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😀 | For those who say "This time English ..."! The easiest English study that you can review with manga in "1 minute" ...


For those who say "English this time ..."! The easiest English study that you can review with manga in "1 minute" ...

If you write the contents roughly
Meanwhile, "A quick review in 1 minute at a time!" Published by Gakken Plus.

Gakken Plus Co., Ltd., a group company of Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd., will open on Thursday, March 2021, 3. → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Gakken plus

Gakken Plus Co., Ltd.(Gakken Plus,Gakken Plus Co., Ltd.) IsJapan OfInfomation.


  • 2009May 10 --Gakken (currentlyGakken Holdings) Sales subsidiary ・Gakken MarketingWas established together with Gakken Education Publishing (education-related books section) and Gakken Publishing (life, hobbies, practical books section) in the publishing department.
  • 2010July-Established parent company Gakken Publishing Holdings Co., Ltd. through joint stock transfer of Gakken Marketing Co., Ltd., Gakken Education Publishing Co., Ltd., and Gakken Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • 2011April-Gakken Publishing Co., Ltd.Par Golf PlusPart of the stock ofAoi promotionTransfer to[1].
  • 2015May 3 --Gakken Publishing establishes voice actor production "office EN-JIN"[2].
  • October 10st of the same year-Merged with Gakken Kyoiku Shuppan and Gakken PublishingGakken plusThe company name was changed to.At this time, Gakken M Bunko was abolished.It also inherits the rights of Gakken-produced animation that Gakken Kyoiku Shuppan had.
  • 2017October 10-Merged with Gakken Educational ICT Co., Ltd. and Book Beyond Co., Ltd.[3].
  • 2018December 12-Monthly magazine "Le Bolan] And motor-related publishing business, Co., Ltd.Cat publishingTransfer to[4].
  • 2019May 1 --The parent company Gakken Publishing Holdings was absorbed and merged to become a subsidiary of Gakken Holdings.[5].
  • 2020December 2-Monthly magazine "Animedia』And animation related publishing business Co., Ltd.EidTransfer to[6].
  • February 2020, 2-Bimonthly magazine "News from vegetablesWas transferred to Boutique Co., Ltd.
  • March 2020, 3-The bi-monthly magazine "Do-It-Yourself!" With the theme of DIY and DIY. Was transferred to Camp Co., Ltd.
  • July 2020, 7-One of the shares of One Publishing Co., Ltd., which splits the media business operated by the Media Business Department into a company (new establishment split) and succeeds the rights and obligations to One Publishing Co., Ltd., which is established by the split. DepartmentJapan Creative GroupTransfer to[7].
  • July 2020, 7-owned media "Verbalization TimesEstablished (Co., Ltd .: Planning, operation, production)[8]
  • October 2020, 10 --Succession of Gakken Products Support production and quality / safety management business through absorption-type split[9]
  • October 2021, 1- Diamond Company"Diamond Big Co., Ltd., a subsidiary ofHow to walk the earthEstablished a new way of walking around the globe, taking over the travel guidebook publishing business and inbound business.[10]

Main publications

Children's books / picture books

Gakken pictorial book

Dictionary / dictionary

"Star WarsEnglish-Japanese dictionary "and" "EvangelionEdition, Disney Edition of New Rainbow,Meso PianoWe are actively collaborating on dictionary collections.

Study reference book (for elementary school students)

Study reference book (for junior high school students)

Study reference book (for high school students)

Bunko / Series

Past labels

  • Gakken M Bunko (launched on September 2000, 9)[11], Discontinued in 2015[12])
  • Megami Bunko(Discontinued)



  • Kira Pichi(Released on odd month 15th)
  • Disney Princess Love & Cute (released on odd-numbered 15th)
  • Book with Disney (released on February 2,4,7,11, July, 22nd)
  • Disney Okeiko Daisuki (irregular)
  • Oekakihime (released on the 1st of even-numbered months)
  • The Strongest Vehicle Heroes (released on the 1st of even-numbered months)
  • Large-sized difficult kanji Nankuro (released on odd-numbered 2nd)
  • Nampara (released on 27th odd month)
  • Extra-large version of Kanji Nankuro (released on odd-numbered 19th)
  • Large Kanji Nankuro (released on the 2nd of even-numbered months)
  • Kanji Ichiban (released on 19th even month)
  • Extra-large version of Kanji Nankuro Premium Half (released on 19th even month)
  • Nampara Special (released on even-numbered 14th)
  • Super difficult Sudoku & full brain mathematical puzzle (released on 2nd even month)
  • Fully open brain addition cross (released on odd month 2)
  • Logic Paradise (released on 27th even month)
  • Hoikuappu (Published by Gakken Education Mirai, released on the 2nd of every month)
  • Play and environment 0, 1, 2 years old (Published by Gakken Education Mirai, released on the 2nd of every month)
  • Education Journal (Published by: Gakken Education Mirai, released on the 1st of every month)
  • Education for children with practical disabilities (Published by Gakken Education Mirai, released on the 16th of every month)
  • (Published by Gakken Medical Shujunsha, released on the 20th of every month)
  • (Published by Gakken Medical Shujunsha, released on the 10th of every month)
  • Animedia(Issue:Eid・ Released on the 10th of every month)
  • Voice actor animedia(Published: Eid, released on the 10th of every month)
  • Megami Magazine(Published: Eid, released on the 30th of every month)

End of publication magazine

GetNavi, CAPA, Mu, TV LIFE, BOMB, POTATO, Emiko Kaminuma's talking cooking, WATCHNAVI, history group image inherited to One Publishing[13].

office EN-JIN

office EN-JIN(Office engine) is operated by Gakken Plus Media Division (formerly Gakken Publishing Third Content Division)Entertainment office.. On November 2015, 3Aino NanjoBelonged to and the official website was opened.

2018At the end of December, the management work of Yoshino Nanjo was transferred to[15]As a result, the talents they belong to do not exist.

Later, the domain of the official website expired, and the address is now being hijacked by another vendor.

Past affiliation


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注 釈

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