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🥾 | Mt. Fuji 5th Station “Mysterious Fire” Why?


Mt. Fuji 5th Station "Mysterious Fire" Why?

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Police arrested Ryota Shinoda, a temporary worker in Akishima City, Tokyo.

The mysterious fire of Mt. Fuji, the cause was unexpected.Occurs at "Gogoume Rest House" at the 5th station of Mt. Fuji ... → Continue reading

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Ryota Shinoda suspected


Akishima-shi(Akishimashi)TokyoTama areaLocated in the central partCity.

populationIs about 11 people.


  • TokyoCity centerAbout 35 kilometers westTamagawaLocated on the left bank of the city, in the northern part of the cityTamagawa waterIs flowing.In addition, the city area slopes gently from northwest to southeast toward the Tama River, which runs south of the city.The altitude of the city area is 170.72m above sea level at the highest point and 76.68m at the lowest point. (Excluding the river part)

Adjacent municipalities

Axima whale

August 1961 (Showa 36), JR in the cityHachiko LineTamagawa BridgenearbyA whale OffossilWas discovered.No other whale of the same type has been foundJapanese nameIt was named "Akishimakujira".At the beginning of the excavation, it was estimated to be about 500 million years ago,科学Now 160 million years ago due to the progress ofStrataIt is said that it was excavated from. All of the whales over a million years ago骨 格Was excavated in almost perfect form世界But it is said to be the first time.As a globally valuable material, firstNational Science MuseumShinjukuFollowing the annexGunma Prefectural Museum of Natural HistoryMoved to and studied, as a new species in January 2018scientific nameIt was named "Escritius Aximaensis". A full-body skeleton replica and some fossils will be exhibited at the Akishima City Education and Welfare Center, which is scheduled to be completed in 2020.[1]..In addition, around the Tama River in Akishima CityStegodon auroraFootprint fossils, skeletal fossils such as the Tama River wolf, shellfish fossils, shellfishTrace fossil(Sand pipe),MetasequoiaFossils and carbonized trees of (Japanese name Akebonosugi) have been excavated.
The Akishima Citizens' Whale Festival, which will be described later, was held in connection with the excavation of fossils of Axima kujira.In addition, there are "Kujira Road" named after Akishima Kujira and "Akishima Ensis", a municipal library opened in March 2020.Events and goods development related to new species certification are also becoming active[2].


  • Ancient and medieval
952, Upstream of the Tama River due to floodingHihara Village OfNippara Limestone CaveWas enshrined inDainichi NikkiThe statueTamagawaHanai Island (Okami'sNakashu), And the statue that was launched was worshiped by the villagers, who later built a temple and enshrined the sitting statue.Therefore, the place name Haijima came to this area.afterwards,Takiyama Castle(CurrentHachioji City) When the castle was built, Dainichido was moved to the current position to avoid the demon gate of Takiyama Castle, and a sitting statue was enshrined.
  • The early modern period
1521On the opposite bank of the Tama RiverTakiyama CastleWhen the castle is built,castle townIt has been showing the appearance as.
1569ToShingen TakedaThe armyHaijima DaishiSet up inKatsuyori TakedaBy Takiyama CastleHojo HoshoAttacked.
BunrokuIn a yearOkutama HighwayNikko Waki ​​TrafficHaijima inn was formed at the intersection of.1652ThanThousand Hachioji concentric sunlightHaijima-juku became a successor to human horses because he was passing through Haijima when he was on duty.Post townHas prospered as.
1685In, there is Sakume Village on the right bank of the Tama River.洪水The villagers evacuated to the vicinity of Tanaka Village (currently Tanaka Town) on the opposite bank and settled there.
BunseiDuring the reform period, a banquet village was formed around Haijima-juku, and Haijima functioned as a parent village of the union village in the neighboring area.
1811, Due to the flood of the Tama RiverTsukiji VillageIs outflow to all villages.
1866January,Naguri Village(CurrentHanno) Etc.Musashi rebellionDetachments gathered on the banks of the Tama River and engaged with the Hino Farmers at the transfer of Tsukiji, but Ikki was suppressed.
  • Meiji era-early Showa era
ThisRegionThen.MeijiFrom the end of the eraSilk production工場Started operations one after another, and againTaishoIn the era, the whole city areamulberryIs planted, etc.SericultureWas particularly popular.At that time, this area was a silkworm species (Silkworm Ofegg)of生産Centered onTokyoIt accounted for nearly 3% of the total production of the sericulture village, and it was a sericulture village boasting a considerable scale nationwide.HoweverShowaIn the times, raw threadPriceSericulture due to a sharp drop inFarmerThe number of sericulture households has decreased, and sericulture has almost disappeared in this area.
  • Early Showa period to wartime
1922Was installed inTachikawa Airfield 1933ToarmyThis area, which was close to Tachikawa Airfield after being dedicated,aircraftLarge-scale munitions factories such as manufacturing have been built.1938ToNagoya Army ArsenalMoved the engine and starter unit to Tachikawa,Army Aviation FactoryWhen the company opens, it also has a large number of employees.住宅constructionWill be held.Especially around the modernized Hachisei residenceMarket,Movie theaterEtc. are madeCommercialIs activated,DowntownWas to be formed.
  • Postwar-modern
After the warTo the city centerCommutingSuburban residential areas have developed as an area, and large-scale housing estates have been constructed.populationIncreased further,Bed townBecame. Also,1957By the factory invitation ordinance enacted inIndustrial parkWas created, and in recent yearsElectronicsSuch asHigh-tech industryHas developed.

Chronology (after the Meiji era)


Population distribution by age in Akishima City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Akishima City (2005)
Purple-Akishima City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Akishima City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Day and night population

The nighttime population in 2005 was 110,054, but from outside the city.CommutingWithCommuting to schoolRemains in the city of raw and resident during the daypopulationIs the sum ofDaytime populationIs 100,508Noon TheThe population will be 0.913 times that of.Compared to nighttime, the daytime population will decrease by about 1.In terms of commuters and students, 32,224 commuters go out of the city and 25,645 commuters enter the city from outside the city.StudentHowever, the number of commuting students entering the city from outside the city is 2,124, and the number of commuting students leaving the city is 5,091 and the number of students who flow out of the city during the day is larger.Edited by Tokyo Metropolitan Government "Daytime Population of Tokyo 2005" Published in 20, pp. 150-151 CensusThen.ageThere are 16 unknown people in Tokyo alone.The graph includes those of unknown age, and as for the day and night population, people of unknown age are not included in the numbers, so there will be an error between the numbers.


Town name

In Akishima City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse display(All on the south side of the JR Ome Line and part of the north).The underlined town names in the town name column before the addressing system is displayed are all, and the others are part of it.

Residential estate

  • Urban regeneration mechanismAkishima Tsutsujigaoka Heights housing complex --57: Akishima city planning project (residential facilities of one housing complex)
  • Toei Showa-go housing complex: Akishima city planning project (residential facilities of one housing complex)
  • Toei Haijima housing complex: Akishima city planning project (residential facilities of one housing complex)
  • Tokyo Housing CorporationTanakacho housing complex --53: Akishima city planning project (residential facilities of one housing complex)


  • Mayor:Shinsuke Usui(Thin Shinsuke, inaugurated on October 2016, 10, 21st term)
  • Number of city employees: 752 (as of April 2009, 4)
  • Initial budget scale (FY2009): 385.29 billion yen (general account), 223.01 billion yen (special account)

Successive mayors

  • 1954 --Eihiko Ito
  • 1956, 1960-Keimitsu Nakamura
  • 1964, 1968, 1972 --Motoyoshi Shindo
  • 1976, 1980-Shinobu Sarashima
  • 1984, 1988, 1992-
  • 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012- Jinichi Kitagawa
  • 2016-Shinsuke Usui

* The year is the year when the mayor is elected.

Wide area administration


Akishima City Council

  • Number of people: 22 people
  • Term: March 2019, 5-March 1, 2023[5]
  • Chair: Hiroshi Oshima (Komeito Akishima City Council)
  • Vice Chairman: Shinichi Kizaki (Liberal Democratic Party Akishima City Council)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name (◎ is representative)
LDPAkishima City Council8◎ Shunji Mita, Etsuko Kanai, Yasushi Baba, Hisao Morita, Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Makoto Takahashi, Koji Kobayashi, Shinichi Kizaki
KomeitoAkishima City Council5◎ Yasuo Akanuma, Akiko Matsubara, Tomoyuki Yoshino, Junya Watanabe, Hiroshi Oshima
Mirai Network3◎ Hideo Aoyama, Maiko Hayashi, Yuka Shinohara
Japan Communist PartyAkishima City Council3◎ Fumiko Sato, Hiroshi Okumura, Hiroyuki Arai
Abandoned3Kazuhiko Hatta, Masako Yuza, Takashi Nagumo

(As of June 2021, 4[6]

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly

  • Constituency: Akishima City Constituency
  • Number of people: 1 people
  • Term: March 2017, 7-March 23, 2021
  • Voting Date: July 2017, 7
  • Number of voters on the day: 92,715
  • Voting rate: 47.17%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Shingo UchiyamaThis37Tomin First Meeting24,639 vote
Takeshi Nakamuradrop41LDP12,544 vote
Hiroshi Okumuradrop66Japan Communist Party5,897 vote

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Shinji InoueLDP6Constituency

Due to the 2017 zoning changeTokyo 21 WardAkishima City, which belonged to, was changed to 25 wards.

公共 機関

Water supply

Motoichi has a municipal water supply.Only in TokyoTap waterFrom 150 to 200 meters undergroundgroundwaterIs 100% covered.Therefore, from the surrounding municipalitiesBasic chargeIs cheap,Japan Water Works AssociationAccording to the water tariff table, as of April 2004, 16, domestic water tariffs in cities with 4 to less than 1 people are domestic.ShizuokaNumazu CityIt is the second cheapest.

Water supply is a municipal business, but there are many in the Tama area.Municipalities Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau(There was a time when the Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau outsourced the work to these local governments, but the outsourcing was gradually canceled from 2003 to 2012). As of 2016, what we are doing independently is with MotoichiMusashino, Hamura City,Ebara-muraThere are only 4 cities and villages.However, in case of a drought, emergency water can be received from the Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau.


Public sewerIs Akishima CityBasin sewer TheTokyo Sewer BureauHowever, they are installed and managed respectively.

In the city (Miyazawacho), the upper reaches of the Tama River in TokyoWater reclamation centerThere is.With most of Ome City, Akishima City, Fussa City, Hamura City, Mizuho TownTachikawa,Musashimurayama-shi,Okutama TownPart of the sewage treatment is being carried out.

City Gas

Akishima gasCovers the city.


Metropolitan Police DepartmentAkishima Police Station --The jurisdiction is the entire city area.


Firefighting is the responsibility of the municipality, but the city is like many local governments in the Tama area.Tokyo Fire DepartmentThe business is outsourced to.Therefore, the duty of firefighting in Akishima City isFire brigadeActivities, as wellfire hydrant-Fire extinguisherIt is about the installation, management, and maintenance of such items. In December 1998 (Heisei 10)Tokyo Fire DepartmentIt was under the jurisdiction of the Tachikawa Fire Station until the Akishima Fire Station was established, but this isMunicipal firefightingIn 1948 (Showa 23) when it was inaugurated, the Tachikawa District Fire DepartmentTachikawa, Showacho (currently Akishima City), Tanihomura (currently)National city) Is derived from the fact that it was composed of. (Even now, the jurisdiction of firefighting in Kunitachi City is the Tachikawa Fire Department)

Government office




Local government exchange


Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular

primary school


Junior high school


high school


Junior college

Social education


  • Akishima Civic Library --March 2020 Moved to Axima Ensis ()
  • Akishima Civic Library Showa Annex
  • Akishima Civic Library Midori Annex
  • Akishima Civic Library Yamanokami Branch
  • Akishima Citizen's Library Tsutsujigaoka Branch (Shinkansen Train Library) --- Actually operated0 seriesTokaido ShinkansenWas the first secondary use in Japan, and was maintained by a citizen who was a former Japanese National Railways employee, and the whistle, headlights, and destination bulletin boards moved to entertain the children. Closed in March 2.


  • Only some of the fossils of whales are exhibited at the city hall, and there are no museums in Akishima City, but the local museum (1-6-11 Showacho) is in the city.(I.e.Excavated fromJomon PeriodSinceEarthenwareAnd donated by citizensFarm tools, A nostalgic living tool that is no longer usedtoySuch asFolk toolsExhibit the kind of localHistory-cultureIs introduced.Free admission every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:4 pm to 1:1 pm (except January 3-12 and December 29-31).
  • On March 2005, 3, "Sculpture Galaxy" was completed in the courtyard of Akishima City General Sports Center (formerly Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Sports Hall) to commemorate the 31th anniversary of Akishima City.50 points in the courtyard and 6 point in the hall彫刻Is permanently installed. It can be viewed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Citizen's Hall / Public Hall / Municipal Hall

  • Akishima Civic Center / Public Hall-Located in the same building. ("KOTORI Hall" from April 2014Foster electricNaming rights by)
    • Tamagawa Kaikan
    • Asahi Kaikan
    • Fujimi Kaikan
    • Ogami Hall
    • Showa Kaikan
    • Haijima Kaikan
    • Midori Kaikan
    • Horimukaikan
    • Fukujima Kaikan
    • Yamanokami Kaikan
    • Musashino Kaikan

Physical education facility

  • Akishima City General Sports Center (former Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Sports Hall)
  • Mihori Gymnasium
  • Citizen pool
  • Akishima Municipal Stadium (Since April 2016, "Netz Tama Akishima Stadium ")



Bus route

The business is outsourced to Tachikawa Bus.
The business is outsourced to Tachikawa Bus.Part of the route passes through Akishima city.
Nishisago Route (Akishima Station North Exit-Forest Inn Showakan-Mihoricho Bridge-Seibu Tachikawa Station South Exit-Recycle Center South-Matsunaka housing complex marshalling yard)


General national road
Main local road
OtherCity road

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights and historic sites

  • Tamagawa water Country designationHistoric site..There is a green road at the end.
  • oldMitsui familyHaijima Bettei (Keimei Gakuen Kitazumi Dormitory) Designated by TokyoTangible cultural property.
  • Dainichido border area and Hiyoshi Shrine border area A historic site designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
  • The Dainichido Building is a tangible cultural property designated by the city.Inside the hall, there is a wooden statue of Dainichi Nyorai (a tangible cultural property designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government).Niomon (a tangible cultural property designated by the city) in the precincts, wooden insideKongo wrestlerStatue (a tangible cultural property designated by Tokyo), HaijimaFuji(Designated by Tokyo)Natural treasure), There is a well (a historic site designated by the city).
  • Hiyoshi Shrine main shrine sculpture, 70 paintings on the ceiling of the worship hall, 2 paintings on the board wall, 4 paintings on the Sugito temple
  • Historical walking path Stamp rally board A stamp rally board is installed so that you can enjoy visiting historic sites in the city.If you put a piece of paper on the stamp board and rub it with a pencil, you can see pictures of historic sites.There are many installation locations such as Dainichido, Hiyoshi Shrine, Gofukuji Temple, Kumano Shrine, and the Pure Land Tumulus.
  • Haijima Daishi New Year 2nd 3rdDarumaThe city is crowded.
  • Remains of aqueduct for Kukamura, Remains of water intake for Kukamura Pass through each village of Kukamura (Haijima, Tanaka, Ogami Village, Miyazawa Village, Nakagami Village, Tsuiji Village, Fukujima Village, Goji Village, Shibasaki of Tachikawa)IrrigationIntake for irrigation (Tachikawa moat). Built in 1911 (Meiji 44).
  • Northern Hokkaido No. 143 adjacent to Haijima StationRailroad crossingWas the longest in Japan at 2009m until the end of May 5, but it was abolished by replacing it with a passage on the premises in line with the renovation of Haijima Station.

Leisure spot

Festivals and events

  • Akishima Citizen's Whale Festival (8
Fireworks display(Yume Hanabi, 2000 shots) --Held on Saturday and Sunday of the first week of August.A civic festival consisting of a mock shop, a stage, and a parade.
  • Hiyoshi Shrine annual festival (MothFestival) (Saturday and Sunday near September 9) --Men carry a huge Sakaki Mikoshi all night longBizarre festival..Sakaki Festival is an intangible folk cultural property designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  
  • Akishima Brand Food Grand Prix (November)
  • Industrial Festival (November)  
  • Akishima Folk Performing Arts Festival (May)
  • Machikon Akishima   
  • Akishima City / Fussa City / Hamura City City Tour Quiz Rally  

Sports team

Famous people




Various fields

Person with connection

Work with connection

TV drama



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