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🐈 | "Can you evacuate with your pet?" Prepare with evolving disaster prevention goods


"Can you evacuate with your pet?" Prepare for evolving disaster prevention goods

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In Sapporo City, 30 cages are stockpiled at each ward office, for a total of 300 cages.

As the time spent at home increases due to the corona sickness, more and more people are accepting pets as a family.In the Great East Japan Earthquake, one ... → Continue reading


An information site for women in Hokkaido run by a TV station in Hokkaido. "Curious" means "Oshichau" in Hokkaido dialect. We deliver local information about fashion, gourmet foods, sweets, etc.

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Government office

(Yakusho) orWhat is Yakuba?Country(Central government) AndLocal government(Prefectures-Municipality), but especially for public affairsAdministrative workHandle組織, And the building in which the organization resides.When calling only in the latter meaningIt's called (chosha).

The term "government office" is used only to mean an administrative agency, but the terms "government office" and "public office" also include judicial and legislative institutions.

The United States of America

The United States of AmericaLocal governments are often referred to as "~ government" and "~ agency", and those at the state level are exclusively called "state government" and "state agency" ("California state government", "Hawaii state agency", etc.). ..In local governments below the city, "San Francisco City Hall" may be used in analogy to the Japanese government office ("San Francisco City Hall" in addition to "San Francisco City Government" and "San Francisco City Hall").This shows the government buildingcity ​​hallThe same applies to (city hall <city>, city hall), etc.

South Korea

South KoreaThen, "... Agency" is used (Gyeonggi-doAgency/Seoul cityAgency/Damyang-gunAgency/Konan wardAgency etc.).



JapanThen.National agencyTheGovernment office(Kancho)[1], OrGovernment office(Kansho)[2],Local governmentOther public corporation organizationsPublic office(This way)[3]Collectively,Government office(Kancho butterfly)[4], OrGovernment office(Kankousho)[5]That.

The offices of local governments are classified as follows according to their types.

  • Prefectures-Metropolitan Government (Tocho), Prefectural Government (Docho), Prefectural Government (Fuchi), Prefectural Government (Kencho)
  • City or Ward-City Hall, Ward Office
  • Towns and villages-Town halls (Machiyakuba, Choyakuba), Village halls (Murayakuba, Sonyakuba)

Depending on the local government, the name "city office" may be used instead of the name "city office" (example:Hachinohe City).Return to mainlandpreviousOkinawaIn the townsTown/villageIt uses the name (Chouyakusho/Sonyakusho), and even after returning to the mainland, Tomigusuku Village (currentTomigusuku CityOnly) was the village office. Also,1878 から1926 UntilcountyToThe United States of AmericaThere was a similar "gun office" (located atCounty seat).

Local government offices

Local government office (Local government office)In the case of,Local government lawArticle 4 paragraph 1According to the regulations ofOrdinance(Example of name: “Ordinance that determines the position of XX prefectural offices (city hall, town hall, village hall), etc.”)movingIsParliamentIt is necessary to revise the regulations in. In general revision of the ordinance, it will be decided by the majority of the members present, but if the position of the public office is changed, it is necessary to obtain the consent of at least two-thirds of the members present.

Yamaguchi Asahimura(CurrentHagi City) And Kochi PrefectureToyo TownHowever, due to the circumstances at the time of the merger, they had a unique system in which the government office and branch offices were regularly replaced.

In addition, according to Article 4, Paragraph 2 of the Local Autonomy Law, when deciding and changing the location of the government building, traffic conditions and relationships with other public offices must be taken into consideration to maximize convenience for residents. Has been done. Government buildings of local governments are usually placed within the area of ​​the local government, but if it is more convenient to move to an urban area of ​​an adjacent municipality than to move within a town or village, move the government office to another public organization. May be put. As of February 2018, the following three towns and villages apply to this.

In local governments except islands,AomoriShimokita-gunHigashidori VillageHowever, 100 years after the establishment of the village,1988 UntilMutsu CityToGovernment buildingWas put[10].

2011 May 3 OfTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake)byFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentIt was made a difficult return areaFukushimaFutaba TownStarted the function of the government office from April 4st of the same year.SaitamaKazo CityMoved to Fukushima Prefecture after June 2013, 6.IwakiHave moved to[11]However, this is the transfer of the function of the government office, not the transfer of the government office.[12].

Examples of departments at municipal offices

市町村The office oflawIt is supposed to be done by the municipalitiesOffice workIn addition to theresidentsServicesTo perform various administrative tasks such asDepartmentIs provided.

Responsible for wide area administrationPrefecturesThere are various differences in the departments that are established in municipalities that are in charge of administration closer to the residents.

  • Examples of departments in municipalities but not in prefectures:Family register,Resident cardDepartment that handles related matters. However,Government-designated cityIn fact, the ward office has a substantial window, and the city hall main office often does not handle it (in some cases there is a window dedicated to issuing certificates).[15]).
  • Examples of departments in prefectures but not in municipalities:passportThe department that issues the. However, some municipalities have their offices transferred.

In addition, ordinance-designated cities andCore cityFor example, some of the affairs of the prefectures have been transferred, and there is a department in charge of these affairs.

Next, examples are given for departments of municipal offices. Please note that the names and divisions of duties of each of these departments differ greatly depending on the local government. Each departmentParliament, Especially to jurisdictionCommitteeIs supervised by.As an exception, "" in Matsudo City, Chiba PrefectureSection to do immediatelyThere is also a government office that has a ready-to-use service department under the direct control of the chief.

Resident Section/Citizen Section, etc.
Marriage registration-Divorce registration-Birth registration-Death registration・Transfer notice, move-out notice, move notice, etc.Family register,Resident cardNotification about.
Seal registration certificate-My number cardAnd various other certificates issued.
National Health Insuranceas well as the National pensionThere are many cases where such departments are dealt with, but in large cities, the department may be independent.
Tax Section/Municipal Tax Section/Tax Collection Section, etc.
Local tax(Municipal tax) Imposition (Taxation), collect (collect).
Welfare Division/Health and Welfare Division/Health and Welfare Division etc.
residents OfwelfareHandles clerical work.WelfareReception, examination, publicNurseryManagement of.
Management Division/Asset Management Division, etc.
Manage the land and government buildings that are owned and managed by the municipality. Manage buildings such as land acquisition and sale. Citizen's border line fixed.
City Planning Division/Urban Development Division, etc.
Land readjustment, urbanization control area, urbanization area, development permit.
Environment Maintenance Section/Environment Section, etc.
Garbageな どIllegal dumpingAlso handles the monitoring of. Waste treatment,Recycling, Remove pollutants, supervise and provide guidance.
Incineration plantEtc. are also operated,Some office associationsThere are also cases that are managed by external organizations.
Civil Engineering Section/Construction Section/Road River Section
Parks and sidewalks,Public roadManages (municipal roads), repairs buildings owned by local governments, and manages roads and rivers.
Non-statutory public propertyIt also manages (red and blue lines).
Waterworks/Sewer Bureau/Waterworks Department/Waterworks Division/Waterworks/Sewerage Division
Not an internal departmentLocal public enterpriseSometimes takes the form of. On the other hand, some municipalities are incorporated into the civil engineering sector.
Water supply-SewerManagement and collection of water charges.
Hospital department/hospital division, etc.
Public hospitalManagement of. It exists only if you have a public hospital, but in many cases you do not have a specialized internal department. In recent yearsPFIDue to such reasons, the number of cases in which management is outsourced is increasing.
Transportation Bureau/Traffic Department etc.
subway-Tram-Public bus such asPublic transportManage. It exists only if you have public transportation, but it often takes the form of a local public enterprise rather than an internal department.
Fire Department
Fire departmentOperation management. In order to improve efficiency, there is an increasing number of cases where some administrative associations are organized and jointly operated with other local governments.

belowAdministrative committeeabout,Local government lawInstallation is obligatory.

Election Management Committee
Personnel Committee or Fairness Committee
Audit Committee
Board of education
Kindergarten-primary school-Junior high school(If there is a municipal high/universityhigh school-University) Facility management,School age bookSchool-related affairs such as management ofPublic library,Public hallas well as the 博物馆Etc. handles management.
Facilities such as librariesPFICases where management is outsourced byDesignated administratorThe introduction of the system is also increasing.
Agricultural committee
Fixed Asset Evaluation Review Committee

Economic effect of government office

The government office was placedcity-RegionTends to develop economically.Prefectural office locationThe bureaucracy of the prefecture,OfficeOf national companies支店Etc. are concentrated and conditions favorable to the development of the city are formed.[16].

Kagawa OfTakamatsuThen, the country's branch offices are concentrated,1955 UntilShikokuHad the largest population.

またAbandoned DomainAfter,Ehime Prefectural OfficeWas placedMatsuyama CityThen, the number of stores and facilities increased around the prefectural office,Edo Period(Iyo Matsuyama Domain), the central city area was formed in the area called "outside"[17].. Adjacent to Matsuyama CityImabari TheMeiji EraThere is also a view that the financial and distribution functions of Matsuyama had been transferred to Imabari without the prefectural government.[18].. In the 2010s,Shinzo AbeBy the administration,Local creationFor someGovernment agencyWas considered to be relocated[19].

Rebuilding and service

2011 (23) happened in the middle of MarchTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake)Or later,Disaster preventionThe heightened awareness promoted the construction of the new government building. Rebuild by making the best use of the current locationMunicipalitiesThere are alsoOrdinanceAfter revising the above, there are many cases in which the construction site is set elsewhere and rebuilt and relocated. However, there are also cases in which financial problems and other problems stand up and abandon rebuilding. Also newComplex commercial facilityBuildingPrivate managementCompanyThere is also an example. In this case, the existence of the government office isvalueWill increaseCommercialOfEconomyMay be an intellectual advantage[20].. In commercial facilitiestenantTarget operationAdministrative agencyWill surely reduce the dignity ofPolice officerPut more emphasis on friendliness to the general public than majestyPolice boxAs well as having an attitude to focus on work,Japanese cultureEspecially modern JapanValuesIn light of this, it can be seen that there are many authorities who do not consider it a problem.Inbound demandOpportunities to visit Japan increased due to the rapid expansion of2010 eraThe second half of theChinese peopleTourismFrom the perspective of customers,Department store basementGo straight to the reception desk at the government officecounterBecause it’s unthinkable[20], MajestyfaceOf a country that has no choice but to keepcommon senseIf you look at it, it looks like a very different scene.[20].

The situation in the 2010s
Tsuchiura StationIn front of west exitIto-YokadoIt was established on the site of the storeComplex commercial facility"UraraIn2015 (27)May 9Moved with. See also the image on the right.[20]
Shimodate SPICASome functions have been relocated as "Spica branch office". 10 years later, promoted to the main government building.
Fukudaya Department StoreAfter renovating the old building of the Tochigi store and opening it as the city hall main government building,Tobu Utsunomiya Department Store(Tochigi City Hall) And other buildings.
The new construction of the main government building will be postponed and two temporary government buildings will be opened. The first one,Kisarazu StationFormer commercial facilitySparkle City KisarazuThe 7th and 8th floors of "" are designated as the temporary government building "Ekimae Government Building", and the second isShopping center"AEON Town Kisarazu AsahiOn the 2nd floor of the temporary building "Asahi Government Building".
FormerIwatsukiFrom the government officeIwatsuki StationMoved to the east exit complex commercial facility.
Chuo City OfficeSkyscraper"NEXT21Moved in The old town hall isNiigata YamatoRelocated to the redevelopment building "Furumachi Rufuru" on the site.
2015 (27)May 10, OldSanyo ElectricThe building of Moriguchi No. 1 Building was renovated and completely relocated from the old government building.

People's Republic of China

People's Republic of ChinaIs called "~ People's Government" (Beijing People's Government, Jiangsu Province People's Government, Qingdao City People's Government, Pingyao County People's Government, Badaling Town People's Government, etc.).

Republic of China

Republic of ChinaIn "-government" and "-public office" are used (Taipei City Government, Taiwan Provincial Government, Changhua County Government, Lugang Town Office, etc. The provincial government has frozen its functions).


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