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📷 | Photo exhibition of the real faces of A-bomb survivors Nagasaki Peace Museum

Photo Exhibition: Nagasaki Peace Museum, Nagasaki City, with black-and-white photographs of A-bomb survivors such as Sakue Shimohira

Photo exhibition of the real faces of the A-bomb survivors Nagasaki Peace Museum

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In July of last year, he published a photo book with the same name as the exhibition at his own expense.

At the Nagasaki Peace Museum in Matsugaemachi, Nagasaki, a total of 45 photographs, including black-and-white photographs of the real faces of the A-bomb survivors, were collected ... → Continue reading

 Nagasaki Shimbun

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Self-publishedWhat is (Jihishuppan)?BookSomething likeMediaSo the author pays for himselfPublicationIt is to be.As a specific example, publications created independently by companies and local governments,HobbiesA collection of picture books and poetry works made in Japan,My historyAnd so on.


Self-funded publishing means "a word that refers to the case where the author bears the cost of publishing", and it is not an act of distributing to a large number of readers, and the content is extremely diverse.[1]..Basically, it is not sold at bookstores, and the author bears the entire production cost.[2]..There is no distinguishing difference between self-published books and commercial-published books in the publications themselves.

Many self-funded publications, mainly books,Publication agencyUnlike ordinary commercial publications sold at bookstores through a distribution agency called, you cannot expect profits from selling in the market.For this reason, since established publishers do not undertake publishing, it was common for printing companies to directly undertake the manufacturing from individuals.Mainly since 1990, the number of publishers specializing in self-funded publishing and publishers who undertake self-funded publishing at the same time as commercial publishing has increased against the background of the increase in individuals who publish at their own expense and the publishing recession.[3].. After 2000, we will recruit authors from major newspapers, etc. with the selling point of "selling at bookstores" by contracting directly with bookstores.Co-publishingThe "type" method and the "publication award type" method, which also promotes publication award recruitment in major newspapers and guides winning works to self-funded publication, have appeared.

While commercial publishing bears all risks, including the possibility of a loss in publishing, on the publisher side and makes profits from sales through sales efforts, self-funded publishing receives a fee from the author who received the order and receives the book. It is based on a fundamentally different business model of making money by publishing.Therefore, it is extremely rare for a vanity press to sell a large number of copies.

In recent years, "Electronic publishingWith the birth of a new form of book, it has become possible to publish at your own expense, which is different from the existing publication on paper media.Conventional self-funded publishing has high hurdles such as "high publishing costs" and "negotiation with publishers", but e-books have "low initial fees or free" and "no need to go through publishers" on the Internet. Anyone who has enough knowledge to use the book can publish it.Electronic publishingIs relatively possible by myself, but there are already many publishing agencies.


Various troubles have occurred over self-funded publishing[4][5][6].

ShinfushaPosts advertisements on the web and in monthly magazines, holds publicly-offered literary awards for novels and poetry about 30 times a year, and "feels the potential" for those who have applied for these contests. It gave the impression that it was specially selected, such as "there was a recommendation from the selection committee", and solicited to use the company's own-funded publishing service, which costs 63 to 100 million yen in total. However, 6% of the contest winners were forged.In the fraudulent-level sales talk that was said at the self-funded publishing briefing session, there was a voice from the writer that "it is impossible", and since 2007, troubles related to bookstore distribution self-funded publishing have become a social problem, so NPO The Japan Vanity Press Network has formulated guidelines[7].

Content reliability

There are many different levels of content, and privately-owned publications are ridiculed as "manju books" at second-hand bookstores, meaning "books to be distributed instead of funeral buns."[1]..Broadcast writer Ryuta Watanabe states, "Authors who only deal with vanity presses are worthless. In other words, even if you publish at your own expense, you can sell the same as a lottery ticket."[8].

Vanity presses tend not to be recognized by experts because they are not edited by editors or peer-reviewed by researchers.Satoshi Eguchi"Be careful of books that easily make claims that try to completely upset the conventional way of thinking, and books that easily solve difficult problems." "Experts do not understand because they are stiff. "Most of the people who are doing things like" What is the power hidden in conventional studies? "" "There is no decent research that does not firmly hold down conventional research."[9].


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