulantConfirmed possession of 0.1g, 3 syringes,strawとパ イ プ1 each,SmartphoneIncluding 2Mobile phoneSeized a total of 4 units[98]..After that, he asked Kiyohara to accompany him voluntarily, and he was accompanied at 11:XNUMX pm on the same day.NakanoAt the Metropolitan Police Department buildingStimulants Control Law(Possession) Usually arrested on suspicion[99]..On February 2, the same year, he was re-arrested on suspicion of violating (using) the law, and on the same day.Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's OfficeIs accused of violating (possessing) the lawTokyo District CourtToProsecution official[100]..After that, on March 3, he was charged with violating (using) the law (it is said that he used a stimulant in a hotel room in Minato Ward around February 15), and was charged three times.[101].


After being arrested, Kiyohara was imprisoned in the Metropolitan Police Department headquarters building and managed by the detention number "114".[102]Later, he revealed the detention number to the public, and it became one of the sources of subsequent transmissions.On March 1th of the same year, KiyoharaCounselTo the Tokyo District CourtbailMake a claim[103], The next day, the 17th, the Tokyo District Court ruled the permit.[104], Paid 500 million yen on bail and released on bail for the first time in 44 days after arrest.After bail, he departed from the Metropolitan Police Department headquarters and was chased by a helicopter and a motorcycle for relaying a commercial broadcasting station.ChibaMatsudo-shiLocated inChiba Nishi General HospitalI went straight to and was hospitalized for protection.Through a lawyer, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office said on April 4st, "Around September 1st, Gunma Prefecture.Ota CityKiyohara was prosecuted at home for violating the Stimulants Control Law, saying that he received about 1.2 g of stimulants from his hotel for 8 yen. There was also a man who sold the trafficker)[105].

After the arrest, Kiyohara's use of stimulants and follow-up reports of sellers etc. have been sent, and the timing of the arrest is occasionally2016 season spring campThe media includes comments from active professional baseball players and OB baseball team leaders, critics, front staff, student leaders, friendship celebrities, and professional baseball fans who were estranged due to the timing inside. Three days after Kiyohara's arrest, his ex-wife Kimura also announced his comments externally.[89]..Also, on the official blog, I kept posting until the day before the arrest.[106],Amoeba blogIs the operator ofcyber-agentIt was deleted based on the terms of.

After criminal trial / judgment

The first trial was held at the Tokyo District Court on May 2016, 5, and Kiyohara generally admitted the content of the indictment and admitted "use of stimulants from 17 when he retired from active duty at the latest".[107], Nomura's weekly magazine testified in a long interview, denying the use of stimulants from the active days[108].. He testified that he had no goals after retirement, his personal life was rough, he had no offer as a leader, and he wanted to fill the gap in his heart.[109].

In addition, Sasaki appeared in court as a witness of the situation.[110], "As a" baseball player ", I want to find a way to rehabilitate through baseball together through baseball," and the inspector sentenced him to imprisonment with work for two years and June, saying that "dependence and addiction are remarkable." Then, the trial is concluded on the same day[111]..He was sentenced on May 5 of the same year and was sentenced to 31 years and 2 months in prison (suspended sentence of 6 years. The defense requested it.ProbationNot guilty)JudgmentWas given.

After the decision was finalized, he lived in hiding from Tokyo, where he had been a base of life since joining the professional team, to his hometown of Osaka, and later in September of the same year.Okinawa OfMiyakojimaThe appearance of vacationing was published in the weekly photo magazine[112]..In addition, as the decision was finalized, he said that he was a stimulant addict but drove a car.Tokyo Public Safety CommissionThe administrative punishment for suspension of the driver's license for 180 days was executed[113]..Kiyohara later said that he had not driven a car, let alone own a private car, even after the end of this administrative punishment.

November 11, the same year before and after the decision was finalized,Baseball Hall of Fame MuseumOf the 2017Baseball hall of fameKiyohara has been a candidate in the player category since 2014, but the secretariat of the Athletes Awards Committee unanimously agreed with 18 members after the conviction was confirmed. It was decided to exclude from the candidates[Note 15].

Half a year after the decision was finalized,New information 7days newscasterThe first interview after the arrest was broadcast on December 12th of the same year and on "Newscaster Super Luxury! Entertainment News Ranking 24 Final Edition" (TBS TV) on December 2016th of the same year.[102]He started treatment for drug addiction after the decision was finalized, and was a former colleague of the Giants era before Kiyohara's arrest.Takahito NomuraWrestled in a long interview with a weekly magazine after his arrest and conviction for Stimulant Drug Control Law violations.AmphetamineStimulantHe allowed the use of "Greenie" and denied the use of stimulants during the Giants Buffaloes era.In the past, in June 2011 and 6 after retirement, the aforementioned Weekly Bunshun magazine first reported the use of stimulants, and confessed that he was urgently transported due to acute drug addiction in February 2013.[116].. In June 2011, Kiyohara's mother rushed to the destination hospital and cried and begged for life, and in 6 Kiyohara's father rushed to the destination hospital and beat Kiyohara.Kiyohara's mother was in a state where she could not even recognize the fact that Kiyohara was arrested because she had been ill since the time of her arrest and had been admitted to a medical treatment facility.[Note 16].

Then, half a year later, in June 2017,文藝 春秋Sports magazine "Sports Graphic NumberInterviewed in issue 930 with a feature article on the process of rehabilitation from drug addiction[118]Later, a column serialization was started in the same magazine, and it was published as a single work after the serialization.[119]..Although he is on probation, he is disseminating the addiction treatment process in the media, and his best friend Sasaki always cares about the push to that medium and gives a kiss.For that reason, both Sasaki and Kiyohara responded to interviews with sports newspapers that had no experience of contracting as a critic.[120], In the planning of "Number"National High School Baseball Championship FinalIsOsaka Toin×Gold foot farmingOn the dayWilliam F. Hagerty(at that time:United States Ambassador to Japan) Is coming, so the stadium security is on high alert[121], Watch live from the press seat at Koshien Stadium[122], Made the stand rustle[123].

Then from 2019Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAppeared in a drug addiction awareness event sponsored by the company for the third consecutive year[124][125][126]..In addition, after Kiyohara retired from active duty on November 11, the same year, he was in charge of the individual manager and driver at the private office "Office Kiyohara", and after leaving Kiyohara's bad behavior, he returned again, PL Gakuen, Junior at LionsTakeshi NonogakiPublished by the Green Baseball Foundation, a general incorporated foundationTry outEvent "WorldTryout 2019It was the first job to wear a baseball uniform after being convicted.The following year, we held a youth baseball class sponsored by the group, and at this time, the group's adviserKoichi HagitaAlso attended and gave a greeting.

Taking the opportunity of participating in this event, "Atsushi KataokaParticipate in the video shooting of "Channel" and appear in the video[127][128]..After that, "Dave OkuboChannel","Kohei OdaAppeared in the video of "Nobage ch"[129], Talks mainly on topics from elementary school to high school, active duty, and arrest.

Resuming talent and critic activities

Convicted Stimulant Drug Control Law Violation on June 2020, 6ProbationExpired and published the work accordingly[130].

On the 22nd of the same month, "Professional Baseball News 2020』(Fuji TV ONE) With Kataoka, a caster who is a junior of PL GakuenHiroki NomuraIn the form of co-starring with, he made his first TV appearance after the suspended sentence.[131], And then the talentTakaaki IshibashiTerrestrial TV Show[132]After appearing in the video of Ishibashi's YouTube channel[133], With SasakiNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Radio program appearance on[134]And, the range of activities such as baseball classes was widened.

On December 12, the same year, on the same date as the Lions press conference, he was a TV director and producer.McCoy SaitoWith the cooperation ofYouTubeThe same thing that opened the channelTwitterAnnounced in your account[135][136][137]..In the future, when teaching youth baseball, the goal is to be able to teach while showing his own blow, and on his YouTube channel, the special program at the end of 2012, "New Year's Eve Sports Festival! KYOKUGEN 2012-The biggest limit battle in history-" 』(TBS TV) confronts Kuwata[138]Since then, he has hit the ball for the first time in eight years, but he cannot even hit a pitch with a ball speed of 8km.[139][140]And delivered a video that revealed that the weight has also increased by 108 kg from the best of 110 kg to 30 kg in the active era[141].

After that, he was training during the Giants era from December of the same year.Total Workout RoppongiDietary guidance for weight loss by a personal trainer with whom I have been acquainted since the Janants era[142]In parallel, he started weight loss strength training at another personal training gym located in the same Roppongi. Compete in professional baseball criticism and active era on YouTube channel[143][144]And fought together in the same team[145]The video is distributed including an interview with a professional baseball OB.However, although he published the above training pattern on his YouTube channel, he revealed in a tweet on his Twitter account that he was suffering from a flashback of pre-existing illness and stimulant addiction.[146].

Made online in December 2020 and January 12Training for student baseball qualification recovery systemAnd regained qualification on February 2021, 2[147]..Restoration of the same qualificationA high school student,UniversityIt is possible to give guidance toJapan Student Baseball AssociationSince there is a provision in the guidelines for leaders that those who have not passed 5 years after the suspended sentence are "non-qualified persons", it will be possible to actually give guidance in 2025 6 Expected to be after the month[148].

In addition, the removal of the tattoos carved on the right leg and left chest after retirement, which was promised before the trial with Sasaki, who was a witness at the time of the criminal trial for violating the Stimulant Drug Control Law, triggered by the third anniversary of his mother's death. Revealed that he has begun to receive treatment[149][150].

Taking the opportunity of his activity as YouTuber, he practically resumed his talent activities from April 2021 and appeared on TV programs.[151][152][153]And CM appearance[154][155]Also came to do.Has the right to relay the Hanshin Tigers x Yomiuri Giants match held on July 7th of the same year.Kansai TVof"Professional baseball broadcast 2021[Note 17]In the TV broadcast with Kataoka, who is a commentator exclusively for the station and a junior of PL Gakuen.2009 Japan Series Round 212 years since then[Note 18]It was announced on the station's website that he will appear as a professional baseball commentator for the first time in about 10 years in a baseball broadcast produced by a broadcasting station.[157]..When Kiyohara entered the broadcasting booth of Koshien Stadium before the program started broadcasting on the day of the game[Note 19], The cheers from the audience behind the back net echoed[159]Immediately after the end of the match, immediately after the leaders of the Yomiuri Giants who won the match welcomed the players, Kiyohara's junior head coach of the Giants eraDaiki MotokiPointed to Kiyohara in the broadcast booth with his finger[160], Director Hara and Kiyohara are seniors who fought together in the first year of the Giants transfer, the first pitcher chief coachKazutomo MiyamotoA stylish production in which the three of them wave their hands to Kiyohara and greet them.[161]Even after the program was broadcast, the structure of the broadcast booth was surrounded by Tigers fans behind the back net, and cheers.SmartphoneIt was wrapped in a shutter to shoot at, and Kiyohara also waved and responded to the cheers of the fans.[162]..After leaving Koshien Stadium, Kiyohara tweeted with his Twitter account and said, "I was nervous all the time until this day came.It was a dreamy time"[163].

Also, on his own YouTube channel that started at the end of 2020, he was the top number of subscribers until July of the same year on the YouTube channel sent by professional baseball player OB.Tomoya SatozakiRecorded No. 1 registrant by overtaking "Satozaki Channel" of (former Chiba Lotte)[164].

Characteristics as a player


Good at hitting from mid-level to right[165].. Initially, I was not good at internal angle balls, but by making the foam compact, I can now handle internal angle balls without difficulty.[165]。左スタンドに257本、中スタンドに112本、右スタンドに156本と通算500本塁打以上を記録している打者の中で3方向へ100本以上は歴代で清原のみであり、3打席連続本塁打を記録した2001年6月9日の阪神戦では右→中→左の順で打ち分けた。右翼方向にも打球が良く伸び、2001年9月8日のヤクルト戦では東京ドームの右中間にある看板に流し打ちで当てている[166].

Although he has acquired the winning RBI king and the highest on-base percentage, he has not acquired the top batter, the home base hitting king, and the hitting point king, which are the triple crown titles of batters. A total of 525 home runs is the most in history among players who have not won a home run king. A player who devotes himself to team batting and is a director of the Seibu era.Mori AkiraAbout Kiyohara, "I was told that I was the" uncrowned emperor, "but when I was playing baseball with Seibu, he was the fourth team to win the championship for many years in a row. It was a lot of pressure. I think this is a great "title" that only he has. I think no player was as happy as he was in winning the team. I think he could win a title such as RBI or home run. There were times, but I was more greedy for the team's victory than my own record. There are scenes where I want a sacrifice rather than a home run. He was a player who tried to live up to the expectations of such a bench. "[167], PL Gakuenchugakko era directorNakamura Junji"When I was a giant, Nagashima said,'No player is as devoted to hitting the team as Kiyohara.' If I was to do it myself in high school, I would have had more home runs. As a result of working hard for the team Looking back[168].Katsuya NomuraIs a talented person who has become "Kiyohara on the right, King on the left".The reason why Kiyohara couldn't win the title is because Mori spoiled Kiyohara.Kiyohara looks up to his teacherHiromitsu OchiaiSays that Kiyohara's heyday was from high school to the first year of becoming a professional.

He has won 10 league championships and 8 Japan Series championships during his career, but the seasonMVPAnd I have no experience of acquiring Japan Series MVP. In terms of the number of votes obtained when selecting a season MVP player, he was ranked second three times (2, first place wasHironori Ishige, 1990, sameHideo Nomo, 1992, sameTakehiro Ishii). For the Japan Series, he has won the Outstanding Player Award three times and the Fighting Fighting Award twice.

There are only 2000 batters who have achieved 500 hits, 1500 home runs, and 6 RBIs, including Kiyohara, the history of Nippon Professional Baseball (others).Sadaharu Oh,Katsuya Nomura,Hiromitsu Kadota,Isao Harimoto,Hiromitsu Ochiai), The total number of home runs is 5th in history, and the total number of home runs is 6th in history. However, Kiyohara is the only one among these six to have never won the triple crown title of a batter (leading hitter, home run king, RBI king) (only 6% has been experienced twice, and among the six people. The total batting average is the lowest). In addition, he is strong in all-star games, and has a record of 3st place in all-star game batting average (for 2 or more hits), 6nd place in total home runs, 1st place in total RBI, 100st place in total baseball, and 2st place in total score. He holds the highest number of All-Star MVP awards (1 times), and was nicknamed "Festival Man" during his active career.

故障離脱があった年も多かった中、1986年にプロデビューしてから2006年まで2桁本塁打を記録した長打力に加え、シーズン100四球を2度、最多四球を4度記録するなど選球眼が良かった。通算1346四球は王と落合と金本に次いで歴代4位(2019年度シーズン終了時点)の記録で、通算打率.272に対して通算出塁率は.389、OPS.909を記録。また、サヨナラや満塁の場面に非常に強く、通算サヨナラ本塁打12本・通算サヨナラ安打20本・通算サヨナラ満塁本塁打2本(Aota Noboru,Hirono Isao,Kazuyoshi Tachinami,Shigeru IguchiIt holds the highest number of Japanese professional baseball records in Thailand). On the other hand, 1955 strikeouts in total[169]And total 196Dead ball[170]Is also the record for Nippon Professional Baseball.

When joining Seibu, the size that suits youhelmetWhere I was in trouble because there was no1980 Retired in the same teamKatsuya NomuraI found a helmet and wore it because it fits perfectly[171].. After that, I continued to use this helmet for 23 years until I retired, recoloring every time the team changed.[172][173].. On May 2005, 5, when he was a giant, OrixKazuo YamaguchiからDangerous ballIn response, the helmet giant's paint (black) was scattered, and Seibu's light blue was partially exposed.[174].

I did a physical modification off 1999, but this was the year beforeUS-Japan baseballCame to JapanSammy SosaWhen I ate, I was shocked to see his body, and Kiyohara himself came to practice from the idea of ​​powering up to be recognized by others. I have also been taking Greenie since this time. In addition, since this modification was mainly for strengthening muscles, he often did not run, and he said that this led to an accident in the lower body.[175].

Also, as mentioned above, the training focused on improving muscle strength, but Kiyohara, a doctor and a fan of Kiyohara, wrote in his book, "Kiyohara lifted a 140 kg bench press, but if you have that physique, It cannot be said that it is a good point unless you lift at least 160 kg. "It is suggested that even the primary purpose of improving muscle strength did not meet the training theory and failed.[176].

Defensive/base run

During the Seibu era from the beginning to the middle of his career, he had a good reputation not only for batting but also for defense and base running, and by the summer of 1986, the first year, he was positive.First basemanEstablished as. In the Seibu eraGolden Grab AwardHas been awarded five times. Kiyohara in the rookie era was initiallyKatahira ShinsakuAlthough he was the first baseman in combination with Katahira, his defense was more stable than Katahira, which led to his regular appointment.[177].

Also, in the 1990 pennant raceHiroyuki Mori, In games where there is no designated hitter system in the Japan Series, etc.DestradeAre in charge of first base, KiyoharaThird base, Third basemanHironori Ishige AssaultI had to defend it several times, but I also had the defensive power to handle the third base.His defensive ability was evaluated even after the transfer to the Giants, so in 1999 he was in the defense of third baseman in 11 games.

In terms of running bases, he has recorded double-digit stolen bases twice in the season (2 and 2), and he was expected to become the stolen base king.[178].


Regarding Kiyohara's character, people involved in the Seibu era said, "I'm a really pure man."Mori Akira[179]), "A man whose real face is a little shy, yet he notices well, and has a very gentle feeling" (Hisanobu Watanabe[180]) And so on.Hiroku OkuboHas rated him as "a man who is polite to his superiors" on his YouTube channel, but he has been fined for breaking the curfew.Osamu HigashiReveals an anecdote that has negotiated with the team to split Kiyohara's fines.Hisaichi IshiiIn baseball manga, it was often drawn in the early twenties, but it has become a serious big man character that is swayed by the uneven combination with Kuwata who has short and surrealistic behavior, and the media image of this time. Reflects.

However, from the time he transferred to the Giants, sunburn, short hair,EarringsFashion trends began to change, such as "BanchoNickname has come to take root[180].

In response to the above-mentioned conviction (2016) at the end of the transition of such a person's image, there are voices calling for the cause in human education of Seibu leaders such as Director Mori immediately after joining Seibu (XNUMX).Hirooka Tatsuro[181],Katsuya Nomura[182]). There is also an analysis that the desire to "win the title" and "want to be recognized by others" was stronger than anyone else, so they fell into that curse.[183].

In July 2020, I learned that the money I earned when I was a baseball player was used up.YouTubeConfessed when he appeared in[184].


  • Festival man (Koshien in high school, played an active part in all-star games and Japan Series in professionals, and also got a total of goodbye home runs and a total of goodbye hits, etc.)
  • Kiyomar (Hankyu smasher who was active at the time of joining Seibu)Boomer WellsBecause I was expected to play an active role to compete with
  • Bancho, or Bancho of the ball world
  • Danjiri Fighter (Kishiwada October FestivalNamed after the Yagi Danjiri Festival, which is one of the festivals.Nippon TVOften used)


Go NagabuchiThe relationship with him began in 1999, when he was suffering from injuries and suffering from illness.Then his song "DragonflyIs used as the entrance theme song. It was Nagabuchi that Kiyohara first announced his retirement. At that time, they were friends who called each other "Kazuhiro" and "Tsuyoshi-san". When it was suggested that the message was lost due to the drug case report mentioned above, and when he appeared in "Downtown Nau" in August 2015,Hitoshi MatsumotoIt is said that "Nagabuchi and Kiyohara developed into a fight at a pub" that emerged on the Internet at that time.urban legendAlthough he denied being asked, he admitted to the euphemism that he had become estranged.[185].. It was reported in February 2015 after his arrest that he had confessed that his friendship with Nagabuchi had been lost when he was interviewed in October 10.[186].

Masafumi Kawaguchi,Chiura Miura,Naoya OgawaHave a friendship with. Also, in the Seibu eraF1Japan Grand PrixFor watching gamesSuzuka CircuitVisitSatoshi Nakajima-KazukiParents and children are invited to Seibu Stadium.

Former wifeAkiI have two sons with.Even after the divorce, he still cares about his sons and once said, "I want you to be a baseball player."[187]..The eldest son, while away from baseball during middle and high school,2021 からKeio University OfBaseball club"I want to be a player like a father," he said.The eldest sonTokyo Roku University BaseballWhen the eldest son entered the bench in the spring fresh tournament, Kiyohara also rushed to the stand.[188]..The 6th in June of the same yearBest Father Award in KansaiReceived a special award in the sports category and contacted Mrs. Aki, who said she was pleased.[189].

Also famous as a giant superstarHideki MatsuiAlthough they acknowledged each other's abilities, it is said that they did not get along very well due to their personality disagreement.[190].. However, MatsuiMajor league baseballWhen I challenged, "I'm proud of you. I'll support you forever!"FAXIs sending[191].

Hiroku OkuboOkubo has talked about the recent situation of Kiyohara, who was released with a suspended sentence after being guilty, even after retiring, such as visiting the izakaya run by[192][193]..He later appeared on Okubo's YouTube channel.In addition, it was Kiyohara that Okubo entered as a newcomer when he was in his second year as a professional, and Seibu's custom at that time was that the second year players were educating new players, so Okubo was educating Kiyohara. Was in charge[194].

Kazuhiro SasakiI have had a relationship with him since he was active[195][196][197][198], Sasaki has appeared as a witness in Kiyohara's trial as mentioned above.[199], Have talked about Kiyohara's post-guilty life[200].

Detailed information

Hit results by year


Every time
















1986Seibu1264714046612318131236786343492111098. 304. 392. 584. 976
198713053644466115253292338311402806108810. 259. 382. 525. 907
198813055145197129210312437754038271510210. 286. 410. 539. 949
19891285574459212622235257927202945166013. 283. 424. 5781.001
199012956043699134192372689411504105615857. 307. 454. 6151.068
1991126539448731212002321079330280197712. 270. 390. 469. 858
1992129556464821341703625996530385049813. 289. 401. 558. 959
1993128540448661201512521275320284161209. 268. 389. 473. 862
199412956545578127290262349351051009511712. 279. 411. 514. 925
199511850540463991332519364200290191116. 245. 392. 478. 870
19961305634876712530031248840200700612214. 257. 357. 509. 866
1997巨人1305504626511524032235950007693121527. 249. 356. 509. 865
19981164703846710314023186801001167187613. 268. 379. 484. 863
199986323263396212013113460004460106812. 236. 365. 430. 795
2000752522164164100161225400032508516. 296. 385. 565. 950
2001134552467671392902925512101146521414020. 298. 396. 546. 942
20025517414824471012843300011827361. 318. 414. 568. 981
20031144033414799902618668000442016979. 290. 390. 545. 935
20044012010118232012612700001504414. 228. 350. 604. 954
20059637532142686022140520103410101116. 212. 317. 436. 753
2006Oryx6724120321457011853600013611836. 222. 340. 419. 759
200822252204200630000300110. 182. 280. 273. 553
Total: 22 years23389428781412802122345125254066153059315661346471961955198. 272. 389. 520. 909
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league,Red boldIs the best ever in NPB




  • First record
    • First appearance: May 1986, 4, vsNankai Hawks2rd round (Seibu Lions Stadium), 6 timesFirst basemanParticipation as
    • First turn at bat: Same as above, two times behindShuji FujimotoFrom four balls
    • First hit, first home run, first RBI: Same as above, solo from Shuji Fujimoto to the middle left in the bottom of the 9th inning
    • First appearance: April 1986, 4, vsNippon Ham Fighters1rd round (Korakuen Stadium), Starting as 8th and first baseman
    • First stolen base: May 1986, 5, 15th round against Nankai Hawks (Seibu Lions Stadium), 8 stolen bases in the bottom of the 2nd (pitcher: Shuji Fujimoto, catcher:Hiroyuki Yoshida)
  • Record of milestone
    • 100 home runs: June 1989, 6, against Fukuoka Daiei Hawks 4th round (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 10thKenji HaradaFrom right-field grand slam home run * 155th person in history
    • 150 home runs: August 1990, 8, vs.Kintetsu Buffaloes18th round (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 6thHideo NomoTo Saikou solo *92th person in history
    • 200 home runs: August 1992, 6, vs.Orix Blue Wave11th round (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 1thAtsushi ItoFrom left fielder 2 run * 62nd person in history
    • 1000 games participation: September 1993, 9, 9th round against Orix Blue Wave (Green Stadium Kobe), Starting as 4th and 313st baseman * XNUMXth in history
    • 1000 hits: August 1993, 10, againstChiba Lotte Marines25rd round (Chiba Marine Stadium), 1 timesHideki IrabeFrom left front hit ※172th person in history
    • 250 home runs: May 1994, 5, 4th round against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 5ndYasukatsu ShiraiTo Saikou solo *33th person in history
    • 300 home runs: May 1996, 4, 10th round against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 2ndYukihiro NishizakiFrom right fielder 2 run * 23rd person in history
    • 1000 strikeouts: May 1996, 5, 18th round against Kintetsu Buffaloes (Fujiidera Stadium), 4 timesYu TakamuraFrom ※ 23th person in history
    • 350 home runs: August 1997, 8, vs.Hanshin Tigers22rd round (Tokyo Dome), back three timesToshiro YufuneTo Nakaetsu 3 runs *17th person in history
    • 1500 games participation: July 1997, 8, vsYokohama Bay Stars20rd round (Yokohama Stadium), Starting as 4th and 120st baseman * XNUMXth in history
    • 1000 RBI: September 1997, 9, vs.Chunichi Dragons25st round (Tokyo Dome), 8rd backHiroaki NakayamaFrom left field final 2 run * 24th person in history
    • 1500 hits: August 1998, 5, againstHiroshima Toyo Carp5st round (Tokyo Dome), 3rd backKito MakotoFrom 3 runs to Sakoshi ※75th person in history
    • 1000 points: June 1999, 6, 5th round against Yokohama BayStars (Yokohama Stadium), 3 timesShinichi MurataRecorded by the right sacrifice fly * 29th person in history
    • 400 home runs: July 2000, 7, 11th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Maruyama Stadium, Sapporo City), back three timesKen YamasakiTo Saikou solo *13th person in history
    • 1500 strikeouts: June 2001, 6, Chunichi Dragons 17th round (Nagoya Dome), 1 timesEiji MasatsuFrom ※ 4th person in history
    • 150 Hit by pitch: May 2001, 5, 25th round against the Hanshin Tigers (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 6 timesShinji YanakaFrom ※ 3th person in history
    • 300 doubles: June 2001, 6, against Yokohama BayStars 23th round (Tokyo Dome), in the bottom of the 13thMark HojmerTo Sakoshi second home ※ 38th in history
    • 3500 base hits: September 2001, 9, against Hiroshima Toyo Carp 27th round (Tokyo Dome), in the bottom of the firstDaisuke SakaiAchieved by hitting Nakamae from * 20th person in history
    • 450 home runs: July 2002, 7, Chunichi Dragons 3th round (Tokyo Dome), in the bottom of the 13rdMelvin BunchTo Nakaetsu Solo *11th in history
    • 2000 games participation: April 2003, 4, 11st round against Hanshin Tigers (Tokyo Dome), starting as 1th and 4st baseman * 33rd person in history
    • 2000 hits: August 2004, 6, againstYakult Swallows9rd round (Meiji Jingu Stadium), 1 timesJason BebarinTo hit Nakamae *31th person in history
    • 500 home runs: July 2005, 4, 29th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Hiroshima City Stadium), 8 timesHiroshi KojiTo Nakaetsu Solo *8th in history
    • 1500 RBIs: May 2006, 5, 21nd round against Hanshin Tigers (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), 2th inningYoshihisa HiranoParticipating as a substitute for,Hitoshi EgusaTo Nakamae 2 points timely ※8th in history
    • 4000 bases: May 2006, 5, 26st round against Yokohama BayStars (Osaka Dome), back three timesDaisuke MiuraAchieved by releasing a solo from Ugoe * 12th person in history
    • 1955 Strikeout: October 2008, 10, against Softbank Hawks 1th round (Kyocera Dome Osaka), in the bottom of the 20thToshiya SugiuchiFrom * 1900 Strikeout is the first in history (new record)
  • All-star game
    • All star gamesParticipation: 18 times (1986-1998, 2000-2002, 2005, 2006) * Although he was elected in 1999, he declined to participate.[201]
    • All-star batting average: .365 (with 100 at bats or more, the number one tie in history)
    • All-star game total home runs: 13 (2nd place tie in history)
    • All-star game total RBI: 34 (1st place in history)
    • All-star game total score: 26 (1st place tie in history)
    • All-Star game total base hit: 96 (1st place in history)
  • More
    • Double-digit home run for 21 consecutive seasons (2-1986 No. 2006 tie in history) * This is the highest number of records since the first year of joining the team.
    • More than 13 home runs in the 20th consecutive season (1986-1998, 3rd place in Thailand) * The record from the first year of joining the team is 1st place in history.
    • 20 home runs or more in the season: 16 times (1986-1998, 2001, 2003, 2005 Thailand 3rd place in history)
    • Total goodbye home runs: 12 (1st in history)
    • Total goodbye hits: 20 (1st place in history)
    • Total number of dead balls: 196 dead balls (1st in history)
    • Total number of strikeouts: 1955 strikeouts (1st in history)
    • Total home runs: 11 (9th place in history)
    • Total goodbye home run: 2 (1st place tie in history)
    • 3 innings in a row home run: June 2001, 6, 9th round against the Hanshin Tigers (Tokyo Dome), in the bottom of the 13rdBuddy Carlyle, In the bottom of the 4th and the bottom of the 5thMasashi DateFrom ※ 7th person in history

Uniform number

  • 3(1986-1996)
  • 5(1997-2008)

Awards other than baseball

Fashion related


Recording on TV programs

1st (January 1995, 1) -1th overall
3st (January 1997, 1) -2th overall
7th (January 2001, 1) ――1th overall, THE TUG-OF-WAR victory, POWER FORCE victory
In the POWER FORCE semifinals of the yearMasafumi KawaguchiPlayed a deadly battle for one and a half minutes, and is often taken up as one of the famous games in the history of the program[206].


TV commercial

Since joining the team, Seibu, the team he belongs to, has been a player as part of the ban on side jobs.CMAlthough appearances were prohibited, Kiyohara was able to appear in national commercials for the first time in the 8th year since the ban on commercial appearances was lifted because this rule was abolished as a measure against the outflow of other teams by the free agent declaration. It was off in 1993 for the eyes.

Related video works

  • "Kazuhiro Kiyohara 2000" (VHS,Bop, November 2000) VPVH-11
  • "Kazuhiro Kiyohara / 2001-Resurrection of Giant Guns" (VHS, Bop, November 2001) VPVH-11
  • "Home Run Artist Kazuhiro Kiyohara 500 Home Run Trajectory" (DVD,Nippon TV・ Bop, June 2005) VPBH-6
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