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👩‍🎤 | OS ☆ U calls for car theft measures!Appeared in the video "Car Theft Countermeasures Awareness"

Photo OS ☆ U calls for measures against car theft!Appeared in the video "Car Theft Countermeasures Awareness"

OS ☆ U calls for car theft measures!Appeared in the video "Car Theft Countermeasures Awareness"

If you write the contents roughly
In this video in which they appear, all six measures against car theft, including a new method called "relay attack" that amplifies the weak radio waves emitted from the smart key to unlock / start the engine. The content is easy to understand and can be learned.

OS ☆ U appears in the video "Car Theft Countermeasures Awareness" produced in collaboration with the Aichi Prefectural Automobile Theft Prevention Council and the Aichi Prefectural Police ... → Continue reading


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Smart entry

Smart entryIs mechanicalkeyIt is possible to lock / unlock the door / trunk of the vehicle, start the engine, etc. without usingAutomobileIt is the function of.


Smart entryKeyless EntryThe keyless entry cannot be unlocked or locked without pressing the key button, but in addition to the smart entry, even if you put it in your pocket or bag, you can approach the vehicle or touch the doorknob. The door is unlocked just by pressing the engine start button, which is usually installed in cars equipped with smart entry, without pointing the key to the keyhole.[1].

In 1993Chevrolet corvettePassive Keyless Entry System adopted in 1998Mercedes-Benz S-ClassSince the mid-2000s, including the "Keyless Go" that was adopted inluxury carBegan to be adopted mainly2012Currently from luxury carsLight carDepending on the model, it is becoming standard equipment or optional equipment.The driver's portable device (key) and the ECU installed in the car (Electronic Control Unit) And BCM (Body Control Module)Wireless communicationAnd lock / unlock the door if communication is established.As a signal that communication has been established, when the door is locked / unlocked, as with the keyless entry.hazardThe driver is notified by blinking the room lamp (this is called an answerback or welcome lamp) or by an electronic sound (beep) depending on the manufacturer.Engine, hybrid system,EVThe system can also be started without a mechanical key,Immobilizer,SteeringSince it often has anti-theft functions such as locks, there are multiple engine operations.SecurityIs hung.

The smart entry is automatically locked when the driver leaves the car, but if the door is closed from outside the car with the portable device in the car, each car will have a countermeasure such as an alarm sound without being locked. Have been[2]..However, this measure is not perfect because it cannot be operated unless communication with the portable device is established.Even in the car, by all meansRadio waveSince there is a space that is out of reach of the driver, it is necessary for the driver to always carry a portable device and not leave it in the car.Also, that is the thing of each carInstructionsIt is also specified in.While convenient, it also presents problems that traditional mechanical keys did not.A particular blind spot is that the presence of the portable device (key) diminishes because the engine can be started and run without touching the portable device.For example, suppose that when you get into a car, the portable device slips out of your pocket and falls to the side or under the seat.However, the driver thinks he is in his pocket, and when he arrives at his destination and tries to get off after stopping the engine, he hears an audible alarm and then has to search for a portable device.Furthermore, if one handheld device is shared by two couples, or if the other person gets off with the handheld device in the middle (with it in his bag or pocket), the engine is running but he is carrying it. You may end up in a situation where you don't have the opportunity.In this case, there is a protection function that prevents the engine from stopping unless the button is pressed twice,Manual carでengine stallThis is not the case if you do so, and if you go out as it is, you will end up in a situation where you do not have a portable device at your destination.

The shape of the handheld device is usually like a compact remote controlク ラ ウ ン(12th generation: S180 series after 2005)EstimaSome models, such as the 3rd generation (since 2006), are wristwatch-type with integrated remote control and sensor functions (Toyota calls this a "key integrated watch").

What is smart entry?ToyotaIt is a product name of, and the name differs depending on each manufacturer.However, when the same function is generally talked about, "Smart keyThe word "intelligent key" is often used.

Name by manufacturer

ManufacturerFunction NamePortable device name
ToyotaSmart entry & start systemSmart key
Nissan MotorIntelligent key systemIntelligent key
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.Honda smart key / smart card key systemHonda smart key / smart card key system
Japanese sea bassKeyless start systemMobile remote control
SUBARUKeyless access & push startaccess key
Mitsubishi MotorsKeyless operation systemKeyless operation key
Daihatsu industryKey-free systemElectronic card key
マ ツ ダAdvanced keyless entry & start systemAdvanced key
Isuzu MotorsPassive entry & start system
VolkswagenSmart entry & start system "Keyless Access"[3]
AudiAdvanced key system
Mercedes-BenzKeyless Go & Hands Free Access
BMW/MINIComfort accessRemote control key
VolvoPersonal Car Communicator & Keyless DriveRemote control key
FordIntelligent access & push button start / smart keyless entry system
Chrysler/FiatKeyless Enter'N Go

For Toyota and Daihatsu, the name of the manufacturer that actually manufactured the product is used (example:Daihatsu Move ConteOEMToyota Pixis Space,Daihatsu BooneOEMToyota Passo[4]Then "key-free system",Toyota Prius αOEMDaihatsu MobiusThen, "Smart Entry & Start System").

Supports multiple portable devices

In many cases, multiple portable devices are supported so that one vehicle can be shared by family members.In many cases, only one portable device is attached when purchasing a vehicle (two for Toyota), but individual portable devices can also be purchased.Although it depends on each manufacturer and vehicle, many vehicles support 1-1 sheets that can be registered.However, if a plurality of cards are registered, the communication between the vehicle and the portable device may conflict, and the communication may not be established.Therefore, communication failures are reduced by (collision prevention function) and communication retries in each vehicle.However, the larger the number of registrations, the longer the communication time, and in the worst case, the user presses a button or opens after about 2 seconds after approaching the vehicle, which makes me feel uncomfortable. There is.

Frequency band used

The radio waves transmitted from the vehicle to the portable device are LF (Long wave), The radio waves transmitted from the portable device to the vehicle are UHF (Hyperwave)[5]Is often used.This is to prevent the radio waves inside the vehicle from leaking to the outside of the vehicle, and to prevent the portable device from being mistaken for being inside the vehicle even though it is outside the vehicle.Electric field strengthHowever, it is possible to fine-tune the electric field strength because it is an LF radio wave.

Relay attack

theftTechnique.When the key and the vehicle are far apart and the received radio wave is weak and communication is not established, someRepeaterTo establish communication with, unlock, start the engine, etc.[6]..Damage has been confirmed in Japan[7].

Security measures

Many users are worried about security because they lock and unlock automatically instead of turning the mechanical key by themselves to lock and unlock.Therefore, security operations are often performed at the same time when locking and unlocking.

  • If you leave the door open for a few seconds when unlocked, it will lock automatically.
  • When locked, the anti-theft function is activated, and if the door is forcibly opened without a portable device, an alarm will be activated (horn, siren, wireless notification, etc.).

Impact on cardiac pacemakers

Because it uses radio wavesHeart pacemakerMay affect.This is also described in the instruction manual, but if you are using a cardiac pacemaker, you need to consider consulting with a medical professional before purchasing a compatible vehicle.


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