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😀 | If you are raising a child, please read the manga "The Story of Your Own Parfait".Contents of 6 pages drawn

Photo from Mr. Nakayama Twitter / Via Twitter: @ musashi0303

Those who are raising children should especially read the manga "The Story of Your Own Pafe".Contents of 6 pages drawn

If you write the contents roughly
I think both are very important in everyday life.

The manga "The story of your own parfait" is a hot topic.Mr. Nakayama, a nurse and illustrator, is on Twitter ... → Continue reading

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Everyday life

Everyday life(Nichijo Seikatsu) is repeated every dayLifeThat.

Specifically, the events that are repeated in everyday lifeCustomMovement, the way of thinking of things used there,knowledge(common sense), contacted items (some of them areDaily necessitiesCalled)) and so on. However, when comparing the facts of everyday life,History,cultureAnd also often varies greatly from person to person. What is natural in one's daily life is special in other people's daily life,InsaneKnowing that things often lead to intellectual surprises and lessons for people. At the same time, it may be surprising to find common sense that is common among people who live too different daily lives. The patterns of everyday life often become traditional culture when it lasts. Also,TimeThe landscape and the way of thinking and the psychology of people that change with the flow of are also called the world.

In addition to things that are repeated daily, they are repeated every yearEvent,traditional culture, Which characterize the seasonTraditional poetryAnd so on, sometimes get attention as a key to understanding everyday life.

Such daily life isHistory(EspeciallySocial history),Cultural anthropology,folklore,Sociology, And so on.

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