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😀 | "Movie Crayon Shin-chan" theme song Macaroni Enpitsu, appeared in manga & anime as himself

Photo "Movie Crayon Shin-chan Mysterious Meki!Hana no Tenkas Gakuen ”Crayon Shin-chan x Macaroni Enpitsu Collaboration Character Visual (C) Yoshito Usui / Futabasha / Shinei / TV Asahi / ADK 2021

"Movie Crayon Shin-chan" theme song Macaroni Enpitsu, appeared in manga & anime as himself

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And the ban on the anime character picture of Macaroni Enpitsu was lifted.

"Movie Crayon Shin-chan Mysterious Meki!Macaroni Enpitsu, who is in charge of the theme song of "Hana no Tenkas Gakuen", said "Monthly Manga ... → Continue reading

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Macaroni pencil

Macaroni pencilIs a Japanese rock band.2012ToKanagawa-Senzoku Gakuen College of MusicFormed within.Affiliation officemurffin discs.. The record company to which you belongToys factory.


Current member

Real name,Runosuke Kono(Konoryu no Suke).He is the main character of the band and is in charge of writing and writing most of the songs.
Since he had been nicknamed "Hattori" since high school even after he entered university, he thought that the members had the surname "Hattori", but there is no such person on campus and he is not a phantom student. It became a rumor, and when I checked with him, it turned out to be a nickname. "Hattori" isunicornAlbum of(I.e.』Derived from.
His real name is "Sound flowI revealed it for the first time when I appeared.In the program, it was introduced as "Runosuke", but "Runosuke" is correct.
Kei Arizumi (/ base) and Daimu Kono (base) for the band "MIGELL" that I belonged to when I was in high school.Azami / Drums), Tanaka Takahiro (/ Pianist who was in charge of guitar in bass MIGELL) belonged to2019May 5It was mentioned at the "Youth and Moment MV Preliminary Preview & Mini Live" held in.
Common names are "kenken" and "gosho".I like anime so much that the members say, "It's faster to ask this guy than to search for anime."
With the withdrawal of Sati, who was composing with Hattori, he became involved in composition. Composed "Ylang Ylang" for the album released in 2017[1].
  • Yoshiaki Tanabe(Yoshiaki Tanabe, (1989-05-30) 1989May 5(31 years old)-)- guitar
Known as "Yo-chan".I like hard rock and heavy metal.
He loves flying V type guitars and often plays guitar solos commonly called "crying".He is the oldest member of the group and is an aniki.[2]I'm addicted to the sauna and studying for a heat wave teacher.
Known as "Dai-chan".I like jazz.
From the only electronic organ course among the members (the other 4 including Sati are from the rock & pops course).[3]
Like Tanabe on the guitar, I'm addicted to the sauna.He is good at cooking and puts recipes on Cookpad.

Former member

Real name,Masayoshi Sato.. Withdrawal on September 2017, 9.


  • Jun Kubota --Drums (ex.)
  • Takaura “suzzy” Mitsutaka --Drums (ex. Ex.) Born in Senzoku Gakuen College of Music Rock & Pops Course.One year junior member of Macaroni Enpitsu.
  • Okumura explosion --Drums (ex. ARCHAIC RAG STORE)
  • Hiroaki Tanabe --Drums Gt. Yoshiaki Tanabe's younger brother.


  • 2012
    • In the spring, immediately after entering Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, he started his activities centered on moisturizing.
    • On June 6th, he performed his first live at an on-campus event at the university, and made this day the official formation day (at this point, Daiki Hasegawa has not joined. The keyboard is supported by seniors on campus).After that, he started live activities mainly on the streets around Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station in Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and live houses in Yokohama and Tokyo.
  • 2015
    • January 1, the first national distribution board "Al dente"release.
    • On April 4th, the first independent project "Maka Rock Tour Vol.8 ~ Ringing around ~" was held at Shimokitazawa Shelter.
    • April 12st, 2nd mini album "HB] Released.
  • 2016
    • On March 3th, an independent project "Makarock Tour Vol.24-Scaring" was held.
  • 2017
    • From February 2th to April 8th, a national tour "Makarock Tour Vol.4-Core Tonga I want to do-" will be held.
    • December 2st, labelTALTOMoved to the 3rd mini album "sin"release.
    • March 8, 2st single "Summer love sensation] Released.
    • From September 9th to 14th, the Higashi-Meihan Tour "Makarock Tour Vol.24 ~ Summer Love, Oath to You ~" will be held.
    • Withdrawal from Sati on September 9th.
    • December 12th, the first full album "CHOSYOKU"release.
  • 2018
    • From March 3th to April 30th, a national tour "Makarock Tour Vol.4-Super SHOCK version without breakfast-" will be held.
    • On August 8th, the official Twitter account will be temporarily frozen due to a mistake.
    • From August 8rd to 23st, the Higashi-Meihan Tour "Makarock Refill Tour-Shime no Dessert Edition-" will be held.
    • December 10, 3nd single "Lemon pie] Released.
    • From October 10th to December 26th, a national tour "Makarock Tour Vol.12-Too Sweet Youth's Lemon Edition-" will be held.
  • 2019
    • December 2, 13th mini album "LiKE"release.
    • From March 3th to May 30th, a national one-man tour "Makarock Tour Vol.5-From Like to Love, Love's Fastball Do Middle Strike First National One-Man Edition-" will be held.
    • December 9, 11th mini album "season"release.Recorded 5th place in the Oricon weekly ranking for the first time, and made the first Top 10 entry.
    • From October 10th to January 25th of the following year, a national tour "Makarock Tour vol.1 All Seasons 12/8 Stay with You" will be held.
  • 2020
    • February 4, 1nd album "hope"release.
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,a-nation online 2020Appeared on Purple Stage.
    • On September 9rd, in the live "Makarock ONLINE One Man-With Love from Toyosu-" (Tokyo, Team Smile, Toyosu PIT), the CD released on November 3th, "Magic can be used without knowing love". Announced that "Aiwoshirazun" will be released from Toys Factory (major debut)[4].
    • December 11, 4th mini album "You can't use magic without knowing love"release.


Venue limited edition

Release datetitlespecificationrecorded musicRemarks
12013May 6Everyday, you and my songCDOut of print
22014May 1Tokyo Electric
32014May 5Zero color
42014May 10Thank you for the music
52016May 8Maby Navy / enough


Release datetitlespecificationOriconrecorded musicRemarks
Highest rankNumber of appearances
Indies (TALTO)
1st2017May 8Summer love sensationRegular Edition: CD / TLTO-005-Tower recordsLimited sale
2nd2018May 10Lemon pieRegular Edition: CD / TLTO-01129 bit2 times
1st2021May 4Preface初回限定盤:CD+DVD / TFCC-89700~89701
初回限定Crayon Shin-chan盤:CD / TFCC-89702
Regular Edition: CD / TFCC-89703

Distribution limited single

Release datetitlerecorded musicRemarks
Highest rankNumber of appearances
1st2019May 3Youth and a momentマクドナルド 500円バリューセット 書き下ろし曲
2nd2019May 8Supernovaテレビ東京 ドラマパラビ

"びしょ濡れ探偵 水野羽衣"Opening theme

3rd2019May 11Centrifugal「放課後インソムニア」コラボ曲
4th2020/2/7Lover pretend
5th2020/3/13Boys Meets World2nd Album 「hope」からのシングルカット
-2020/6/26Youth and Moment (Strings ver.) From THE FIRST TAKE
-2020/6/26hope From THE FIRST TAKE
7th2020/7/24InsolubleGlico Seventeen Ice Tie-up
8th2020/9/21To liveAnime"Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken'

Opening Theme Song

9th2021May 2meringueJR SKISKI 2020-2021キャンペーンテーマソング

Mini album

Release datetitlespecificationOriconrecorded musicRemarks
Highest rankNumber of appearances
1st2015May 1Al denteRegular Edition: CD / DLCR-15011167 bit1 times
2nd2015May 12HBRegular Edition: CD / DLCR-15121173 bit1 times
3rd2017May 2sinRegular Edition: CD / TLTO-00288 bit1 times
4th2019May 2LiKERegular Edition: CD / TLTO-01332 bit2 times
5th2019May 9seasonFirst edition: CD + DVD / TLTO-018
Regular Edition: CD / TLTO-019
5 bit11 times
6th2020May 11You can't use magic without knowing loveFirst edition: CD + DVD / TFCC-86727
Regular Edition: CD / TFCC-86728
6 bit5 timesDVD with sub-audio by members


Release datetitlespecificationOriconrecorded musicRemarks
Highest rankNumber of appearances
1st2017May 12CHOSYOKURegular Edition: CD / TLTO-007114 bit1 times
2nd2020May 4hopeFirst edition: CD + DVD / TLTO-22
Regular Edition: CD / TLTO-23
4 bit20 times

Music video

directed byworks
Tatsuya Kawasaki"Ring""Sound of Siren""By one drink" (Live)
Ray"Hand of love"
Keisuke Tamura"Washing machine, you and radio"
Mani Kato"Summer love sensation"
Takuro Okubo"Mr. Blue Sky"
Yuka Eda"Lemon pie"
Aya Igashi"Blueberry Nights""Lover pretend"
Wataru Sakamoto"STAY with ME"
Ryohei Kumamoto"Youth and a moment"
Kashima Koki"Become a trico"
Shogo Kusano"Supernova"
Kosuke Yokota"Young adult"
Tomokazu Saito"Centrifugal"
Shuichi Bamba"Boys Meets World"
Yuki Wakisaka"Hope"
Kensuke Arai"Insoluble"
"MUSIC" (Live)"Spring Storm" (Live)
Takeshi Nakamura"Living"
Daichi Sugimoto"Mother"
Maho Yoshida"Non-sugar"

Provide music


Appointment yearSong titleTie-up
2019Youth and a momentJapan McDonald's"500 yen value set" This time is Gochiso. "" CM song

500 yen value set "This time is Gochiso." 30 seconds
500 yen value set "This time is Gochiso." 30 seconds Graduation

SupernovaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Drama"Drenched Detective Haori Mizuno"Opening theme
2020Certainly株式会社カズマ コンタクトレンズ『CREO』 CM song
InsolubleEzaki Glico Glicoセブンティーンアイス WEBムービー使用曲
To liveTV TokyoAnime"Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken"Opening theme[5]
motherTV Tokyo anime "Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken" ending theme
Lover pretendSpotify CM song[6]
2021Prefacemovies"Crayon Shin-chan Mysterious Meki! Flower Tenkasu Gakuen] Theme song[7]
listen to the radioJFL presents FOR THE NEXT Theme song
meringueJR SKISKI 2020-2021 Campaign theme song
I liked (should)TBS system"King's brunch"Theme song
八月の陽炎Taisho Pharmaceutical「コパトーン」CMソング[8]


-MUSIC FREAKS -(FM802, October 2020 --, every other Sunday 10:22 --00:24) --Regular appearances are only humorous.

-THE KINGS PLACE (J-WAVE April 2019-December 4, every Tuesday from 2020:12 to 25:26) --Until March 2020, it was a regular only, but from April 3, two members take turns in charge.There is also an irregular broadcast by everyone.


Organized live tour

Performance periodPerformance titleNumber of performancesRemarks
2014May 10Thank you for the music
~ Let's live without parentheses ~
1 places 1 performances
2015May 3 - May 4Maca Rock Tour Vol.1 ~ Ringing around ~3 places 3 performances
2016May 3 - May 3Maca Rock Tour Vol.2 ~ Scribble Edition ~4 places 4 performancesMarch 3st is the band's first one-man performance
2017May 2 - May 4Maca Rock Tour Vol.3 ~ I want to have a core Tonga ~6 places 6 performancesOne-man performance on April 4
May 9 - May 9Maca Rock Tour Vol.4 ~ Summer Love, Oath to You ~3 places 3 performances
2018May 3 - May 4Maca Rock Tour Vol.5 ~ Super SHOCK if you skip breakfast ~8 places 8 performances
May 8 - May 8Maca Rock Refill Tour-Shime no Dessert Edition-3 places 3 performances
May 10 - May 12Maca Rock Tour Vol.6 ~ Too Sweet Youth Forget Lemon Edition ~16 places 16 performances
2019May 3 - May 5Maca Rock Tour Vol.7
-From like to love, the first national one-man version of the straight ball of love strikes in the middle-
12 places 12 performances
May 10 - May 1Maca Rock Tour vol.8
~ Stay with you all season, XNUMX days a week ~
18 places 19 performances

Participation event


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