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👆 | Autograph of the Fujii Double Crown Throne Battle Shikishi Exhibited at Ohori Park Noh Theater April XNUMXst, Fukuoka City


Fujii Double Crown Sign of the Throne Battle Shikishi Exhibited at Ohori Park Noh Theater April XNUMXst, Fukuoka City

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The exhibition will start on April 4st, and the original exhibition of autographed colored paper will be available for a limited time.

The autographed colored paper of Souta Fujii's double crown of shogi will be exhibited in Fukuoka.Signed colored paper by Fujii Futaku ... → Continue reading

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Sign (Celebrity signature)

CelebritySignIeautograph(English autograph)[1]Is the authorNameStylized writing, and the act of writing it. oftencollectionSubject to.

"Autograph" in English is in addition to the signatureHandwritingmanuscriptAlso refers to.

Get a signature

New product

In Japancolored paperYou can see the habit of signing and giving gifts (signed colored paper)[2].

Celebrities sign autographs at fan meetings and sell signed products[3].. These eventsJapanIs called "autograph session".

Book,MusicCDThen the author (NovelistAuthorssinger) Autograph session will be held for sales promotion[4].IdolTo get an autograph at the autograph session ofHandshake meetingAlong with being an important experience for fans[5].

The signature was usually a sign for a paper book, but the signature obtained by individually asking the authorE-bookA service that can be displayed on the reader has also appeared[6].

Middle Ages

Signs of celebrities, including the deceased,auctionMay be purchased at a high price[7].secondhand bookHowever, it tends to be prized as "signature book" and "signature book" more than unsigned books,Secondhand bookstoreAlso exists[8].

Due to these circumstances, some people sell counterfeit celebrity signatures, and there are cases of detection.[9].


The sign isPortraitAccording to thePublicity rightsMay be subject to[10].


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