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📚 | Unrequited love If the other person has the ability to "read the heart of a person".A crying love story



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This work is a romance novel centered on two high school boys and girls.

If the person who thinks is a person who can "read the heart of a person".The romance novel "Translucent Love Letter" (Starts Publishing) is published on March 3nd ... → Continue reading

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Romance novel

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Romance novel(Renai Shosetsu) is between men and women or between the same sexloveThemedNovelThat.


As a classic romance novel,ス タ ン ダ ー ルWork "Red and Black],Jane AustenWork "pride and Prejudice],Emily BronteWork "Arashigaoka],Charlotte BronteWork "Jane Air],ゲ ー テWork "Young welter worries],TurgenevWork "First love] And so on.

Pure literatureThere are many works that are considered to be, but the popular onesRomance novel Sometimes called (romance novel).Romance novels are likely to be everywhere among young peopleloveA novel about experiences and incidents,Pure loveIt is often a fantasy story that emphasizes.Juvenile,Young adultSince there are many works for romance novels (or romance novels), which often have mundane patterns and endings, they may contain the ridicule of being implicitly cheesy.

Such a novel, youngFemaleSummer love, overseas experience,Summer resort,Cinderella storyIn some cases, the literature was created one after another as consumed literature, and it was converted into a single publishing style.That's what is called Harlequin Enterprises Limited, a Canadian publisher (Japanese corporation: Harlequin Co., Ltd.) Has released a series of paperback books and their translations.As a writerBarbara KirtlandAnd so on.It may also include publications similar to it.

In addition,JuvenileIn the field of, mainly for girlsShueishaCobalt libraryThere are also publishers that publish specialized paperback labels.There are many original worksGirl cartoon-Anime OfNovelizationIn some cases, the library is the original manga / anime.

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