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👍 | TOKIO Shigeru Joshima's spoofing Twitter appears!Taichi Kokubun denies "I'm the only one"

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TOKIO Shigeru Joshima's spoofing Twitter appears!Taichi Kokubun denies "I'm the only one"

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Regarding TOKIO, Tomoya Nagase left Johnny's office at the end of March.

Taichi Kokubun (XNUMX) of Johnny's popular group "TOKIO" has a Twitter account on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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Tomoya Nagase

Tomoya Nagase(Tomoya Nagase,1978<Showa 53>May 11 -) isJapan Ofミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン,Singer-songwriter,An actor,talent.. Long time agoJohnny's Office OfbandForm idol group ・TOKYOHe was the youngest member of the group and was also in charge of guitar and vocals.KanagawaI'm from


Entered Johnny's Office

My sister goes to Johnny's office without telling herResumeSend,1991Entered at the age of 13[3].. same year,Boy corpsMusical "SHOCK』[3].

Music activity

1994,TOKYOBecome a member of[3].. same yearMay 9As a vocalist,LOVE YOU ONLYMakes a CD debut with.

1997Tomoya Nagase solo projectTomoya with 3T[Annotation 2]In the nameBangles OfCoverThe song "ETERNAL FLAME"(Drama"D x D』Theme song) is on sale[5].

At TOKIO, in addition to vocalsguitar,Bruce HarpIn addition to playing, he sometimes writes, composes, and arranges the single song "Aim for tomorrow!, And the album also contains his own songs. In 2015Keisuke KuwataWas highly evaluated for his talent[6].

Appeared solo and aired in February 2009, "MTV unpluggedIn the live[7], In addition to 5 new songs written for the program, "AirshipAnd "Knockin'On Heaven's Door" covers[8].

2014, A junior groupKanjani EightThe song "Doya face lifeI wrote, composed and arranged the lyrics.

In 2016, the movie ``TOO YOUNG TO DIE! die young』In the rock bandHell map(Hells) is teamed up and is in charge of vocals and guitar as Killer K.

Actor activity

1993ToTwins teacher』First appearance in the drama. 1995 "Recommendation of Kakeochi』First starring. 1998,9 dramas a month"Days』Starred at the age of 19.from then"Ikebukuro West Gate Park''Tiger & Dragon"SuchKankuro MiyatoHe has appeared in many screenplays.Besides, "My☆Boss My☆Hero] And so on.2001と2003Fuji TV drama "Muco』, PlayedYuichiro SakurabaPublished a photo book under the name and released a CD[9].

2001 movie first appearance "Seoul』By acting in the next2002 OfThe 15th Nikkan Sports Film Newcomer AwardAward.

The leading serial drama "Broadcast in 2016"Fragile”Confidence Award Drama Award・ Received the "Starring Actor Award"[10].

Johnny's office leave

Belongs on July 2020, 2 (7nd year of Reiwa)Johnny's OfficeAnnounced that it will leave Johnny's office on April 2021, 4.[4][11]..After leaving the office, he will retire from the entertainment industry and create a new form of work from scratch without belonging to another office.[4].. He left TOKIO on March 2021, 3 and left Johnny's office.Broadcast on the same day "TOKIO KakeruWas the last media appearance before leaving[12].


yuanSMAP OfTakeshi KusagiIs the musical "Princess Ribbon』Co-starred.Each other likesSecond World WarIt is said that the story of jeans and military uniforms at that time will be exciting.The same goes for the second-hand clothing stores that I go to, and the rare value that I really wantedSukajanWas taken over from Kusanagi and said, "It's my treasure."[13].

KinKi Kids OfKoichi DomotoSince he is in the same grade, he has been a good friend since he was a junior. At the time of KinKi Kids' debut, he was shocked that he could not be a member of the group.[14].

HobbyMusic,bike,fishing,Fashionな ど[15].Shonan no Kaze OfRED RICEとYoung husbandIs a member of the same bike team[16].

Fighter-Professional wrestler OfShuichiro KatsumuraIs a childhood friend. "The story of my house』From that edge, Nagase to KatsumurawrestlingKatsumura also appears as the main cast, requesting supervision of the part[17].


Own composition

Songs written, composed, and arranged
  • BAD NAMED SONG (Album "Graffiti] Recording)
  • Neighbor (single "GREEN] Recording)
    • It is displayed as "Lyrics / Composition: Tom Nashville, Arrangement: Tom Nashville / KAM".
  • SCREAM (Album "glider] Recording)
  • Aiming for tomorrow! (Single "Aim for tomorrow!] Recording)
  • Gourmet Fighter! (Album "Harvest] Recording)
  • SONIC DRIVE! (Included in the album "Harvest")
  • Image (included in the album "Harvest")
  • sugar (album "sugar] Recording)
    • "Lyrics / Composition: Tomoya Nagase, Arrangement: TOKIO"
  • archive (album "17] Recording)
  • sometimes (included in album "17")
  • Lyric (single "Lyric] Recording)
  • Honton Toko (single "Honton Toko / Future] Recording)
  • Future (included in the single "Honton Toko / Future")
  • LOVE, HOLIDAY. (Single "LOVE, HOLIDAY.] Recording)
  • Phrase (included in the single "LOVE, HOLIDAY.")
  • Heart (album "HEART] Recording)
  • Doya Face Life (Album "Kanjaniism』Recording)- Kanjani EightProvided to
  • Tokyo drive (single "Tokyo drive] Recording)
  • Can we ... (included in the single "Tokyo Drive")
  • fragile (single "fragile] Recording)
  • Love! wanna be with you ... (single "Love! wanna be with you ...] Recording)
    • "Lyrics / Composition: Tomoya Nagase, Arrangement: TOKIO"
  • Lowrider (included in the single "Ai! Wanna be with you ...")
    • "Lyrics / Composer: Tomoya Nagase, Arrangement: TOKIO / Horns Arrangement: KAM, Yoshinari Takegami"
  • Spider (single "ク モ] Recording)
Songs written and composed
  • LAST ANGEL (single "Love storm] Recording)
  • Brake Down (Album "YESTERDAY & TODAY] Recording)
  • Antenna (included in "MTV Unplugged")
  • SEIKATSU (included in "MTV Unplugged")
  • Standard (included in "MTV Unplugged")
  • Out put (included in "MTV Unplugged")
The song that wrote the lyrics
  • ETERNAL FLAME (included in the single "ETERNAL FLAME")
  • I'm mine (album "glider] Recording)
  • YOUR ANSWER (Album "Harvest] Recording)
    • "Lyrics: OTOKI" is displayed.
Music that was composed
  • Someday (included in "MTV Unplugged")
  • DASH VILLAGE (single "-far-] Recording)
Arranged music




Appearance alone. Appearance as a member of TOKIO is "TOKIO # appearanceSee.

TV drama


Theater animation

Documentary program


  • 59th Grammy Awards Ceremony (February 2017, 2,WOWOW prime)[27]
  • 60th Grammy Awards Ceremony (January 2018, 1, WOWOW Prime)





Magazine serialization

Photo album


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