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👩‍🎤 | Enako and Vtuber will perform live in AR <V-Carnival>!

Photo Enako, Vtuber will perform live <V-Carnival> in AR!

Enako and Vtuber will perform live <V-Carnival> in AR!

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Also, on April 4th (Sun), the Kano sisters (Kyoko Kano / Mika Kano) have been selected as special guests.

[Click here for images] Enako will hold a VTuber live online on April 4rd (Sat) and 3th (Sun) <V -... → Continue reading


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Kano sisters

Kano sistersIs theKyoko KanoWith (Kyoko Kano)Mika KanoA unit made up of two people (Kanoumi).Family registerNot my sister.モデル,tv settalent,作家,Movie producer, Activities such as the release of exercise videos are wide-ranging. As a title, he used to call himself “Total Beauty Advisor”, “Total Life Advisor”, and “Lifestyle Advisor”, but now he is calling himself “Celebrity Lifestyle Producer”.

Mika Kano (Mika Tamai) still existsJapan OfMiss ContestHas the oldest history inMiss japan20th (1988) Miss Nippon Grand Prix Winner[2].


Kyoko Kano

Kyoko Kano(Kyoko Kano) The sister of Kano sisters. In the early days of entertainment,Sugimoto Elsa(Eruza Sugimoto) is active under the stage name, September 1984 issue "Mediocre punchSeparate volume” (Heibon Publishing) Is performing semi-nude gravure.

I like big insects, and when I go to a bookstore, I buy all kinds of insect pictorial books.[5].. Especiallyア リLike a big black antAnt QuariumI used to keep a name for each animal, such as "Elizabeth" and "Anthony".[5][6]However, he asked Mika to return naturally to eat cannibalized (Mika went to the base of Mt. Fuji by car and released it because it was useless in Tokyo).[6].Bengal CatI have a pet and love it. However, most of the care is left to Mika.

Under hair ThePermanent hair removalAnd that part of the butterflyタ ト ゥ ーHas been applied. In addition to the tattoo, Kyoko himself drew a sketch on the left palm with the letter "Kano" on the left palm.White tigerThe figure is carved.

The men around him are called "men's". Among them, a man with a good looking appearance is called a "good looking guy." Most of them are Kyoko's favorite males in their early twenties[7]To be active worldwideSupermodelThere are many[8].. Members often change[9].

Mika Kano

Mika Kano(Mika Kanou) The sister of Kano sisters. In the early days of entertainment,Mika Tamai,Tamano HikariThe stage name is (Tamano Hikari), and he works in gravure and publishes a photo book. 20th1988Miss japanGrand Prix[Note 1].. 1988,Nippon TVMidnight program "11PM] Regular appearance as a cover girl on Monday.movies"Take me to ski''If she turned into a swimsuit] Has also appeared. High School days,Hanshin TigersA program that supportsWeekly Tora Tigers] As a program assistant.

Compared to Kyoko, he is a common sense person and calm. I am always trying to take care of my sister. Living life reversed day and nightNight manAnd sleep is 2-3 hours[10].. He is responsible for picking up his sister who makes a date almost every night, and sometimes holds the steering wheel himself and drives a car.

Owns and[11].GolfIs good at He has participated in the celebrity golf competition alone, and the gorgeous appearance of high-fashion clothes such as Chanel and Versace coordinated by his sister Kyoko as golf wear is often featured in the media.


1988, Japan's oldest and longest survivingMiss Contest"Miss japanWon the Miss Nippon Grand Prix at the 20th (1988)[2].

1997Aroundfashion magazine"25ansAs a “super reader”[12]Received enthusiastic support from female readers[13].. Their appearance isReader modelBecame an opportunity to gain general attention[14].. Also, at the same time, the wide show "Super wide","JustSection ofDry Pico fashion check], will be taken up frequently. Immediately after that, there is a section for information about women's beauty, "Just" doesn't make beauty in a day.


2009May 1,Amoeba blogOpened the official weblog "ABUNAI SISTERS". This is modeled on Kano sistersProduction IGIt was taken from the name of the animation produced, and it seems that Kyoko thought "ABUNAI", an American drama "HEROES"At the innerMashi OkaI want to make it popular following the globally popular "Yatter!"JapaneseThat's it. Immediately after the establishment, it has been a regular member of the top rankings and has won the number one celebrity ranking on January 2009, 1.[15].. Around July 2009, the blog was temporarily suspended due to Kyoko's LASIK surgery.[16].. It resumed on August 2009, 8.

August 2016, 7,TwitterThe general user said, “Recent Kyoko Kano,JojoIsn't it the best?"Jojo standingWith a comment "It's like and cool", Kyoko's posing picture posted on Kano Sister's blog was picked up and tweeted, many retweets were called and Kano sisters have an account on Twitter I didn't, but on the blog on July 7, the same year, I heard that the topic was talked about with the title of "JoJo's Kujo Jotaro, Touhou Josuke, DIO Like!?", Mika But"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure』I read more about it, Kyoko was interested in this work as a result of this topic[17].. After that, when I posted on the blog that I was often interested in subculture, I received more comments that praised the sisters' style as if they were two-dimensional characters. In order to respond to that voice, of female characters appearing in animation and mangaCosplayI started to try to upload photos and gained a new readership.

Comic market

Once two people (especially Mika) became known to have an understanding of manga and anime,Comic marketTo get interested in the topic. When I posted on my blog that I would go to "Comiket 2016" held in December 12, "Payment is cash instead of card. If you prepare in banknotes, 91 yen bills are desirable." "Walking in a large venue The readers gave advice, such as "Avoid high heeled shoes" and "Please refrain from putting in the participants", and the sisters obeyed them obediently. When they actually visited the venue and experienced the unique atmosphere, they began to show their willingness to join the club.

When I posted on my blog that I would be exhibiting at “Comiket 2017” that will be held in the summer of 92, many comments and advices were posted in the comment section regarding the points to be noted for application and whether or not to pass or fail. The Kano sisters went through them, re-issued any questions or doubts in the blog post, and responded to them by readers. The attitude did not change until the day of participation in August of the same year when the notification of acceptance was received. On August 8, 2017, participated in "Comiket 8" as "Fabulous Kano Gumi" and "Precious M Group". The distribution of goods (sales of goods) was left to the dedicated staff, and Kano sisters dedicated to handing out the specially made business card made for this day to each visitor and calling out.[18].. In addition, inappropriate high resale[19]On the same day, it announced that it will make and sell additional goods by order production.

On the 92th, the day after exhibiting at Comike 12, doujinshi etc. will be sold.Toranoana"A new CM has been announced. Then, speculative and ridiculous words appeared on twitter, such as "Isn't Comiket participating in advertising/promotion?" In response to these situations, the blog updated on August 8 denied that it was "factless". He pointed out that the time series was not established between the time when he applied for Comiket and when there was an offer for commercials, and he was blamed to the Comiket participants and those who value their culture.[20].. On December 12 of the same year, participated in the Comike 29 circle. It seemed like I had to cancel all the Christmas date schedules and put all the 93 photobooks that were distributed with autographs. Like last time, it was well received because of the popularity of being able to wait for a few hours, but this time it was announced that it will refrain from participating in the circle. In the future, he says he intends to enjoy Comiket by "public participation" to obtain distributions that interest the sisters.[21].



In April 2000, a man who had a close relationship with Kyoko Kano published an exposure book titled "Caesar's Melancholy." Later, Kyoko Kano appealed for defamation and demanded an injunction to stop publication, but the final decision was made by removing the photo of Kyoko Kano from Obi.[22].

Broadcasted on Kansai Television on June 2005, 6Emi-chan"ToMisato OkadaWhen she appeared, she said, "My husband invited me to play a little?", "Did you use Koshinsho?" A person is specified because the narration with "that big sister" flowed along with the initials. On the other hand, Kano side filed a lawsuit against the Tokyo District Court for defamation and damages totaling about 1100 million yen, saying "the statement is not true." On July 2006, 7, the Tokyo District Court found that it had an effect on social evaluation, and issued a judgment ordering Okada to pay a total of about 28 yen.[23].

In 2005Nakamura Usagi Miss DeriherWorked at a sex shop asShincho 45, The source name used was Kyoko Kano, so Kano sent a proof of content as "defamation and infringement of publicity" to the editor-in-chief of "Shincho 45" and protested.[24].

In 2014Saizo WomanKano is a celebrity in a place where people usually see her in a jersey.[Note 2]The article was written when it became a figure. The Kano sisters protested against this, and Cyzo Woman posted an apology as a content that the fact cannot be confirmed[25].

Fuji Television apologizes for the telop of "26 years of experience"

Broadcast on November 2011, 11,Fuji Television Network, Inc"I can smileWhen he made a guest appearance in "," he tells "26 years of experience" in the telop,Hiroya YamazakiAlso introduced "26 years of experience", at the end of the commercial after the cornerTakahashi MaasaHowever, he apologized, "All the information about the career of Mr. Kano was incorrect. I am sorry to correct it."[26].



  • Kano sisters
    • “BUTTERFLISTA is all about love. (2010)
  • Kyoko
    • "IL VENTO E LE ROSE I love you, I love you"-Kyoko Kano's first starring movie based on Kyoko's book "Triorism".
  • Mika

Video work

  • Kano sisters
    • "KYOKO KANO + MIKA KANO LOVE & BEAUTY I Make Love" (September 2001, 9, Pony Canyon) VHS, DVD
    • "KYOKO KANO + MIKA KANO LOVE & BEAUTY II Kissing" (September 2001, 9, Pony Canyon) VHS, DVD
    • 『KYOKO KANO+MIKA KANO LOVE & BEAUTY Ⅲ Loving』(2001年10月17日、ポニーキャニオン)VHS、DVD
    • "KYOKO KANO + MIKAKANO Kyoko's Eyes MIRAGE" (December 2002, Pony Canyon) DVD
    • "Kyoko Kano + Mika Kano SUPER BEAUTY" (May 2003, 5, Pony Canyon) DVD
    • "Kano Sisters FABULOUS MAX ~ Another Full Nude Photobook Too Beautiful ~" (July 2004, Pony Canyon) DVD
    • "Kyoko Kano + Mika Kano SUPER BEAUTY Ⅲ SEXY DIET with POLE DANCE" (September 2007, 9, Pony Canyon) DVD
  • Kyoko
    • "Kyoko Kano's SUPER BEAUTY BODY MAKING 1st STAGE KYOKO'S DAYLY LIFE You can be beautiful just by walking / 2nd STAGE KYOKO'S DAYLY EXERCISES Daily Exercise" (August 2000, Pony Canyon) VHS (8 volumes), DVD (2 discs)
    • "KYOKO KANO'S NON-FICTION HEAVENLY BEAUTY" (August 2000, 8, Pony Canyon) VHS, DVD
  • Mika
    • "Dokkin Island" (1989, Continental Shobo) VHS * Under the name of Hikari Tamano
    • "Dockin Hunter on the South Island" (1990, Continental Shobo) VHS * Under the name of Hikari Tamano
    • "Mika Kano MIKA KANO INNOCENT BEAUTY" (November 2000, 11, Pony Canyon) VHS, DVD
    • "Mika Kano INNOCENTBEAUTY II Vacance with Angelic Mika" (December 2000, 12, Pony Canyon) VHS, DVD
    • "Sweet Goddess" (September 2007, 9, Pony Canyon) DVD * Includes photos and videos from the photobook of the same name.

Books and photo books

  • Kano sisters
    • "FABULOUS BODY-Kyoko Kano + Mika Photobook" (July 2000, Bauhaus)
    • "Monthly Kano Sisters Special-Super celebrity Kano sisters" (January 2010, Shinchosha)
    • "Kyoko Kano Mika Kano Photobook Fabulous Hot" (September 2010, Kodansha)
    • "FABULOUS COSPLAY WORLD" (December 2018, 12, Genkosha)
  • Kyoko
    • "Kyoko Kano's Super Beauty" (August 1999)
    • "Taste of Honey-Millennium Muse" (December 1999)
    • "INNOCENT BEAUTY -Kyoko Kano Photo Essay-" (December 2000, Pony Canyon)
    • "HEAVENLY BEAUTY Kyoko kano'S Non-Fiotion" Published by: Pony Canyon, Released by: Fusosha Publishing
    • "Kyoko Kano Triolism (3P)" (January 2006, Shogakukan)
    • "Kyoko Kano Love & Sex" (March 2007, 3)
    • "Fabulous beauty" kyoko kano "/ Fabulous Beauty" (April 2008, 4)
    • "Twelve months of Kyoko Kano's jewelery" (August 12, 2008, Theory Publishing Co., Ltd. Yori Michi Pan! Sebeler)
    • "KOKO" (March 2009, 3)
    • "Kyouko Kano's too beautiful miracle celebrity skin for you "Beauty doesn't take a day" (June 1, 2012)
    • "Kyoko Kano Happiness Day Turning 31 Philosophy Even if one million people are having fun, there is nothing to enjoy," You, the only one in the world, "will not force you to laugh. (December 100, 2015)
  • Mika
    • "Be Cool!" October 1989, Continental Shobo)-Hikari Tamano *Photobook
    • "Sweet Goddess" (April 2006, Bauhaus) Photo: Kyoko Kano
    • "Sweet Goddess II" (November 2006, Bauhaus) Photo: Kyoko Kano
    • "Things that are stuck in your boobs" (September 2008, Kodansha)
    • "Melting" Kobunsha (August 2012)
    • "MeltingⅡ Precious Morning" (January 2018, 1, Kobunsha) Photo: Kyoko Kano

TV drama / animation

  • A strange story Autumn special edition "Too Unknown Man" (October 2002, Fuji TV) --Mika only
  • 11PM (1988, NTV) * Cover Girl
  • Journey to Shishiro Episode 1 (1989, NHK)-Mika only. Credit notation is "Mika Tamai"
  • Wandering Criminal Journey IIEpisode 6 "Limited Express Hitachi-Sent Engagement Ring" (November 1989, 11,TV AsahiSystem)-Mika only. Credit notation is "Takano Hikari"
  • Selfish ☆ Fairy Milmo de Pon! Goruden Episode 7 "Fair Fairy Milmo?" (2003May 11Broadcast,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Series)-"Gojasu fairy sisters" appeared as Kyora (Kyoko) and Mikali (Mika). *Voice actorFirst challenge work
  • Monstagio(2004-2008,Kids station)-Educational program for children.CGAppeared as characters, Super Beauty "Coco" (Kyoko) and "Mikarin" (Mika) (voice actor). Mika also released a CD under the name of Super Beauty Mikarin.
  • Yatterman(2nd work) Episode 7 "Celebrity sisters have a hard time colon!" (2008May 2Broadcast,YTV-Nittele(System) --Kyoko and Mika are both real-name guest characters (credit notation isKanouSisters) (voice actors)
  • Ochanomizu Rock Episode 2 (January 2018, 1, TV Tokyo)-Mika only

Talk show


  • "Salsa! Amai Ecstasy" (September 2000, Daiki)-Lyrics: Kyoko, Singing: Mika.
  • "O・SU・SO・WA・KE ~Purupurun's Kyu no Bon!~" (December 2004, 12, Pony Canyon)-Super Beauty Mikarin + K with Cutiemon Stars.

Original animation

An original DVD that uses the world's first US-Japan simultaneous gathering system and is fully reserved at the same time in the world. Released on March 2009, 3. 5DCG animation modeled on the Kano sisters. 3 episodes of short episodes recorded, the original illustration isSusumu MatsushitaIs in charge. The directorHiroyuki NakaoIs in charge. The production IG, which is famous overseas, is in charge of producing the work.[27].
A "gathering system that becomes cheaper as the number of reservations is collected" is adopted. The selling price will gradually drop from the initial price of 30,000 yen depending on the number of cumulative purchase applications, and the bottom price of 90,001 yen should have been sold for 2,500 or more sold. 500 first-come-first-served customers were given the privilege of inviting to the launch party and recording the name of the end roll, up to 1000 pieces were not for sale figures, and up to 2000 pieces were autographs.
The initial reservation deadline was January 2009, 1, but as of 29th, there were only about 29 reservations, so the deadline was extended until February 150th.[28].. Reservation acceptance ended at 2009:2 on February 20, 13, the final number of reservations is 00, and the price is 265 yen[29].


  • TakaraKano Sisters Gorgeous Doll/Glamor
    • Sister set doll. Both of them wear red dresses. The big difference is the small design, the ornaments, and the Kyoko doll has a white cape. Two body set ¥2, sold out.
  • Takara Kano Sisters Gorgeous Doll/Muse
    • In the version set for the same doll above, both wear mermaid skirt dresses. The big difference is the skirt hem design, the dress color is gold for Kyoko dolls, and silver for Mika dolls. Two body set ¥2, sold out.


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