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👍 | [DDT] Shinya Aoki was hijacked on Twitter "I could still laugh at the account freeze due to divorce ..."

Photo Shinya Aoki

[DDT] Shinya Aoki suffered from Twitter takeover "Although I could still laugh at the account freeze due to divorce ..."

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The match will be challenged by "Team Thoroughbred" (Sanshiro Takagi, Yukio Naya, Riki, Yakan Nabe) in collaboration with Super Sasadango Machine, Antonio Honda, and Kazuki Hirata.

Shinya Aoki (XNUMX), the DDT KO-DXNUMX tag champion, suffered a Twitter takeover just before the decisive battle ... → Continue reading

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Sanshiro Takagi

Sanshiro Takagi(Mr. Takagi, male,1970May 1 -) isJapan OfProfessional wrestler,Businessman.. Real name:Takagi Nori(Takagi However).

DDT Pro WrestlingとNoah Global EntertainmentOf Cyber ​​Fight Co., Ltd.CEOThe presidentIs serving.


Takagi was a TV kid when he was a child.Romper roomI was addicted to.When I was a kid, I didn't collect dolls or play baseball or soccer with my friends in the neighborhood.When I imitate two of "Niko-chan" and "Komata-chan" (both are character dolls that anthropomorphize bees in the Romper Room program) in kindergarten play, I sometimes become a "Komata-chan" team He was a naughty person who could be put in, and was an active child.One day, I was taken to the studio of a TV station where my father worked, and while I saw my father working, I realized to my child that my parents were working on making TV programs. ..Father who works in the Technology Department of Mainichi Broadcasting System did not have time to take you to play anywhere for was busy, but began to Tsureru my child to work instead.Much more interesting than playing with friends and playing with toys, Takagi becomes more admired for the production scene behind it than in the world of the spotlight on TV.

On the other hand, I started watching professional wrestling broadcasts, and the Funks vs Abdullah the Butcher & The Sheik match of the "Open Tag Championship" became Takagi's original experience.Takagi, who captured this battle with the same feeling as special effects and animation, started playing professional wrestling at school the next day.When I was in elementary school, I was conscious of the flow of doing professional wrestling, and although it was a pretend, I was able to demonstrate the production skin that builds the show as a whole.At this point, I had a dream of becoming a professional wrestler in the future, and I thought I had to do some sports to do that, but there was no judo club in junior high school.[1].

Kansai Okura High SchoolWhen I went on to school, I joined the judo club, where both my seniors and the same period liked professional wrestling.It is said that the adviser's teacher liked the fact that he was old and tended to take a rest, and he was free to do whatever he wanted in the judo club. I wore it.The practice at the judo hall was all about professional wrestling, and the club looked like a professional wrestling club disguised as a judo club.In fact, Takagi decided the back drop in the judo promotion test and won one.I wasn't aware that I was doing judo, and I thought I was doing my favorite professional wrestling for three years.[1].

After graduating from high schoolKomazawa UniversityHowever, Komazawa University did not have a student wrestling club, so I enthusiastically watched wrestling. In the spring when the new UWF was launched in 1988, I once bought tickets in line outside Korakuen Hall from the evening of the previous day, aiming for tickets on the day.It was Nobuaki Nakajima (former DDT staff) who stayed up all night together at this time. Regarding UWF, a female college student who worked part-time at a stationery store run by Ken Suzuki (later a director of U-inter) in Yoga became acquainted with the same lecture and got a ticket for the Ariake Colosseum tournament, the third race of the launch. ..In the match against Maeda vs Gerard Gordeau, Maeda beat Gordo with a back Achilles tendon and imitated it among professional wrestling lovers, and before and after that, he went to learn Sambo at the sports hall in Okubo. there were.Although not utilized in the current fight style, I learned the technique of sambo from Konosuke Hagiwara for about a year.When I was in the third year of college, my fever for professional wrestling had just cooled down, and my childhood TV kid began to appear.Takagi, who had a desire to appear on TV when he went to Tokyo, started dispatching studio Ferris wheels and extras when he joined the university's "TV Program Study Group".While continuing this, some of the members insisted that they would like to hold an event by themselves, and one day they were invited to a disco party held at "Maharaja" in Azabujuban. When I saw it, I wanted to hold a secondary event with the desire to make money by gathering people together and getting excited, and in this way I succeeded in attracting 3 customers at the event I worked on in Shibaura while I was in school.[2][1].

After that, he worked on events one after another, and his desire to become a professional wrestler had disappeared without a trace.No matter which disco I went to, I was passed through the VIP room, and it was regarded by the producers of major TV stations and people involved in the entertainment industry, and I was wondering if I could continue on to become an event producer.It was a time when I didn't physically become anything, but instead, I gained the greatest amount of production ability, know-how to make the event successful, and even the audience theory.Regarding this, Takagi said, "When I did an event for Ai Iijima using Juliana's Tokyo, it was the first time I tried to use it because I had a monitor and made an opening V and played it. The ending also ended with a song. However, we ended up with a ballad-like song by playing an end roll, so it was not special for me to start DDT and use the video in earnest for the first time in Japanese professional wrestling. It was a natural feeling. The source of these ideas was, after all, TV and movies. Hoicho Pro's works and trendy dramas end up like that, "he later said.[1].

However, the magnetic force of professional wrestling attracts Takagi in an unexpected way.After taking a leave of absence from university and wandering around the United States for a short period of time, he met Bremen Oshima when he was repeating a year at the university, saying that he did not want to quit. I will be involved in professional wrestling as a public relations staff of village professional wrestling. After graduating from a university that had been repeating a year in March 1994, in August of the same yearIWA Fighting Spirit SchoolIntroduced to, participated in Yataimura professional wrestling.He is playing at Yataimura Wrestling and made his debut in the match with Chotaro Kamoi on December 12st, but since Yataimura Wrestling has not taken an official record, his official debut was on February 31, 1995. ofPWCTroubleshooter Kouchi at the Shibuya tournament (currently:Masahiko Kouchi) Is often said.Even after making his debut in the food stall village, he continued his event activities, but his circle friends said, "Mr. Takagi, why are you doing professional wrestling? Isn't that profitable? He was amazed at the stall village where he was drunk and wrestled by his partner.It was clear that it would be wise to choose the event producer path, both financially and comfortably, but Takagi said, "I had separate wrestling and circles. One of the reasons. I didn't want to be seen the same because the example "Super Free" made a lot of noise. It was unthinkable in our time, and Super Free will be the next generation. I was trying hard to find out how many people could be gathered and how much I could entertain the people who gathered. After that ... I was really just stubborn. I was a graduate of the professional wrestling world, and I was silently killed by both the industry and my peers. It wasn't my life ... I had a strong feeling. "[1].

He transferred to PWC in 1996, but soon became free.This year41th House of Representatives general electionTo9th ward, Kanagawa prefectureからFree UnionCandidates officially run but failed (at this time)Election posterIs sometimes used as a "mental weapon" in hardcore battles).

In 1997DDT Pro WrestlingParticipated in the launch of the group, and since then he has livened up the group as an ace.

August 2000, 12,KO-D Openweight ChampionshipAcquired. January 2003, 1,KO-D Tag Team ChampionshipAcquired (partner isTomohiko Hashimoto).

On January 2006, 1, he won the royal rumble for the president and became the president of DDT.Since then, he has focused on the growth of DDT under the title of "President".Suzuki Kenzo(Currently KENSO) and a current blast match.

In April 2008, his first book, "We Cultural Wrestling DDT" (Ota Publishing) Is published.As a promotion, "Bookstore Wrestling" will be held at Inoo Bookstore in Nakai, Tokyo. (The battle card is Sanshiro Takagi ×Kota Ibushi).

At the Korakuen Tournament in December 2008HARASHIMAImmediately after defending the KO-D Openweight Championship against, the following August 2009, DDT's firstRyogoku KokugikanAnnounced that the tournament will be held. "Did you make a limit within yourself? You can't go up even if you do that! If you make a limit, you can't do anything!" He talked about his enthusiasm with a microphone.

In August 2009, DDT's first Ryogoku Kokugikan tournament "Ryogoku Peter Pan-I can't be an adult-Is held. It attracted a crowd of 8865 people (overcrowded bills) and was a great success.This year, he was selected as the second best promoter in the Wrestling Observer Award 2009 by the US professional wrestling industry newspaper "Wrestling Observer".

February 2010, 2 KO-D tag acquisition.partnerMunenori SawaThe first defense battle was held at the sponsor's factory (Miyaji Engineering Group) and the defense was successful (vs. GENTARO-Michael Nakazawa).After the match, from the opponent GENTARO, "Jun KasaiIt's far from it!It's a real kid! Was said.

August 2010, 9,Muscle SakaiLost to the retirement ceremony rumble (the loser retired on the same day) and retired from active duty.At the same time, he declared his return to active duty the next day.

On October 2010, 10, at the place where the results of the DDT7 general election were announced, as of December of the same year, the affiliated organizationsUnion WrestlingAnnounced to transfer to.To UnionTKG48Get in as.After that, as the president of DDT only in 2011, he suspended his activities at Union to concentrate on the preparation of "Budokan Peter Pan", and TKG48 was also dissolved.

From 2012, despite being the president, he declared that "DDT lacks a dissident." "Dissident armyFormed, DDTGeneral manager OfAmon TsurumiConflict with.After that, the dissident army developed into "nWJ (new World Japan)".Takagi says, "Japan-US dissident unit,Restoration ArmyとnWoA unit that mixes. "Former to the highest advisorWJ Wrestling OfKatsuji NagashimaWas welcomed.Currently,Toru Owashi-Kazuki HirataHe is also active as a member of the 3-member unit "T2 Hi".

August 2015, 5,WRESTLE-1Became Chief Executive Officer of[3].

December 2016, 12, due to Takagi's strong hopeOsaka Prefectural Gymnasium Opening act at the XNUMXst stadium tournamentEchizenya TawaraIn October, he discovered and negotiated with Echizenya and co-starred with Echizenya at the opening.

On April 2017, 4, he retired from the CEO of WRESTLE-1 and became a consultant.[4].

August 2018, 4,Korakuen HallAt the "Loss Expulsion Match" of "April Fool 2018" held inDDT Pro WrestlingIs banished.

August 2020, 1,Pro Wrestling NoahRunNoah Global EntertainmentIt was announced that he was appointed president of[5].

With the establishment of CyberFight Co., Ltd., a new company established by the management integration of DDT Pro-Wrestling and Noah Global Entertainment on September 2020, 9, he will continue to be the president of the company.


  • Cultural systemBased on this idea, we succeeded in expanding the name and scale of the organization by shining light on professional wrestling from various fields and angles and continuing to disseminate information. He is one of the best ideamen in the industry, such as restaurant management such as "Dropkick", "French Curry Mitsuboshi" and "Ebisco Sakaba", and the genre of stretch specialty stores such as "Best Stretch". Players work as clerk on days when there is no match).
  • WWE OfStone Cold Steve AustinIs worshiped more than anyone else, and its influence is strong on special moves.OnceFuji Television Network, IncBroadcast on "WWESmack down』, Served as a commentary in the studio (not a live commentary of the game).Also, the movie "Austin's first starring movie"Prison islandWas released in Japan in 2009, he was appointed as the director of the special promotion department.In addition, at the time of WWE's Japan box office, the staff arranged to drink beer with Stone Cold himself from the commentary seat.
  • Good at hardcore battles using household items (lockers, etc.).
  • Starting with the bookstore wrestling in 2008, we started "Street Wrestling", which is a professional wrestling event without forming a ring, and made it a DDT specialty.We played games at campsites, shopping streets, commercial buildings, parks, factories, amusement parks, and rock festival venues.
  • Dainippon Pro Wrestling OfRyuji ItoHas formed an alliance called the "Dreadful Wife Alliance".
  • Mecha MommyThere are often productions that suggest the true identity of the player (such as rocket punches, which are the weapons of mecha mommy, and familiarity with how to use drills).
  • Makoto KobayashiCartoon1 SanshiroThe influence from the series is strong.
    • Sanshiro Takagi → Derived from the main character "Sanshiro Takagi".
    • DDT → Derived from the group name "Dream Team" launched by Higashi Sanshiro (however, it was actually launched by Higashi Sanshiro's friend and rival Gotoshin, and Sanshiro asked for "Dream Team". DDT stands for "Dramatic Dream Team").
    • Beer garden wrestling → Derived from one of the "Dream Team" box offices, "Yataimura Wrestling" (players play games while serving food at the stalls).
  • In 2012, DDT became a women's professional wrestling division "Tokyo Women's WrestlingOnce upon the establishment ofAll Japan Women's WrestlingI proposed the "three prohibitions" listed in.
  • yuanAKB48 OfMariko ShinodaFan of.
  • I'm not good at spicy foods.
  • Takagi XNUMX RobinAndTakagi XNUMX Robin SevenAsUltraman robinWas teaming up with.
  • He seems to be confident that he is strong in alcohol, but he used to be a female professional wrestler.Kyoko InoueIt seems that it became sticky when I drank and compared it.[6]

signature move

Swivel stunner
Sanshiro's Special Move.Lift it up on your shoulder, turn it, and drop it in a stunner position.It has various variations such as a corner top and a snowfall type from the ladder.
Texas close line
Sanshi Rose Line
A close line where you chase while swinging your opponent on the rope and lean against the rope.
Lariat aimed at the opponent's ankle from behind.The originator is New Japan Pro-WrestlingNakanishi.
Closeline from Heaven
A diving close line for a sitting opponent. Used since June 2009.
Sanshiro Stunner
Sanshiro Stunner 2000 (Double Arm Facebuster)
Double arm type Sanshiro stunner.
Sanshiro Bottom
SwivelRock bottom
Sanshiro Dust
While sitting in the corner, catch the opponent with a dragon sleeper and rotate forwardStunner.
XNUMX locks
変型Clipper crossface.
Dangerous Dragon Sleeper Takagi (DDT)
Camel clutchDragon Sleeper in the position of.
Thunder Fire Power Bomb
Texas clover hold
Final Answer?
He holds it up with a piggyback and falls forward and knocks the opponent down.
Sit down sunflower bomb
Rotate the direction of the opponent who is piggyback 180 degreesSit down power bombDrop it with.Recently, I often win with this technique, but originallyShiori AsahiIt is a technique of.
Spicoli driver
I will start using it around the fall of 2008.It is often done by force, such as lightly whipping from a side-hugging state and carrying it, or lifting it together with two people or while having a ground fight.
Avalanche typeBrain Buster
Catch the opponent on the apron side from the second corner and forcibly throw it into the ring.
Reverse splash
Dragon ring in
OriginatorUnlike, you always climb the corner post or climb meaninglessly even when it is not immediately after touching, and drop kick after landing.
Golden shower
Munenori SawaCombined technique with.Kota IbushiとKenny OmegaIt seems to be the same type as the "Golden Shower", but it is blocked every time.
Yuzu Pon Kick
Aikawa Yuzu seasonIt's a special move, but I've been using it before my professional wrestling debut.
the best divorce
Argentine backbreaker.The origin of the name is that it was shown in the drama of the same name that appeared in the role of himself.
Calorie Mate Plain
Wristlock type air plane spin.Daily portal ZBorn from the project "Making Calorie Mate a professional wrestling technique"[7]..By holding it in a wristlock style, the front view looks like a plain "P".

Admission song

  • FIRE (3:46 "TPR" MIX) (Scooter)

Title history

DDT Pro Wrestling
  • Barbed Wire Street Fight World Six-Man Tag Championship


  • We Cultural Wrestling DDT (2008,Ota Publishing)
  • Until a small professional wrestling organization with annual sales of 500 million yen joins a group of listed companies (2019,Tokuma bookstore)

Media appearance

tv set

Web TV


  • Synchronicity (2011, Director: Satoshi Tanaka)
  • The Movie Pro Wrestling Cannonball 2014 (2015, Director: Muscle Sakai, Assistant Director: Yumeto Imanari, Executive Producer: Sanshiro Takagi)
  • Movie version Tokyo Women's Pro Wrestling Bakuon Serenade (December 2015, 12, Director:Michiru Arashiyama)[11]
  • Large monster thing(2016, Director: Minoru Kawasaki)


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外部 リンク

Yakan Nabe

Yakan Nabe(1970May 8 -) isTokyoFromcomedian-An actor-Director・ Professional wrestler ・ FormerPower liftingRepresentation from Japan.Goddess EntertainmentBelongs. ExYM NAffiliation[1][2].. ExOffice kitanoBelongs. Height 156cm[3].


My real name isNozomi Watanabe(Shin Watanabe).Nabe Osami-Rumiko SasaBorn to the couple.I have one older sister.

Risa HirakoAndSeijo Gakuen Elementary SchoolClassmates (up to 4th grade).Amemiya ToshikoとMayu Tsuruta,Yasuhide Nakayama TheSeijo Gakuen High SchoolClassmate.In addition, I repeated a year in my third year of high schoolOnishi ShoheiBecame in the same class as[4]..In middle school and high schoolrugbyI belonged to a club.

After repeating a year due to poor gradesSeijo UniversityI couldn't go on to internal school, and I failed to take all the exams at other universities, and I was a ronin for 2 years (3 ronin in total).So his father, Osami NabeMeiji University OfReplacement ball examAnd later "Meiji University replacement ball examIt was reported that it was widely taken up as a wide show story at that time.According to Osami, it was Meiji University that submitted the application for the replacement ball examination.Two partsIt was in the form of a recommendation to the sumo club in the Faculty of Commerce.

In the hustle and bustle of this incident, she was bashed.Tohru YuriHe asked for his son's asylum and study, and started his life in the entertainment world of kettles in the form of "taking care of Yuri as an uchideshi for a while ...".However, there is also a case of taking a replacement ball test,Seven lights of parentsThere were many doubts about entering the entertainment world.

After that, I left YuriTakeshi CorpsJoin.When he appeared on a late-night program, he recalled, "When I was making a fuss about taking the replacement ball exam, I was actually hiding in an apartment I knew, but in front of that apartment was" Migawari Fudoson ".Beat takeshi-Fumio TakadaBoth of them have been rushed into saying "Idiot!"Since joining the Takeshi army became a big topic, there is a strong impression that it is the start of entertainment activities, and the experience of Toru Yuri's attendant mentioned above is not well known.

stage name OfPanIs from my father's stage nameKettleIs Meidai Nisho (=NightThe failure to enter the back door of the faculty)PanIs a kitchen utensil like ""KettleNamed by hooking on.By the way, my real name isNozomi WatanabeAlthough it is a kanji with the same name, she reads "Nozomi".Also"Terumi Yoshida's Motivation MANMAN!During the program, the guest's real name is Nozomi Watanabe.Shin YazawaIt is blatantly unpleasant.This real name isShin WatanabeIt borrowed the sound of.

In recent years, it has become less talked about than at one time,2007In the second half, his remarks on his blog caused various topics.May 10Was a challenger when the WBC World Flyweight Title Match was held inKameda DaikiCriticized for his boxing style and numerous offenses.In addition to criticism of Kameda who committed the offense, the content was resolute, such as strict mention of the attitude of the program production side while being a celebrity, and there was a great response including pros and cons.AlsoMay 11Made in RakugokaSpring wind bower morning,YasuhaRegarding the divorce press conference of the couple, quite radical expressions ("Yasuha is banned from broadcasting", "Yasuha is strange", "Yasuha is strange"Nara's noisy auntBecause he criticized using "human beings of the same kind as"), the blog was flooded with criticisms other than the opinions of some defenders.Burningdid.

In addition, the blog has been updated since then, and the response to the radical remarks was initially no comment, and the blog readers were prohibited from writing in new articles, as if to silence the uproar. However, he later announced his opinion on the matter on his blog, and the situation has come to an end with the revival of the writing field.

FM tea whistleAnnounced that he was engaged to a woman 10 years younger, about 8 cm taller than the kettle, who was a DJ and director of the company, and is planning to get married in April 2014.[5].

In 2015Special effectsTV drama"Musashi Ninpoden Ninja GekifuDirected.He also shoots and appears.

In 2015, he opened a hot pot restaurant called "Onabe to Jishu, Nabe Gokoro" in Akasaka, which he supervises with his father, Osami.[6]

In 2017-2018, the TV drama ``Ayakashi BanashiParticipated as a director, screenwriter, photographer, and performer.In the 16th episode of this drama, his father, Osami, also appears in his own director and screenplay.

2018May 3As Beat Takeshi left the office Kitano, he left the office on the same date.[7].

2018May 4,Best Body Japan ProlessAt the establishment press conference of ""wrestlingDeclared to debut[8].

2018May 12More entertainment agencyYM NBelong to[2]..It was reported that Osami Nabe's business alliance with YMN was the catalyst for joining the kettle.[1].

Power lifting

Power liftingDedicated to, participated in the world championship as a representative of Japan.1998Winner of the Asian Bench Press Tournament in 1998 and1999He has been active in international competitions such as the runner-up in the bench press event of the World Powerlifting Championships.Also at the All Japan Powerlifting Championship 1998, 1999,2000Is a runner up,2001,2002Won the championship and achieved stable results. "It happened that my class had a small competitive population, and I was only the number one out of five participants in the competition," he often talks about.

Main records / results


  • Kanto Bench Press Tournament (Ibaraki) Winner


  • Los Angeles Open (USA) Bench Press Division Winner
  • All Japan Powerlifting (Kanagawa) 2nd place
  • 10th All Japan Bench Press Championship (Shimane) 2nd place
  • Asian Bench Press Tournament (Taiwan) Winner
  • 27th All Japan Powerlifting Championship (Akita) 2nd place
  • World Powerlifting Championships (Ukraine) 7th overall, 2nd in the bench press category


  • 11th All Japan Bench Press Championship (Aichi) 2nd place
  • 28th All Japan Powerlifting Championship (Kanagawa) 2nd place
  • World Powerlifting Championships (Italy) 6th overall, 2nd in the bench press category


  • 29th All Japan Powerlifting Championship (Kanagawa) 2nd place


  • 30th All Japan Powerlifting Championship (Kanagawa) Winner
  • 6 timesWorld games"Powerlifting / Lightweight" (Akita) 5th
  • World Powerlifting Championships (Finland) 6th overall, 2nd in the bench press category


  • 31st All Japan Powerlifting Championship (Kanagawa) Winner
  • World Powerlifting Championships (Slovakia) 5th overall, 3rd in the bench press category, 3rd in the deadlift category


  • 33rd All Japan Powerlifting Championship, 56kg class (Kanagawa) championship

* 2001 World Games is lightweight, 2004 is 56 kg, and all others are 52 kg.


August 2018, 8,Best Body Japan AssociationEstablished "Best Body Japan Wrestling" Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball Tournament, professional debut[9]..The opponent of the debut matchYuki Iino&Toru Owashi,Gota IhashiGroup (partner isHiroshi Yamato, Kazutaka Sawaki). It will be the second professional round on October 10th.Masao Oishi&Shiori AsahiPlay against the group (partner isMasamune)[10].

Title history

Best Body Japan Proless

  • First BBW Tag Team Championship (Partner Tsunehiro Shimatani)
  • 2nd BBW Open Weight Championship

DDT Pro Wrestling

コ レ ク タ ー

One of the best character goods in the entertainment worldコ レ ク タ ーAndStar Wars,GodzillaA collection of enthusiast-coveted goods such as costumes used in special effects movies such as.Some of the goods are "Good luck!], And received high praise.


  • father·Nabe OsamiSeems to have a wide network of contacts in various fields, and retired a few days after the replacement ball incident.Chiyo no FujiThe kettle participated in the haircut ceremony.Also, my father is usually called "father" (Happy family planningThe kettle just called "Father" when he was in the game).
  • CrepeHe is also a maniac, and when a crepe is not delicious, he describes it as "the crepe has no waist".
  • From 1994 to the present, he has hosted a comedy live "Comedy Comedy Oriental and Pacific Boxing Museum Title Match" in which many enthusiastic special entertainers including himself appear.
  • Since 2008, he has appeared in the above live performances.WAHAHA HonpoAffiliated entertainerYasu GenkiAbout the extraordinary fun ofMatsuzawa KureichiHe noticed with him and was involved in the event "Ooikyo" that he performed as a producer.

Program in charge

  • "Kupia ~ HOLIDAY TV ~" (TOKYO MX) Main moderator of "Yakan Nabe's Otaku the World".
A corner that introduces the collection for 3 minutes.For some reason, neither the official site nor the blog mentions its existence. (Saturday27: 30-)
FukushimaLocal variety show.Main moderator.
When appearing as "Help Man", most of them are forced to do the material with their bodies stretched.
  • "Derutoku Studio』(文化放送、2007å¹´1月7日〜 日曜21:00-21:30、2007å¹´4月2日〜12月31日 月曜日19:30-20:00)
The first main personality program after leaving Yaruman.
  • "Radio Hidden Museum" (FM tea whistle,Friday16: 00-)
  • "Yakan Nabe's J Smile Life" (FM Tea Whistle,Sunday16: 00-)[11]
  • "Yakan Nabe's Entertainment Time Bokan! ] Internet radio Klap is appearing.
Develop a maniac talk based on the figure collection.
  • "Yakan Nabe's Buhibuhi Spark Time" (FM Setagaya, January 2021-Thursday 1: 23-00: 24)



tv set

TV drama


  • Live-action versionMaicinggu Machiko Let's Seaside School (2003)-Professor Fukushima
  • Maboroshi PantyVSHenchin Pocoider(2004, TMC)-The role of Henchin Pocoider
  • Den Ace Kick (2019, River Top)
    • Den Ace Wedding (2020, River Top) * Replacement version of Den Ace Kick


  • Godzilla FINAL WARS Bonus video (cooperation, 2005)
  • World's Strongest Bug Fights Series (Live commentary, 2008)
  • A hardcore comedy theater with tears (appearance, 2008)


  • Master of comedy muscles of Tetsuwan Yakan-From "replacement ball" to aiming for "world champion" (Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd. 2002)
  • Yakan Nabe Monster Collector Ecology Collector's Disease (Sairyusha 2012)


  • Magazine "Monthly Curio Magazine" for collectors (SairyushaIssue Fuji International Mint(Edit) is serializing the "Monster Archeology Course" that introduces the soft vinyl dolls and movie props that he collects.


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