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👍 | “Instagram” Bug Night Hundreds of reports from android users


"Instagram" Bug Night Hundreds of reports from android users

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On March 3, Android had a problem that the communication app "LINE" and the game app "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" could not be started on some devices.

There was a problem with the image / video sharing app "Instagram". From the night of March 2021, 3, "It stopped starting ... → Continue reading

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Uma Musume Pretty Derby

"Uma Musume Pretty Derby』(Uma Musume Pretty Derby) isCygamesGame app for smartphones by[1]とPc games, And media mix content centered on it. Abbreviation is "Horse daughter』.


The genre is a training simulation game,RacehorseTheMoe personificationThe content is to train the character "Uma Musume" and aim to win the race called "Twinkle Series".

The game app will initially be released in the winter of 2018[5]However, the postponement of delivery was announced in December 2018[6], After an undecided period, distribution started on February 2021, 2[7].. In addition, diversified media such as comics, CDs, and TV animations are being developed prior to the distribution of games.[8], Various comics of CygamesWEB comicPosted on the site "Cycomics". TV animation was broadcast from April to June 2018, and this workSpin-offThe four-frame manga "Umayon" was also broadcast from July 4.[9][10][11].

At the beginning of the announcementBANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentAt “Idol Master seriesAkihiro Ishihara, who was involved in such activities, was the executive producer as a content producer.[12], Ishihara left Cygames in April 2019, and he has also retired from the same position.[13].

Story (game)

We have trained top horse girls such as Oguri CapTeam <Sirius>..With the retirement of the previous trainer who saw Oguri Cap's last run at Arima Kinen, the sub-trainer will see the team as a new trainer.However, as soon as he took over, the horse girls who belonged to him left the team all at once as if to scatter the spider cubs, and the members were only Mejiro McQueen.If you don't collect four members by the deadline, the team will run out.The trainer will race with McQueen, who has become the only team member, to survive the team.

Game system

The basic flow of the game is for the player to become a trainer, train Uma Musume, run in the Twinkle series, win, and acquire many fans.

First, the player selects one horse daughter to be trained from among the trained horse daughters, and selects the inherited horse daughter who inherits the ability and the support card which assists the training.On the main screen of training, while selecting commands such as training and rest, increase each status of speed, stamina, power, guts, and wisdom, and strengthen the training horse daughter.
The training horse girl has multiple goals such as "within XX in the designated race" and "acquiring XX fans by the designated period", and if the goal is not reached, the training will end at that point ( In the target race where the order of arrival is specified, you can continue with items up to 1 times in one training).
Race start
Once the breeding horse girls have grown up, they can race according to the distance of each horse girl and the suitability of the turf and dirt.The race composition is a grade system like the JRA program schedule, and even if there is no problem in ability, high grade races such as GI cannot run unless the number of fans acquired meets the regulation.
When you complete the race, the number of fans will increase according to the ranking, the status will rise, and you will be able to earn skill points to acquire the skills that will lead the race.
During the race, live commentary and commentary will be given according to the development.The actual situation isJunichi Mogi(Male) andSatomi Akasaka(Woman), commentaryKeiichiro YasudaIs in charge.The player can freely select the person in charge of the actual situation.
A special effect that Uma Musume can activate during the race to give the race an edge.Can be obtained by spending skill points.
Unique skills
It is a skill that Uma Musume has acquired from the beginning, and the effect varies.A cut-in is made when activated, but horse girls with 3 or more stars have a more flashy cut-in than horse girls with 1 or 2 stars.
Hall of Fame Uma Musume
Uma Musume who have finished training will be inducted into the Hall of Fame after the numerical status and race results are comprehensively judged and ranked, and the factors to be inherited are determined.The Hall of Fame Uma Musume can be used as a successor Uma Musume when raising a new Uma Musume, or can participate in various races such as team battles held at the team stadium, daily races, and legend races. Will be.
A system that uses a horse girl in the Hall of Fame to inherit factors at the start of raising a horse girl and at a succession event during the training.The inherited horse girl does not disappear.Also, the same horse daughter as the breeding horse daughter cannot be inherited. Six people up to two generations ago will be inherited.
It is given to the horse girl in the Hall of Fame, and when inherited, it raises the status and aptitude, and gives hints of skills. There are ★ ☆☆ ~ ★★★, and the effect becomes stronger as the number of stars increases.
As of April 2021, the following two types have been held.
Story event
Training is the main.At the time of the event, points will be given according to the situation at the end of training, and the event original story will be released according to the points, and event-limited support cards, items, and gacha tickets will be distributed.
Legend race
An event to challenge a legendary horse girl with a horse girl in the Hall of Fame.Legend Uma Musume is a horse girl who has won or is wearing a racehorse modeled in the race selected for the Legend Race.
Nurturing horse girl story
A story unique to a breeding horse girl.It is a full-length full voice, and as of April 2021, up to 4 episodes have been implemented.
There are two types of gacha, the breeding horse daughter gacha and the support card gacha.Each gacha can be turned by consuming jewels.Jewels can be distributed free of charge or purchased for a fee.
Raised horse daughter
Raised horse daughter A horse girl that is actually raised that can be obtained from the gacha.There are 1 levels of rarity when gacha is discharged, from 3 to 3 stars.By using the pieces that can be obtained from gachas and shops, you can evolve to 5 stars at the maximum.Game clothes are implemented for breeding horse girls with 3 stars or more.Stars 1 and 2 are the common costumes for winning live at the beginning of gacha discharge, but when they evolve to star 3, you can get the character's unique game clothes.The gacha has a motif of starting from the gate, and the color of the gate changes to silver, gold, and rainbow.If the horse girl you already own is discharged, it will be converted into a goddess statue that can be exchanged for various items instead.
Support card
Raising A card required to support growth when raising a horse girl.There are three types of rarity: R, SR, and SSR.There are also support cards for people other than Uma Musume.If you use it, the horse girl (or person) in the illustration will support the breeding horse girl, increase the status increase, get hints for skill acquisition (points for skill acquisition will be discounted), etc., support unique to that card I do.By training together, you can dramatically increase your stats.Friendship trainingMay be activated.You cannot use the same Uma Musume support card as the breeding Uma Musume.

the term


Horse daughter
Girls born by inheriting the names and souls of racehorses in a different world (real world).Appearance has a horse-like tail near the waist and horse-like ears near the crown[Annotation 1]..It has superhuman running ability, but has the same appearance as a normal girl except for its ears and tail.
In the pastJRAorLocal horse racingIt is named after the real racehorse that was enrolled in the horse, and its birthday is similar to that of the real horse (with some exceptions in the anime version).The hair color is almost the same as the color of the hair of a real horse (it may be arranged in a similar color), and it is on the faceStars and meteorsA horse girl modeled on a horse with a horse has a part of her bangsmeshEnters. Also, MenkoShadow rollSuch asharnessWith some exceptions, it inherits the appearance characteristics of the actual horse of the model, such as expressing it with accessories such as ear covers, ribbons, and masks.If the model racehorse is a stallion, the right ear is attached, and if it is a mare, the left ear is decorated with a ribbon or other decoration.
There are many horse girls who are enrolled in Tresen Gakuen by taking advantage of their leg strength and are working hard to participate in the "Twinkle Series", which is a national sports and entertainment.However, not all horse girls appear in the Twinkle series, and horse girls who participate in the "local series" equivalent to local horse racing and those who have the same occupation as humans and live a life that is no different from humans. There is also a horse girl who runs.
The running speed of Uma Musume, who runs at full speed, reaches about 70 kilometers per hour.
Twinkle series
The name of the race in which horse girls compete, in this worldgamblingIt has become established as a national entertainment with no elements. It will be held at a racetrack, a facility similar to a real-world racetrack. The organization and schedule of the race is realCentral horse racingAlmost the same as horse racingGrade system(As of 2020) is adopted.In the game, the 3-year-old stallion classic race is called the classic race, the 3-year-old female horse classic race is called the tiara race, andNiigata 2 year old stakes"2 years old" becomes "junior",Hanshin Mare Stakes"Mare" such as is changed to "Uma Musume".The final goal of the race is the first goal, and when the difference is widened, it is decided by the unit when the horse girl named Bami spreads her hands.
Team to join (real worldstableIt is a prerequisite to enter (corresponding to) and study under a trainer, but in the manga "STARTING GATE! -Uma Musume Pretty Derby-" (hereinafter referred to as "STARTING GATE!"), It is a condition for participation in the team selection selection meeting. It is a narrow gate, such as having to be selected.Also, even if you join the team, you can only participate if there are 5 or more team members.
In races below GII, with gym clothesNumber(Color and notation are similar to those of Central Horse Racing), Uma Musume with the name of a stallion wears shorts, and Uma Musume with the name of a mare wears bloomers.
Winning the race gives you the right to stand in the center at "Winning Live".
Match clothes
Race clothes worn only by Uma Musume in GI races.The design is exclusively for each horse girl, and the color of the horse owner's game clothes when the racehorse in the real world was active[Annotation 2]Has been incorporated.It seems that when you wear racing clothes, a mysterious force acts and you can run better than gym clothes.
A profession peculiar to Tresen Gakuen that teaches races and manages physical condition of horse girls who belong to the team.It is different from the teacher who is in charge of classroom lectures.Large teams can also have a sub-trainer.Trainers who do not have a specific team are called instructors.
Winning live
A live stage where the horse girl who won the race is allowed to stand and share the joy of victory with the audience. The horse girl who finished 3rd in the race goes up to the stage, and the winning horse girl acts as the center (others are each)Good / bad on stageDivided into.Also, in the game, all 4 or less horse girls act as back dancers).Former producer Ishihara said that the reason for introducing this was "I wanted to have a world view that does not leave a grudge after the game."[14].
Dream trophy
A race that can only be run by Uma Musume, who is ranked high in the Twinkle series that appears in the anime and has achieved good results in the Twinkle series.All-star match by fan votingTakarazuka Memorial,Arima MemorialIt will be held separately.
Held twice a year in the summer (Summer Dream Trophy: SDT) and in the winter (Winter Dream Trophy: WDT). Winter WDT on New YearTokyo race trackThe turf course will be held at a distance of 2400 meters. As for the game clothes, all wear the same white-based clothes in different colors.
In the game, only the name "Dream Trophy League" appears as a high-ranking league in the "Twinkle Series".
Toresen Gakuen
The official name is "Japan Uma Musume Training Center Gakuen"[15]..Uma Musume nationwideTraining facilityIt is a state-of-the-art and largest facility and an educational institution.TokyoFuchu-shiLocated in.
It has both literary and martial arts, and lectures, regular academic ability tests, and dance exercises and singing training for winning live performances are also held.In addition, there are additional exams and supplementary lessons for horse girls who have poor grades in the regular academic ability test.Student cafeteria, library, indoor pool (diving board(With) ・ Facilities such as the purchasing department are also substantial.
There is a school-designated uniform, and winter clothes wear a purple-based sailor suit with a purple pleated skirt, and summer clothes wear a white sailor suit with a light purple base and a white pleated skirt.The feature is that there is a tail hole with a ribbon on the skirt.
In anime, the classes are roughly divided into "senior class" and "junior class".[15]..The junior class is further divided into groups A, B, and C, which are allowed to participate in the senior open class, and the races that can be entered in each class will change.The game is divided into three classes, "junior class", "classic class" and "senior class", and the class will go up in January.
In the dormitory systemMiho DormitoryとRitto DormitoryThere are two dormitories[15]..The lesson is "Eclipse first, the rest nowhere. (Only outstanding, no one in line). "
The official name is Uma-musume Racing Association.Translated literally, Uma Musume Race Association.He is involved in race registration for Uma Musume, formulation of race rules, and management of winning live performances.It is also the management body of Toresen Gakuen.There is also a design department and a music department, and URA creates all the winning live songs and game clothes for Uma Musume.
3 goddess statue
An ancient horse girl who is said to be the origin of the horse girl.It is enshrined as a stone statue in the fountain in the garden of Tresen Gakuen, and is a place for students to relax.In the game version, it is the stage of inheritance.
Spring Fan Thanksgiving / Autumn Fan Thanksgiving (Hoof Festival)
A school event equivalent to a sports festival and school festival at Toresen Gakuen.It is popular that ordinary people can enter and meet famous horse girls.
Triple Crown Horse Girl
A real-world stallion classicSatsuki Award-Tokyo Yushun(Japan Derby) ・ChrysanthemumThe title given to Uma Musume who won all three races[Annotation 3].
Annual representative horse daughter
A stage where URA commends the horse girl who shined this year at the end of the year.Elections are based on a voting system by reporters, and there are junior, classic, senior, dirt, and sprint, respectively.Based on these, the representative horse daughter of this year will be elected.
In the anime version, the right to design individual clothing is given as a supplementary prize.


One of the injuries of Uma Musume.What happens during a race is called a breakdown, and Uma Musume must take appropriate measures.The most frightening thing is that the accelerating horse girl cannot control the speed, so there is a risk that she will fall from her head at the same speed and die.Fractures have the same structure as human bones and can be repaired.However, whether or not you can regain the running before the breakdown depends on the degree of fracture.
Tethered ligamentitis
A disease peculiar to Uma Musume that Mejiro McQueen developed in the anime "Season 2".The ligaments of the ankle become inflamed, and overuse causes severe pain in the ankle.There is symptomatic treatment, but there is no radical cure, and the affected horse daughter is forced to retire.


Leg quality
Uma Musume's race strategy.There are four types: escape, lead, insert, and drive.
Distance suitability
The distance that Uma Musume is good at racing.The better the distance, the more the horse girl's talent can be fully demonstrated.However, if the distance does not match (for example, a sprint-appropriate horse girl runs for the long-distance Emperor's Award (Spring)), the probability of losing increases.In the game, it is also possible to make the distance that you are not good at by inheriting the distance that you are good at.
A race course where horse girls run.It is roughly divided into a turf course and a dirt course.Baba without water is called good baba, and records may come out quickly when the race develops.On the other hand, a baba that has become moist due to rain or snow is called a heavy baba, and it is easy for the legs to get caught and the race development to be delayed.In addition, the recovery of heavy going and the worsening of going are called bad going.The situation is different for turf and dirt.
URA Finals
A race that appears in the training mode.If you clear all the goals set for the breeding horse girl, it will start after the end of the second half of December for seniors.Qualifying → Semi-final → Final, and you can't move on to the next unless you finish in the first place.Because Akikawa, the chairman of the race, proposed "I want to prepare a stage where any horse girl can shine", the baba and distance are automatically selected as the baba and distance that the breeding horse girl is most good at.
Triple tiara
Hit the real-world mare classicSakura Flower Award-Yujun Mare(Oaks) ・Autumn Flower AwardThe title given to Uma Musume who won all three races.In the game, Uma Musume with a stallion motif can also run, and can run in either Satsuki Sho, Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby), or Kikuka Sho.Even if you achieve this in the game, you will be called a triple crown horse girl.


Local series
Like the Twinkle series, the Uma Musume race that appears in the manga "Uma Musume Cinderella Gray" (hereinafter referred to as "Cinderella Gray") is held at local race tracks all over the country.Real worldLocal horse racingIt will be held at 15 racetracks in the same location as the racetrack.
Stone pineToresen Gakuen
One of the training center schools that trains horse girls who will participate in 15 local series nationwide at the school institution where Oguri Cap that appears in "Cinderella Gray" is enrolled.The official name is "Gifu Uma Musume Kasamatsu Training Center Gakuen".The uniform design and equipment are different from the central Tressen Academy, but the same is true for a dormitory-based girls' school and a team system with human trainers.In rare cases, the best performers in the local series may be scouted to the Central Tressen Academy.


Horse daughter

In this section, we will focus on the animation that was previously developed in the media.There may be differences in settings for manga and games.

Team <Spica>

An up-and-coming team to which Special Weeks, the main characters of anime, belong. "Problem children" who have difficulty in temperament are gathered, including Gold Ship, who is a boss, but their potential is immeasurable. In the past, Uma Musume, who rebelled against the trainer's laissez-faire, left the team one after another, and there was a time when the survival of the team was jeopardized because there was only one Uma Musume belonging to Gold Ship. The goal is to exceed the team <Rigil>.

In the anime "Season 2", due to the many activities of the team members, it has become a goal by other teams.

Special week
sound - Aki Waki
Height 158 ​​cm / Weight: Slightly reduced (slightly nervous before the race) / B81 / W56 / H81 / Birthday May 5st[16]
The main character of the first period of animation and "STARTING GATE!".Black deerThe mesh enters the bangs. A purple ribbon is attached to the right ear, a white braid-like ornament is wrapped around the head, and the back is tied with a purple string. The game clothes are based on white and purple. It is called "Spe-chan" by close horse girls.
HokkaidoFrom the countrysideHigashi Fuchu StationWhen exiting the ticket gateAutomatic ticket gateIt's so naive that I didn't even know to pass a ticket.I had never met other horse girls until I moved to Tokyo and entered the middle school of Tresen Gakuen, and I had no friends of the same age, so I admired Silence Suzuka, the horse girl I met for the first time other than myself, and gave special attention to it.
The birth mother died shortly after she was born, and a human-rearing mother (voice-voice) who received a will from the birth mother saying, "I want this child to be raised by a fine horse daughter." Yu Saito) And grew up receiving rigorous training one-on-one.My dream for the future is "the best horse girl in Japan" that my mother told me.Both the deceased mother and the raising mother call her "mother" and admire her, and she frequently exchanges letters with her raising mother.
It's easy to get nervous, but he has a bright and positive personality and is very friendly because he was raised by humans.Also, because they are natural and naive, they are often deceived by human language.Go up in the first simulated race 3HalongIt has a rare end leg that runs in the 33 seconds range.He is a big eater and has a large amount of carrots in cardboard boxes in his room, and a considerable amount of rice and side dishes are served in the dining scene at the cafeteria.
After losing to El Condor Pasa in a simulated race that also served as an entrance test for the team <Rigil> that was taken to join the same team as Silence Suzuka, he was taken to <Spica> by Gold Ship and others who were instructed by the trainer. Although he can come, Silence Suzuka moved to <Spica> at the same time, so he unexpectedly became a teammate with the person he admired and became the same room in the dormitory. At first, he saw Silence Suzuka as a longing existence, but eventually he wants to compete with her as a rival and enhance each other.
Silence Suzuka
Voice- Marika Takano
Height 161 cm / Weight: No increase / decrease / B70 / W53 / H79 / Birthday May 5nd[17]
BrightBrown hairSo, a horse girl wearing a green ear cover and a Katyusha.The game clothes are based on white and light green, and have a cross star decoration on the chest.
He is enrolled in the high school of Toresen Gakuen and is one year senior in Special Week.Good at big escape.Although he belonged to the team <Rigil>, he couldn't find the joy of running because he didn't fit in with Hana's guidance policy, and he transferred to <Spica> to remember the joy of running.The goal is to become a horse girl who can give dreams to the viewer. At the beginning of the transfer to <Spica>, he was quiet and did not show much emotion, but he began to smile while interacting with Special Week and other members of <Spica> who were in the same room in the dormitory.
 In the first term, he is another hero.In episode 1, he broke his bone during the Tenno Sho (Autumn) race, but after more than a year of rehabilitation, he returned to the race. Although he is on an expedition to the United States in "Season 7", he supports the members of <Spica> through Special Week every time, and returns to the race track at Arima Kinen, which is Tokai Teio's return race.
Boasting the fastest speed of his generation, he was said to be the earliest to make his debut, but he suffered from a slump due to an injury, and even after he was completely healed, he fell into the selection process, and he is still struggling to get out of the slump.There was a self-respecting part that didn't care about the surroundings at all until his personality fell into a slump, but changes have occurred, such as paying attention to the surroundings while spending time with Special Week.
Tokai Teio
Voice- Machico
Height 150 cm / Weight: No increase / decrease / B70 / W54 / H76 / Birthday May 4nd[18]
KageSo, I put a blue ribbon on my right ear and a pink ribbon on the base of the ponytail.ポ ニ ー テ ー ルA horse girl with a distinctive character.Nickname is "Teio".A mesh is inserted in a part of the bangs, but the mesh is similar to Symboli Rudolf.My roommate is Mayano Top Gun.
Enrolled in the Middle School of Tresen Gakuen, he has a strong admiration for Symboli Rudolf and aims to become the same undefeated Triple Crown horse daughter as Symboli Rudolf.The first person is "I", a little small but lively and cheerful, and good at singing and dancing.
Even though the trainer of <Spica> repeatedly asked him to join the team, he held his attitude, but when he was asked to teach dance, he finally decided to join <Spica> because he seemed to have fun.
In "Season 2", he is the main character with McQueen.Like Rudolph, he aims to be an undefeated Triple Crown Uma Musume, but gradually loses his enthusiasm due to repeated breakdowns and ups and downs of his grades, and for a while he begins to think seriously about his retirement.However, when Twin Turbo witnessed the indomitable spirit of deciding to finish first in the All Comers, he regained his confidence and began to work hard to rehabilitate for his return to the race.In order to encourage McQueen, who suffered from a breakdown and lost confidence as well as himself, he made an effort for rehabilitation and won the victory over the leading horse girls in the Arima Kinen race.
White-eye McQueen
Voice- Saori Onishi
Height 159 cm / Weight: Slight increase (currently desperately adjusting!) / B71 / W54 / H76 / Birthday April 4[19]
PurplishGray horseAnd a horse girl with a green ribbon on her right ear.Nickname is "McQueen".The daughter of the prestigious White-eye family who is enrolled in the middle school of Tresen Gakuen, she is highly regarded in the school because of her natural talent and lady-like behavior, which is good at long-distance racing.
My hobbies are watching sports (baseball) and watching movies.My roommate is Ikuno Dictus.
Like Teio, he is the main character in "Season 2".A classmate of Tokai Teio and others, he is entwined with Gold Ship and says, "I have to bring it.Pile driverIt is brought to <Spica> by Tokai Teio, who was ordered by Gold Ship.Weak to push, good people.As with Special Week, he eventually joins Spica in the form of an abduction.It is said that the Gold Ship and the horse are particularly suitable from the surroundings, and while being swayed by the Gold Ship, it is being dyed in the color of <Spica>.
One of the main characters in the main story and a member of the team <Sirius>.He will be the only member of the team after Oguri Cap retires, but he will struggle as a new ace to rebuild the team.
Voice- Ayaka Ohashi
Height 165 cm / Weight: No increase / decrease / B76 / W55 / H78 / Birthday May 4nd[20]
A horse girl with dark bay hair, bangs with a mesh in part, and a ring around her ears.The ring is also hooked on the part that corresponds to the human left ear, and the back hair is tied up.
The first person is "I", and although he shows a rugged behavior that does not differ from his boyish appearance, he has a gentle and naive personality.Although he has been arguing with his classmate Daiwa Scarlet on a regular basis, he understands each other well and has a good rivalry.
Daiwa Scarlet
Voice- Kimura Chisaki
Height 163 cm / Weight: Unknown (Measurement refused) / B90 / W56 / H82 / Birthday May 5[21]
Slightly reddish brown hair, up to knee length tied up with a light blue hair clipTwin tailとDouble toothUma Musume is characterized by.On the crowntiaraIs placed, and a pink ribbon is attached to the tail part on the left side.
Contrary to her gorgeous and graceful appearance, she has a very cheerful and cheeky personality.Although he has been arguing with his classmate Vodka on a regular basis, he understands each other well and has a good rivalry.
Gold ship
Voice- Ueda Hitomi
Height 170cm / Weight: Unpredictable / B88 / W55 / H88 / Birthday March 3th[22]
A horse girl with gray horse hair and a trademark hat and earmuffs on her head.Contrary to his tall and graceful appearance, he is a free-spirited person who always behaves in a relaxed manner and has a rather wild personality.Nickname is "Gorushi".Among the horse girls, the only setting regarding the grade has not been revealed.
She was the oldest team member of Spica, and she was the only team member at one time until Daiwa Scarlet and Vodka came in.Feel free to do breakdance at winning live, often at the race trackRubik's CubeI bring in.A type that goes his own way even in practice.To moveSegwayIs sometimes used, and it is rented out when Tokai Teio is injured.
He often gives a little bit to Mejiro McQueen, but every time he encounters terrible eyes (mainly the eyes), he often faints in agony.In addition, he is enthusiastic about business and sells food and stalls at events and fan Thanksgiving where people are likely to gather. When Tokai Teio resumed training for the return race in "Season2", he became the team leader temporarily, and although Teio was injured again and immediately dropped out, he eventually settled down as the team leader.

Team <Rigil>

A team that is considered to be the strongest in Toresen Gakuen in anime. When recruiting members, an entrance examination is conducted, and only those who have the fastest time can join the club. The members include two such horse girls, such as having two triple-crowned horse girls.

El Condor Passer
Voice- Minami Takahashi[Annotation 4]
Height 163 cm / Weight: Slight increase (muscle training effect) / B89 / W58 / H86 / Birthday March 3[23]
With a hair color close to dark bayMaskIs the trademark horse girl.The game clothes are based on yellow, and the jacket is red.
AmericaFromreturnee childrenHe speaks a little bit of Japanese, but he has a cheerful and lively personality and is very close to his classmates' Special Week.It has the nickname of a monster bird that dances on the turf.Called "El-chan" by her close horse daughter.
In the entrance test of the team <Rigil> who also participated in Special Week, he finished first and entered <Rigil>.
After watching a simulated race with the Taiki Shuttle in the anime, he began to see Special Week as a rival.Although he is a genius in Noh weather, he spares no effort to win, such as summarizing Broyer's measures independently after the defeat of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.
From early on, he advocated "becoming the best horse girl in the world" and positioned Silence Suzuka as a "wall for overseas expeditions."
Glass wonder
Voice- Maeda Rena
Height 152 cm / Weight: No increase / decrease / B77 / W53 / H84 / Birthday May 2nd[24]
A returnee from the United States, a horse girl with a career as a junior champion.It features a shield-like mesh around the forehead with brown hair.Special Week is a classmate.
He has a mild demeanor, but he has a fighting spirit inside and burns quietly. Initially I hurt my leg in the anime, but in the fall seasonMainichi crownMore serious return. Since the arrival of El Condor Pasa in France, he has become a strong rival of Special Week in the race.
It also acts as a brake for El Condor Pasa, who tends to run away because of its cheerfulness, and when the prank is over, he mercilessly puts in a tsukkomi.
Taiki Shuttle
Voice- Yuka Otsubo
Height 172 cm / Weight: Slight increase ("But no problem!") / B94 / W59 / H90 / Birthday March 3[25]
A returnee from the United States, Uma Musume has a friendly personality who speaks a little Japanese like El Condor Pasa.The trademark is a green star-shaped hair ornament with brown hair.
He is good at pool training and sprinting, and boasts the best results in Japan for sprinting.
Voice- Azusa Tadokoro
Height 165cm / Weight: Pretty ideal / B86 / W59 / H85 / Birthday March 3th[26]
Uma Musume, who is the chairman of the Toresen Gakuen Student Organization, has a distinctive mesh of bay hair and bangs.He is one of the Triple Crown Horse Girls and has a strong admiration from Tokai Teio.
Being laid back and charismatic, but sometimes too clumsy trying to get close to the other personpunTokai Teio, Air Groove, and other horse girls may be amazed.
TM Opera Oh
Voice- Tokui blue sky
With a chestnut shortcutcrownIs the trademark horse girl.Enrolled in the middle school of Toresen Gakuen.The first person is "I" and calls himself "the strongest, fastest, and best-looking genius horse girl in the world."Narcissist.
The game clothes areGirl opera OfMale roleThe design is reminiscent of the costumes of.
Narita Brian
Voice- Aisaka Yuka(XNUMXst generation) → Rika Kinugawa(Second generation)[Annotation 5]
A horse girl enrolled in the High School of Tresen Gakuen, who serves as an officer of the Toresen Gakuen Student Organization.The back hair is tied with dark bay hair with orange and white strings, and a white bandage is attached to the tip of the nose.
One of the three-crowned horse daughter. Biwa Hayahide is a sister and has a rivalry.
Fuji Kiseki
Voice- Eriko Matsui
Uma Musume who is enrolled in the high school of Tresen Gakuen, who is the director of the Ritto dormitory.
Brown brownHowever, it is blackish and has a mesh in a part of the bangs.Uma Musume is very popular because she is mild and kind to everyone, and there are many Uma Musume around her.
Voice- Lynn
Height 164 cm / Weight: Ideal finish / B92 / W58 / H88 / Birthday May 5th[28]
A horse girl enrolled in the high school of Tresen Gakuen, whose trademark is bay and blue ribbon.
An older sister character with a mild personality who does not get angry at all even if she accidentally splashes a glass of water from Special Week.
In the side story, I go to my house instead of the dormitory and have a driver's license.My car is a supercar, but I don't like to ride with it because the driving is rough.There is one side that cannot keep up with the recent trends.
Air Groove
Voice- Aoki Ruriko
Height 165cm / Weight: Stunning finish / B90 / W57 / H86 / Birthday April 4th[29]
Uma Musume, Vice President of the Toresen Gakuen Student Organization and an aide to Symboli Rudolf.The right eye is hidden by dark bay.
A strict and neutral personality who has a dignified behavior and is in strict contact with himself and others.Has a rivalry with Silence Suzuka.
At the direction of Symboli Rudolf, he will compete in a simulated race against Silence Suzuka who wants to transfer to Miho Dormitory.
Hishi Amazon
Voice- Yuko Tatsumi
Miho Dormitory Director. Originally dark bay, but slightly bluish. The skin is brown. He has a red scrunchie on his left ear.
A returnee from the United StatesSukebanHe has a type of skin and is in good condition, but he is kind. At the Tenno Sho (Autumn), there is a bloody side, such as offering Silence Suzuka a Thaiman game.
The design of the game clothes differs greatly between anime and games.

Team <Canopus>

A team that appears in earnest from the anime "Season 2".The goal is "defeat Spica".Only the name appears in the poster of the cafeteria in the first period of the anime.

Nice nature
Voice- Maeda Kaori
Height 147 cm / Weight: No increase / decrease / B79 / W56 / H80 / Birthday May 4nd[30]
A horse girl with a red menko that has reddish bay hair in a twin tail.He has a dry personality with a motto of moderate everything.It is called "Nature" by teammates.
Appearing from the first period, she is a friend of Silence Suzuka and talks to her at the Fan Thanksgiving Day at Tresen Gakuen.He also participated in the Tenno Sho (Autumn) when Suzuka was injured.
In "Season 2", the rivalry to Tokai Teio has strengthened his efforts and dedication to victory, and he can be seen to praise the twin turbo that declares victory lightly, and to spare no help when Tokai Teio is depressed. I'm trying to do my best again to see Tokai Teio, even though I'm depressed many times because I can't get the first one.At Arima Kinen, he has been on the bulletin board for many years in a row, and at Arima Kinen, which was the return race for Tokai Teio, he was in third place after Tokai Teio and Biwa Hayahide.
Twin turbo
Voice- Miharu Hanai
A runaway girl with a turbo full throttle and a runaway horse girl who is full speed even in the start practice.Appeared from the anime "Season 2".Originally bay hair, but with blue hair and twin tails, the eyes are odd-eyed.Nicknamed by first person and teammates is "Turbo".Although he is kind and easy to understand, his young words and behaviors are conspicuous, and his teammates say, "I'm a good boy, I'm crazy."
A newcomer to Canopus shortly before Tokai Teio challenges Japan Derby, he unilaterally views Tokai Teio as a rival, but Tokai Teio is always mistaken for his name.It also unilaterally declares rivals to Mejiro McQueen and Rice Shower.
When Tokai Teio was thinking of retiring for a while, he shed tears and furiously opposed it, and through the appearance that he shook off other horse girls in the All Comers game and decided the first place with all his might, he refrained from the retirement ceremony at Fan Thanksgiving. I stretched my body to Tokai Teio and reminded me of my indomitable spirit.After that, he was called "Twin Turbo Master" with gratitude from Tokai Teio.
Machikanetan Hoiza
Voice- Tono Hikaru
A horse girl with brown hair that appears in the anime "Season 2".He has a slightly positive personality, but he is also a hard worker who works harder than anyone else.It is called "Matitanium" by teammates.
Twin Turbo says "Large rookie" who entered after Ikuno Dictus.He has enough stamina and is good at long distances, and he is a talented person who first arrives at the rice shower at Meguro Kinen.I often have nosebleeds.The trademark blue hat has a large hole that exposes the right ear.
Voice- Tazawa Mayumi
Appeared from the anime "Season 2".A horse girl with brown hair and a part of her back hair braided and wearing glasses.He has a neat personality with coherent thinking.Nicknamed by his teammates is "Ikunon".We pay the utmost attention not to break down, but it extends to others and cannot be ignored when we see the unreasonable horse girl.
He recently joined Canopus with the goal of making Canopus the number one team in the school.Mejiro McQueen is a roommate.

Horse girl who appeared in the main part of the anime

Haru Urara
Voice- Shina Shuto
Height 140 cm / Weight: Slight increase (but don't mind) / B74 / W51 / H73 / Birthday February 2[31]
The main character of the manga "Uma Musume Pretty Derby -Haru Urara Do your best!-".
As the name suggests, it is literally unique among horse girls who have spring-like pink hair and many hair colors that are close to the actual horse hair color.
It's a different class from Special Week, but we're very close.He has a gentle and cheerful personality, such as calling out to Special Week when he fails to introduce himself and is depressed, and not laughing when he hears the dream of "becoming the best horse girl in Japan" that Special Week said in the entrance test of <Rigil>.He is small and has low physical strength, but he is more motivated than anyone else.
KochiHe made his debut in Japan, and although his grades are terrible, he is popular for his efforts. I often go to Kochi and often bring back souvenirs.
Haru Urara Good luck!
Unlike anime, it has a childish, capricious and selfish personality, and emphasizes the fact that it is loved by the people of Kochi, including the trainer Muneishi.Because of the mood shop, he does not train unless he is willing to do it, and although he does his best in the race, he has not won even at the time of the 100th race because he does not stick to the result, but he continues to run without retiring due to the love of the owners.Although sensitive to weight gain and loss, carrots and ice cream after the bath can never be stopped.
Sayung Sky
Voice- Akira Kitou
It is close to gray horse, but as the name suggests, it has a hair color close to sky blue. The cover is attached only to the right ear. The game clothes are based on light blue and green.
Special Week classmatesYayoi AwardSince then, he is one of the powerful rivals who will compete many times in races betting on the Triple Crown Horse Girl. I usually get tired of it at my own pace, but I hate it in the race. He is good at running away, but he also has the flexibility to freely change his tactics depending on the situation. Sometimes I hate entering the gate.
King halo
Voice- Iori Saeki
Height 159cm / Weight: Perfect / B85 / W60 / H85 / Birthday April 4th[32]
Bay. Special Week classmates. I have a blue cover on my ears. The game clothes are based on green.
In producing the anime version of the anime version producerJunnosuke ItoNewly added character with the intention of[33]So, as a rival of Special Week and Seiun Sky in animeYayoi AwardSince then, he will play many times in races betting the Triple Crown Horse Girl.
Oguri cap
Voice- Tomoya Takayanagi
Height 167 cm / Weight: Slightly increased (overeating) / B82 / W57 / H82 / Birthday March 3[34]
The main character of the manga "Cinderella Gray". Originally gray horse, it is close to silver hair and the top of the head is blackish.
A promising stock that has been transferred from a local horse girl training facility.Gluttony and fast-eating far beyond even Gluttony Special Week, and often eat a heap of food behind Special Weeks at restaurants and other places. Tamamo Cross-Inariwan-Super creekAndSame generationI am very close.
It ’s pretty fast at my own pacenatural..In addition, he is shy and has few words, and in "STARTING GATE!", It causes a rush with Special Week.
Cinderella Gray
He is still a big eater and has few words, and he always wears a dirty jersey and has ponytail hair without wearing a uniform.The trademark diamond-shaped hair ornament was worn by her mother when she was once an active race horse girl.When I was born, my knees were so bad that I couldn't walk, and after receiving a knee massage from my mother every day, I was finally able to walk and run.He loves to run, and because of the knees mentioned above, he always says, "For me, being able to stand and run is a miracle."I enrolled in Kasamatsu Tresen Gakuen just because I wanted to run purely, but Fujima Summer March asked me if that was all right, and after that I became aware of the game.
I like to run, but I'm careless about other things, and because I have little knowledge of racing horse girls and local series, I don't know the specifications of winning live after winning the race or running in a race with broken shoes. You can also dance the Kasamatsu Ondo to stunn the audience.My parents' house is poor and lives in a rag apartment.
Kitasan Black
Voice- Princess Yano Naki
Uma Musume Girl from the anime "Season 2".A clear, cheerful and energetic child.Originally it is bay, but probably because of its name, it has meshes like Rudolph and Teio in the hair that is close to dark bay.Visit the open campus of Tresen Gakuen with his childhood friend Satono Diamond.Longing for Tokai Teio, he rushes to watch the Emperor's Award, often visits the races where Teio and McQueen participate with Satono Diamond, and protects hard even though he is not used to it because of Teio who was injured and could not run. I keep thinking about making things. Satono Diamond, called "Dia-chan," is a close friend and the best rival.Enter Tresen Gakuen in the final episode.
Satono diamond
Voice- Tachibana Hina
Uma Musume Girl from the anime "Season 2".A naive and pretty lady.The maroon color is quite bright even with bay hair, and the bangs have a diamond-shaped white pattern.Visit the open campus of Tresen Gakuen with his childhood friend Kitasan Black.Longing for Mejiro McQueen, he came to watch the game with Kitasan Black at the Emperor's Award, and also frequently visited the races where Teio and McQueen participated with Kitasan Black, and had tea for Kitasan Black and the spectators he met. Behaving. Kitasan Black, called "Kita-chan," is a close friend and the best rival.Enter Tresen Gakuen in the final episode.
Voice- Ikumi Hasegawa
Chestnut.One ahoge is shining on the hair.A genius of effort to handle an overwhelming amount of practice stoicly.It is rumored that it is a cyborg in the school because it is practiced without changing its facial expression.
In "BNW Oath", he belongs to BNW's "N" team in the relay road race and is the first runner.Trainer in the anime "Season 2"KuronumaInstead of doing short-distance routes according to the instructions of, other team members do breathtaking training aiming for an undefeated triple crown.And like Tokai Teio, he won the Satsuki Sho undefeated.After that, he trained as much as possible to become an undefeated Triple Crown Uma Musume, but lost to Rice Shower at the Kikuka Award and refused the goal of becoming an undefeated Triple Crown Uma Musume. There is something that can be done, "he replies in a plain tone.I was training for the Japan Cup after the Kikuka Award, but I was injured but I haven't given up on returning.Although he couldn't fulfill his dream, he found a new reason to run, and accepted the only rice shower that beat him as a rival.When he learned that the rice shower did not appear in the Emperor's Award, he participated in the persuasion of the rice shower and succeeded in persuading him by expressing his own thoughts.
After that, he accompanied the rice shower that disappeared due to special training, and at the Emperor's Award, he said "Do you intend to be a villain (heel)" to the rice shower from the surroundings? The words, "You are my hero," helped her to win.
Rice shower
Voice- Mika Iwami
Height 145 cm / Weight: No increase / decrease / B75 / W51 / H76 / Birthday May 3nd[35]
Uma Musume is a trademark horse girl with dark bay hair, her right eye hidden, and a small hat with a blue rose.The first person is "Rice", who has a straightforward and innocent personality, but he is not confident in himself because he has a very bad relationship, and he tends to think very negatively.Although he has a small physique, he is enrolled in the high school.
In "BNW Oath", he belongs to BNW's "B" team in the relay road race and is the first runner.
In the anime "Season 2", she was aiming for Mihonoburubon by watching her run at the Satsuki Sho, and during her training she secretly ran from behind and checked her feelings.Although he lost the Satsuki Sho, he never gave up and made efforts.As a result, before the Kikuka Award, she was conscious of Mihonoburubon and asked her again for her determination.Nevertheless, the Kikuka-sho defeats Mihonoburubon and blocks her goal of being an "undefeated three-crowned horse girl."
I think that winning the race will be blessed by everyone as my name suggests, and I will do my best to be recognized and finally win Mihonoburubon, but by blocking her "undefeated triple crown" at the Kikuka Award Feeling that there is no point in winning by himself due to the disappointing faces and bashing of the spectators, he will avoid running in the race, let alone the Spring Emperor's Award, which will be a match against Mejiro McQueen who will win the award in a row.Spica members who heard McQueen's desire to compete properly try to persuade him, but it does not work, and Mihonoburubon and Teio chase after hearing the reason why he does not run, but he escapes by making use of his small body and physical strength as a stayer. However, in the end, he vows to win the Emperor's Award in response to Mihonoburubon's desire to express himself as a hero and a goal.
During the training, he realized that he could not beat Mejiro McQueen as it was, and gave himself a harsh special training to train the spirit that could only win.As a result, when she passed Mejiro McQueen on the underground horse road of Kyoto Racecourse before the race, she showed enough energy to put pressure on her.In the following races, he won with his obsession with victory, and eventually won the Emperor's Award on the course record, blocking Mejiro McQueen's third straight victory.As in the case of Mihonoburubon, the spectators'seats were quiet and saddened, but they were saved by the applause of Mejiro McQueen, the horse girl who was running the race, and a part of the spectators' seats. I vomited and shed tears.
In addition, after the Emperor's Award, Tokai Teio declared victory, but in fact, he has played in the past just because he forgot.[36].
One of the main characters in the main story.One of the horse girls scouted by the trainer of the team <Sirius>, he worked hard to practice by seeing the back of Mejiro McQueen who grew up to be the ace of the team, and faced Mihono Bourbon on the classic front.The story of Uma Musume reveals that she is extremely unhappy.
Daitaku Helios
Voice- Aya Yamane
A gal horse girl who always lives with Wayi and Nori.Mejiro Palmer is an escape friend.Although it is dark bay, the blue color of Menko is included as a mesh.The leg quality is running a middle distance by running away, but the mouth is broken on the way.The true proper distance is miles.
Megiro Palmer
Voice- Noguchi Yuri
A horse girl of the Mejiro family who has a friendly personality and is not expensive.After turning his leg quality into a big escape with the fortune-telling of Machikane Fukukita, his talent blossomed and he escaped and won the Arima Kinen.However, probably because it is hidden in the shadow of Mejiro McQueen, the main family of White-eye is not paying attention, andTakarazuka MemorialThere are many unfortunate events such as the trainer not coming after the victory.Even if he escapes a long distance, his stamina is uninterrupted and tough, and Tokai Teio is not good at it.He is learning gal terms under the influence of Daitaku Helios.In the race, it is a running form in which the head is raised high without taking a forward leaning posture.
Machikane Fukukita
Voice- Hiyori Nitta
Uma Musume who runs the fortune-telling hall "There is a front, but fortune-telling" at Toresen Gakuen.At the time of New Year, I was working part-time as a shrine maiden.He gives various advices to the horse girls of the school by crystal fortune-telling.
May Shodo Tou
Voice- Misaki Watada
A horse girl who is an assistant to Machikane Fukukita.Although he has the ability, he is shy and withdrawn, and has a thoughtful personality, so he is unable to demonstrate his abilities.He has a strong rivalry with T.M. Opera O, which is the opposite of himself, and has a fighting spirit that is typical of Uma Musume.


Uma Musume is the main character in the new anime "BNW Oath" recorded in the 4th corner of "Uma Box".In the Uma Musume anime "Season2", she will appear in the race scenes of episode 9 Japan Derby and episode 11 Kikuka-sho.

Biwa Hayahide
Voice- Kondo Yui
BNW "B".Ashi, the tallest horse girl among the three.It features a hairstyle with a lot of hair and under-rim glasses.Narita Brian is a sister and is called "sister" by her.Although he is a theoretical and calm personality, his wording is a little hard, and Narita Brian calls him "a clumsy wording."Since I am concerned about hairstyles with a lot of hair, I am generally concerned about having a big head, and even in animation, even the compliments such as "one head is outstanding" and "the face is wide" mean "big head". There are many depictions that are audibly sensitive to the size of the head.He has hell horse ears.
Even in the animation "Season2", there are many scenes that react sensitively to the size of the head, but it is said that BNW has a particularly high ability, and at the Kikuka Award, the course record that Rice Shower put out last time Updated and won.Even at Arima Kinen, although he was finally overtaken by Tokai Teio by a small margin, he showed an overwhelming run that kept other horse girls away.
Narita Taishin
Voice- Keiko Watanabe
BNW "N".A short-cut horse girl with a small physique compared to the other two with bay hair.He is naturally ill and easily suffers from breakdowns, and he has lost confidence in his ability due to repeated injuries and poor grades, and has even thought about retiring.Regarding the relay road race planned by Symboli Rudolf to encourage the three, he did not listen to Daiwa Scarlet's persuasion and did not show up until the end of the team practice.However, I was moved by the persuasion of Narita Brian based on my own experience and the sincere words of Biwa Hayahide and Winning Ticket who wanted to compete with me, and decided to participate in the relay race and regained my confidence.The game clothesGrange fashionWind pants style.
Winning ticket
Voice- Yui Watanabe
Height 157 cm / Weight: No increase / decrease / B88 / W57 / H85 / Birthday May 3nd[37]
"W" of BNW.A horse girl with dark bay, energetic and cheerful personality.The game clothes are based on red and the skirt is blue.Urticaria develops when nervous. It is called "Chikezo Senpai" by the members of <Spica>.

Uma Musume in Cinderella Gray

Tamamo Cross
Voice- Naomi Ozora
A horse girl with the same gray horse as Oguri Cap.It also appeared in anime.After the race, I got on the wrong train on the way back and came to Kasamatsu.I was shocked by the overwhelming strength of the Oguri Cap I saw there, and I have a strong rivalry.By the time Oguricab moved to the center, he had won three consecutive victories and won a big prize.
An unfriendly horse girl with a windmill hair accessory on her left ear and a mesh on her bangs.Also known as "martial arts girl".Shake hands on the first day of Oguri Cap's transfer and declare that he will fight openly.He is always honorific and has an honorific temperament, and he is serious about his daily school life and racing, but he has an old-fashioned side, such as writing an autograph when he challenges Oguri Cap.
Megiro Ardan
The daughter of the same Mejiro family as Mejiro McQueen, Mejiro Dobel, Mejiro Ryan, and Mejiro Palmer.He is quiet and speaks the words of a young lady.He seems to be on good terms with Yaenomuteki and Sakura Chiyono O, and holds a race called a tea party.
Sakura Chiyono O
Voice- Ruriko Noguchi
A black-haired Bob's throat horse girl with a cherry blossom hair accessory on her left ear.When it first appeared, it had won 4 wins in 3 races and had a winning star.However, I was nervous when I saw the Oguri Cap at the time of transfer, probably because I was shy.
Sirius Shimbori
Symboli Rudolf's childhood friend Uma Musume.He lived on an expedition to France before the start of the main story and was absent.After returning to Japan, he will play against Oguri Cap in the crown every day.

Other horse daughters

Uma Musume who does not appear in the main part or a bit part in the TV anime version.Some of the horse girls who do not appear in the main part of the anime appear in "BNW Oath" and "Umayon".

NameVoice actorheightWeightthree sizebirthday
Agnes DigitalSuzuki Minori143 cmNo increase or decreaseB74/W51/H75May 5
Fine motionChinami Hashimoto158 cmSlight increase
(Eat too much ramen?)
B79/W56/H83May 1
Mayano Top GunAyaka Imamura(First generation)
Mio Hoshitani(Second generation[Annotation 6])
143 cmNo increase or decreaseB75/W51/H73May 3
Manhattan CafeYui Ogura155 cmNo increase or decreaseB73/W54/H78May 3
Mejiro RyanAshi Haji163 cmSlight weight gain
(Muscle training effect)
B87/W57/H86May 4
HishikebonoMatsuzaki178 cmSuper large increaseB99/W64/H88May 4
YukinobijinYamamoto hope156 cmNo increase or decreaseB80/W55/H80May 3
Ines FujinTomomi Mineuchi167 cmSlight increase
(Did you eat too much?)
B88/W58/H84May 4
Agnes tachyonSumire Uesaka159 cmMeasurement refusalB83/W55/H81May 4
Admire VegaHitomi Sasaki157 cmNo increase or decreaseB85/W57/H82May 3
InariwanInoue Haruno139 cmNo weight gain or lossB85/W51/H74May 5
Air ShakurMinami Tsuda168 cmUnmeasurableB77/W56/H85May 2
Aisin flashAyumi Fujino160 cmNo increase or decrease
(Without 1g error)
B88/W58/H86May 3
Curren ChanYu Shinohara155 cmsecretB83/W55/H79May 3
Kawakami PrincessTakahashi flower forest154 cmNo increase or decrease
(You have decided!)
B91/W57/H87May 5
Gold ShichiSaki Kosaka158 cmDoes not appear at the measurement siteB85/W58/H82May 4
Sakura Bakushin OSachika Misawa158 cmNo increase or decreaseB83/W55/H83May 4
Seeking the pearlAyaka Fukuhara160 cmPerfect worldwideB79/W55/H80May 4
Shinko WindyYuuki Takada162 cmNo increase or decreaseB77/W57/H88May 4
Sweep ToshoShiori Sugiura139 cmResolute refusal to measureB72/W53/H73May 5
Super creekKana Yuuki168 cmSlight weight gain
(The reason is Naisho)
B97/W61/H91May 5
Smart FalconHitomi Owada156 cmSlight decrease
(Life is a little difficult)
B78/W55/H80May 4
Zenno Rob RoyTerui Haruka156 cmNo increase or decreaseB89/W56/H78May 3
Tohsen JordanSuzuki Eri157 cmNo CommentB82/W56/H84May 2
Nakayama FestaShimoji Shimono159 cmNo hindrance to the raceB78/W54/H79May 4
Nishino FlowerHaruna Kawai135 cmNo increase or decreaseB67/W48/H70May 4
Bamboo memoryAihara Kotomi157 cmNo increase or decreaseB77/W57/H81May 5
Biko PegasusAimi Tanaka144 cmSlight increase
(Eat a lot and grow up!)
B72/W54/H75May 4
Marvelous SundayMarie Miyake145 cmMarvelous!B87/W52/H77May 5
Mr C BYurina Amami166 cmNo increase or decreaseB84/W55/H80May 4
Megiro DobelHikari Kubota157 cmNo increase or decreaseB83/W57/H81May 5

Original horse girl

In addition to this, in the anime version and game version, many original horse girls have appeared during the race.In this item, only the characters that are greatly related to the scenario are listed.

Queen beret
Voice- Chinatsu Akasaki
Appeared in the first phase of anime.A silver-haired horse girl who fought in Special Week in her debut match.I have an eyepatch on my left eye.
Inside the gate, he threatens and scares Special Week, and after the start, he interferes with contact and kicking up the sand with his hind legs, but he is put in just before the goal and finishes in 2nd place.
Voice- Haruna Ikezawa
Appeared in the first phase of anime.A blonde horse girl who is said to be the strongest in Europe, she wears a blue guardian-style racing uniform with a gold mall, a white miniskirt and boots, and a cloak.[39].. After defeating El Condor Pasa at the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, he will come to Japan from France to participate in the Japan Cup.
After losing to Special Week in the Japan Cup, she started to pay attention to her, and in "BNW's Oath", she was invited by Symboli Rudolf to come back to Japan and watch the relay race.
Sun visor
Voice- Rie Kugimiya
Appeared in the first phase of anime.Hana is the most vigilant as "be careful", as she is a growing horse girl who participated in the open special race that was the return race of Silence Suzuka.
Both the school and the race track are in a mood to welcome the return of Silence Suzuka, and declare their victory over Silence Suzuka in the race.
In "BNW Oath", he will serve as the shadow warrior of Narita Taishin, the final runner of the relay road race, until she comes.
Rio Natal
Voice- Yoshino Aoyama
Uma Musume who appears in the first episode of the anime, Japan Derby, and the second episode, the Kikuka Award.Bob's bay is dressed in red, blue, and green, and a white headgear is attached.Although he finished second in Japan Derby, he ran hard at the Kikuka-sho in the absence of Tokai Teio and became a Kikuka-sho horse girl.I felt fateful when I received support from Maruzensky.
Cigar Blade
Uma Musume who appears in the first episode of the anime, Japan Derby, and the second episode, the Kikuka Award.Bundle black hair in a ponytail and wear a game dress like a yellow tailcoat.I feel fateful when I get support from Mr C B.In Japan Derby, he finished 2rd, aiming to win the Kikuka-sho without Tokai Teio, but he couldn't make it to 1rd.
Kamiya Classion
Voice- Asuka Kawakami
Uma Musume appearing in the Hanshin Grand Prize in the 2rd episode of the 3nd season of the anime and the Emperor's Prize in the 5th episode[40]..Bay is tied to a twin tail, and in the spring of the Tenno Sho, he wears green and white racing clothes.Although he had marked Mejiro McQueen at the Hanshin Daishōten, he couldn't catch up with the spurt and finished second.
Voice- Yuko Hara
A courageous horse girl who defeated Mejiro McQueen in the Arima Kinen of the third episode of the second season of the anime.From that experience, I became confident, and in the 2th episode of the Tenno Sho Spring, I was trying to defeat Mejiro McQueen and Tokai Teio, but I lost to both.
Happy Meek
Voice- Miyu Yoshisaki
Uma Musume who appears in the training part of the game.White hairSilver hair close to.He has a laid-back personality, has few words, and is vague.The trainer in charge is Aoi Kiryuin.
Cinderella Gray's original horse girl
Voice- Kyori Nemoto(Volume 1 PV[41])
A horse girl who entered the Casamatsu Tresen Academy at the same time as Oguri Cap and was scouted by Joe to become the same team as Oguri Cap.Nickname is "Berno".A petite body with a short brown bob with a white mesh and a B-shaped hair accessory.The earrings are on the right.At first, he is afraid of Oguri Cap's strong appetite and the atmosphere of not knowing what he is thinking, but gradually he gets along well.There is nothing remarkable about running, but my parents' house is a sporting goods store specializing in horse girls, and I am familiar with shoes and horseshoes.At the same time as Oguri Cap's transfer to Central Tressen Academy, he took and passed the transfer exam for support trainees.After that, he will support Oguri Cap as a student of Central Tressen Academy.
Fujima Summer March
A rival of the Oguri Cap stone pine era.She has red eyes on her straight hair with a light green color.With a cool and unattractive impression, he has a strong obsession with victory.From an early age, he continued to run stoicly and achieved excellent grades, and entered the Kasamatsu Tresen Academy as a scholarship student.After enrolling, he was scouted by Shibasaki and challenged the new battle with the goal of conquering the Tokai Derby, but he was surprised at Oguri Cap who chased himself to the next step, and after that he became hostile to her as a rival.Hair ornament is on the left.Good at running away.
Norn Ace
Oguri Cap's roommate.A gal-style horse girl who wears her uniform and manipulates her smartphone.I often hang out with my teammates Rudy Lemono and Minnie the Lady.At first, he relentlessly bullies the ugly Oguri Cap, drives her to the storage room despite being a roommate, and colludes with Rudy Lemono and Miniza Lady to interfere with the Oguri Cap (but is bullied by the Oguri Cap). (I don't realize that I'm being disturbed at all), but in the race I ran with, I realized the difference in my ability and converted, and I started to teach and support Oguri Cap's winning live dance.My parents' house is a dance class.
Rudy Lemono
Voice- Mai Nishikawa(Volume 1 PV[41])
A bad friend from an elementary school student in Norn Ace. Long hair with palomino, which is rare for horse girls. A yankee girl with bad eyesight and a bad mouth.
Minnie the Lady
A bad friend from an elementary school student in Norn Ace.It features a brown-brown bob head and Menko.He is also swearing at the short Vernolite, but he is shorter.With wisdom, she has a plan to block Oguri Cap.
Blacky ale
A bad horse girl with a rough tone and aggressive eyes.When he first appeared, he was riding the wave with 8 wins in 4 races and 3 consecutive wins now.After that, he won 3 consecutive victories in 6 races, aiming for 7 consecutive victories in Pegasus Stakes, but lost to Oguri Cap.Contrary to his appearance, he is kind to children and fans, and responds sincerely when spoken to.
Dictus striker
A bad horse girl with brown hair wearing a soccer-patterned hoodie.He was ridiculed as "playing in the sand" when he was running a dirt road with a stone pine, which was related to Oguri Cap, but he was dismissed.Also known as "breastnut bullet".
Dynam Heroine
A black-haired horse girl who has won 2 G2s and finished 2nd in Yasuda Kinen.Also known as "Lady on the stage".The earrings are on the right.
Makeup Tsukasa
A horse girl who belongs to Roppei's team, her bangs are pinned.He is an honor student and treats seniors and juniors in a friendly manner.
Craft Univa
A shy horse girl who belongs to Roppei's team and has freckles on her face and one eye hidden by her hair.I often carry candy with me.
God Hannibal
Uma Musume, who belongs to Roppei's team, has earmuffs and piercings on her right ear, creating a mysterious atmosphere.However, it's just a knack for its appearance, and it can get stuck in a stump or mistake a jersey for ice cream.

Other characters

Person of Tresen Academy

Tazuna Suragawa (Tazuna Hayakawa)
Voice- Yukiyo Fujii
Secretary of the president of Tresen Gakuen.In addition to acting as a game navigator, he also appears in anime.It's quiet, but it's fast enough to catch up with the students at Tresen Gakuen.
Yayoi Akigawa (Yayoi Akigawa)
Voice- Mizuhashi Kaori
The president of Tresen Gakuen, who appears in the game, has just taken over the post of director from the previous president.A girl who looks like an elementary school student with bright brown hair and a mesh of bangs.I have a cat on my hat.It features a dynamic tone that makes heavy use of two-character idioms.
He has a very strong desire to support his horse daughter, and even if he throws his own fortune, he will support him, but his desire goes out of control and he often gets punished.
Voice- Koji Okino
The trainer of the team <Spica> that appears in the anime.A self-proclaimed, liberalist who values ​​independence.
I quit the trainer once, but I couldn't give up my dream and returned. Always with a stickcandyIs in my mouth.
He noticed the nature of Special Week early on and forcibly pulled him into the team, and advised Silence Suzuka in the <Rigil> era to make a big escape in the race.
Putting the horse girl running comfortably first, we do not make any special strategy in the race and leave it to the sensibility of the horse girl who actually runs.Unless there is a lot of practice, I won't put up a menu like this, but if necessary, I may make a hard menu.
You can understand the feelings of your students and be attentive, but there are some things that are missing, such as being distracted by winning the race and neglecting to teach the singing and dancing of the winning live, and asking Tokai Teio for guidance. ..In the first period of animation, I have a habit of touching the thighs (Tomo) of Uma Musume to see the nature and condition of Uma Musume, and I often get kicked or get a little antipathy and the members (mainly Gold Ship, Mejiro McQueen, etc.) Vodka Daiwa Scarlet) makes me shiver.In the second season of the anime, that description disappeared, and instead, if I inadvertently slipped and talked about my trainer's boastful story and the game in which Uma Musume was traumatized, I was tied up by the members.
About the anime version of the trainer, Ishihara of Cygames and the producer of the animationTOHO animation OfJunnosuke ItoIs "Taketoyo(Jockey)Toshiaki ShiraiAlthough there is a part that referred to (trainer), it is not that they are models, but that it is the trainer who speaks for and aggregates the thoughts of various people involved in horse racing including them. "[14].
Tojo Hana
Voice- Megumi Toyoguchi
Trainer of the team <Rigil>. Cool and rationalist.
Thoroughly manage the horse girl and demand that she run according to her race plan in the race.
It is very strict and may be repelled by Uma Musume who has doubts about the policy, but the policy of strict management is not only to win the race but also to prevent the horse daughter from being injured. is there.
I always treat my horse girl very rigorously, but there is also a gentle side, such as comforting when my student loses and always caring about the student who transferred from <Rigil> to another team.
I have had a long-standing relationship with the trainer of <Spica>, and sometimes I try to cooperate with special training and provide information.
Voice- Shin Furukawa
Trainer of the team <Canopus>.A young man in a suit.At first glance, he is a gentle man, but in order to fulfill the wishes of Twin Turbo, he sometimes takes bold actions such as jacking Tokai Teio's retirement live.
Voice- Takaya Kuroda
Mihono Bourbon team trainer.A person who looks bad with a white jersey, a gold necklace and black sunglasses on his muscular upper body.However, the content of the instruction is accurate, and the skin is spartan.Called Master by Mihono Bourbon.However, when Mihono Bourbon broke, he apologized for his guidance.
Kiryuin Aoi
Voice- Miho Okazaki
A new trainer who appears in the story of the game training part, and is from the Kiryuin family, who is said to be a prestigious trainer.It comes in contact with the player as a synchronization.In charge of Happy Meek.
Anshinzawa Sasami
voice-Kikuko Inoue
A mysterious acupuncturist who appears in the infirmary of Tresen Gakuen in the story of nurturing the game.It features blonde hair, a red bandage, and a white mask that covers the eyes. "I will never fail (probably)," he urges Uma Musume to use bamboo needles.The true identity is an outlaw who has invaded Tressen Gakuen illegally, and Tressen Gakuen is not officially recognized and is being watched by the reins.You can have them hit the bamboo needles, but it's up to you whether the results are good or bad.

Other related parties

Misato Akasaka
Voice- Satomi Akasaka
Appeared in anime.He is in charge of the live performance of the Twinkle series.The full name was displayed in the special program of WDT at the beginning of the 1th episode of the 8st period of the animation.
In the game, only voice appears as a female commentator.
Junko Hosoe
Voice- Junko Hosoe(Horse Racing Critic・OriginalJRAJockey)
Appeared in anime.He is in charge of commentary on the Twinkle series.
The full name was displayed in the special program of WDT at the beginning of the 1th episode of the 8st period of the animation.
Yutaka Take
Voice- Taketoyo(JRA Jockey)
Participating in this work as a promoter[42] [Annotation 7].
In the 1th episode of the 5st period of the animation, he is in charge of commentary on Japan Derby as the person himself.[43].
Fumi Otonashi Etsuko Otonashi
Voice- Eri Suyama
Reporter of Uma Musume's magazine "Monthly Twinkle" that appears in the training part of the game.Helps players to develop the racing world.Although he has solid eyes and knowledge about Uma Musume, there are times when his delusions swell and run away because his feelings for Uma Musume are too strong.
Grandma of the White-eye family
Voice- Ryoko Sakakibara
The owner who lives in the White-eye House and manages the horse daughter of the White-eye family.Its existence is suggested in the first period of animation, and it will appear in the second period.It seems to be an old woman wearing a hat, but the actual age is unknown because her face is blurred.I work in the office of the White-eye House.It is a long-cherished wish of the Mejiro family to take the shield of the Emperor's Award, and he expects Mejiro McQueen.The game version suggests that he is a former horse girl.

Characters of Cinderella Gray

Akira Kitahara
Voice- Nakamura Shogo(Volume 1 PV[41])
Oguri Cap and Vernolite trainer.Nickname is Joe.A man who looks like a tall man.I am a trainer at Kasamatsu Tresen Gakuen, but I did not have a shining rough horse girl, and I was a trainer by inertia because the horse girl was not motivated, but I witnessed Oguri Cap in the gate test and together ToTokai DerbyIf it is a talented person who can aim for, shine his eyes and scout.After hearing the story of the scout to the center of Oguri Cap, he crawls around, but at the end he sends her to the center saying "You can make an era" and decides to take the central trainer examination himself.Roppei is his uncle.In the past, he lived a rough life in pachinko all day long because of his uncle's closeness.
Koichi Shibasaki
Voice- Tetsushi Shibasaki(Volume 1 PV[41])
Fujima summer march trainer.An all-back good young man.Although he often advises March, he is troubled by March, who has an irreverent attitude for some reason.
Roppei Ginjiro (Musaka Ginjiro)
Kitahara's uncle and trainer at Central Tressen Academy.Advise Kitahara to stop going to Oguri Cap for Chukyo.Called "Uncle Roppei" by Kitahara, he is also a benefactor who invited him to the world of trainers.
Join Oguri Cap and Vernolite, who have transferred to Central Tressen Academy, to their team.


Uma Musume Pretty Derby-Haru Urara Do your best!-
Web comic distribution service operated by Cygames "Psychology], Was serialized from May 2016, 5 to September 8, 9.All 11 episodes.The person in charge of drawingEmperor (ZECO).
A comedy touch story based on the true story of Haru Urara, with Haru Urara as the main character. Martha Farm, where the real Haru Urara lives the rest of her life,Kochi Horse Racing AssociationAnd other related parties are cooperating in the production.
STARTING GATE! -Uma Musume Pretty Derby-
It was serialized in "Cycomics" from March 2017, 3 to November 25, 2019.All 11 episodes.The person in charge of drawing is S. Too dark.
The main character is Special Week like anime, but a story different from anime develops.
  1. Released on July 2017, 7,ISBN 978-4-06-509201-9
  2. Released on July 2018, 1,ISBN 978-4-06-509247-7
  3. Released on July 2018, 5,ISBN 978-4-06-509267-5
  4. Released on July 2019, 3,ISBN 978-4-06-515533-2
It was serialized in "Cycomics" from March 2018, 3 to January 30, 2021.The bear jet is in charge of drawing.
A four-frame manga that comically depicts the daily lives of horse girls. In July 4AnimeChemical[11].
Uma Musume Cinderella Gray[11]
"Weekly Young Jump』, Serialization starts from the 2020th issue of 28[44].. The person in charge of drawing is Taiyo Kuzumi.
A story with Oguri Cap as the main character is unfolded.
Gifu Uma Musume Kasamatsu Training Center Academy, commonly known asStone pine pine school..One of the 15 educational institutions in Japan that trains racing horse girls who are active in the local series.However, the Kasamatsu Racecourse, which is one of the venues for the local series, is quiet, and the facilities and personnel are different from those of the Japan Uma Musume Training Center Academy (Tresen Academy) and Twinkle Series (commonly known as the center).The race horse girl was not motivated and was just racing by inertia, and there was no horse girl heading from Kasamatsu to the Twinkle series.
Trainer of Kasamatsu Tresen AcademyMinoru KitaharaLamented and wished for such a situation.I wish someday a horse girl who could superimpose on Kasamatsu and support her from the bottom of her heart would appear.At that time, Kitahara entered the Kasamatsu Tresen Academy.Oguri capI am fascinated by the running of.Kitahara is convinced that Oguri Cap is the star he has been waiting for, and scouts Oguri Cap to take over the world together.After joining teammate Vernolite and a fierce battle with rival Fujima Summer March, Oguri Cap wins the Chukyo Cup.However, due to the good run in the Chukyo Cup, the story of the transfer to the Twinkle series (center) is raised in Oguri Cap.While knowing that Oguri Cap's talent does not fit in the stone pine, Oguri Cap is worried because he feels the gratitude to Kitahara who can not give up his dream and Kitahara who has walked with him so far.Under such circumstances, the next run, Gold Junior. Oguri Cap was unable to run even if the race started due to the condition that "If you win, you will be transferred to the center, if you lose, Tokai Derby", but Kitahara's "Run" was cut off by Roppei's voice. I regained myself with the voice of and won the championship.He decided to transfer from Kasamatsu to the center.
  1. Released on July 2021, 1,ISBN 978-4-08-891705-4
  2. Released on July 2021, 2,ISBN 978-4-08-891795-5



A mini-album that picks up three horse girls, includes three solo songs and unit songs, a participating horse girl version of the theme song "Umapyoi Densetsu" common to horse girls, and a CD drama.

Release date[45]titleParticipating horse daughterStandard product number
2016/11/30STARTING GATE 01Special week
Silence Suzuka
Tokai Teio
2017/1/11STARTING GATE 02Maruzensky
Fuji Kiseki
Oguri cap
2017/1/25STARTING GATE 03Vodka
Gold ship
Daiwa Scarlet
2017/2/22STARTING GATE 04Taiki Shuttle
Glass wonder
Hishi Amazon
2017/4/5STARTING GATE 05White-eye McQueen
El Condor Passer
TM Opera Oh
2017/5/3STARTING GATE 06Narita Brian
Air Groove
2018/1/17STARTING GATE 07Super creek
Machikane Fukukita
Haru Urara
2018/2/14STARTING GATE 08Gold Shichi
Sayung Sky
2018/3/14STARTING GATE 09Fine motion
Mejiro Ryan
Smart Falcon
2018/4/18STARTING GATE 10Tamamo Cross
Sakura Bakushin O
Biko Pegasus
2018/5/16STARTING GATE 11Winning ticket
Narita Taishin
Biwa Hayahide
2018/6/13STARTING GATE 12Manhattan Cafe
Air Shakur
Nice nature


Contains songs related to anime.

Release date[45]titleStandard product numberRemarks
2017/11/22ANIMATION DERBY 00 ENDLESS DREAM !!LACM-34688 (Limited Edition)
2018/4/25ANIMATION DERBY 01 Make debut!LACM-14741TV anime OP song
2018/5/9ANIMATION DERBY 02 Grow Up Shine!LACM-14742TV anime ED song
2018/7/25ANIMATION DERBY 03 Special Record! / Find My Only WayLACM-14779EXTRA R Insert Song / 12th R ED Song
2018/8/1ANIMATION DERBY 04 Original SoundtrackLACA-9637 / 8
2018/9/12ANIMATION DERBY 05LACA-15755From the past "STARTING GATE" series, the solo songs of Uma Musume belonging to the team <Spica> are picked up and recorded.
2018/9/26ANIMATION DERBY 06LACA-15756From the past "STARTING GATE" series, the solo songs of seven horse girls who appeared in the animation centering on the team <Rigil> are picked up and recorded.
2018/10/10ANIMATION DERBY 07LACA-15757From the past "STARTING GATE" series, we picked up and recorded solo songs of 7 horse girls who became best friends and rivals of Special Week in animation.
2021/2/24ANIMATION DERBY Season 2 vol.1 Yumewo Kakeru!LACM-24083TV Anime OP Song / Episode 1 ED Song
2021/3/10ANIMATION DERBY Season 2 vol.2 Ale of sunlight through the treesLACM-24087TV anime ED song
2021/3/31ANIMATION DERBY Season 2 vol.3 Original Sound TrackLACA-9814 / 5


Contains songs related to the game.

Release date[45]titleStandard product number
2021/3/17WINNING LIVE 01LACA-15859

Other CDs

Release date[45]titleStandard product numberRemarks
2021/6/16Anime "Umayon" mini albumLACA-15873Includes the ED song of the anime "Umayon".

Television Animation

The first periodCygames-TOHO animation-LantisThe production was announced as a TV animation work co-produced by the three companies[8].. From April to June 2018TOKYO MXWas broadcast elsewhere[46].. The first episode was broadcast as a one-hour special, two episodes in a row[46].

As the telop "Fiction with the story of an actual racehorse as a motif and trying to express based on facts" flowed at the beginning of the 1st R, based on the true stories of the main characters such as Special Week, Silence Suzuka, and El Condor Pasa. , A story is unfolded that includes episodes about various racehorses. Uma Musume who does not appear in the game and is not involved in the story is a basic mob character, but for some Uma Musume who have an important role in story development even if they do not appear in the game, the fictitious name of the anime original Appears as a horse girl.

Actual on April 4 during the broadcast periodSpecial week [47], December 5 of the same yearTM Opera Oh [48] Each has passed away, and when it was announced, the official TV anime website and the voice actor in charge (Aki Waki[49]-Tokui blue sky[50]) Are eachTwitterI have made a memorial comment at.

The 5th R broadcast on May 6th was held on November 7st, 1998.118th Tenno Sho (Autumn)And occurred in the same raceSilence SuzukaThe subject was a breakdown accident[14].. On the day of the broadcast, the horse racing information site "netkeiba.com" established by Net Dreamers is official.twitterIntroducing this work in[51] However, on the day after the broadcast (May 5th), the number of accesses to the Silence Suzuka page posted on the site recorded the first place in the racehorse access ranking on the site.[52].. In the production of the 7th RTOHO animation OfJunnosuke Ito"If you don't describe the accident, you can't say it's the story of Silence Suzuka," explains how the accident was taken up.[14].

Second stage"Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2Was announced in September 2020 and was broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from January to March 9.[53][54].

Animation production studioStudio KAIchange to.Assistant directors, storyboards, animation directors, major animators, and CG production have been changed mainly by animators and CG staff belonging to Studio KAI.On the other hand, I was in charge of the first animation productionPAWORKSParticipates as a story production cooperation, and of 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 episodesGross contractIn charge of.Tomoaki Ota, the first deputy director, and Osamu Homma, the director, are participating in the production of the gross contract, as well as as an animation director, original drawing, and video.Kanami SekiguchiSome PAWORKS animators, including the above, are participating.Also, at the PAWORKS production cooperation timesDR MOVIEWas in charge of drawing director, original drawing, video, and finishing subcontracting.

Director'sOikawa KeiAnd character designers Yosuke Kabashima and Tomoko Tsuji, as well as color designers, cinematographers, editors, and audio / music related staff, have been continuously investing since the first period, as well as in art studios.Kusanagi, The finishing studio stella road, and the shooting studio T2 studio are also in charge of each section.

The series composition was changed to Cygames, but the content producer of the "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" project at that time, who was participating in the first series composition.Akihiro IshiharaExcept that (retired in April 2019) did not participateMasafumi SugiuraThe staff who participated in the script, including the above, are the same as in the first period.

Story (animation)

Issue 1

A horse girl who entered Tresen Gakuen from the countryside of HokkaidoSpecial weekWas the first twinkle race I saw in TokyoSilence SuzukaI have a longing to see the overwhelming running of. Of the team <Spica>trainerSpecial Week, who was found talented in Japan and was forcibly brought to the club room of <Spica>, learned that Silence Suzuka had transferred to <Spica>, decided to join <Spica> himself, and was a mother raised by this team. I swear that I will fulfill my promise to become the best horse girl in Japan.

Two consecutive victories since his debut, "Triple crown horse daughterSpecial Week has come to be called a candidate. First crownSatsuki AwardTrial raceYayoi AwardThen rivalSayung SkyThe中山Dodge the straight line immediately after the famous heart-breaking slope and win, but in the Satsuki Sho production, due to the weight gain, Seiun Sky and the timing of the gimmick earlier than the Yayoi ShoKing haloI couldn't catch it and lost to 3rd place. Shocked by the first defeat, Special Week worked hard on special training and dieting for Japan Derby, and the previous year.Sprinters stakesThe short-distance No. 1 horse girl who wonTaiki ShuttleLearn how to run on slopes in a simulated race with. And greetedJapanese derby.. Not only Seiun Sky, who won the Satsuki Sho, but also 4 wins and undefeated, boasting overwhelming speed in the same generationNHK Mile CupChampionEl Condor PasserIn this race, which also participated in the race, Special Week won the derby in the form of a tie-up after the last spurt competition with El Condor Pasa.

When summer has passed and the autumn season has begun, Silence Suzuka announces that he is considering an overseas expedition after the Japan Cup, and will be the outpost of the Autumn Emperor's Award.Mainichi crownThe year before El Condor Pasa and the race returned from injuryジ ュ ニ アKingGlass wonderSuppress and win. The last of the three crownsChrysanthemumSo, Special Week lost to Seiun Sky again and finished in 2nd place, but we will start adjusting for the Japan Cup, which is the last chance to run with Silence Suzuka.But on November 11stAutumn Emperor AwardSilence Suzuka, who participated in the event, pulled away from the trailer at an overwhelming speed and was running fast at the top, and suddenly broke his left leg near Oki. The trainer's precise instructions and the prompt response of Special Week when he heard it avoided the worst of his life, but he still broke his left ankle and was forced to leave for a long time.

After the accident, Special Week has become so obsessed with Silence Suzuka that even classmates and even their own races are blind. Grass Wonder secretly filled his fighting spirit against such Special Week,Takarazuka MemorialVictory over Special Week from behind. For Special Week, which was only thinking about Silence Suzuka, he said, "Who do you run for?" On the other hand, the broken Silence Suzuka recovered steadily with the support of the surroundings, but he could not run as hard as he had before the breakdown. The trainer devised a plan for the summer training camp of <Spica> members, in which Silence Suzuka overcame the fear of running and remembered the joy of running. at that time,Arc de Triomphe AwardEl Condor Pasa, who went to France for the challenge, performed well in production, but at the end he was reputed to be the strongest horse girl in Europe.Broyer2nd place with a close margin. After the race, Special Week renews my mind when I hear El Condor Pasa's sobbing voice over the phone.

Silence Suzuka won the Autumn Emperor's Award, which broke down the previous yearJapan CupSilence Suzuka trains with Special Week, which is working hard to make adjustments, and the open special race the day before as a return race. Meanwhile, suddenly a report of "Broyer participates in the Japan Cup" arrives. The open special race on the day before the Japan Cup was greeted while the surroundings were noisy. Young attention stocks that are regarded as "persons to watch"Sun visorSilence Suzuka is late for the start, but he overtakes all Uma Musume in the last straight line and wins, meeting the expectations of a large number of spectators. And the next day's Japan Cup. In the race, which was a one-on-one battle between Special Week and Broyer, who were actually ordered by "General Japan", Mr. Saga and Broyer pushed in the preceding Special Week, but Special Week did not allow it and won. He fulfilled his promise to his mother, "Become the best horse girl in Japan."

Seasonings 2

There was a girl with a horse girl.The girl was watching the Japanese derby, where Symboli Rudolf won the double crown with six consecutive victories and undefeated.The girl who saw the race decided that she would be a strong and cool horse girl like Symboli Rudolf, and declared to Symboli Rudolf that she would be a strong and cool horse girl like you!When asked for her name by Symboli Rudolf, the girl said, "Tokai TeioI called myself.

A few years later, Tokai Teio, who entered Tresen Gakuen and belonged to Team Spica, won the Satsuki Sho without being defeated, and won the derby at an overwhelming speed, and is one step closer to the undefeated Triple Crown Uma Musume since Symboli Rudolf. However, a mild fracture was found immediately after the derby.With the support of trainers and Spica's friends, I recovered until I was able to run with hard rehabilitation, but my running ability did not improve.Teio decided that this would not be in time for the Kikuka-sho, told the trainer to give up the Kikuka-sho, and made a request.It was to go to the Kyoto race track, which is the stage of the Kikuka-sho, and see the victory of the Kikuka-sho without me.At first, Teio was pretending to be normal, but when the gate of the Kikuka-sho opened and the dream of the triple crown collapsed, he was shocked, and even if he imagined his image at the Kikuka-sho, he shed tears with regret. ..However, the 3 horse girls running the Kikuka-sho did not use the race without Teio as an excuse, but just aimed for the victory in front of them.Teio couldn't help but cheer for the faint, loud voice he picked up with his horse ears.And the Kikuka-sho horse girl shined in Rio Natal, and Teio left the Kyoto race track.

The dream of the Triple Crown Uma Musume has disappeared, but Tokai Teio switches the goal to an undefeated Uma Musume and sets the goal for the Emperor's Award (Spring).However, in that race, Tokai Teio's closest rival and last year's Tenno Sho (Spring) champion.White-eye McQueenWas planning to run for consecutive championships.The two burn their fighting spirit in front of the most unbeatable opponent who is aware of each other.At the end of the year, Tokai Teio was elected as the annual representative Uma Musume in recognition of the achievements of the undefeated double-crowned Uma Musume, and Mejiro McQueen was elected as the senior-class representative Uma Musume.Then, the following year, Teio, who became a senior class, won the Osaka Cup, Mejiro McQueen won the Hanshin Grand Prize, and advanced the piece in the spring of the Emperor's Award.At the direction of the trainer, the two of them concentrate on their own running, so Teio and McQueen manage the training menu without facing each other as much as possible.However, at the joint press conference, the Mejiro family's aunt, who seemed uncomfortable with the struggle-exposed press conference, called McQueen to the head family and read it at an early age.Rabbit and turtleI gave a certain word using.

And on the day of the Tenno Sho Spring, the gate opened and Teio, who had marked the leading McQueen despite the big escape of Mejiro Palmer, set up early in front of the third corner, but the difference with McQueen could not be narrowed, and he could not keep up!Teio still doesn't know that his right leg, which was accelerating at that time, had a breakdown.In the end, Mejiro McQueen won the Emperor's Award Spring for the second consecutive time with overwhelming power, and Teio was unable to achieve the undefeated Uma Musume and finished fifth.The difference with McQueen was 3 ba.Teio praises McQueen, who is blessed by the loud cheers of the audience.Then they hugged on the turf of the turf, McQueen wept with joy, and Teio shed sad tears for losing.After the race, the trainer pointed out that the condition of his legs was strange, and a hospital examination revealed a broken right leg, so he took a rest from the spring race.McQueen had to rest at the Mejiro family's resting place due to a broken bone during training for Takarazuka Kinen, and he left Tresen Gakuen once.

At that time in the classic classMihonoburubonAchieved two undefeated crowns, and was expected to be a triple crown horse girl since Symboli Rudolf.However,Japanese derbyIt was the second placeRice showerUma Musume, who was cheering with the guests, was wrapped in sighs and pessimism.

The seasons passed and Tokai Teio participated in the Arima Kinen, but there was no usual ambition.Teio lost the goal of being a triple-crowned horse girl, an undefeated horse girl, and the meaning of running, and was burned out.AndMegiro PalmerとDaitaku HeliosI was caught up in the pace of my escape and lost to my lowest 11th place.

Tokai Teio broke down due to muscle damage caused by hitting his hips at the gate.While I couldn't run, I went behind the scenes under the name of "Spica's leader" to support the team.One day, the trainer handed me a rough map of the leader mission to Teio, who is working hard behind the scenes.Teio, who reluctantly goes to harass him, arrives in a remote mountainous area.It was late at night and in the dim light, it was the butler of Mejiro McQueen who appeared.Teio, who was guided by the butler to meet McQueen at the destination of the map, Mejiro, opened his eyes to McQueen, who was desperately rehabilitating.Teio has a conversation with McQueen for the first time in a while.Teio asked McQueen why he could do his best to run.McQueen is now aiming to win the opponent who wants to be stronger than himself after rehabilitation and beyond himself before the fracture.So I asked Teio to come back soon.Yes, McQueen was longing for Tokai Teio.And McQueen's goal was to run with Teio in a mid-range turf race that hadn't run yet.And McQueen declares that it will be the meaning and goal of Teio's running.In response to the declaration, Teio returned to his usual tone and swore with his unwavering straight eyes that he would never lose to McQueen.

The following year, Mejiro McQueen broke the dream of winning the third straight victory without the spirit of the Kikuka-sho Uma Musume Rice Shower in the spring of the Emperor's Award.However, McQueen admitted his defeat and set the goal of running for Takarazuka Kinen.Takarazuka Kinen is the same race that McQueen wants.Tokai Teio was training to beat McQueen at Takarazuka Kinen, but his body screamed and fell. Third fracture and hospitalization.Fractures are a habit from doctors.I don't recommend running any more races.He was sentenced to not return to his original run even if he was cured.

And at the Takarazuka Kinen, which was abandoned, Teio could only watch the overwhelming victory of Mejiro McQueen on TV.And behind the scenes, Teio supported Team Spica, but the media and Uma Musume fans also said, "Tokai Teio is over.Was evaluated.The most shocking thing was that Teio's fans were directly told by Teio to thank him for his hard work.The members of Spica were cheerful and trying hard to help Teio, but they also felt pain.

One day McQueen is asked by Teio to set a race time.It was Teio who agreed, but McQueen, who was running hard facing forward, looked shining.At the same time as I was fascinated by the dazzling brilliance, I felt that I could not return to that run anymore.Teio was desperate for himself when he saw McQueen running.

Tokai Teio becomes a trainerTeam withdrawal notificationWas submitted.Toresen Gakuen cannot participate in the race unless it joins the team system.So it's virtuallyRetirement of race horse daughterIs to mean.However, the trainer pleaded for a detention to hold a special live at the Autumn Fan Thanksgiving Hoof Festival.Teio agreed and decided to practice live.

However, there was a horse girl who wanted Tokai Teio to return.Belong to Team CanopusTwin turboThat's right.I met Teio often, and this time I was competing with myself when I won.Although I was shocked to hear that he was retiring at Teio's special live, he decided to show Teio what he could do if he didn't win the race and give up.However, the race where the twin turbo runs,All ComersI can't show it to Teio because it's too late for Teio's last live.Devise a strategy with a Canopus trainer for the confused Canopus members.

With the cooperation of the Student Organization, the live setting went smoothly.On the day of the Hoof Festival, we went to see Teio and thank you for the live performance.And Teio's legs were recovering enough to take steps.Teio thanked the audience so far, but couldn't tell him that he was retiring.The audience senses with Teio's disturbing words, but he cannot quit Teio due to the voice of Tokai Teio fan's horse daughter (Kitasan Black) "Still waiting for Teio's running day" and the blasting of the trainer who was confused by the audience. Cole explodes.Teio wants to converge the call, but a radio jack on the live screen occurs.

What was reflected there was a twin turbo that was all-comers and was running away.His mouth was cracked and his breath was constant, but as if Teio was watching, "This is what I didn't give up.Tokai Teio--.I was screaming.Tokai Teio was very eye-opening.And Twin Turbo defeated All Comers.Looking sideways, the members of Team Spica told Teio that he didn't want him to retire.However, McQueen advised Teio, who refused to catch up with everyone, that "a miracle will surely occur for those who inspire hope."The audience calls Teio as if to respond to it.Teio decides to try hard again and withdraws from retirement.And the live was a success.

More than a month has passed since that live, and the Kikuka-sho live watching has been decided for the reconnaissance of Uma Musume, and Spica members are in the mood for sightseeing.On the other hand, McQueen won the Kyoto Grand Prize and decided to run in the next race, the Emperor's Award in the fall.McQueen gave up the inspection and decided to train independently.However, there is something wrong with McQueen's right foot.

On the other hand, the members except McQueen arrived at the Kyoto race track, the stage of the Kikuka Award.This year's classic is Satsuki Sho Uma Musume'sNarita Taishin, Japan Derby Uma MusumeWinning ticket, Classic and good fightBiwa Hayahide, Handles the three acronyms "BNWWas called.Whether Biwa Hayahide won the last one or the two winning tickets was very exciting.Result isBiwa HayahideWon the Kikuka-sho Uma Musume by a large margin.

After the race, Tokai Teio visits the White-eye House with a souvenir from sightseeing in Kyoto.It was the butler of McQueen ... who responded.With a dark face, the butler revealed that McQueen was in a sanatorium.Teio suspects McQueen is injured.McQueen, who decided to see his doctor just in case he couldn't get rid of the discomfort in his right leg, had developed ligamentitis.Far from abandoning the Emperor's Award Autumn, it was a life-threatening incurable disease.The frightened Teio and the butler were called and it was discovered that McQueen had escaped from the sanatorium.The sky was overcast with rain clouds, but Teio rushed to find McQueen at a glance.

The place where McQueen was found It was a race track near the sanatorium.McQueen did not give up when he was sentenced to illness.Of course, I was planning to run in the fall of the Tenno Sho, and I was running with severe pain.Teio, who was soaked without being hit by heavy rain, appeared there.McQueen, who behaves patiently, revealed that he had been running as the strongest horse girl and as Teio's goal.However, long-term withdrawal due to illness was inevitable, and the old lady of Japanese white-eye said, "You ran enough.Let's finish it.I was told to retire, and I wanted to run with Teio again, but I couldn't run.McQueen cried like a kid because he didn't want to accept his retirement but couldn't move.Teio could only stand.

Destiny is mean, says Teio.I'm sure.It's easier to give up.But I don't want to give up.I want to run with you again.Is McQueen different? "

McQueen shouted that he wanted to run but couldn't run properly for the rest of his life unless a miracle happened.

"So I'll wake you up.miracle.I will prove it and show it.So that I and McQueen can run ...This timeArima MemorialLook.I will finish before anyone else. McQueen felt reckless.Last year's Arima Kinen of Teio was 11th.The race interval is almost one year apart, and we will face the actual race after the fracture.No horse girl has achieved the first place there.

However, Teio's intention was firm. "If you want a miracle and do your best, you can do it!McQueen replied to Teio at the Hoof Festival.McQueen, who had been a rival by my side until now, and Tokai Teio, who left behind saying that it was my turn, left.

Tokai Teio won the Arima Kinen race right in 4th place in the fan vote.With the support of Team Spica, Teio will work harder on training and celebrate Arima Kinen.

AndArima MemorialOn the day, the most popular was the Kikuka-sho horse girl Biwa Hayahide, and Tokai Teio was the fourth most popular.However, seven G1 horse girls are running, especially the Emperor's Award Spring Horse Girl Rice Shower and last year's champion Mejiro Palmer are also participating, so it was a situation that no one could win.

The gate opens, and Mejiro Palmer makes a big escape at the beginning, but it is marked and unexploded, but it proceeds at a fast pace.Tokai Teio was at his best to keep up with the pace.

On the other hand, Mejiro McQueen was devoted to treatment, but he was on the stairs of the Nakayama Racecourse where the Arima Kinen was held, probably because he was allowed to go out.I wanted to watch it, but I was scared to watch it, so I was watching it with the TV function of my smartphone.However, when I entered the Nakayama Racecourse, I was screaming.

Biwa Hayahide spurts on the 4th corner and exchanges mejiro palmers, stretching himself to pull away the following.Instead, Tokai Teio came to catch up with Biwa Hayahide!However, Tokai Teio's physical strength reached the limit and he was desperately turning his legs.At the same time, I remembered the setbacks and regrets of the past like a magic lantern.It was McQueen who was encouraging there.Every horse girl wants to win this race.But I have the strongest desire to win.Only this victory belongs to me.

"It's a game! !!Tokai Teio shouted at Biwa Hayahide and spurted.The difference was 2 and 1 and the goal was to exchange Biwa Hayahide.It was a miracle victory in the race for the first time in a year.The hall was filled with cheers and tears, and the Teio call echoed naturally.McQueen cried at Teio, who rushed to Team Spica.Thank you, TeioLaughed.

A certain spring Tokai Teio was waiting for someone on the practice track of Tresen Gakuen.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Teio." Mejiro McQueen appeared.After that race, McQueen worked hard to treat his right leg and improved to the point where he could run at full power.The day has come to fulfill that promise.

"At all. I can finally run." Teio seems to be looking forward to a match race with McQueen rather than waiting.

Toresen Gakuen practice track.Shiba 2400m.Medium distance.Baba condition is good.It's a sunny day with no clouds. "I don't know if I lose and cry. I'm the strongest horse girl." "I want it."

The match race between the two, who were tossed by the meanness of their destiny and did not realize the rematch, is about to begin.

OVA "Oath of BNW"

The members of the team <Spica> who will serve as executive committee members at the Twinkle Series Spring Thanksgiving Day. The feature of the Thanksgiving that the Student Organization is planning isBiwa Hayahide-Narita Taishin-Winning ticketIt was a relay road race centered on three people.However, since the Emperor's Award in the fall, the three important BNWs have been injured and have not improved both physically and mentally, and the three of them are in a jerky state.Special Weeks turn pale when they hear from the student organization that they haven't told the three BNWs about the project, but they manage to get the three BNWs to participate and work hard to make the relay road race a success. (The time axis is a parallel story of Uma Musume 3nd term.)

ス タ ッ フ

  • Original- Cygames[55]
  • directed by - Oikawa Kei[55]
  • Deputy Director-Tomoaki Ota (Phase 1)[55]
  • Assistant Director --Takumi Narita (Phase 2)
  • Series composition-Akihiro IshiharaMasafumi Sugiura(Phase 1)[55], Cygames (Phase 2)
  • Character design-Yosuke Kabashima[55], Tomoko Tsuji
  • Animation director-Yosuke Kabashima[55], Satoru Fujimoto (Phase 2)
  • Prop Design-Mayumi Miyaoka
  • Art Director-Hiroshi Ito (Phase 1)[55], Okamoto Hotaka (Phase 2)
  • Art- Kusanagi[55]
  • Art Setting-Nobuto Sue (1st term), Eiko Tsunagami (1st term), Misui Iwasawa (1st term), Risa Iraha (2nd term)
  • Cinematographer-Satoshi Namiki[55]
  • Color design --Naomi Nakano[55]
  • 3D Director-Motonari Ichikawa (Phase 1)[55], Kira Satoshi (Phase 2)
  • Edit --Ayumu Takahashi[55]
  • Music --UTAMARO movement[55]
  • Music Produce- Taro Iwashiro[55]
  • Music production- Lantis[55]
  • Sound Director-Yuichi Morita[55]
  • Sound production- HALF H・P ​​STUDIO[55]
  • Music producer - Tetsuya Uchida, Takuya Hosaka (1st term), Yoichi Sekine (2nd term)
  • producer
    • Phase 1- Junnosuke Ito, Mitsuhito Tsuji, Minoru Akita, Yoichi Sekine, Taiki Onoe
    • Phase 2-Minoru Akita, Sokichi Onoda, Yuki Shoji, Takashi Matsumura
  • Animation Producer (Phase 2) --Masashi Masuo
  • Animation production - PAWORKS(Phase 1)[55],Studio KAI(Phase 2)
  • Production-Anime "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" Production Committee (Phase 1), Anime "Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2" Production Committee (Phase 2)

Theme song

Opening theme

"Make debut!"[46]
The first opening theme.Lyrics and composition by Shun Nitta, arrangement by Shun Nitta,Yuya Hirosawa, The song is Special Week (Aki Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Takano), Tokai Teio (Machico), vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Kimura Chisaki), Goldship (Ueda Hitomi), White-eye McQueen (Saori Onishi)
"Yumewo Kakeru!"[56]
The second opening theme. The lyrics areMike's Guyama, Composition and arrangementKenta Tooji, The songs are Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Takano), Tokai Teio (Machico), Vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Chisa Kimura), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi).
It was also used as an insert song in the 2th episode of the 13nd term.The songs are Tokai Teio (Machico) and Biwa Hayahide (Kondo Yui), nice nature (Maeda Kaori).

Ending theme

"Glow-up shine!"[46]
The first ending theme. Lyrics areErica Masaki, CompositionKiyoshi Kuwahara, The arrangementTakuya Sakai, The songs are Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Takano), Tokai Teio (Machico), Vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Chisa Kimura), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi).
"Thank you, God"
1st term 5R limited ending theme.Lyrics [Apis, composition / arrangementLucas, The song is Special Week (Azumi Waki).
"Silent Star"
1st term 7R limited ending theme.The lyrics areCygames(Corochi), composition / arrangementHidekazu Tanaka, The song is Silence Suzuka (Marika Kouno).
"Find My Only Way"
1st term 12R limited ending theme.Lyrics by Erica Masaki, composition bySho Aratame, Arranged by Tomo Takuma, SongSpica.
"Umapyoi Legend"
1st term 13R limited ending theme.Lyrics, composition and arrangement are Cygames (Akihiro Honda), Singing is Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Takano), Tokai Teio (Machico), Vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Chisa Kimura), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi), El Condor Pasa (Takahashi Minami), Grass Wonder (Maeda Rena), Sayung Sky (Akira Kitou), King Halo (Iori Saeki), Haru Urara (Shina Shuto), Symbolyldorf (Azusa Tadokoro), Taiki Shuttle (Yuka Otsubo), Air Groove (Aoki Ruriko), Hishiamazon (Yuko Tatsumi), Fujiki Seki (Eriko Matsui), Marzensky (Lynn), TM Opera Oh (Tokui blue sky), Biwa Hayahide (Yui Kondo), Narita Brian (Aisaka Yuka), Oguri cap (Tomoya Takayanagi), Super Creek (Kana Yuuki), tamamo cross (Naomi Ozora), Inariwan (Inoue Haruno), Winning ticket (Yui Watanabe), Medillo Ryan (Ashi Haji), White-tailed Dober (Hikari Kubota), Nice Nature (Kaori Maeda), Eishin Flash (Ayumi Fujino), Machikanefukukitaru (Hiyori Nitta), May Shodo To (Misaki Watada).
Used again as a limited ending theme in the 2th episode of the 13nd term.The songs are Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Takano), Tokai Teio (Machico), Vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Chisa Kimura), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi), Symboli Rudolf (Tadokoro) Azusa), Nice Nature (Kaori Maeda), Twin Turbo (Twin Turbo)Miharu Hanai), Ikuno Dictus (Tazawa Mayumi), Matikane Tannhoiza (Tono Hikaru), Mejiro Palmer (Noguchi Yuri), Daitaku Helios (Aya Yamane), Mihono Bourbon (Ikumi Hasegawa), Rice Shower (Manaka Iwami), Biwa Hayahide (Yui Kondo), Narita Taishin (Keiko Watanabe), Winning Ticket (Yui Watanabe), Kitasan Black (Princess Yano Naki), Satono Diamond (Tachibana Hina), Maruzensky (Lynn), Mayano Top Gun (Mio Hoshitani), Hishikebono (Matsuzaki), Air Groove (Ruriko Aoki), Machikane Fukukita (Hiyori Nitta), Meisho Doto (Misaki Watada), Seiun Sky (Akari Kito), Grass Wonder (Rena Maeda), El Condor Pasa (Minami Takahashi), Sakura Bakushin O (Sachika Misawa), Mejiro Ryan (Afumi Hashi), Mejiro Dobel (Hikari Kubota), Narita Brian (Rika Kinugawa).
"Enjoy and Join"
The ending theme for the final episode of the 1st EXTRA R.Lyrics, composition and arrangement by Sho Nitta, songs by Mihono Bourbon (Ikumi Hasegawa), Seiun Sky (Akari Kito), Agnes Tachyon (Sumire Uesaka), T M Opera O (Sora Tokui), Air Shakur (Minami Tsuda), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Narita Taishin (Keiko Watanabe).
"Ale of sunlight through the trees"[57]
The second ending theme.Lyrics by Erica Masaki, composition byYuki Honda, Arranged by Yasushi Kawai, sung by Tokai Teio (Machico), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi).In the 12th episode, a special version with the singing part replaced is used.
It was also used as an insert song for the 2th episode of the 13nd term.
"Small prayer"
2nd episode 7th episode limited ending theme.The lyrics are Junko Miyazaki, the composition is Tomomi Narimoto, and the arrangement isYasuhiro Kasa, The song is Rice Shower (Manaka Iwami).
"Shape of wishes"
2nd episode 10th episode limited ending theme.Lyrics and compositionAtsushi Harada, Arranged and sung by Tokai Teio (Machico)

Insert song / insert song

"Seven colors of scenery"
1st period 1st R insert song.The lyrics and composition are by Kimi Takida, and the arrangement is byRyosuke Nakanishi, The song is Silence Suzuka (Marika Kouno).
1st period 2R, 3R insert song.The lyrics areYoshie Isogai, Composed by Cygames (Tetsuya Uchida), arranged by Cygames (Tetsuya Uchida), Shunsuke Takizawa, sung by Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Kouno), Tokai Teio (Machico).
"Love is Derby ☆"
1st period 3R, 10th R, 2nd period 10R insert song.The lyrics are Cygames (corochi), the composition is Cygames (Akihiro Honda), the arrangement is Ryosuke Nakanishi, and the song is Tokai Teio (Machico).
1st period 8R, 10th R insert song.The lyrics are Apis, the composition / arrangement is TAKT, and the song is Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro).
"Special Record!"
1st term 13R insert song.Written and composed by Shun Nitta, arranged by Yuya Hirosawa, Naoki Tani, Shun Nitta, sung by Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Takano), Tokai Teio (Machico), Oguri (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Chisa Kimura), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi), El Condor Passer (Minami Takahashi), Grass Wonder (Reina Maeda), Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro), Air Groove (Ruriko Aoki), Hisia Mazon (Ruriko Aoki) Yuiko Tatsumi), Fujikiseki (Eriko Matsui), Maruzensky (Lynn), TM Opera O (Aozora Tokui), Hide Biwahaya (Yui Kondo), Naritabrian (Yuka Aisaka), Oguri Cap (Tomoha Takayanagi).
"Blue BLUE"
The first episode EXTRA R final episode insert song.The lyrics areAiri Yuki, Composition is shilo, Arrangement isAkito Matsuda, The song is Winning Ticket (Yui Watanabe), Narita Taishin (Keiko Watanabe), Biwa Hayahide (Yui Kondo).
"Winning the soul"
2nd episode 1st episode ending insert song.Lyrics / composition / arrangementMiyazaki Makoto, The song is Tokai Teio (Machico).

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorFirst broadcast date
Seasonings 1
1st RDream gate!Masafumi SugiuraOikawa Kei
  • Oikawa Kei
  • Tomoaki Ota
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Yousuke Kabashima
May 4
2st RSudden debut match
  • Yuriko Abe
  • Fumihiko Suganuma
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Kayoko Nabeta
3st RThe first big oneTomoaki Ota
  • Tsukasa Miyazaki
  • Kayoko Nabeta
May 4
4st RIt's a special training!Yoko YoneuchiyamaSoichi MasuiYuriko Abe
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Yuki Akiyama
  • Yuji Miyashita
May 4
5st RDerby with rivalsMasafumi SugiuraOikawa KeiCong
  • Tsukasa Miyazaki
  • Asuka Kojima
May 4
6st RHigh in the sky, horse daughter burning autumnRyo IkedaOsamu Homma
  • Yurie Daito
  • Asuka Kojima
  • Yuki Akiyama
May 4
7st Rthe TEAMMasafumi SugiuraKenichi ImaizumiYasuo Fujii
  • Yuki Murana
  • Ryo Iwasaki
  • Yuji Miyashita
  • Keiko Ichihara
  • Asuka Kojima
  • Tsukasa Miyazaki
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Kim Eun-seon
  • Kwon Hyeok-jeong
  • Park Ae-ri
May 5
8st RFor youYoko YoneuchiyamaOikawa KeiTomoaki OtaChizuko KusakabeMay 5
9st RSpica's dreamMasafumi SugiuraKenichi Imaizumi
  • Yousuke Kabashima
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Tsukasa Miyazaki
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Yuji Miyashita
  • Yuki Murana
  • Misao Abe
  • Toshie Ikezu
May 5
10st RNo matter how many times you loseRyo IkedaAkira TakamuraMitsutaka Noshiya
  • Yousuke Kabashima
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Tsukasa Miyazaki
  • Asuka Kojima
  • Yuji Miyashita
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Yuki Murana
  • Misao Abe
  • Ryo Iwasaki
  • Yuji Shibata
May 5
11st RWelcome back!Yoko YoneuchiyamaOsamu Homma
  • Yousuke Kabashima
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Tsukasa Miyazaki
  • Asuka Kojima
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Yuji Miyashita
  • Yuki Murana
  • Misao Abe
  • Kenji Matsuoka
  • Yasuyuki Noda
  • Masami Goda
May 6
12st RDream stageRyo IkedaKenichi Imaizumi
  • Akira Takamura
  • Yuriko Abe
  • Yousuke Kabashima
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Tsukasa Miyazaki
  • Asuka Kojima
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Yuji Miyashita
  • Misao Abe
  • Yuki Murana
  • Yuji Shibata
  • Eri Eri
May 6
(Episode 13)
Sound, fanfare!Masafumi SugiuraOikawa Kei
  • Tomoaki Ota
  • Oikawa Kei
  • Cong
  • Osamu Homma
  • Kenichi Imaizumi
  • Yuriko Abe
  • Yousuke Kabashima
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Tsukasa Miyazaki
  • Asuka Kojima
  • Yuji Miyashita
  • Masami Goda
  • Misao Abe
  • Kosuke Kawakami
  • Yuki Akiyama
  • Masashi Wakayama
  • Naoto Kono
  • Eri Eri
May 6
(Episode 14)
BNW Oath (1)Tomoaki Ota
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Yuki Murana
May 1
(Episode 15)
BNW Oath (2)Hiroki HiranoSatoru Fujimoto
(Episode 16)
BNW Oath (3)
  • Oikawa Kei
  • Osamu Homma
Osamu Homma
  • Yousuke Kabashima
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Kayoko Nabeta
  • Yuji Miyashita
  • Hataki Takahashi
Seasonings 2
Episode 1Tokai TeioMasafumi SugiuraOikawa KeiTakumi Narita
  • Jun Nakajima
  • Yusuke Soen
May 1
Episode 2I can't give up!Yoko YoneuchiyamaTsukuda TaisukeSatoru FujimotoMay 1
Episode 3encounterRyo IkedaTakumi NaritaShigazu Yoshikawa
  • Hanyu
  • Kyota Fukuda
May 1
Episode 4TM showdown!Masafumi SugiuraKatsumi OnoTomoaki Ota
May 1
Episode 5Undefeated and consecutive victories
  • Oikawa Kei
  • Takumi Narita
Nishizuki Arata
  • Masaki Kiritani
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Shunta Sakamoto
May 2
Episode 6For whatYoko YoneuchiyamaTomoyuki MunehiroOsamu Homma
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Yuki Murana
  • Kayoko Nabeta
May 2
Episode 7Blessing nameRyo Ikeda
  • Oikawa Kei
  • Takumi Narita
  • Daisuke Chikushi
  • Daiki Iida
  • Kanami Sekiguchi
  • Kim Eun-sun
  • Kim Hye-soo
  • Kwon Hee-jae
May 2
Episode 8Small prayerMasafumi SugiuraOikawa KeiTsukuda Taisuke
  • Jun Nakajima
  • Yusuke Soen
  • Shunta Sakamoto
  • Masaki Kiritani
  • Suzuki Hikaru
May 2
Episode 9StopwatchYoko Yoneuchiyama
  • Shigazu Yoshikawa
  • Oikawa Kei
Tomoaki Ota
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Lee Min-bae
  • Kim Yu-sun
  • Park Ae-lee
  • Kim bo-kyung
  • Moon surface
  • Jumondou
May 3
Episode 10Surely
  • Yoko Yoneuchiyama
  • Shingo Nagai
Ayataka Tanemura
  • Kyota Fukuda
  • Hanyu
  • Masaki Kiritani
May 3
Episode 11This feelingShingo NagaiTakumi NaritaOsamu Homma
  • Kanami Sekiguchi
  • Kim Eun-sun
  • Kim Yu-seon
  • Shin Jae-hee
  • Lee Sang Jin
May 3
Episode 12Two peopleKenji Horimai
  • Tsukuda Taisuke
  • Oikawa Kei
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Masaki Kiritani
  • Shunta Sakamoto
May 3
Episode 13Dream
  • Oikawa Kei
  • Takumi Narita
  • Katsumi Ono
  • Takumi Narita
  • Oikawa Kei
  • Shigazu Yoshikawa
  • Nishizuki Arata
  • Tsukuda Taisuke
  • Jun Nakajima
  • Hanyu
  • Kyota Fukuda
  • Masaki Kiritani
  • Shunta Sakamoto
  • Tomoko Tsuji
  • Kayoko Nabeta
May 3


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BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
Monday 1:55-2:25 (Sunday midnight) Kansai TV Kinki wide areaProduction participation
Monday 23:30-Tuesday 0:00 AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / With repeat broadcast
May 2018-June 4, 3 Tuesday 1:25-1:55 (Monday midnight) Saga tv Saga
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1 hour delivery for the first time (1st R / 2R broadcast)
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 2 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[60]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [59] Remarks
May 2021-June 1, 5 Tuesday 0:00-0:30 (Monday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting / "ANIME+" frame
Tuesday 2:10-2:40 (Monday midnight) Kansai TV Kinki wide area Production participation / First broadcast from 2:00 to 2:30
May 2021-June 1, 11 Monday 21:30-22:00 AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / repeat broadcasting available
May 2021-June 1, 14 Thursday 0:25-0:55 (Wednesday midnight) Saga tv Saga
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Blu-ray BOX

It will be released as a trainer's box "horse box". As a video privilege, a video of the live race scene dubbed into a professional announcer is recorded.

rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product numberLive dubbed video
Announcer in charge
Issue 1[61]
1st corner2018/7/181st R-4th RTBR-28250DYoshihara
2st corner2018/8/155st R-8th RTBR-28251DTetsushi Baba
3st corner2018/10/179st R-12th RTBR-28252DNobuo Yoshida
4st corner2018/12/19EXTRA RTBR-28253DRaita Nakano
Issue 2[62]
1st cornerScheduled for December 2021, 5Episode 1-Episode 4TBR-31116D
2st cornerScheduled for December 2021, 6Episode 5-Episode 7TBR-31117D
3st cornerScheduled for December 2021, 7Episode 8-Episode 10TBR-31118D
4st cornerScheduled for December 2021, 8Episode 11-Episode 13TBR-31119D

Short animation

Short animation "UmayonWas broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from July to September 2020.[11].. It will be an original story different from the original manga.

Staff (short animation)

  • Original / Music / Production --Cygames[11]
  • Manga-Bear Jet, Hitoshi Ito[11]
  • Director / Character Design / Animation Director --Seiya Miyajima[63]
  • Storyboards-Hitoshi Ito, Seiya Miyajima[63]
  • Art Director-Masanori Yamaguchi[63]
  • Cinematographer-Masahiro Hayashi[63]
  • Sound Director-Yuichi Morita[63]
  • Music Producer-Tetsuya Uchida[63]
  • Animation production - DMM.futureworks / Dove Toon Studio[11]

Theme song (short animation)

The ending theme changes every month.

"Pyoito ♪ Haruya!"[11]
The first ending theme by Special Week (Azumi Waki), Seiun Sky (Akari Kito), King Halo (Iori Saeki), El Condor Pasa (Minami Takahashi), and Grass Wonder (Rena Maeda). The lyrics are corochi, and the composition and arrangement are Tetsuya Uchida.
"Ring Ring Diary"
The second ending theme by Tokai Teio (Machico), Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro), Air Groove (Ruriko Aoki), Fuji Kiseki (Eriko Matsui), and Hishi Amazon (Yuiko Tatsumi). The lyrics are written by Kaon Kokudo, the composition is by Shiro Sakurai, and the arrangement is by Satoshi Sasaki.
"Run away! Fallin'Love"
The third ending theme by Silence Suzuka (Marika Kouno), Smart Falcon (Hitomi Owada), Mihonoburubon (Ikumi Hasegawa), Maruzensky (Lynn), and Ines Fujin (Tomomi Mineuchi). Lyrics, composition and arrangement are lull.

List of stories (short animation)

In the same work, three episodes of the next notice are described, but it is expressed as "one of them is broadcast".

Number of storiessubtitleAnimation directorFirst broadcast date
Episode 140 points down!Toresen Gakuen Supplementary Examination SpecialLeisure tree Kei2020
May 7
Episode 2Freshly made!Toresen Gakuen Guide VTRSeiya MiyajimaMay 7
Episode 3The world of longing is here
  • Seiya Miyajima
  • Leisure tree Kei
May 7
Episode 4Opera Theater ・ "It's my destiny"Leisure tree KeiMay 7
Episode 5Fierce battle !? Ramen Cup (GII)May 8
Episode 6Elegant lunch of young ladiesMay 8
Episode 7It's a beetle! BNW
  • Seiya Miyajima
  • Leisure tree Kei
May 8
Episode 8Hero Theater Horse SoldierV(Five)!!Leisure tree KeiMay 8
Episode 9Make your dreams come true! Escape Sisters ☆May 9
Episode 10If you get scared, you lose! Liver test showdown!May 9
Episode 11Umayon Suspense TheaterKinutani SoshiMay 9
Episode 12Today's main race!Gold Ship Obstacle (GI)
  • Kinutani Soshi
  • Leisure tree Kei
May 9

Broadcasting station (short animation)

Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[64]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [59] Remarks
May 2020-June 7, 7 Tuesday 21:54-22:00 TOKYO MX Tokyo
BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting / "ANIME+" frame
AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / repeat broadcasting available
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[64]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2020/7/7 Updated Tuesday 21:54
  • U-NEXT
  • All-you-can-eat anime
2020May 7 Updated Friday 21:54
  • Ah
  • Crank in! video
  • DMM.com
  • FOD
  • GYAO! Store
  • music.jp
  • Nico Nico Channel
  • Rakuten TV
  • Video market
Updated Friday 22:00
  • d anime store
  • Bandai channel
  • Play store
  • Hikari TV
Friday 22:30-22:35 ABEMA
2020May 7 Sunday 0:00 update
Sunday 12:00 update HAPPY! video

Web radio

"Paka Raji! ~ Uma Musume Public Relations Department ~From November 2016, 11HiBiKi Radio StationDistribution started at, and the update ended with the 2019th update on April 4, 26. Personalities are Azumi Waki ​​(role of Special Week), Marika Kouno (role of Silence Suzuka), Machico (role of Tokai Teio)[65].. Along with the TV anime broadcast, from April 2018, 4 (the week after the 6st regular version) to January 71, 2019, it was called the "animation version" and was broadcast 1 times in a special organization.[66].. Returning to normal organization from January 2019, 1 (25nd)[67].. Past broadcasts can be viewed on Nico Nico Douga "Uma Musume Channel".


normal version
Anime version
  • 1st - Koji Okino(As a trainer)
  • 2nd --Akari Kito (role of Seiun Sky)
  • 3th --Sina Shuto (role of Haru Urara)
  • 4th-Yuka Otsubo (Taiki Shuttle)
  • 5st --Tomoyo Takayanagi (role of Oguri Cap)
  • 6th-Koji Okino (role of trainer)
  • 7st-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
  • 8th --Ruriko Aoki (role of Air Groove), Rena Maeda (role of Grass Wonder)
  • 9th --Chisa Kimura (role of Daiwa Scarlet)
  • 10th-Yui Kondo (role of Biwa Hayahide)
  • 11st - Yu Saito(As mom)
  • 12th-Koji Okino (role of trainer)
  • 13th-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship), Chisa Kimura (Daiwa Scarlet), Koji Okino (Trainer) * Public recording
  • 14th --Minami Takahashi (role of El Condor Pasa)
  • 15st-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
  • 16th-Sora Tokui (role of T.M. Opera O)
  • 17th-Yuka Otsubo (Taiki Shuttle)
  • 18st - Satomi Akasaka(As Misato Akasaka)
  • 19th-Keiko Watanabe (role of Narita Taishin)
  • 20st - Iori Saeki(King Halo)
  • 21st-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
  • 22nd-Rena Maeda (as Grass Wonder)
  • 23rd-Chisa Kimura (role of Daiwa Scarlet),Megumi Toyoguchi(Role of Hana Tojo)
  • 25st - Maeda Kaori(As Nice Nature)
  • 27st - Haruna Ikezawa(As Broyer)
  • 28th-Yukiyo Fujii (role of Tazuna Suragawa)
  • 29th --Sina Shuto (role of Haru Urara)
  • 30th-Akari Kito (role of Seiun Sky), Tomoyo Takayanagi (role of Oguri Cap)
  • 31st-Sora Tokui (role of T.M. Opera O),Yui Watanabe(Winning ticket role)
  • 32th-Keiko Watanabe (role of Narita Taishin)
  • 33th-Yui Kondo (role of Biwa Hayahide)
  • 34th --Chinami Hashimoto (Fine Motion)
  • 35st - Mio Hoshitani(Mayano Top Gun role <second generation>)
  • 36st - Sachika Misawa(As Sakura Bakushin O)
  • 37th --Saki Kosaka (role of Gold Shichi)
  • 38th-Yui Watanabe (Winning Ticket)
  • 39st - Aimi Tanaka(As Biko Pegasus)
  • 42nd-Yuiko Tatsumi (role of Hishi Amazon)

Web video

"Paca tube!From March 2018, 3 with the titleYouTubeIt is delivered at. Uploaded every Monday and Wednesday. Uma Musume Advertising Officer (self-proclaimed) Gold ShipVirtual youtuberHas appeared as.

It is also one of the participating stations of the TV animation production committee.Kansai TV(Kantele) Horse Racing Related Programs[Annotation 8]Also on the official YouTube channel "Kantele Horse Racing", in collaboration with this work on March 2021, 3Kiyoshi Sugimoto(Former announcer of the same station)Ueda Hitomi(Gold Ship role) ・Maeda KaoriWe have released a dialogue video with (Nice Nature)[68].

GI race support illustration

From the 2018 NHK Mile Cup to the 2020 Satsuki Sho, the illustration of the horse girl of the racehorse who won the race in the past is officially this workTwitterIt was published in.In addition to the appearance of horse girls who have not yet entered or won the race, the horse girls of the winning horses in the old name era and when the rating was GII or less are also included. After the 2020 Emperor's Award (Spring), the illustration has been changed to a deformed character like the one that appeared in "Umayon".


Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
(Historical championship year)
May 5NHK Mile CupEl Condor Passer
May 5Victoria MileVodka
May 5Yujun Mare
Air Groove
May 5Tokyo Yushun
(Japan Derby)
Special week
May 6Yasuda MemorialOguri cap
May 6Takarazuka MemorialGold ship
May 9Sprinters stakesTaiki Shuttle
May 10Autumn Flower AwardDaiwa Scarlet
May 10ChrysanthemumWhite-eye McQueen
May 10Emperor Award (Autumn)TM Opera Oh
May 11Queen Elizabeth CupHishi Amazon
May 11Mile ChampionshipAgnes Digital
May 11Japan CupSymbolyldorf
May 12Champions cupHaru Urara
(Not run)
May 12Hanshin Juvenile PhilliesMegiro Dobel
(1996[Annotation 9])
May 12Asahi Cup Futurity StakesMaruzensky
(1976[Annotation 10])
May 12Arima MemorialTokai Teio
May 12Hopeful stakesAgnes tachyon
(2000[Annotation 11])


Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
(Historical championship year)
May 2February StakesShinko Windy
May 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialKing halo
May 3Osaka CupMarvelous Sunday
(1997[Annotation 12])
May 4Sakura Flower AwardNishino Flower
May 4Satsuki AwardNarita Taishin
May 4Emperor Award (Spring)Super creek
May 5NHK Mile CupSeeking the pearl
May 5Victoria MileFuji Kiseki
(Not run)
May 5Yujun Mare
Kawakami Princess
May 5Tokyo Yushun
(Japan Derby)
Winning ticket
May 6Yasuda MemorialBamboo memory
May 6Takarazuka MemorialSilence Suzuka
May 9Sprinters stakesSakura Bakushin O
May 10Autumn Flower AwardSweep Tosho
May 10ChrysanthemumBiwa Hayahide
May 10Emperor Award (Autumn)Tamamo Cross
May 11Queen Elizabeth CupFine motion
May 11Mile ChampionshipHishikebono
(3 races, no win)
May 11Japan CupZenno Rob Roy
May 12Champions cupSmart Falcon
(Not run)
May 12Hanshin Juvenile PhilliesGold Shichi
(1986[Annotation 13])
May 12Asahi Cup Futurity StakesGlass wonder
(1997[Annotation 10])
May 12Arima MemorialNice nature
(5 races, no win)
May 12Hopeful stakesAdmire Vega
(1998[Annotation 11])


Horse daughter version

Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
(Historical championship year)
May 2February StakesBiko Pegasus
(1997th in 4)
May 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialCurren Chan
May 4Osaka CupMachikane Fukukita
(1999th in 2)
May 4Sakura Flower AwardYukinobijin
(1993th in 2)
May 4Satsuki AwardSayung Sky

Umayon version

Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
May 5Emperor Award (Spring)Special Week, Silence Suzuka, Tokai Teio
May 5NHK Mile CupEl Condor Pasa, Seeking the Pearl
May 5Victoria MileVodka, Sweep Tosho, Kawakami Princess, Daiwa Scarlet
May 5Yujun Mare
Megiro Dobel, Air Groove, Kawakami Princess
May 5Tokyo Yushun
(Japan Derby)
Ines Fujin, Admire Vega
(Symboli Rudolf, Tokai Teio, Special Week, Mihonoburubon, Narita Brian)
May 6Yasuda MemorialTaiki Shuttle, Agnes Digital
May 6Takarazuka MemorialT M Opera O, Meishodoto, Nakayama Festa, Marvelous Sunday
May 10Sprinters stakesHisia Kebono, Biko Pegasus
May 10Autumn Flower AwardDaiwa Scarlet, Sweep Tosho
May 10ChrysanthemumRice shower, Manhattan Cafe
May 11Emperor Award (Autumn)Tosen Jordan, Eishin Flash
May 11Queen Elizabeth CupFine motion, mejiro dobel
May 11Mile ChampionshipOguri Cap, Bamboo Memory
May 11Japan CupSymboli Rudolf, Tokai Teio
May 12Champions cupInariwan, Smart Falcon, Haru Urara
May 12Hanshin Juvenile PhilliesHishi Amazon, Nishino Flower
May 12Asahi Cup Futurity StakesMihonoburubon, Ines Fujin, Maruzensky
May 12Hopeful stakesAdmire Vega, Narita Taishin, Agnes Tachyon
May 12Arima MemorialMayano Top Gun, Narita Brian, Tokai Teio


Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
May 2February StakesAgnes Digital, Special Week
May 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialNice Nature, Machikanedan Hoiza, Daitaku Helios
May 4Osaka CupTokai Teio, Kitasan Black
May 4Sakura Flower AwardDaiwa Scarlet, Nishino Flower


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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  2. ^ For example, in the case of T.M. Opera O, the owner'sBamboo gardenPink, green, and yellow used in the game clothes.
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