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👩‍🎤 | Last Idol, 10th SG like the trailer of an Indian movie "What carat are you?" MV teaser released!

Photo Last Idol, 10th SG like the trailer of an Indian movie "What carat are you?" MV teaser released!

Last Idol, 10th SG like the trailer of an Indian movie "What carat are you?" MV teaser released!

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In addition, Shimofuri Myojo and Seiya are appearing as male dancers.

Last Idol will release the music video for the 4th single "What's your carat?" On April 28th (Wednesday) ... → Continue reading


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Marbled star

Marbled star(Shimofurimyojo) isBecauseとCrudeConsists ofJapan OfComedy combination.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs to Tokyo Headquarters.Abbreviation is "Marbling』.NSCTreated in sync with the 33rd term of Osaka school. 2018 ``M-1 Grand Prix』\ 14th champion[2].Comedy seventh generationThe combination that became the beginning of. He was based in Osaka until March 2019, but moved to Tokyo in April.


In charge of bokeh (also in charge of Tsukkomi in talk and some contests).The standing position is on the left.
Real name:Shinya Ishikawa(Seiya Ishikawa)
OsakaHigashi Osaka CityI'm fromKinki UniversityFaculty of Arts and LettersGraduated from the Department of Cultural Studies.Blood type A.Height 163 cm.Weight 67 kg.
In charge of Tsukkomi (also in charge of blurring in talk and some contests).The standing position is on the right.
Real name:Naoto Sasaki(Naoto Sasaki)
OsakaOsakaChuo-kuI'm fromDoshisha University Faculty of LettersDepartment of Japanese LiteratureDropped out.Blood type O type.Height 180 cm.Weight 64.5 kg.


When he was in high school, he met at a comedy competition for students, and when he was in college, he was active as a comedian for two years.Since I belonged to Yoshimoto after auditioning, I have not left NSC, so it is treated as "Handling" for the 2rd term of Osaka school.[3].

Seiya has been fond of comedy since she was a child, and when she was in elementary school, she formed a combination called "Nakajima Meet" with her classmates and once showed her comics on a TV program.He has also appeared on TV as an amateur comedian in junior high school.[4].

Since high school, the stage name of "Soshina" has been used for crude products, and while being an amateur, "Soshina"R-1 Grand Prix』, And advanced to the semi-final when he was in the third grade[5]..また、大喜利のサイトを運営していたAlso, he ran the site of Ogiri[6].

High School days

When the combination "Spade" formed by Soshina with classmates advanced to the final at High School Manzai 2009 and became a hot topic among high school students, Seiya formed the combination "Don Palton" with the idea of ​​wanting to defeat Spade, and the 2010 tournament Participated in[7].. In SeptemberAeon Mall TakanoharaThe two combinations collided in the Kinki area qualifying held in Japan, and this triggered the exchange.At this time, Seiya's Combi Don Palton won the championship.[8]After that, the crude combination spade also won the qualifying, but both were eliminated in the semi-final tournament.[9].

Comedy Inter-High 3 / Kansai Block Qualifying held in March of the following year[10]Then, each participated in the pin, and both have advanced to the final final tournament.At this time, Seiya also participated for the purpose of defeating the winner of the previous year's crude product, while there is an episode that the crude product was attracted to Seiya's pinneta seen in the qualifying and started to propose a combination formation as a result.[11].

The two talk about their high school days, "Manzai was a youth."[7].

From college to the formation of a combination

CrudeDoshisha University, SeiyaKinki UniversityI went on to each of them.Soshina is in the first year of collegeYoshimotoPassed the audition of and started activities as a pin entertainer.Also, since this time, the two of them have been working irregularly as an amateur combination, and have appeared as a comic dialogue combination "Shimofuri Myojo" in the comedy live of "Sakai City Twitter Summit" held in June 2.[12]..In December of the same year5up YoshimotoReceived and passed the young battle "Third Challenge" held in Japan (the next "Third Battle" failed)[13].

After that, Soshina, who continued his pin activities, thought that Seiya was "the most interesting guy. If you team up with this guy, you can make more interesting stories," and continued to invite him to become a comedian.At that time Seiya was aiming to become a Japanese language teacher[14], Soshina enthusiastically decided to formally form a combination, thinking that "it will not be needed so much in the future life"[15].

Immediately after that, Soshina became a popular pin entertainer in Kansai's popular program "2012.All Thats Manzai』(Every day broadcasting), He won the foot cut battle, which is said to be the gateway to young comedians, at the youngest age of 19 in history.In an interview at that time, Soshina said, "I want to wear a suit and become a manzai when I grow up." There is an episode that Seiya who was watching this program rushed to fly a bicycle and went to the mountain alone, thinking "I think I do not need it"[6].

July 2013, ``Marbled starWas formed.The combination name was named by combining the ideas of the words that each came up with (Seiya is "Marbled" and Soshina is "Myosei".[4]).Seiya said that he chose this word with the meaning that he wanted his partner to do the brighter one because he was dark at first because he seemed to be lucky, but in reality he liked the anime "Soshina" at that time.Bride of Seto』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)'S favorite character, "Akino Shiranui"CelebrityI'm talking about taking it from[16].

After the formation of the combination

In 2014, something close to the current Manzai style will be born.The 4th "THE MANZAI], Selected as one of the 50 certified comic masters.

2017,New wave 24』(Fuji Television Network, Inc), Which started on October 10th of the same year on the Fuji TV series.AI-TVIs decided to appear regularly[17].

In July of the same year, the 7th "Longmen Contest for Young Comedians"ABC Comedy Grand Prix』Winning[15].

January 2018, 2th ``ytv Manzai Newcomer Award』Winning[18].

In March of the same year, he advanced to the final with the combination for the first time in history at "R-3 Grand Prix" 1.

September 12 of the same year, "M-1 Grand Prix』2018 victory[19].. For the first time in M-1 history, the Heisei-born duo became the champion and set the youngest record.[Annotation 1].

January 2019, 1th ``Kamimansai Association Grand Prize] Special Award[20].

June 2019, 3, ``Marbled Myojo's deception!』(Asahi Broadcasting Radio) Announced that the activity base will be moved to Tokyo from April of the same year.[21].

Advance to Tokyo

January 2019the UAF YouTube-channelOpened the channel "Shimofuri Tube".漫才やトーク、企画などを毎日18時に配信Manzai, talk, planning, etc. are delivered every day at XNUMX:XNUMX[22].. On October 2020, 10, the number of subscribers exceeded 3 million for the first time on the YouTube channel of a comedian.[23].

2019 Year of 7 MonthNihon monitor`` First half of 2019Talent program appearance ranking"Break TV",ORICON NEWS`` Break Entertainer Ranking for the First Half of 2019'', AugustNikkei Entertainment!Won first place in all of "I think the most breakthrough comedian of the year"[24][25].. 『2019年 上半期ブレイク芸人ランキング』では、『世代別TOP5』において10代から50代の全ての世代で1位を獲得したIn the "Break Entertainer Ranking for the First Half of XNUMX", we won the first place in all generations from teens to XNUMXs in "Top XNUMX by Generation".[26]..下半期も含めた『2019テレビ番組出演本数ランキング「ブレイクタレント」』でも1位となったIncluding the second half of the year, it was ranked first in the "XNUMX TV program appearance number ranking" Breaker TV "".[27].

From January to March 2020, the drama of the same cool broadcast while each other station[Annotation 2]Appeared in, and both were highly evaluated for their acting ability[28][29].

After that, steadily mainly in the middle of the nightCrown programOn New Year's DayLOL hit paradeWas in charge of the progress. From April 2021Traction(TBS) For the first timePrime timeActing as MC of a regular program in[30].

Art style

  • mainlyComic.Comic ManzaiThe center is the active bokeh that moves around the stage of Seiya, and the crude product puts it forward while purging the palm.[Annotation 3]Stop talkingIt is characterized by a word Tsukkomi that makes heavy use of.The interaction between the two is about the story, and most of the story is when Seiya who entered the control is moving violently alone.Akira Ishida(NON STYLE) Is essentially a little giftFlip artIt is a development of Seiya, and it is pointed out that Seiya plays the role of "moving flip".[31].
  • Both will make the material.テーマを決めて、二人が別々に持ち寄ったボケとツッコミを出していき、パズルのように組み合わせながら作っているAfter deciding on a theme, the two people bring out the bokeh and tsukkomi that they brought separately, and make them by combining them like a puzzle.[15].
  • Highly evaluated by entertainers, in September 2019,Amethyoke!"This Tsukkomi chosen by a comedian is amazing!"Nobuyuki Tsuchiya(Knights) Said, "When I first saw it, I saw something like a balloon in a manga. It's that easy to understand, and it's interesting to the viewer! It's the invention of Tsukkomi." doing.Hirokichi HirohiroRegarding Seiya, he commented on the balance of the combination, saying, "I feel like I have everything that is lacking in the crude product. Brightness, tickling the maternal instinct with the type that people like. So when two people combine (strong)"[32][33].Hitoshi Matsumoto(Downtown) Highly evaluates Marbled Myojo as "insanely talented"[34].


Current debut

Past music

Achievements such as award races

The battle record with the pin is "Seiya #Prize Race Results","Crude (laughing entertainer) #Prize Race recordSee

M-1 Grand Prix

2015 (11th)3rd round advance[36]1197Yoshimoto Manzai Theater2015/10/26
2016 (12th)Advance to the semi-finals[36]82Yomiuri Hall2016/11/1928rd place in qualifying
Repechage vote 18th
2017 (13th)Advance to the semi-finals[36]1357NEW PIER HALL2017/11/1519rd place in qualifying
Repechage vote 11th
2018 (14th)Win[2][36]349TV Asahi2018/12/02



For the history of appearance alone, see "Seiya # Appearance","Crude (laughing entertainer) # AppearanceSee.

TV program

Current regular program

Past regular programs

First appearance / special program (MC or main cast)

  • Laughing rice, staggered tongue tongue tongue(Sun TV, March 2013, 3) --First appearance on TV in 26 weeks after the formation of the duo.
  • MarblingA MassoSchool trip for laughter (Shizuoka Asahi TV, February 2018, 2, February 10, December 2, 25)
  • Make me laugh as many as the tears of Marbled Myojo (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, March 2018, 3)
  • Marbled Meisei Okinawa-1 Tour-Senior, please tell us your recommendations- (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, April 2018, 4)
  • Marbled Myojo 100 Swords (Yomiuri Television, December 2018, 12)
  • Multifaceted LIFE Support Variety Marbled Meisei &Miki Ashura! (Asahi Television Broadcasting, August 2019, 8)
  • Matching IV (TBS, September 2019, 9)- MC → Marbled Miki XITAs regular
  • Is everyone all together? (TV Asahi, November 2019, 11, November 2, 11)- MC
  • Overkill Earth Defense Force (NTV, November 2019, 11)- MC
  • No way shopping in the world (Every day broadcasting, June 2019, 11)- MC
  • Monster Summit (NTV, December 2019, 12)- MC
  • Please take a picture instead. (Kansai TV, December 2019, 12)- MC
  • 24 Hours Limit Survey Variety Mission 24 (TBS, February 2020, 2)- MC
  • Niigata x Nagano Ichiban Get! ~ Special with the best material ~ (TV Niigata-TV Shinshu, June 2020, 3)- MC
  • Ultimate Cultural Battle ~ Tennoyama ~(TBS, May 2020, 4)- MC
  • Unprecedented in history! !!Laughter Festival The Dream Match 2020(TBS, June 2020, 4)
  • Overdoing future plan(NTV, August 2020, 4)- MC
  • Bakusho Mondai vs Shimofuri Myojo 7th Generation and Serious Match! All New Shooting! Neta Gene Battle (TV Asahi, June 2020, 6)- MC
  • 41 timesABC Comedy Grand Prix Winner special program fastest!The deepest!Thorough dissection of the new champion (ABEMA, July 2020, 7)- MC[45]
  • Legal counseling service(NTV, August 2020, 7)- chief
  • Marbled Myojo is also highly acclaimed!Countryside gourmet food that can be eaten in Tokyo without traveling and returning home (TV Tokyo, August 2020, 8)
  • Sun Pachi Star (TV Asahi, September 2020, 9, September 5, 9)- MC
  • Marbled Meisei's laughing field action(Fuji TV, October 2020, 10, May 8, 2021)
  • Bakusho Mondai vs Shimofuri Myojo Fight across generations!Neta Gene Battle 2020 Autumn Team (TV Asahi, October 2020, 10)- MC
  • Epoch-sensei (TV Asahi, October 2020, 10)- MC
  • Real-time surprise!Tonight you are also an accomplice Today is the worst day for comedians! (AbemaTV, October 2020, 10)- MC
  • Nanai-King Kong・ Shimofuri's Kakoichi embarrassing trip (Fuji TV, December 2020, 12)
  • FootMarbled LOL Festival! (TV Tokyo, January 2021, 1)- MC[Annotation 8]
  • Hatsumode! Bakusho Hit Parade(Fuji TV, January 2021, 1)-Inside the "Super Luxury New Year's Story Festival" cornerget on
  • Manzai JAPAN(NTV, February 2021, 2, May 14, 5)- MC[Annotation 9]
  • R-1 Grand Prix 2021(Kansai TV, Fuji TV, March 2021, 3)- MC
  • Marbled Myojo Golden ☆ 80'S (BS Fuji, June 2021, 3)- MC
  • 2021vs1995-2000 Anison Battle BEST20 (TV Asahi, March 2021, 3)- MC[Annotation 10]



Online delivery


Current regular program

CM / Campaign

  • Softbank Web CM "3rd grade B group Sumahachi sensei" (February 2019)[49]
  • Locondo(November 2019)[50]
  • Sushiro(November 2019)[51]
    • Sekime store where we talked about the formation of a combination with the appearance of the commercialOsaka) Has become a sanctuary because the decoration inside the store has become a marbled Myojo specification for one month only.
  • EdionNamba Main Store (June 2019)
  • Bandai"ZENONZARD" (September 2019)[52]
  • Akeboshi food"Chinese food" (October 2019)[53]
  • Messe Group (December 2019)
  • Plenus"Relieve more] New combination lunch showdown!Which one is better?Voting campaign! (March 2020)[54]
    • MikiCo-starred with.
  • Morinaga Confectionery"Paxiel" (March 2020)[55]
  • DIP Corporation " Beetle"Interview Cobot" (March 2020), "Buy Shooting 3 Million Yen Championship" (March 1000)
  • Nissin Food"Cup Noodle Final Noodle" (June 2020)
  • Dams Group (June 2020)
  • FamilyMart"Gochimusubi" (October 2020)
  • From Scratch Co., Ltd. "b → dash" (February 2021)[56]
  • EDWIN"JERSEYS" (March 2021)
  • Chariloto Co., Ltd. "Chari LottoWeb CM "While Man / Mahjong" (April 2021), TV CM "While Man / Procession" (May 4)

Live alone

  • 2013
  • 2014
    • August 1- "30 minutes of Marbled Myojo"(5up Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 3- "Flame vortex"(5up Yoshimoto/Osaka)[57]
    • August 8- "Naminori"(5up Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 10- "Master ball"(5up Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 11- "Master ball"(5up Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2015
  • 2016
    • August 5- "Fukamidori" (Yoshimoto Manzai Theater/Osaka)
    • August 8- "One drill"(Dotonbori ZAZA HOUSE/Osaka)
    • August 12- "fly through a sky"(Yoshimoto Manzai Theater/Osaka)
  • 2017
  • 2018
    • August 2- "Giga drain"(Yoshimoto Manzai Theater/Osaka)
    • August 3- "Shake Yubi"(Yoshimoto Manzai Theater/Osaka)
    • August 4- "Psycho Wave"(Yoshimoto Manzai Theater/Osaka)
    • August 5- "Tsurugi no Mai"(Yoshimoto Manzai Theater/Osaka)
    • August 6- "Nihonbare"(Yoshimoto Manzai Theater/Osaka)
    • August 7- "Awakening power"(Yoshimoto Manzai Theater/Osaka)
    • August 8- "Iwakudaki"(Yoshimoto Manzai Theater/Osaka)
    • August 9- "Mirai Yochi"(Yoshimoto Manzai Theater/Osaka)
    • August 10- "God Bird" (Yoshimoto Manzai Theater / Osaka)
    • August 11- "Hyper Beam" (Yoshimoto Manzai Theater / Osaka)
    • August 12- "Mach punch" (Yoshimoto Manzai Theater / Osaka)
  • 2019
    • August 9- "Marbled Myojo Communication Cable"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 11- "Marbled Myojo Communication Cable"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2020
    • August 1- "Marbled Myojo Communication Cable"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 3- "Marbled Myojo Communication Cable"(Lumine the Yoshimoto / Tokyo) -Cancelled
    • August 11- "Marbled Myojo no Hiden Machine"(YES THEATER/Osaka)
    • August 12- "Marbled Myojo no Hiden Machine"(YES THEATER / Osaka) --Cancelled
  • 2021
    • August 2- "Marbled Myojo no Hiden Machine"(YES THEATER/Osaka)
    • August 3- "Marbled Myojo no Hiden Machine"(YES THEATER/Osaka)
    • August 4- "Marbled Myojo no Hiden Machine"(YES THEATER / Osaka) --Cancelled
    • August 5- "Marbled Myojo no Hiden Machine"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)


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