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👍 | To launch a team to catch signs of re-expansion of infection Analyze SNS / test data


Analyze SNS / test data to launch a team to catch signs of re-expansion of infection

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Minister Nishimura has announced that he will launch the team soon, including those in charge of Tokyo and Osaka prefectures.

Nishimura, the minister in charge of economic revitalization, is a team that analyzes test data, etc. in order to grasp the signs of the re-expansion of the new coronavirus infection. → Continue reading

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Osaka(Osaka Prefecture,(British: Osaka Prefecture) IsJapan OfKinkiに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office TheOsaka.


The location of the government office isOsaka.Regulatory country OfSettsuEastern (7county)andKawachi countryIzumi countryIt consists of the whole area ofSetagawa IzumiIt is also called (impossible), but from Kyoto PrefectureKashidaWhole area andKameokaPart ofTransboundary transferSince 1958Tamba countryThe southeastern part (a small part) is also included. In addition,Sakai prefectureFrom 1881 of transfer to 1887 of Nara re-installation,YamatoIt also included the entire area of.

Kinki OfEconomy-TransportationIs the center ofpopulationIs the third largest in Japan with about 883 people (9,000 census).Daytime populationas well as the The population density TheTokyoIt is second only to the whole country.Nominal in 2Gross domestic productIs about 40 trillion yen in Tokyo,AichiIt is the third largest in Japan after.[1][2]..The entire prefectureOsaka metropolitan areaBelongs to and highly advancedUrbanizationWas doneRegionThere are many.

Economist Intelligence UnitIn the "Most Liveable Cities" ranking (2019 edition) byVienna,Melbourne,SydneyRanked 4rd in the world after[3].

Ancient times,Emperor JimmuTo Naniwasaki before the coronationIkutama ShrineFounded.Kofun period,Emperor OshinNamba Osumimiya (Naniwa Osumi no Miya)Emperor Nintoku OfNamba Takatsunomiya(Naniwa no Takatsunomiya),Emperor KinmeiNamba Celebration Tsunomiya (Naniwa no Hafuritsunomiya) was run.Namba Kozu Shrine is also simply Kozu Shrine.CurrentTakatsunomiya (Takatsu Shrine)Is said to have begun by exploring the ruins of this palace, building a shrine there, and performing a ritual.Osaka CastleWas around[4].Emperor Kotoku OfDifficult wavelength pattern Tonomiya(First half of Namba Palace),Emperor Shomu OfNamba Palace(Late Namba Palace) etc.,NagaokakyoConsistently until the capital movedcapital,ShadoWas treated as a (vice capital).

中 世The names "Osaka" and "Osaka" have appeared inMeijiTo "Osaka(OsakaWas revised." "Slope"Uemachi PlateauIt is said to be derived from.In addition, "Naniwa" (Naniwa), which is said to be a corruption of "Namihaya"Naniwa-Namba・ Naniwa / Naniwa) ”has been called until now.Central TokyoIt is often used as another name for a department.

For Osaka before modern timesOsakaSee also.

Geographical region

Osaka Prefecture is located in the central part of the Kinki region and borders Kyoto Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture. Since ancient timesAboveIt is a key point for water transportation leading to. SouthwestOsaka Bay.

Formerly the smallest prefectures (46th isKagawa), but on October 1988, 10Geographical Survey InstituteReviewed the calculation method,OkayamaTamano-shiKagawa Prefecture where there is an undecided part betweenNaoshima TownBecause the area of ​​Kagawa prefecture (14.2km²) was not included in the total area of ​​the prefecture, the area of ​​Kagawa prefecture decreased and it was reversed to Osaka prefecture, and it was ranked 46th.[5][6].. Then in OsakaKIXLand reclamation was promoted due to the opening of the port and the development of the western part of Osaka City, etc.[7].


The whole area of ​​Osaka prefectureSeto Inland Sea climate, Which is warm throughout the year, has few rainy days in Japan, andHeat islandThe phenomenon is remarkable, and it is difficult for the nighttime temperature to drop. In the winter, the plains often have little snow, even a few centimeters.

nature Park

Adjacent municipalities


Currently, there are a total of 33 cities, 9 cities, 1 towns and 43 village in Osaka Prefecture.MunicipalitiesThere is (of these,Government-designated city2 cities,Core city7 cities,Special city at the time of enforcement2 cities).The reading of the town is all "chou".There is only one village, Chihayaakasaka Village, and the village is read as "mura".Osaka Prefecture has 1 cities with a population of 10 or more, which is the largest number in Japan.The eight divisions of Osaka Prefecture are Osaka City, Mishima Area, Toyono Area, Senboku Area, Sennan Area, Minamikawachi Area, Nakakawachi Area, and Kitakawachi Area. On April 22, 8, Sakai City moved to an ordinance-designated city.FukuokaAfter Kanagawa Prefecture, it became a prefecture with multiple ordinance-designated cities. In addition, on April 4 of the following year, following Osaka Prefecture,ShizuokaIs also a prefecture with multiple ordinance-designated cities.

List of municipalities

Core cities in order of transition, other市町村Are arranged in the order of enforcement.Area classification is defined by Osaka Prefecture[8] by.

Government-designated city
Core city
Special city at the time of enforcement
Other municipalities

Administrative region of ordinance-designated city

Osaka City is now 4 wards as of November 5 after undergoing 2017 reorganizations from the original 11 wards. It is the largest number of administrative districts in ordinance-designated cities. In addition, at the maximum, it was 24 wards, which is two more wards.

CityYearAdministrative district
  • Chuo-ku(Prefecture building location)
  • Kita(City Hall location)

Wide bowl(Kobo

According to the Geographical Survey Institute's national prefectural areas by area, Osaka Prefecture has an area of ​​1905.14 square kilometers.[9].

The ends of north, south, east, and west of Osaka Prefecture are as follows:[10][11].. North endTenno PassNear the south endOsaka Prefectural Route 751The west-southwest and eastern end of the Saruzaka Pass isTanabe Nishi InterchangeThe southwest and west ends are just west of Sumiyoshi Shrine in Misaki Town.According to the 22 census, the center of population is near 1-chome, Tsuruhashi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka.[12].

Center of gravity
North Latitude 34 Degrees 37 Minutes 34 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 30 min 30 sec /34.62611 degrees north latitude 135.50833 degrees east longitude / 34.62611; 135.50833 (Center of gravity of Osaka)

Northern end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 03 Minutes 05 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 21 min 06 sec /35.05139 degrees north latitude 135.35167 degrees east longitude / 35.05139; 135.35167 (The northernmost tip of Osaka Prefecture)
Center of gravity
North Latitude 34 Degrees 39 Minutes 47.55 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 31 min 53.29 sec /34.6632083 degrees north latitude 135.5314694 degrees east longitude / 34.6632083; 135.5314694 (Osaka center of population)
West end
North Latitude 34 Degrees 18 Minutes 54 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 05 min 36 sec /34.31500 degrees north latitude 135.09333 degrees east longitude / 34.31500; 135.09333 (The westernmost part of Osaka Prefecture)
Osaka Prefectural Government Office Location
North Latitude 34 Degrees 41 Minutes 11 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 31 min 12 sec /34.68639 degrees north latitude 135.52000 degrees east longitude / 34.68639; 135.52000 (Osaka Prefectural Government)
Eastern end
North Latitude 34 Degrees 48 Minutes 06 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 44 min 48 sec /34.80167 degrees north latitude 135.74667 degrees east longitude / 34.80167; 135.74667 (The easternmost point of Osaka Prefecture)

Southern tip
North Latitude 34 Degrees 16 Minutes 19 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 06 min 41 sec /34.27194 degrees north latitude 135.11139 degrees east longitude / 34.27194; 135.11139 (The southernmost tip of Osaka Prefecture)


Ancient to modern

Mr. Otomo,Mr. MonobeIs the place whereAncient timesIt was a port city and was the center of domestic distribution.Seto Inland SeaNear the Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine (Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City) as the end point of the route passing throughSumiyoshitsu,NambatsuWas working. SumiyoshitsuYamato kingshipSumiyoshi Taisha, which was in charge of managing Sumiyoshitsu, had a deep connection withShrinewas.Emperor JimmuBefore the coronation, in NambazakiIkutama ShrineFounded.Kofun period,Emperor OshinNamba Osumimiya (Naniwa Osumi no Miya) and "Record of Ancient Matters"Or"Japanese calligraphy"according toEmperor NintokuEstablished the capital in Namba and designated it as Namba Kozu Shrine.Uemachi PlateauToEmperor KinmeiNamba Celebration Tsunomiya (Naniwa no Hafuritsunomiya),Emperor Kotoku,Emperor Shomu OfNamba Palace(Naniwa no Miya) etc. were run (#Overviewreference). Also,Anti-Emperor OfTanbi Shiba Umiya,Emperor KeitaiThe camphor tree (Emperor Keitai #Imperial Palace),Emperor SatatsuBaekje Oimiya (Emperor Satada # Imperial PalaceThe current land of Osaka Prefecture, etc.Palace,Miyakonojo,PalaceAnd the capital were placed.Daisenryo Ancient Tomb (Emperor Nintoku/Sakai City)Mozu Bird Burial Mounds,Old city tombsLarge and smallTomb of the Emperor/Old tombWas built around the Kawachi area.Emperor SuikoNew Year (593 ) Is the Ikutama Shrine andSumiyoshi TaishaIs said to be the oldest in Japan on the Uemachi plateau whereTempleIsShitennoji(Tennoji Ward, Osaka City) was built,Otomi's strange(DahuaFirst year645 >) Later, Emperor KotokuTransfer of capital, Difficult wavelength patternThe first half of the year(Chuo-ku, Osaka City) was built, and after that, with the use of the national name of JapanEraIs said to have begun to be used. After that, Namba Palace (Late Namba Palace) And so oncapital,Sub capitalWas placed.

Heian periodIs located at the mouth of the Yodo River,京都And tied by water transport (Watanabe Tsu), The relationship through this water transport thenMeiji EraWill continue until the railway is laid. In the early Heian periodConqueror General OfSakaue Tamura MaroThe third son ofHirono Sakagami SettsuSumiyoshi-gunHiranoshoBecame the lord of (Hirano Ward, Osaka City) and said to be the descendantMr. SakagamiThe clan was responsible for the autonomy of the plains of the Middle Ages.

In the middle of Heian period,GenmanchuEldest son ofYorimitsuIs Tada of Settsu (currently:HyogoKawanishi CityNear), the third sonTrustIs Tsuchii in Kawachi (currentHabikino) Respectively. Of this,Gen Seiwathe first classGen KawachiBecame known and was known as Yorinobu's grandson, Taro HachimanOriginatorBecame the master of the samurai following the Bando warriors, and Minamikawachi in Osaka PrefecturesamuraiBecome the center of The XNUMXth generation descendants of this source familyKamakura ShogunateopenYoritomo GengenIs. Also, start with Minamoto no YorimitsuGenji SettsuAt the Noro Party,Gen Saga OfSourceDraw the flow ofWatanabe TsunaAncestorMr. WatanabeNear the current NakanoshimaWatanabe TsuWas the headquarters. [In the latter half of the Heian period, it was called Motosuga in the middle of KawachiHiraoka ShrineBecame a samurai group fromMr. MizusashiA clan emerged and became a major force by controlling the water transportation of the Yamato River and its tributaries.

Kamakura PeriodFrom the endNorthern and Northern DynastiesTo KawachiVillainOf a local Australian calledMasanari SuzukiCame out and played an active part. Mr. Kusunoki, including Masanari,Southern DynastyOften used by Kawachi as a leading military commanderTakashi AshikagaEt al.North morningBut MasanariBattle of MinatogawaAnd that childStraight lineAlsoBattle of ShijonawateHe died in battle and eventually weakened his power.

Muromachi PeriodWhen you enter KawachiMr. HatakeyamaHowever, in Settsu and IzumiMr. HosokawaRespectivelyGuardianWas entrusted to. However, both houses are three of the ShogunateJurisdictionIt is a family name that is named after the house, and the actual political affairs areGuardian feeWas often held byHigo countryKumamoto DomainMr. Hosokawa, who is the master of each, is a branch of the family that served as Izumi guardian).

Onin's rebellionrear,Sengoku periodWhen entering, both Mr. Hatakeyama and Mr. HosokawaFamilyIt was extremely confusing from the battle over.At this time, Sakai (Sakai City) IsCongregationWealthy calledTownspeopleHas formed a self-governing city centered around, and replaced Hyogo MinatoNichimei TradingProsperous as a relay port oftea ceremonyIs nurturing such a culture. Settsu Kuni Plain is alsoConqueror General OfSakaue Tamura MaroOf the childHirono SakagamiIs said to be a descendant ofSueyoshiIt flourished as an autonomous city by the townspeople around the Hirano seven famous households, and in Ishiyama of SettsuHokkeI left Kyoto because of the conflict with my followers.Jodo Shinshu OfLotus Ishiyama HonganjiErected. On the other hand, it is the vassals of Mr. Hosokawa who newly gained power in this area.AwakuniMr. Miyoshi, who was originally from Japan, was once proud of his power as a backing for the general,Nagayoshi MiyoshiAfter his death, he was weakened by the struggles of his family and then emerged.Oda NobunagaSuccumbed to. Was the head of the Jodo Shinshu sect for Nobunaga, who is expanding power in this regionObviousCalled on uprising to followers all over the country, and also held himself at Ishiyama Honganji Temple to confront Oda. thisIshiyama battleLasts for 10 years, but in the endTensho8 years(1580 The end was reached by surrendering the Honganji Temple.

After Nobunaga's death, he inherited that territoryHideyoshi ToyotomiStarted the construction of Osaka Castle, which is their residence, on the site of Ishiyama Honganji Temple. This castle uses the terrain that originates from the mouth of the Yodo and Yamato rivers, and even the castle town is surrounded by a moat to be part of the castle.Delicate structureIt was a huge one. Its unrivaled firmnessOsaka winter teamIt was proved by, and at this time, the gatherer couldn't get inside. However, the moat was reclaimed until the summer, and the castle lost its function.ToyotomiWas destroyed.

Edo PeriodUpon entering Osaka, Osaka prospered again as a major economic and commercial center of the country.World kitchenWas called. Osaka, where routes from all over the country are gathered, is lined with warehouses of various domains, and since it was also a gathering place for products from various countries, we handle them.YodoyaA big merchant also appeared. Above all, it was a concentrated area of ​​annual tribute riceDojimaThen the world's first public establishmentFutures tradingSword "Dojima Rice ChamberIs opened,NakanoshimaWith it became the center of the Osaka economy. In an environment that matures as an economic city, various arts have also grown and developed. The center of the upper culture gradually moved from Kyoto to Osaka,Ibara NishitsuruAnd playwrightChikamatsu MonzaemonSuch a writer,Akinari Ueda-Tominaga NakamotoHas produced a number of excellent scholars who have a name in the history of posterity. It also originated from the Uemura Bunrakuken play that emerged in the same period.Bunraku(OsakaNingyo JoruriPlay)2009 (Heisei21 years)UNESCO OfIntangible cultural heritageRegistered in.Tempo8 years(1837 )Positive studyWas holding a private school, Senshin-dongHeihachiro OshioTo help the poorHeihachiro Oshio's RebellionCausedBakumatsu,Ogata KoanWas openVocational schoolFromFukuzawa Yukichi,Masashiro Omura,Keisuke OtoriIt created a talent that represents the later Meiji era.The feudal clan placed in the Edo period has Osaka Castle (Settsu Province) under the direct control of the Shogunate.Takatsuki Domain,Asada Domain, In KawachiTannan Domain,Sayama DomainHowever, in Izumi countryHakuta Domain,Kishiwada Domainwas there.

Transition of local system in the first year of the Meiji era

Keio4 years/MeijiFirst yearMay 1(1868 On February 2th, the Meiji governmentOsakazindaiDecided to install.May 1, Osaka Garrison Osaka Court[Annotation 1]Renamed to. In April, the Agricultural Administration Bureau was established in the Osaka Court, which has jurisdiction over the surrounding areas except for the town. Established in Osaka Prefecture on May 4. Established in Nara Prefecture on May 5. On June 2, the Osaka Prefectural Agriculture Bureau split into north and south. Established in Sakai Prefecture on June 5nd.19nd year of MeijiMay 1(1869 February 2), Hokuji Agricultural BureauSettsu prefecture, Nanji Agriculture BureauKawachi PrefectureRenamed to. May 5th, Toyosaki PrefectureToyosaki PrefectureRenamed to. On August 8, Toyosaki prefecture was merged into Hyogo prefecture and Kawachi prefecture into Sakai prefecture. September 2, former Sumiyoshi-gun, Toyosaki PrefectureTosei District-Nishinari-gunIncorporated. On December 12, the Sayama clan was merged into Sakai prefecture.26rd year of MeijiMay 2(1870 May 3), Sakai PrefectureIshikawa-Nishikibe-gunPart ofGojo prefectureTransferred to. 4th year of MeijiMay 7(1871 May 8),Abandoned Domain.May 11(February 12th),Takatsuki Prefecture,AsadaMerged with Osaka Prefecture. Former Toyosaki PrefectureShimakami-gun-Shimashita-Toshima-Nose-gunIncorporated.November 4, 11 (Meiji 22)1872 October 1th),Kishiwada-Haku prefecture-Yoshimi Prefecture-TannanAnd a part of Gojo prefecture was transferred to Sakai prefecture.1876 (Meiji 9) On April 4, Nara prefecture was merged into Sakai prefecture.1881 (Meiji 14) On February 2, Sakai prefecture was merged into Osaka prefecture.1887 (Meiji 20) Relocated Nara Prefecture on November 11th. (The dates up to 4 are the lunar calendar, and the current Nara prefecture area is outlined)

The area of ​​jurisdiction at the time of the establishment of Osaka Prefecture was 61 villages in Tosei-gun, Settsu-gun (Osaka Town Magistrate34 villages,Osaka castle22 villages,Kyoto office2 villages,Odawara Domain5 villages), 132 villages in Nishinari-gun (117 villages in Osaka Prefecture,Flag territory6 villages,Tayasu Tokugawa family9 villages,Kannomiya2 villages in the family territory, 37 villages in Sumiyoshi-gun (17 villages in Osaka, 14 villages in Sumiyoshi Taisha, 8 villages in the Odawara domain), Kawachi countryKatano-gun1 villages (Kano DomainDepository)Met.

Since modern times

Meiji RestorationAfter that, the capital function is from KyotoTokyoOsaka temporarily declined due to the fact that it moved to Osaka and that the warehouse was no longer needed.Osaka was hit hard by the Meiji government's disposal of clan bonds, but commerce and industry developed mainly in the textile-related and other light industry sectors, and "OrientalManchester"The best commercial and industrial area in the Orient"[13] Is called, and the company that survives as a large company has risenMecenatWas actively done. In this eraHanshin ModernismIs called.1925 (TaishoIn 14), the city of Osaka merged with the surrounding area to expand the city area, and at that timeGreat Kanto EarthquakeWas hit byTokyo cityIt has become the city with the largest population in Japan (Great Osaka era).

During the warThe city was abandoned due to a thorough bombing of Amagasaki's machine shop, Chuo Ward's Mint, central commercial district, and port facilities.Also, during this period, a factory was relocated to the prefecture to avoid air raids, which became the basis of industry in the postwar satellite city.

After the war,High economic growthEntering the period,Hanshin Industrial AreaThe economy of Osaka prefecture, where the ratio of light industry was high, began to look like a blockage. Heavy industry, which was a flower industry at the time, was demilitarized after the war.Osaka Artillery ArsenalIt was hit hard by the disappearance of the ship (although there are many small and medium-sized enterprises as a complementary function, and there are still companies with roots in it), and it is attracted and enlarged on shallow coastlines such as Osaka Prefecture. It is said that it was difficult (as evidenced by the fact that there are many heavy industries in places where large ships can easily enter, such as between Hanshinkan) and that they were relocated to other lands as a measure against pollution.

In addition, the post-war legislation led to the decline of Osaka's unique servant system, and the focus of commerce moved to Tokyo.As a result, donations from wealthy people who supported Osaka culture with soil texture (meaning doshobone) that does not rely on the government decreased.Due to poor government leadership, economic and cultural power has declined.In addition to these1964 (Showa39 years)Factories Restriction Law, Industrial Relocation Promotion Act in 1972, 1973Factory location methodSuch asFactory three methodsWas enacted one after another. In 1966Central Region Development and Maintenance ActWas established and the manufacturing industryKinki areaからChukyo areaIt became a trigger to leak to and was a blow to Osaka.

1970 From March 3th to September 15th at the Senri Hills in Suita CityJapan World ExpositionWas held.AsiaThe 1970 Osaka Expo, which was held for the first time, attracted about 6,421 million visitors and was the largest expo at that time.The site of the venue is nowExpo Memorial ParkHas been maintained as.

1994 years,QuanzhouOffshoreKIXOpening of port.It will be the world's first fully artificial island maritime airport.After that, with the completion of the second island (second runway) in 2007, it became Japan's first complete 2-hour airport.

1995 (Heisei7 years)Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThen, the seismic intensity is about 4 in Osaka city[Annotation 2] Although there was little direct damage in the area, strong earthquakes hit areas such as Toyonaka City, killing 9 people and causing major damage to homes. Other,life lineIt was affected not a little by the disruption of transportation and paralysis of transportation.

The 1995th meeting held for the first time in Japan on November 11, 19APECSummit meeting held in Osaka City.

From around 1992 to 2008Summer olympicAlthough the idea of ​​attracting people was raised, in July 2001IOC General AssemblyLost in (Details).

In 2002FIFA World CupPart ofNagai StadiumIt was held in.The games will be played against England, against Japan, which decided the final tournament, and in the quarterfinals.

In 2007, at Nagai Stadium in Osaka City2007 World Athletics ChampionshipsWas held.AthleticsIt is the highest international competition for the country, and the number of participating countries has reached 200.

2018 May 6ToNorthern Osaka EarthquakeOccurs.OsakaKitaChayamachi,Takatsuki,Ibaraki City,Hirakata,Minoh CityWe observed a seismic intensity of 6 lower.It was the first time that an earthquake observing a seismic intensity of 6 lower occurred in Osaka prefecture since we started collecting statistics.

February 2018, 11 (Japan time),France・ Held in ParisBRBy the general meeting2025 International ExpoIt was decided to invite Osaka.

The 2019th G6 Summit, which will be held for the first time in Japan on June 28th and 29th, 14 (G20 Osaka Summit) Is Osaka CitySuminoe WardIt was held in.JapanesePrime Minister AbeAs chairmanPresident Trump(Rice),Putin(Dew),Xi Jinping Jintao(During),Prime Minister May(UK),President Macron(Buddha),Merkel(Germany) and others came to Osaka and became the largest ever at an international conference held in Japan.


Osaka PrefecturepopulationHas a nighttime population of about 884 million (3rd in Japan),Daytime populationIs about 924 million (second in the country).At noonCommuting-Commuting to schoolDue to such factors, there is an influx of nearly 70 people from neighboring prefectures (a net inflow of more than 40 people).Vital statistics are from other prefecturesForeign countriesDue to the influx of population fromTransferThe number of deaths is high while it is in excessBornSince the number is much higher than the number, in recent yearsEstimated populationIs on a slight downward trend. The number of over-migrants in Japan in 2020 was +13,356 (5th in Japan), and the number of births in 2020 wasBulletinThe number was 63,277 (second in the country) on a value basis.

2015 CensusLooking at the population increase and decrease from the previous survey, there is uneven distribution in Osaka city depending on the ward.9 central wards of OsakaWhile the population is increasing, the northern and southernmost wards are declining.Looking at the entire prefecture,OsakaHokusetsuWhile the population is increasing in the areaHanoiWith the areaQuanzhouIn the area, the population is declining.

The highest rate of increase in 72 cities, wards, towns and villages that divided Osaka and Sakai into wards is

  • 1st = Chuo-ku, Osaka, 2nd = Naniwa-ku, Osaka, 3rd = Kita-ku, 4th = Nishi-ku, Osaka, 5th = Tennoji-ku, Osaka, 6th = Fukushima-ku, Osaka

On the other hand,

  • 1st place = Nose Town, 2nd place = Chihayaakasaka Village, 3rd place = Toyono Town, 4th place = Misaki Town, 5th place = Nishinari Ward, Osaka City, 6th place = Taisho Ward, Osaka City.[14].

According to the preliminary figures for the 2021nd year of the Reiwa census released in June 6, the population of Osaka Prefecture was 2, an increase of 8,842,523 from the previous survey.Osaka Prefecture was the only municipality that turned from a decrease to an increase compared to the previous time.Looking at the population increase and decrease from the previous survey, the uneven distribution of the area became larger, and the uneven distribution of the population in the central part of the city, the coastal area and the southern part became even larger in Osaka city.As in the previous time, the Hokusetsu area increased, with Suita City surpassing 3,054 and Toyonaka City surpassing 38 again.Takatsuki City and Settsu City, which had been on the decline until now, are also increasing, and the Hokusetsu area continues to win by one person.In the Kawachi area, Higashi-Osaka City had less than 40 people and Hirakata City had less than 50 people, and only Moriguchi City and Osakasayama City increased.In the Senboku and Sennan areas, the number is decreasing in all local governments except Tajiri Town.

Population distribution by age in Osaka and Japan (2005)Osaka Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Osaka Prefecture
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Prefectural government

Osaka Prefectural Government

Since fiscal 2014, Osaka Prefecture has implemented a business to provide health information such as medicines, infectious diseases, specific medical examinations, and incurable disease subsidy programs to 185 pharmacies in the prefecture to support the health promotion of residents. Satisfaction of visitors is also "Generally well received"[15].

Administrative and financial reform

2006SettlementExpected to be 4 million yendebtThe amount is about 17 trillion yen in Tokyo,HokkaidoIt was the second largest scale after about 5 trillion yen.The real debt service ratio in 2,000 was 18%, the 15.6th in Japan.[16]..Therefore, if the progress is maintained as it is, in 2007Fiscal rebuilding organization(In a private company, "bankruptcyThe outlook specified in) was shown.It seemed that the fall of the financial reconstruction group in 2007 was avoided by the progress of the administrative and financial reforms, but the repayment of government bonds (debt) was partially postponed, and a total of about 3 billion yen was raised in three years. It was nothing more than a drastic solution to the problem.In addition, there was still the possibility of a financial reconstruction group falling due to the huge debt of a huge project such as the second phase of construction at Kansai International Airport.Moreover, in January 2,600, the problem of "hidden deficit" was discovered.

Since 2004, Osaka Prefecture has made it appear that the deficit is less than it actually is by postponing the repayment of debt.However, due to the repayment deadline, the number of government bonds increased sharply."I had no intention of hiding it," said a senior official of the prefecture. "I had to take this approach to avoid falling into a reconstruction organization."Regarding the repayment method of local bonds, 10% of the principal will be repaid in the 42th year and the rest will be refinanced according to the notification of the former Ministry of Home Affairs.[Annotation 3] It is supposed to be[17].Extraordinary financial measures bond[Annotation 4] Increased from 1 billion yen to 7167 billion yen.The balance of government bonds decreased from 2 billion yen to 2,853 billion yen[18].. January 2008, 1, at that timeFusae OtaThe governor of Osaka Prefecture officially acknowledged the fact, saying, "Measures to prevent becoming a reconstruction organization. It may be inappropriate, but it was unavoidable."[19].

2008 year 2 month,Tohashi HashishitaBecame the governor of Osaka Prefecture. "Osaka Metropolitan conceptDouble administrationAnnounced that it aims to "develop Osaka" with the spring of efficiency improvement by eliminating the problem.Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City estimate the "annual effect amount created by the city plan" to be up to 916 billion yen.[20]..In his second year in office, he achieved a financial surplus in Osaka Prefecture.[21].. Under the bridgeOsaka mayor electionAccompanied by a race2011 Osaka Governor ElectionThen, Hashishita will be the representativeOsaka Restoration SocietySecretary-General Ichiro Matsui was elected (Hashishita was elected mayor of Osaka).

In 2012, we achieved repayment of more than 5,500 billion yen of prefectural debt (prefectural bonds), and the prefectural savings increased from 10 billion yen to 800 billion yen.[22].

Successive elected governors

TenureNameNumber of wins
November - NovemberBunzo Akama(Akaman Bunzou3 times
November - NovemberYoshitoshi Sato(Ginsen Sato3 times
November - NovemberRyoichi Kuroda(Kuroda Ryoichi2 times
November - NovemberKishi Masaru(Kishikae3 times
November - NovemberKazuo Nakagawa(Nakazu Kazuo1 times
November - NovemberYamada Isamu(Isamu Yamada(Knock Yokoyama)2 times
November - NovemberFusae Saito(Saito(Fusae Ota)2 times
November - NovemberTohashi Hashishita(Toru Hashimoto1 times
November[23] - NovemberIchiro Matsui(Ichirou2 times
November -Yoshimura Hirofumi(Yoshimura Hirofumi1 times

Osaka Prefectural Assembly


  • Fiscal strength index 0.79
    • I Group (Financial Power Index 0.5 or higher) 17nd out of 2 municipalities
  • Fiscal strength index 0.75
    • I Group (Financial Power Index 0.5 or higher) 16nd out of 3 municipalities
  • Standard financial scale ¥1 billion
  • General account revenue 3 billion yen
  • General account expenditure 3 billion yen
  • Real balance of general account △135 million yen (deficit) It is rare that the real balance of the prefecture is in the red.
  • Current account ratio 96.6% (prefectural average 92.6)
  • Real debt service ratio: 16.7% (prefecture average: 14.7%) *Note: The figures are not accurate because the figures were used during the period of governor Ota.
  • Municipal bond per capita current outstanding amount 49 yen (prefectural average 6296 yen)
  • Personnel expenses per person, property expenses, etc. settlement amount 10 yen (prefectural average 6621 yen)
  • Number of employees per population 100,000: 977.61 (prefecture average: 1,173.11)
  • Laspeyres index 97.0 (Prefecture average 99.6)

Balance of local bonds, etc.

  • Local account balance of local account 4 million yen
  • Local government bond (corporate bond) balance of special account such as public enterprises 5312 million yen
  • Debt balance of the third sector (including foundations) 3 million yen
    • Major breakdown: Osaka Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation 1390 million yen Osaka Prefecture Highway Corporation 6000 million yen Osaka Prefecture Land Development Corporation 1218 million yen

Total of local bonds, etc. 5 million yen (consolidated accounting)

  • Balance of local bonds, etc. per Osaka citizen 58 yen (consolidated accounting)
    • In terms of the amount of local bond outstanding per citizen of the prefecture, for example, there are prefectures with more severe financial conditions than Osaka prefecture, such as Shimane prefecture 140 yen and Tottori prefecture 3407 100 yen.
  • Fiscal strength index 0.71
    • I Group (Financial Power Index 0.5 or higher) 10nd out of 3 municipalities
  • Fiscal strength index 0.69
    • I Group (Financial Power Index 0.5 or higher) 8nd out of 3 municipalities

National politics

House of Representatives OfSmall districtIs 19.House of CouncilorsThen, 1 ward is constructed in all prefectures.

Economic and industrial

Cities such as Chuo Ward and Kita Ward in Osaka CityCentraldistrict(Downtown) AsOsaka metropolitan areaOrKeihanshin metropolitan areaFormed.These are some of the biggest in the worldEconomic zoneIs.Osaka prefectureDefinitionAbove, the whole area belongs to the Osaka metropolitan area.

Incidentally,Takatsuki,HirakataAlthough the cities in northeastern Osaka are in the Osaka metropolitan areaKyoto CityMany commute to work or school.SimilarlyKyoto,ShigaEach city ofDefinitionAboveKyoto metropolitan areaAlthough it is included in, many people commute to work or school in Osaka.HyogoEven on the sideKobe metropolitan areaA similar case has occurred with Keihanshin, which is rare in the world.Metroplex(Complex metropolitan area) ”(independent metropolitan areas are connected / one metropolitan area → all are applicable).As a similar caseAmerica OfDallas/Fort Worth Complex Metropolitan AreaIs mentioned.

Osaka prefectureCommercial(Primary industry) AndIndustrial(Primary industry) Is highly developedPrimary industryThe ratio is low.In recent yearsInternational tourismThe industry is also thriving, and foreigners in 2019touristThe visit rate was the highest in Japan.In addition, the city of the future prefecturepolicyAs,life scienceIndustry金融The company plans to focus on industry.

Osaka Prefecture's gross domestic product exceeds 40 trillion yen,Denmark and Malaysia OfGDPHas an economic scale that exceeds[24]..In the Keihanshin metropolitan areaGross productExceeds 80 trillion yen,Saudi Arabia,トルコ OfGDPComparable to.

The United Kingdom Ofthink tank2021 "World" announced byFinancial centerOsaka is ranked as the 32nd largest financial center in the world in the Index (GFCI)[25].


Gross domestic product
Heisei 1538 billion yen40 billion yenConfirmation
Heisei 1638 billion yen40 billion yenConfirmation
Heisei 1739 billion yen41 billion yenEarly estimation
Heisei 2135 billion yen38 billion yenConfirmation
Heisei 2638 billion yen37 billion yenConfirmation
Heisei 2838 billion yen37 billion yenConfirmation
Heisei 2940 trillion070000 million yen38 billion yenConfirmation
Source: Osaka Prefectural Accounts[26]


Main industrial parks in Osaka

Main companies with head office and head office in Osaka Prefecture

Following the Tokyo metropolitan area, there are the second largest companies with their head office and head office in Osaka Prefecture.

Electric machinery
Content industry, entertainment, sports
Fiber products
Construction/civil engineering
Housing/real estate industry
Cars and related
Other industries
Foundations, corporations, etc.

Life and transportation





Tokyo·Kanagawa-Nara-OkinawaLike all railroad lines in the prefectureElectrificationHas been done. However,West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan) from OsakaBantan LineLimited Express viaHamakazeFrom OsakaTakayama Main LineLimited Express via(Wide view) Hida"When,京都Departs and stops at Shin-Osaka Station, Osaka Station,Sanyo Main Line-Chizu Express-Cause lineLimited express viaSupermarketIsTokaido Main LineTo pass through the prefecture, but to pass the non-electrified section outside OsakaRailcarIs used. All JR lines are the same as in Kanagawa, Kagawa and Shiga prefectures.Main lineso,Local transportation lineDoes not exist. In addition, mainly in the suburbs of Osaka on the JR WestUrban networkIC in the areaBoarding cardof"ICOCAHas been introduced (except for some routes/sections).

The railway network in Osaka prefecture has a large proportion of private railways,Private Railway Kingdom/KansaiIs called. In addition, the electric railway companies in Osaka areDepartment store,HotelWe carry out diversified management such as. Furthermore, in October 2006Business integration between Hankyu and HanshinThen,Hankyu Hanshin Toho GroupWas born. Private railway companies andOsaka City High Speed ​​Electric Orbit In (Osaka Metro) etc., the Kansai common card system "Surutto KANSAI""PiTaPa"(All except some routes/sections) are available. Also,Automatic ticket gateHas a high maintenance rate,Kitasenri StationIs the first station installed in Japan. The only railroad track in JapanTransportation IC card nationwide mutual use servicePrefectures that can use IC cards compatible with.

ShinkansenShin-Osaka Station is the only station in the prefecture. However, in the northeastern areas such as Takatsuki and Hirakata,Tokaido ShinkansenThe main way to transfer to is to use Kyoto Station in Kyoto Prefecture. Run in Osaka cityOsaka Metro Midosuji LineAnd JROsaka Loop LineThere are severalTerminal stationIs formed, and not only is it a wide area for access within the prefecture, but it is also a base for access to neighboring prefectures. For example,Railway station in Umeda area(Osaka station, Umeda station, etc.) is the largest terminal station in western Japan,Kobe City・To each downtown area of ​​Kyoto,Sannomiya20 minutes at the shortest (using JR),Shijo KawaramachiYou can go to (use Hankyu) in about 40 minutes.

Terminal station
Contact within Osaka Prefecture
Contact to neighboring prefectures
Contact to major cities in Japan


In addition to this, the local government operates by consigning it to a private company.Community busThere is also.


In winter, roads in the plains of Osaka Prefecture are rarely covered with snow, so automobile tires are available all year round.Radial tireYou can drive in.

toll road
General national road
Main local roads/general prefectural roads


KeihanshinMetropolitan areaIs the main airport ofKansai three airportsOf these, 2 airports exist in Osaka Prefecture. The other one isKobe AirportIn KobePort IslandIt exists offshore.

  • Osaka International Airport(Osaka Airport/Itami Airport)-"Osaka Second Airfield" opened in 1939. An airport that spans Toyonaka, Ikeda, and Itami, Hyogo prefectures. Following the opening of Kansai International Airport,international"Airport" is the official name, with a few exceptions[Annotation 10] There are no international flights except for, and it is used as a main airport exclusively for domestic flights.
  • KIX(Kansai Airport/Kanku)-In 1994QuanzhouOpened offshore. Only one of the three Kansai Airports has regular international flights, and millions of passengers serve as the gateway to Japan's air in Kansai every year.[Annotation 11] OfForeignerTourismCustomers visit. Although it has fewer flights than Osaka International Airport, it has a well-developed domestic network.
  • Yao Airport -In 1933 the current Hanshin Flight SchoolTraining facilityInstalled as. No regular flights at small and medium-sized airports[Annotation 12] But,General aviationIt is a base ofwealthy classIs also used.SDF-Osaka Prefectural PoliceIncluding,公共 機関Also use.


International strategic port
International base port
Important port
Local port
  • Two-color port
  • Izumisano Port
  • Quanzhou Port
  • Ozaki Port
  • Awawa Port
  • Shenzhen Port
Fishing port
  • Sakai (Dejima) fishing port
  • Ishizu fishing port
  • Takaishi fishing port
  • Kishiwada fishing port
  • Sano Fishing Port (Sano Food Complex)
  • Tajiri fishing port
  • Okada fishing port
  • Nishi Tottori fishing port
  • Shimoso fishing port
  • Awawa Fishing Port
  • Fukaichi Fishing Port
  • Kojima fishing port

Medical and welfare

  • Osaka Restoration SocietyWith the cooperation of Osaka Cancer Circulation Prevention Center, based on the analysis result of the receipt data, reviewed the management of the hospital in order to generate the budget necessary for improving medical services.[27]
  • In 2019, the first system in Japan to cover "treatment costs for childhood cancer patients" at public expense was established.Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy CenterNow, let's concentrate the radiation on the cancer cellsHeavy ion radiotherapyHowever, public medical insurance is not currently applied to "treatment costs for childhood cancer patients".[28]. 

Disaster base hospital

Licensed Nursery School


  • In Osaka Prefecture, private high schools are basically free.Osaka Restoration SocietyAchieved a free of charge by "reducing the number of members of the Osaka Prefectural Assembly" and "disposing of problematic staff."[29].
  • As an organization for the purpose of exchange between universities in Osaka prefecture, exchange with the Osaka business community, exchange with high schools in Osaka prefecture, dissemination of internships, etc.University Consortium OsakaThere is. Also, as a similar organization by universities and junior colleges in the South Osaka area,South Osaka Area University ConsortiumThere is.


National University Corporation
Public university corporation
Private universities
Branch of foreign university

other than thisFudan universityIs reported to be opening a base[30].

Junior college

College of technology

Vocational school

Special school

high school

Junior high school

primary school



Mass media

Newspapers and news agencies


National internet programsOf course, for Kansai 2 and 4 prefecturesLocal showThere are many stations that are actively producing.Mostly in the national networkQuasi-key stationIt is positioned in. ..

Wide area broadcasting, prefectural broadcasting, foreign language broadcasting

Broadcast target areaIs NHK Osaka (general / FM), TV Osaka and FM Osaka, FM802Osaka Prefectureonly. FM COCOLO is located in Osaka City, Sakai City, Higashi Osaka City, and Kansai International Airport.OthersKinki wide area(2 prefectures and 4 prefectures). Except for NHK and Yomiuri TV, there is only one commercial TV station.TokushimaBut it's available on most cable TV.

Regarding the master station transmission station of terrestrial digital television and FM radio, and the main relay station of FM complementary broadcasting, each station included in the broadcasting target area other than Osaka PrefectureIkomayamaIs placed in. NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station's general TV is also a prefectural broadcast, but it is installed in Mt. Ikoma.The stations in the area targeted for broadcasting only in Osaka Prefecture are TV Osaka at the western foot of Mt. Ikoma, and FM stations in Daito City.Mt. IimoriIt is jointly installed in.

In Osaka prefectureradikoIn addition to the stations located in Osaka Prefecture, you can listen to the radio atRadio kansai-Kiss FM KOBE-KBS KyotoHowever, free listening is possible.

Community broadcasting

Cable TV

Operates in OsakaCable TVHas been consolidated and integrated into the following groups.

In Osaka prefecture, HFC cable TV cannot be watched only in Takaishi City, Toyono-gun (Nose-cho/Toyono-cho), Minamikochi-gun (Henan-cho/Taishi-cho/Chihaya-Akasaka-mura), the mountains of Hirakata and Ibaraki. In these areas, FTTH eo optical television can be viewed as an alternative. Hirakata City was onceKay CatWas discontinued due to the merger with K Opticom and the aging of HFC facilities.



Food culture:

local cuisine

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Traditional crafts


Folk song

Local song


Sightseeing and historic sites

world Cultural Heritage

The city of Sakai, Fujiidera and Habikino"Mozu Kofun Group and Furuichi Kofun Group"On July 2019, 7world Cultural HeritageRegistered in.[31].

Mozu Bird Burial Mounds

  • Emperor NintokuLing Ancient Tomb (Mt. Ooyama Ancient Tomb)
  • EmperorBurial mound
  • Anti-Shrine Emperor's Mausoleum
  • Itsuke old tomb
  • Nisanzai Tomb

Etc., 47 units.

Old city tombs

Etc., 123 units.

Cultural property

Special historical site

Historic site

  • Itsuke old tomb
  • Abuyama Tumulus
  • Aman Ruins
  • Itsusuka burial mounds
  • Ruins of Kawachiji Temple
  • Kaikaiji Ruins
  • Kannonzuka Tumulus
  • Sumiyoshi Gyomiya Ruins
  • Kanshinji precinct
  • Iwaya


Important traditional buildings preservation area

Natural treasure

Scenic spot

Important intangible folk cultural properties

Selected Intangible Folk Cultural Property

  • Kami Kamiya no Odori
  • Nose Joruri

Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property

  • Private house (Shirakawa Gassho structure)
  • Backpack carrier collection
  • Oshirasama Collection

National treasure (building)

National treasure (arts and crafts)

56 (as of November 2010)[Annotation 13]

Important cultural property (building)

98 cases 169 cases (as of November 2010)
List of important cultural properties of buildings in the Kinki region# OsakaSee

Important cultural property (arts and crafts)

597 (as of November 2010)

Registered tangible cultural property

513 (as of November 2010). Most in each prefecture[35].


Kita Ward, Osaka City
Chuo Ward, Osaka City
Tennoji Ward, Osaka City
Naniwa Ward, Osaka City
Osaka Abeno Ward/Sumiyoshi Ward/Higashi Sumiyoshi Ward/Hirano Ward
Osaka City Konohana Ward/Minato Ward
Suminoe Ward, Osaka City
Out of Osaka

Cultural theater

Cultural facility

Foreign relations

Friendship Exchange City

Osaka PrefectureFriendship Exchange CityIs as follows[36].

Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku-Shanghai1980
Indonesian flag Indonesia-East Java1984
French flag France-Val d'Oise1987
Australian flag Australia-Queensland1988
Russian flag ロシア-Primorsky Territory1992
United States flag America-California1994
Italian flag イタリア-Lombardy2002
United Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates-Dubai city2002
Vietnam flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-Ho Chi Minh City2007

Other exchange cities

In addition, we are promoting substantial exchanges with the following cities[36].

Flag of the People's Republic of China China·Jiangsu

Works set in Osaka Prefecture



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