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💪 | Oita Trinita announces long-term withdrawal from goalkeeper Shun Yoshida.Broken right hand during training

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Oita Trinita announces long-term withdrawal from goalkeeper Shun Yoshida.Broken right hand during training

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Although he has been in Oita Trinita since last season, he has not had a chance to participate, and although he has been competing for positions with goalkeeper Shun Takagi and goalkeeper William Popp this season, he has not yet stood on the pitch in the official game so far.

Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League Oita Trinita officially announced on the 1st that GK Shun Yoshida's surgery and long-term withdrawal. ... → Continue reading

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Oita Trinita

Oita Trinita(Oita Trinita)Japan OfOita City,Beppu,Saiki CityCentered onOitaHometown in all prefectures[1]Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club.


The operating corporation is Oita Football Club Co., Ltd.[1],1999Joined the J League[1]. Home stadiumShowa Denko Dome Oita[1], The practice areaOita Sports ClubandShowa Denko Soccer / Rugby FieldIs[1](Detail is#Home stadium / practice fieldSee).

The club name is三位一体RepresentsEnglishA coined word that combines "Trinity" and the hometown name "Oita".[1],ItalianIt has the same spelling as Trinita, which stands for "Trinity".[Note 1]..It means that the citizens of the prefecture, companies, and the government are united.

In 2006, the emblem, logo mark, and team flag were redesigned with a design concept called "T flare," and the abbreviation "Oita FC" as a club was changed to "FC Oita."It has nothing to do with the name of the operating corporation.

Club mascotturtleIs the motif "Nitan'[1] When,RabbitThe quasi-mascot "Ridge" with the motif of.

Only one of all J-League clubs until the end of the 2018 seasonJ1,J2,J3It is a club that has experienced all three categories and is the only club that has experienced J3 promotion after being enrolled in J3.[5].

June 2019, 6, 21% of the operating company's stock is rented by a major conference roomCrime sceneAcquired and became the largest shareholder, forming a capital and business alliance[6].


Before joining the J League

19944Established as a voluntary organization "Oita Football Club".The team name on the competition registration was "Oita" or "Oita FC" and was nicknamed "Oita Trinita".[1].Oita Prefecture Soccer League(At that time, only the first division league)Kyushu Soccer LeagueConsecutive championship1996ToNational Regional Soccer League Final Tournament(localOita Municipal Athletic Field(Held at), ranked second, two years after its inaugurationJapan Football LeaguePromoted to (former JFL)[1].

at firstMoon Jung-sikFormer foreign players under the Korean coachKorean representative OfHwangbo Kwan,Choi Dae-shiIt was a team centered on such things.

1998, Brazilian director(Portuguese version)Invited to become a foreign playerWillReinforced. The last season of the JFL was 6th.

1999-2002 (J2)

19991Established Oita Football Club Co., Ltd. as an operating corporation[1].. Inaugurated in 1999J League Division 2Participated in (J2) from the first year[1]..The name of "Trinity" is商標Since it cannot be used as a formal team name due to registration, "Oita TrinitaWas renamed to[1].

Before the directorYamagataDirector'sNobuhiro IshizakiWas appointed[1].. From the first year of J2J1Participate in the promotion battle,1999-2000Both missed the promotion in 2rd place with 2 point difference from 1nd place for 3 consecutive years.2001Has been sluggish since the beginning of the season and dismissed Ishizaki from the director in May.Shinji KobayashiBecame the successor director[1]..He recovered to the point of competing for promotion until the final round, but ended up in 6th place.

Kobayashi continued to throw2002 TheTeppei Nishiyama,Tetsuro Uki,Sandro,AndradinaWith the defensive haste created the previous year as a weapon, he ran alone from the beginning. He won the J2 and was promoted to J1.In the final round, he achieved 2 J100 wins for the first time in history.

2003-2009 (J1)

Team slogan:Move & Balance

Kobayashi system third year. The season that became the first year of J3 promotionNiigata OfNorito Terakawa,Previous yearCopa LibertadoresOf the top scorerRodrigoReinforced players such as.Although the defense was good to some extent, Rodrigo could not perform as expected and left the team in the middle of the season.Andradina, the top scorer of the previous year's team, couldn't score and was in the middle of the season.SapporoTransferred to.As a result, the striker was absent and the team was sluggish due to a serious lack of scoring ability.It will be the first return in three years in the middle of the seasonWillAlthough many foreign FWs were reinforced, the lack of scoring ability was not improved, and although the number of goals scored in the 2nd stage was 15 which was the lowest in the league in 16 games, the score remained at 7th place in the final sectionSendaiIn the match, Oita won, Oita remained in the case of a draw, Sendai remained in the case of Oita loss, and both teams remained in J1.The match is in the first 15 minutesTakashi UmedaFirst with the goal.In the second half, Sendai was tied, but the match ended with a 1-1 draw without allowing a win.He remained in J14 at 1th place in the annual ranking (14th place on the 2st stage and 16th place on the 1nd stage).After the season, Kobayashi retired from the coach.

Team slogan:Perform & Enjoy[7]

DutchHan bergerTo be the director[1]..Although Terakawa returned to Niigata, he was formerlyBrazil national team OfMagno Alves, OriginalNetherlands representative OfRichard Witschge, SendaiYuichi NemotoAcquire players such as.Reinforcement teams such as Magno left a result and the 1st stage finished in 10th place.

However, he left Witschge before the opening of the 2nd stage and played an active part in the 1st stage.Ryosuke KijimaStall due to injuries.DF as an emergency reinforcementPatrickHowever, the 2nd stage is the lowest for the second consecutive year.Magno scored 2 points,Daiki TakamatsuScored 8 points, but the overall score was sluggish and the ranking ended in 13th place in the year.Berger resigned after the end of the season.

Team slogan:Together & Enjoy

Hwangbo KwanPromoted from head coach to coach[1]..In addition, I served as the game captain of the previous yearSandroLeft the group,Haruki Seto,Tetsuya YamazakiEtc. transferred to another club.In terms of reinforcement, former Brazil national team FWDodo,Uemoto OceanAs a new playerYuki FukayaJoined the group.From Oita U-18Shusaku Nishikawa,Tsukasa UmezakiWas promoted.

However, Dodo only scored three goals in 15 games (after all, Dodo joined in the middle of the season with DF Patrick who joined the previous year.Edmiwson,Turio), Failed to start dash and slumped to the bottom.After that, he temporarily raised the ranking to 8th, but the captainTakayuki YoshidaStalled again due to the influence of his injury.KobeHuangfu continued to be sluggish, such as losing the battle in a direct confrontation without getting out of the lowest battle withMay 8Dismissed with attachment.To succeedPericles ChamuscaWas appointed[1].

It was the first timeUrawa戦を勝利すると、そこから6戦負け無し(5勝1分)を記録するなど勝利を積み上げ、当初に掲げていた「残り12試合で勝ち点18」の目標を8試合(6勝1敗1分け、勝ち点19)で達成、目標を7位に修正するほどの急速的な復調を遂げた。この出来事は「シャムスカマジック」と呼ばれた[8].May 11 OfC OsakaJ1 remains decided by drawing 1-1 in the match.The final ranking was 3th, the highest in the last three years.

Team slogan:Challenge & Challenge[9]

The second year of the Chamusca system.Hayato OkanakaHas retired from active duty, and nearly half of the players, including team top scorer Magno Alves and captain Takayuki Yoshida, have been transferred to other clubs or out of force.On the reinforcement sideForta Laser ECからOsmar,oakFrom the former representative of JapanTadatoshi MasudaAcquired.As a new playerDaisuke Takahashi,Morishige MasatoJoined the group, from Oita U-18Yohei Fukumoto,Akira KajiwaraIs promoted.Twenty-five registered members entered the season.

In the early game, Kuroboshi took the lead, suffering three consecutive losses, and at one point dropped to 3th place in the season, but after that he improved and Section 14KashimaRound 14 from the warNiigataRecorded 4 consecutive victories over the battle.Section 16(I.e.Round 22 from the warFukuokaIn the battle, he did not lose 7 races, and in the 21st round, he moved up to 6th place, such as giving a white star from Urawa, the league champion of the year.The goal set before the season was revised from "within 8th place" to "within 4th place" and J10 remained in October.However, after that, he missed the 1th place in the prize money range due to his loss of 3 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses, but ended the season in 7th place, which was the highest ranking in J1 at that time.

Also, for the first time since the team was foundedRepresentation from JapanToShusaku NishikawaとTsukasa Umezaki,laterDaiki TakamatsuUmezaki and Takamatsu also participated in the international A match.

Team slogan:"Challenge & Competition" Challenge and Struggle[10]

The second year of the Chamusca system.Edmiwson,TurioLeft the group,Tsukasa Umezaki France-GrenobleSeven players left the team, including a loan transfer to.On the reinforcement sideJunior Maranyon,Masafumi Miyazawa,August,Yume KanzakiEight new players have joined.However, when the opening two games in which both new members Maranyon and Miyazawa participated in the starting lineup ended in unwinning, Miyazawa lost the starting lineup in the next section 8 and Maranyon later left the team in the middle of the season.After thatYoshiaki FujitaAlthough various players are appointed as voluntary players, there are many games that lose due to a large number of goals, and it is the lowest in Section 13.Yokohama FCAlso suffered a 1-2 defeat.In the middle of the seasonShunsuke Maeda(HiroshimaEven after Umezaki (returned from Grunouble) joined, he did not increase the points, and at the end of the first half (Section 18), he was in the 17th place in the automatic demotion range.

The second half of the game to stay in J1Revenge 16From NiigataSuzuki Shingo, OriginalFukuoka OfHovertoAnd, for the first time in half a year, he won Edmílson, who joined for the third time.As a result, the team status will recover in the second half of the game, and the white stars will be steadily piled up.Among them, Section 3 was also in a residual battle.OmiyaIn a direct confrontation with, Shunsuke Maeda won the game in the 1th minute of the second half with a goal that was his first goal after transferring to Oita.Section 1 IwataHe won the battle and confirmed the J1 remaining.The final ranking of the season was 14th.

Team slogan:One Heart, Big Challenge[11]

The fourth year of the Chamusca system.Before the seasonTsukasa Umezaki,Shota Matsuhashi,Takashi Miki,Masato Yamazaki9 players left the club, including transferring to another club.To fill that holeG OsakaThanAkihiro Kaname,PreviousHiroshima OfWesleyFrom Oita U-18Hiroshi Kiyotake,Hiroki Otegawa4 players have been promoted.In addition, it will be Oita's first club mascot character this year.NitanWas born.

During the pre-season practice, the patriarch suffered a serious injury for 6 months, but he was appointed as a substitute for the second year.Yume KanzakiIs active.Uemoto Ocean-Morishige Masato-Yuki Fukaya3 backlines and Edmílson Huberto's voluntary combination, and GKShusaku NishikawaThe cooperation with was matured and showed the top-level adherence to the league (Italy national teamof"Catenaccio"And the club mascot, the turtle Nitan,"Camenachio”[12]).With that adherence as a weaponNabisco CupThen, when the club's first breakthrough in the qualifying GL was achieved in 2nd place, the final tournament remained the same momentum.FC Tokyo,Nagoya GrampusDefeat, the finalShimizu S-PulseBattleDaiki TakamatsuWesley won with a score of 2-0 and won the championship (the club's first title and the Kyushu team's first title).

On the other hand, the league match also participated in the battle for victory until the end of the season, ending the season with the team's highest 4th place and 56 points.The total number of goals conceded was 1 goals, the lowest ever in J24 (average 1 points per game).[13]..In addition, it is home, such as recording 6 consecutive wins in home games and 13 consecutive undefeated home games.Kyushu Oil DomeAt that time, it showed overwhelming compatibility.However, the number of points was sluggish, and the number of games that scored 3 points or more in the league match ended in only 2 games, which was the worst 2nd place in the league with 33 points (average 1 points per game).

Team slogan:One Heart, Big Challenge[11]

The second year of the Chamusca system.KobeからShusuke TsubouchiJoined with a loan transfer,Takashi UmedaWhen,Masafumi MiyazawaReturned from a loan transfer.On the other hand, I was subscribed with a loan transferRyo KobayashiEtc. have left the group.In February before the start of the seasonHome Depot Center(The United States of AmericaCaliforniaCarson) Was held inPan Pacific Championship 2009Participated in the Nabisco Cup championship team and finished 3rd.

In the league match, the team started late and physical training could not be done enough.[8], Kyushu Oil Dome failed to replace the turf and the condition of the turf was unstable. Due to injuries and cumulative warnings, many of the main players were absent one after another and fell to the bottom.[8].. April 5HiroshimaHe lost 10 games in a row due to the defeat in the game, and in J2003 after 1 when the extra time was abolished, he overtook the 2007 consecutive losses of Yokohama FC in 9 and became the worst record.After that, the number of consecutive losses continued to 14, 1 win, 1 draw, 15 losses (winning points).4) Returned the season at the bottom.For this reason, Chamusca was dismissed on July 7 due to poor results.Former Hiroshima coach to succeedRanco PopovichWas appointed[1]..Section 18 on the 18th of the same monthUrawaIn the war, as a measure until Popovic's officer registration is completed, the strengthening departmentHiroaki MatsuyamaActed as a provisional coach and defeated Urawa 1-0.This stopped the losing streak at 14, and the third section on March 3st.NiigataPoints won since the war, Section 3 on March 14th京都He gave the winning star since the war.Then on September 9thIwataFrom the match to the end of the season, he did not lose 10 matches, and he had not won the league match so far.千葉However, the results of the first half of the game echoed and it did not rise to the remaining range, and the match against Kyoto in Section 30 (winning remained)Requirements), Leaving four league games, it was decided to relegate to J4 for the first time in eight seasons.

On the other hand, I hoped for consecutive victoriesNabisco CupAlthough he was undefeated, he was unable to accumulate 1 win and 5 draws and 3 points, and was eliminated from the qualifying.Also on August 8thSuruga Bank ChampionshipIs heldCopa SudamericanaKingSC InternacionalAnd lost 1-2.

2010-2012 (J2)

Team slogan:RESTART ~ ONE HEART ~[14]

Team management crisis surfaced during the 2009 seasonSignificantly reduce the team budget by receiving.Reinforcement operating costs are no exception, including director Popovic.Shusaku Nishikawa,Morishige Masato,Yume Kanzaki,EdmiwsonNearly half of the team's players and staff are released, centering on the mainstay.Former vice presidentHwangbo KwanInaugurated for the first time in 2005 years since 5[1].

Reinforcement has acquired 3 youth / university graduates and is still activeKorean representativeMetKim Bo Kyung, Veteran DFJang Kyung JinTwo Korean players were acquired by a loan transfer, and the number of players was supplemented by re-contracting players who were once out of force.However, the director's annual salary was high despite the financial crisis, and he was expected to sign a contract this year.FernandinhoThe high penalties associated with the cancellation of the contract (although this is believed to have caused some of his transfer to Sendai) and the financial management prospects were uncertain (turning profitable in the medium-term financial results announcement). As a result, a short-term operating fund will occur in January of the following year.Although the prefecture's emergency loan managed to survive, there were criticisms from the citizens of the prefecture for the loan from Oita prefecture, which has poor finances.[Source required]

At the beginning of the season, Kim was in the top position with 5 games and 6 goals.May 4からMay 8 OfToyamaThere are no stars for about 12 months until he wins for the first time in 3 games.After that, he won only 17 wins in 4 games and finished in 2th place, the lowest (at that time) in J15 history.In addition, Huangfu retired from the director for this year.

May 6,2010 FIFA World CupKim Bo Kyung has been selected as one of the 23 Korean national team members.It was the first time in history that a player enrolled in Oita was selected as a representative member of the World Cup.

Team slogan:SORYOKU Battle Total Power x Running Power[15]

Until the previous yearShimizuWas the head coach atKazuaki TasakaIs appointed as director[1]..Kim Bo Kyung is the rental source offC OsakaReturned to, and due to the impact of the management crisis that continued from the previous yearTogo Satoru,Naoya KikuchiAndYoshiaki FujitaCompletely transferred to the J1 club, TakamatsuFC TokyoTransferred to for a limited time.ReinforcementMito1st year of college graduationSakuta YujiとFujikawa Yuji,KumamotoからHironori NishiAcquired young players such as.

The formation was changed to 3-4-3 from the middle of the season, and the FWChoi Jung Han,SanheijiIs appointed on the side, or DFRyosuke ToneIs FW, VolunteerHiroshi KangariWas appointed as a CB and converted many players to various positions and fought in the league.Also,Shunsuke Maeda,Yasuhito MorishimaHowever, young people are emerging, such as leaving their best results.The J2 season record is 12th.The Emperor's Cup was eliminated in the third round.

Team slogan:Challenge x top battle[15]

The second year of the Tasaka system.Maeda and Kang, who played an active part in the club last season, transferred to the J2 club, but succeeded in retaining other major players such as Morishima and Tokita, and kept the outflow to a small number.In reinforcement千葉From the former representative of JapanShinji MuraiEarned,FC TokyoTakamatsu, who had been transferred to the rental company, has returned.The restC OsakaAs in the previous year, many young players were acquired, including the rental of three young players.In May, we started the "J3 Promotion Support Fundraising" (described later).

The opening round has been held at the home stadium since 2007.In the league match, Section 21, awayGiravanz KitakyushuDefeat,Battle of KyushuHe won his first victory and at the same time achieved four consecutive victories for the first time in six years.Although he took the lead in Section 6, only that one was in the second place, which was automatically promoted.Nonetheless, he showed a stable fight throughout the season, such as not losing more than 4 consecutive losses, and after Section 23J1 promotion playoffsWe kept within 6th place within the range until the final section (final ranking is 6th). The "J1 license issuance condition" described laterOfficial Match Stable FundFrom the end of May, the remaining amount of the loan from Because it paid off[16], PO advance was decided.

The PO semi-final on November 11th京都Morishima scored 4 goals and 4-0, and the PO final on November 11 was in Chiba.Takeshi HayashiHe won 1-0 with the goal and returned to J2009 for the first time in four years since 4.The Emperor's Cup is the first round (second round)Mito Holy HookLost to.

2013 (J1)

Team slogan:Ki power x mobility[17]

Tasaka system third year.The most league teams in Thailand with 3 goalsSanheijiとNaoya Ishigami ShonanWithdrawal due to the expiration of the loan transfer period fromSakuta Yuji,Lee Dong MyungEtc. left the team.On the other hand, in reinforcementKobeMore former representative from JapanTakagi Kazumichi,OmiyaWill be the return since 2009Yuki FukayaAcquired.BesidesKodama Arata,Komatsu base,Shinji TsujioA total of 30 players joined, mainly players in their early 9s to early XNUMXs.Also, join this season in the middle of the seasonKinaga group, Komatsu released to another club for a limited time.Was the representative of Japan for the Beijing OlympicsYohei KajiyamaTheFC TokyoI got it from the transfer with a deadline.

In the J1 league match, the first victory of the season has passed more than two months since the start of the season, and on May 2, J5 Section 18 awayNiigataIt has been sluggish from beginning to end, including the battle.After becoming the lowest in Section 8, the ranking could not be raised, and Section 10 on October 5th.C OsakaBy losing 0-2 to the match, it was decided to relegate to J6 in one year, leaving six league matches.In the end, the number of wins is the lowest in the J1 league, 2 (the lowest record in the past is 1)Shonan3 wins), 1 points (14), the lowest tie record in the J2012 leagueSapporoOther than recording[18], League match home game record is 4 minutes 13 losses and home game unwinned during the first season in J League history (Yamazaki Nabisco CupHowever, because it was 1 minute and 2 losses, the total official match against the J-League team was 5 minutes and 15 losses).[19][Note 2].

Emperor's cupLeft the best eight results in club history.

2014-2015 (J2)

Team slogan:Advance x whole heart[20]

Tasaka system 4th year. Was the top scorer in the team in 2013Yasuhito Morishima (I.e.In addition, I mainly tried to be a positive goalkeeperKenta TannoIs the old nestC OsakaCompletely transferred to each.captain·Masafumi MiyazawaWith the expiration of the contractGifuTransferred to.Other than thatYohei Kajiyama,Ken MatsubaraA total of 16 people left the group.On the reinforcement sideTosuからTakuya Muro, C from OsakaYouhei Takeda,千葉からDaisuke ItoAre all completely transferred from TosuSueyoshi JunyaAnd the club's firstコロンビアBecome a personJonathan,NiigataからShigeto Masuda,NagoyaからTeruki Tanaka,KobeからKang JungAll are acquired by transfer for a limited time.As a newcomerOsaka University of Physical EducationからKohei IsaJoined.In addition, we are transferring for a limited time from the previous yearRei MatsumotoThe loan transfer period has been extended by one year, and the number of players at the time of the announcement of the new system in 1 was 2014.In line with the 25th anniversary season since the team was founded[21],May 6 OfAtagoThe match was called the 20th Anniversary Match (for details, see20th Anniversary MatchSee).

The opening game that we met awayMitoWas defeated 1-2, but in the second round, which was the opening game of the home.KitakyushuWon 1-0 and stopped the league record of unwinning home games since last season at 17.After that, although he did not lose his grades extremely, he could not rank 3rd or higher, and he was placed in the J1 promotion playoff.Iwata, Chiba, Kitakyushu (no playoff qualification due to club license),YamagataIt became a form of fighting with them.Then in the middle of the seasonOmiyaJoined fromRadon Chitchi(Leaved due to knee surgery in November),FC Tokyo(In the first half of the seasonOkayamaI joined with a loan transfer from)Hayashi Yohei, Almost replaced with Radončićダ ニ エ ルAt the end of the 39th round, he finished 6th in the playoffs, but lost to the Mito match in the 40th round and retreated to 7th.After that, he was unable to raise his position and was unable to advance to the J2 promotion playoff for the first time in two years.

Also held this year2014 FIFA World CupThen, I am enrolled in Oita U-18Type 2 registered playerWas registered in the top team asDaisuke SakaiBut in NagoyaSugimoriAs a training partner withRepresentation from JapanI accompanied him from the last training camp to the end of the tournament[22][23].

Team slogan:Rally x Final Kick ALL FOR J1[24]

Tasaka system 5th year.Ito is in Okayama and Sueyoshi is in the old nestFukuokaTransferred to.Hayashi returned to FC Tokyo when the transfer period expired.In addition, Takagi, who served as captain, was transferred to Gifu after the contract expired.Eight other players left the group and a total of 8 players left Oita.On the other hand, on the reinforcement side, BraziliansEvandro, Have East Timor nationalityMurilo AlmeidaAnd evenNiigataからOkamoto HideyaAnd京都からSanheijiReinforced many frontline players, such as returning for the first time in three years.Also from ChibaAkihiro HyodoJoined.Eight other players joined, and immediately after joining OitaV OitaIt became a transfer with a deadlineFelipeA total of 3 players joined, including (returned in March by replacing Almeida).14 to captainSandroSince then, Daniel, who will be the captain of a foreign player for the first time in 11 years, has been appointed.

However, when the season started, it was sluggish from the opening due to the failure of penetration of tactics and the influence that new players did not function and could not fill the holes of Sueyoshi, Ito, Hayashi and others mentioned above.[25][26]..At the end of Section 16, he stayed at the bottom of 2 wins, 5 draws and 9 losses.May 6Dismissed director Tasaka.Initially, it was planned to invite a successor director from outside, but negotiations ended unexploded, and eventually he was also the director of the strengthening and training department and acting as a director.Nobuaki YanagidaWill be appointed as director from July 7nd.[26]..This monthTokyo VAlthough he showed signs of recovery with 15 wins including the white star for the first time in 3 games, he could not sustain the momentum and alsoTomoyuki Arata,PaulinhoNo reinforcement was made on the way, and it was not possible to escape from the relegation zone.At the end, he finished the league match in 4st place with unstable team situation such as suffering 21 consecutive losses.J2・J3 replacement gameIt was decided to participate in.

The replacement battle is J3, 2nd placeMachidaLost in both races (total score 2-1), the first J3 experience clubJ3 leagueWas demoted[27]..Yanagita retired from the coach after the season ended.

2016 (J3)

Team slogan:Return to origin RETURN TO THE ORIGIN[28]

As a new directorG OsakaWas the head coach atTomohiro KatanosakaIs inaugurated.Became the director of the club's first "Oita Trinita"[Note 3]..Also for coach membersMitsuyoshi Yoshimura,Tetsuya Yamazaki(Reassigned from U-18 coach) GK coach who newly joined and stayedKeisuke YoshisakaAll of them became Oita Trinita alumni.

He offered to extend the contract to all players, including those who have been transferred to other clubs for a limited time, but he was the top scorer of the team.Hirotaka TamedaThere were many opportunities to start in the last season, includingTaishi Wakasa,Youhei Takeda,Akihiro Hyodo,Yasukawa,Hironori NishiEtc. transferred to other J1 and J2 clubs.AlsoAkihiro Sakata,Tomoyuki ArataIs the same division as J3 ・NaganoTransferred to.Kazama and Okamoto, who had been transferred to other clubs for a limited time, also completely transferred to the transfer destination for a limited time, and the total number of players who left the club was 13.In terms of reinforcement, former Japan national teamSatoshi YamagishiTheHiroshimaObtained from.aside from thatHwang Song-su,Chiaki scripture,Kazuki Someya(April 4 contract cancellation[29]),Yuki YamanouchiIn addition, three young players were acquired by transfer for a limited time.And 3 players were promoted from youth.Also retired only last seasonHiroshi AonoAs a successor to the new presidentToru EnokiIs inaugurated.I have been working as a substitute for the training manager since the middle of last season.Teppei NishiyamaWas appointed.

Recorded three consecutive victories in the opening season and emerged as the leader at the end of the same section, but in the fourth sectionRyukyuLost to and surrendered the lead.After that, he couldn't improve the winning star, and he hadn't won 4 games from the same section (1 minute, 3 losses, the 5th section was postponed as mentioned above), and at the end of the 8th section, he dropped to 10th place.At the bottom in Section 15YS YokohamaHe lost the war and returned to the first half in 3rd place, which is out of the promotion zone.And in the 19th section, the leader in 9 consecutive victoriesTochigiThe defeat was widened to 9 points from the lead.But then joined in the middle of the seasonKohei HattadaSwitched to a tactic that emphasizes opponent measures that suppresses the risk of losing points[30] As a result, he chased Tochigi with a catch-up of 28 wins, 7 draw and 1 loss by the end of Section 1.Oita won the final game of the home game against YS Yokohama in the 29th round, and Tochigi lost, so they were in line with Tochigi in terms of points and took the lead since the third round.And in the final sectionTottoriHe won the match 4-2, finished the final five rounds with five consecutive victories, won the J5 league, and returned to the J5 league in one year.

Also, with this season2000Since joining the groupFC TokyoTransferred to for a limited time2011Played in Oita except for, and played an active part as a core player for many years.Daiki TakamatsuRetired from active duty[31]..Home, which was the last match of active dutyOita Bank DomeThe J3 record (at that time) of 11,065 spectators packed into the YS Yokohama match held in[Note 4]..In addition, the annual number of spectators was 116,563, making it the first club to exceed 3 a year in the third year since J3 was founded, and the average number of games per game was 10, which was a record high in history.[32].

2017-2018 (J2)

Team slogan:Toru Hatsushi Just for Victory[33]

Katanosaka system second year.As mentioned aboveDaiki TakamatsuIncluding the retirement ofMasaya Matsumoto IwataTransferred to and contributed to the J3 victoryKohei HattadaFour of them have expired the loan transfer period and served as captains in 4.ダ ニ エ ル,Chiaki scriptureFive of them have expired and a total of 5 have left the team.AlsoKazuki Egashira Tokai Adult Soccer League OfSuzuka Unlimited FCToTransfer with time limitIt became.

On the reinforcement sideHiroki Otegawa,Hayashi Yohei,Shohei KishidaIncluding players who are related to the clubAkira Takeuchi,Kyohei Kuroki,Shota Kawanishi,Takagi HayaoJoined with a complete transfer.AlsoSuzuki Atsushi,Tatsuya Sakai,Ryosuke MaedaJoined with a loan transfer and was enrolled in Oita with a loan transfer last seasonTakumi Kiyomoto,Yosei OtsuMoved to a complete transfer.And from Oita U-18Takuya Nogami, From Oita U-18Shintaro Kokubu Ritsumeikan UniversityJoined more.In the middle of the seasonDaisuke Sakai Belgium 2st division OfAFC TubizWhile transferring toShonanからSiquinho3 players joined, including joining.

When entering the league match, the opening match, AFukuokaWin the battle 2-1.Furthermore, Section 9 ・ AShonan1-0 in the battle, Section 13 ・ HNagoya戦では4-1のスコアで勝利を収め昨年のJ1在籍チーム全てから勝ち点3をあげ、前半戦終了時には9勝5分6敗の勝点32の9位につけた。後半戦に入ると、第26節終了時には6位と勝点で並ぶ7位にまで浮上。続く3試合で1分2敗とし12位まで順位が低下したが、その後再び盛り返し、第38節終了時には8位ながら6位のTokushimaI approached the point difference of 1.Although he missed the J2 promotion playoff due to losing 1 minute and 1 loss in the following 41 games and losing to Tokushima in the 1st round, the goal is 45 points.[34] With 19 points, 64 points higher than the previous ranking, the final ranking was 9th.In the away game, he was third in the league, but in the home game, he was third.May 9Held inGunmaFrom the battle to the final raceKumamotoHe was ranked 2th in the losing league, having not won for about two and a half months before the match.

Team slogan:With Trinita Spirits[35]

Katanosaka system third year.Mainly started last seasonNaoto Kamifukumoto Tokyo VTransferred to Fukuoka, and Jun Suzuki returned to Fukuoka when the loan transfer period expired.He also served as captain in 2016-2017Satoshi YamagishiHowever, he left the group due to the expiration of the contract.Tsubasa Yoshihira Akita,Koyo Sato JFL-AomoriA total of 11 people have left the group, including a loan transfer to.

On the reinforcement side, as in last seasonRyosuke Tone,Takuya Marutani,Shinji Yamaguchi(Transfer for a limited time) and started joining 3 players who have past affiliation experience in OitaJ3 leagueBecame the top scorer for the second consecutive yearNoriaki Fujimoto,Kenji Baba,Yuji Hoshi,Masaru Nasugawa,Akishige KanedaJoined with a complete transfer.AlsoMiyazaki Masaki,Lim Seung GyeomAnd 3 players including Yamaguchi mentioned above joined with a loan transfer. There were no new high school / university graduates, including promotion from U-18, and the total number of new players was 10.During the summer transfer period, Im expires and leaves the group ahead of the loan transfer period.[Note 5], Takeuchi, who has been the captain since this seasonSanukiWhile transferring to[Note 6],FC JuarezThanWillianWith a complete transfer,千葉ThanJun OkanoWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.

Although he won the opening round, he did not win three races after that, and both Sections 3 and 4 had no points.Still, due to the penetration of tactics and the success of new forces such as Hoshi and Baba[36] Section 5MitoRound 8 from the war京都He won 4 consecutive battles and moved up to 2nd place.Section 10KanazawaBy winning the battle, he emerged as the leader for the first time in the same season.After that, he surrendered the lead once in the 18th and 19th rounds, but in the following 20th round, he regained the lead and returned to the lead in the first half (at the end of the 21st round).

However, after the turn of the season, research on the opponent's tactical style in Oita has progressed.[36] Counting from the previous section (Section 21), he has not won 3 games including 5 consecutive losses and fell to 5th place.As a countermeasure, Section 26GifuWe changed to a 3-3-5 system that adopted 2 voluntary in the battle, and until now we have been mainly participating in the middle or have few opportunities to participateSanheiji,Tomoki Iwata, Ryosuke Maeda, Koki Kotegawa and others won the match[36]..After that, I haven't won 3 games again and for a whileJ1 entry playoffsAlthough the ranking dropped to 7th place out of the service area, it was demodulated by flexibly using the system, tactics, and player appointment depending on the opponent.[36]. Section 32KumamotoFrom the match to the 36th round and the match against Kyoto, he recorded 5 consecutive victories and moved up to the top position since the 21st round, after which he kept the automatic promotion range.

The final section, away, greeted in 2nd placeYamagataIn the match, he was leading 1-0 until the end of the match due to a star goal, but he suffered a goal in the additional time in the second half.The score did not move and ended in a draw, ending the whole schedule with 23 wins, 7 draws, 12 losses and 76 points.[Note 7]..As a result of other venuesMachidaとYokohama FCDue to the difference in points, although they were lined up with points[Note 8] It was decided to return to J2 for the first time in 6 seasons, defending the 1nd place in the automatic promotion range.J3 leagueThis is the first J1 promotion case for a club with experience of enrollment.[5][37]..76 points scored the most in the league in the same season[36]..In addition, Baba, Fujimoto, Mihira, and Goto achieved more than 4 goals in the league match in Shonan in 10.[Note 9] It was the first time in nine years since then, and the achievement in the 9th game was the fastest in J39.[38].


Team slogan:Brave and brave OITA TRINITA BRAVE SPIRITS[39]

Katanosaka system 4th year.Hayashi Yohei,Miyazaki Masaki,Shota Kawanishi,Takumi Kiyomoto,Tomohito ShugyoA total of 2 people have left the group, including the two players who had been transferred for a limited time.The reinforcement side was transferred for a limited timeDaisuke Sakai,Tsubasa YoshihiraBegan to return toKaoru Takayama,Seigo Kobayashi,Yuto three poles,Kazuki Kozuka,Onaiu AdoAndThailand national team OfThitiphanAll 15 people joined.

Last season's mainstay remained and ensured continuity[40], Onaiwu, who scored 2 points in J22, Kobayashi, who scored 12 points,Ryotaro Ito, Kozuka,Tomoya Shoji"The player who achieved the result in J2 will be more effective than the veteran with a name who is away from the game."Teppei NishiyamaFrom the judgment of, we succeeded in strengthening the front line by reinforcing many players who played an active part in J2 last season.[40]..Director Katanosaka also said at a press conference to announce the new system, "The club has prepared the players I requested to some extent and prepared the strength to compete in J1."[40].

Before the start of the season, many reporters and sports writers nominated him as a candidate for J2 relegation.[41][42], In the opening roundKashima AntlersIn February and March, when he won his second victory away since 2006.Monthly MVPWonNoriaki FujimotoWith the success of[43], Recorded 7 games undefeated from verses 12 to 6, temporarily raising the ranking to 3rd place.After that, they couldn't improve their points because they continued to play against the upper ranks, but in Section 17Urawa RedsHe won the first half of the game in 6 games and returned to 8th place with 5 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses.[44][Note 10].

In the second half of the game, Fujimoto'sVISSEL KOBEDue to the transfer to and the analysis of the opponent team, he lost with 4 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses, but joined during the summer transfer period.Tatsuya Tanaka,Yuki KobayashiIs newly added to the starting lineup, and as in the previous year, we will continue to play soccer connected from GK.[45]..He cleared his original goal of "45 points" with three games left, and finished the season in 3th place with 12 wins, 11 draws, 11 losses and 47 points without being involved in a residual battle.[44].

On the other hand, I participated for the first time in 6 yearsLevan cup[Note 11] Then, I went to the final section of the group stage in a situation where it was difficult to advance to the playoff stage,Cerezo OsakaLost to the group stage.Emperor's cupHas advanced to the best 8 which is the highest tie record in history.

Team slogan:Indomitable OITA TRINITA Spirit.[46]

Katanosaka system 5th year.Takuya MarutaniRetired from active duty,Yusuke GotoHas completely transferred to Shimizu, and seven players, including Onaiwu and Thitiphan, who had joined the transfer last season for a limited time, have all left the group due to the expiration of the transfer period.Kojima Kosuke TheNiigataA total of 3 people, including 13 players who had been transferred to other clubs for a limited time, have left the club.On the reinforcement side, I had a loan transfer from the middle of last seasonKeita TakahataHas returned,Daiki Watari,Chinen Kei,Maya Machida,Kagawa Yuuki,Naoki Nomura,Yuya TakazawaAll 12 people joined.

The goal was "55th place with 50 points, 35 total points and 6 goals", but shortly after the end of Section 1.New coronavirus infectious disease epidemicThe league was suspended for about 4 months due to the influence of. After resuming from the beginning of July, it took about four and a half months until the middle of December, and the overcrowded schedule was forced to complete the entire schedule, resulting in a series of injured people, mainly new players.From Section 7 to Section 12, the team was temporarily sluggish, suffering five consecutive losses, but the team status recovered after that.Although he showed a stable fight without being involved in the low-ranking battle, the number of points was sluggish as in the previous year (total score 4, league worst 5nd place).[47]), Finally finished the season in 43th place with 11 points[48].

Like the league match, the cup match was also affected by the Corona disaster, and in the Levin Cup, where the number of matches was reduced to all three matches, three matches were not won and the group stage was eliminated.The Emperor's Cup is affected by the reduction in the number of participating teams[49] For the first time after joining the J-League, he did not participate.

Team slogan:Unity Fight Together![50]

Katanosaka system 6th year.Served as captain last seasonYoshinori SuzukiIncluding,Tomoki Iwata, Tatsuya Tanaka,Shimakawa Toshiro6 players have completely transferred to other J1 clubs, and Kei Chinen, who had been a member of the transfer for a limited time, left the club due to the expiration of the transfer period.AlsoSanheiji,Ryosuke Maeda4 players left the group due to the expiration of the contractMun Kyung GonA total of 13 people left the team, including returning to South Korea due to military service.On the reinforcement sideYu Nagasawa,Keisuke Saka,Shimoda Hokuto,Pope William,Arata Watanabe8 players have joined the transfer completely,Enrique Trevisan,PereiraIs a loan transfer member.He made his official league debut as a specially designated player last season.Kenta Inoue,Kazuki FujimotoFour new graduates have joined the team.


Title ・ Award

Domestic title


J League Fair Play Award Takamado Palace Cup: 1 times
J1 Fair Play Award: 1 times[1]
J2 Fair Play Award: 2 times[1]
J3 Fair Play Award: 1 times[1]
  • 2016

By individual

J1 league
J2 league
J3 league
J League Cup

Business problems

Oita Football Club Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Oita FC"), which operates Oita Trinita, has been a home remodeling manufacturer since its establishment in 1999.Paint houseParticipated in management as the largest shareholder (Nikkei Business OnlineAccording to the company, it was the heart of Hatsutarou Hoshino, the founder of the company.[52]).However, the expansion route of the paint house got stuck, and the investment consultant's management of the companyAkio SakanakaFrom the time when the company began to be involved, the management of Paint House and eventually Oita FC began to fluctuate, which caused various problems and continued to be at the mercy of club management.

2004 to 2005 years

In 2004, Painthouse, which had been a uniform sponsor since the club was founded, withdrew in the middle of the year.Oita FC fell into financial difficulties as a result of this, and as of September 2005, a cumulative deficit of 9 million yen, 7 million yen.Debt overrunBecame[53]..Around the same time, the musician who became a uniform breast sponsor instead of the paint house in the middle of 2004.Tetsuya KomuroEvent company "Tribal kicks[Note 13]It was discovered that the annual sponsorship fee of 7,000 million yen was delinquent.[54]..The management advisory board of Oita FC concluded in a report compiled on September 2005, 9 that "the situation is extremely difficult. Securing working funds is an urgent issue", and Oita FC has raised 14 million yen by September 9. Requested public support from Oita Prefecture, saying it was necessary[53].

In response to this, Oita FC received a loan of 2 million yen from the Oita Sports Culture Promotion Foundation, which is an affiliated organization of Oita Prefecture, and the pachinko hall management company that became a uniform breast sponsor in June.MaruhanPurchased an annual seat for 2006 years from 6 and survived the cash flow.Although it was pointed out that Maruhan's sponsorship might violate the J-League regulations, it was recognized as a special case at this time.

In December 2006, the J-League announced a policy that "the hall industry (including Maruhan) is in the J-League sponsor self-restraint category and cannot be permitted as a uniform sponsor after the 12 season."[55][Note 14]In response, Maruhan will continue to support Trinita as a "special sponsor".

After 2009

2009May 9, Oita FC announced that Maruhan has completely withdrawn from the sponsor because "the company name is not included in the uniform and there is no advertising consideration"[55][56][57]..In addition, Frontech ("BOWS" notation) and Omega Project (currently, which have been sponsors since 2006)Izu Shaboten Resort) Arrested officers[Note 15]Withdrawal one after another by 2009 due to management difficulties caused by[58], And once decided to continue sponsoringJoyful[59] However, he withdrew from the uniform sponsor in March immediately after the change of representative director was decided due to poor business performance.Besides, he became a uniform breast sponsor from the middle of 3.Four Leaf JapanThe business crisis has surfaced again due to the withdrawal of large sponsors, such as withdrawal from sponsors for the same year due to the backlash from supporters over the business method.

Specifically, as of the fiscal year ended January 2009, the cumulative deficit was 1 billion yen.Debt overrunThe amount is 5 million yen[60] In addition, due to the decrease in admission fees due to poor performance and the increase in labor costs due to the change of director, the operating costs for the following fiscal year 2010 will be used ahead of schedule.Bicycle operationCombined with management policies such as[61], It became difficult to manage the remaining 2009 league games (including 11 home games) from November 3.

August 2009, 11,Japan Professional Soccer LeagueFounded byOfficial Match Stable FundI applied for an emergency loan from[62](J1 club is the first to apply for a loan from the fund[63]).At the time of application, it was thought that there would be a shortage of about 2 million yen this year alone.[63] However, Oita Prefecture announced that it will be short of about 4 million yen this year alone.[61].. On November 11, the J-League Board of Directors decided on a total loan of 17 million yen (initially 6 million yen, 3 million yen at the end of January 5,000). The J-League points out that Oita FC is "a management that is close to bankruptcy and should not be"[64].. November 11, Oita FC PresidentHiroshi MizohataResigned from responsibility after the official game on December 12th, and the vice presidentHwangbo KwanAnnounces that he will take over as acting president[65].. On December 12, Huangfu and the Director of StrengtheningYasushi HaraResigned, Oita Prefecture Corporate Planning Department ManagerHiroshi AonoWas appointed as acting representative director[66].

After receiving the initial emergency loan, Oita FC submitted a reconstruction plan to the J League, but said that "cost reduction was insufficient".[67][68] Approval of 12 million yen for additional loan was rejected by the J League board of directors on December 14. Oita FC secured a bridge loan from a local bank for the time being because it was rejected by the J.League extraordinary board on December 2 for the same reason.[69]..In response to this, the "Prefectural Citizens' Conference to Support Oita Trinita" was newly established with Oita Prefecture and local companies playing a central role.[70]..In addition, a donation box was set up in Oita City Hall to support the team, and for the time being, donations were raised with the goal of "5,000 million yen."[71]..However, even within Oita Prefecture, there are differences in the idea of ​​team support depending on the region, and there were also dissatisfied opinions such as "Why do you give preferential treatment only to Trinita?"[72].

On January 2010, 1, based on the plan resubmitted by Oita FC to reduce the operating budget, the J.League Board of Directors decided to make an additional loan of 19 million yen while requesting further budget reduction.[73].. On February 2, the J.League Board officially approved the additional loan based on a plan that was resubmitted by Oita FC and further revised the budget.[74]..Oita Prefecture has decided to exempt the usage fee of the Oita Bank Dome, which was previously half-price exemption, for the 2010 season in order to support reconstruction.Since then, the full exemption continues until the 2012 season[75].

In addition, the amount of insolvency was found to be more than 2009 million yen in real terms as of the survey by Oita FC as of the survey in December 1, from about 5 million yen as of the fiscal year ended January 8.[67].. As of the end of January 2010, it was revealed at the general meeting of shareholders of Oita FC on April 1 that the amount of insolvency was 11 million yen.[76].

2010 year 5 month,TMCPurchased the shares of Oita FC held by (formerly Paint House)Oita Chamber of CommerceBecame the largest shareholder[77][78][79].

2011 years,Daihatsu KyushuBecame a breast sponsor[80].


January 2012, 1, J LeagueOfficial Match Stable FundRepayment of 5 million yen out of 2 million yen that was loaned from[82]..On the other hand, if the repayment of the remaining 10 million yen of the loan from the official game stability holding fund is not completed by October 12, the conditions for performance (automatic promotion to 3nd place, 2rd-3th place from this year) Adopted "J1 promotion playoffs」進出権利)を満たしても2013年度からJ1昇格をすることができないという条件が課せられた。同年5月、3億円のうちの1億円を目標に、市民・団体などから寄付(1口5,000円、上限なし)を募る「J1昇格支援金」の募集を開始。支援金は、8月17日に目標の1億円に到達し[83]Finally, it reached about 1 million yen.The total amount of support is about 2,380 million yen, including the support from the local business community of about 1 million yen and the expenditure from the government of Oita prefecture, etc., in October. Completed the loan from the fund on the 920th[84]..The amount of insolvency as of October 2012, 10 is approximately 12 million yen.[84].

A major rental conference room founded by Takateru Kawano from Oita City on June 2019, 6.TKPIt was announced that (TKP) acquired 20% of the issued shares, became the largest shareholder, and entered into a capital and business alliance.[85][86]..Also localKyushu dairy industryIncreased the share ratio to about 20% by purchasing additional shares, became the largest shareholder with TKP, and proceeded to buy back shares from the corporate revitalization fund.[87], The club announced at a press conference on June 6 that the repurchase of shares from the corporate revitalization fund was completed[88].


Established Trinita Marketing Co., Ltd., the first J.League club subsidiary on December 2019, 12.[89].TokyoBased in TrinitaYouTubeI was in charge of video distribution on the channel, operation of official SNS / online shop, development of Trinita goods, holding of public viewing, social action, etc.Impact of the new coronavirus epidemicDue to management rationalization due to the above, it was dissolved and liquidated on October 2020, 10.[90].


U-12, U-15, U-18 have teams in each generation, U-15Usa CityIt also has a team based in.

Oita U-18 is2013ToPrince League Kyushu 1st DivisionFirst victory at.Premier LeagueI entered the war, butEhime FC U-18The entry was postponed after losing to.The following year, in 2014, when he won the Prince League Kyushu in a row, he entered the race this year.Otani Muroran High School,Yonago Kita High SchoolWas decided to be promoted to the Premier League WEST from the 2015 season.2015Was in 3rd place, but the next2016Was at the bottom of the league and was demoted to Prince Kyushu.

Japan Club Youth Soccer ChampionshipBest results in 2012, 2014, 2018, 2019 Round 16,J Youth CupThe best result in2015It is the best 4 of.Emperor's cupHas participated in the past four times (however, the rules have been revised since the 4th tournament, and the participation qualification for the two-class registered team is no longer available, so it is currently not possible to participate.[91]).

U-18 successive results

年度AffiliationRankingPointsNumber of matchesWinMinuteDefeatscoreGoalGoal differenceClub youth
J Youth CupOther official games
2004Prince Kyushu2 partWin2810910285+23-2 RoundLost the first round of the Emperor's Cup
2005Prince Kyushu 1st Division2 bit22117132113+8-2 RoundLost the first round of the Emperor's Cup
20063 bit23722228+14-2 Round
20073 bit21632208+12GL defeatedBest 8Lost the first round of the Emperor's Cup
20082 bit227133325+8GL defeatedLost qualifying
20092 bit227132112+9GL defeated2 Round
20103 bit185332919+10GL defeatedLost qualifying
20112 bit452214356946+23-2 Round
20129 bit272183104536+9Round 161 Round
2013Win401813145617+39-GL defeatedPremier entry defeat
2014Win4916114312+31Round 16Best 8Premier entry victory
2015Premier WEST3 bit319452919+10GL defeatedBest 4
201610 bit923131337-24%GL defeated3 Round
2017Prince Kyushu3 bit309363425+9GL defeated1 Round
20184 bit309364233+9Round 163 Round
20192 bit3310353119+12Round 161 RoundPremier PO defeated
2020Super Prince Kyushu2nd place (Group A)10531195+42 RoundCancel
2th place (overall)B group 2nd placeV-Varen Nagasaki U-182nd overall

U-18 successive directors



From the academy

Oita Trinita Ladies

FutureJapan Women's Soccer LeagueWith a view to entry, the women's soccer team "Oita Trinita Ladies"2007Founded in April. 410The first selection was held in Japan, and 30 players were selected. He won the Oita Women's Soccer League and the Kyushu Women's League Finals in 2007, and has been a member of the Kyushu Women's Soccer League since 2008.

Club records

Match record

J1 league match consecutive undefeated record
J1 league match home consecutive undefeated record
  • 13 games-10 wins and 3 draws (June 2008, 4 J12 Section 1) Kawasaki FrontaleBattle-November 11 J9 Section 1 Jeff United ChibaBattle)
    • 16 games including the J League Cup (12 wins and 4 draws)
Consecutive no-goal match
  • 5 matches (August 2008, 8 J16 Section 1 Albirex NiigataWar-September 9, Section 20 Tokyo VerdyBattle) * J-League 3rd place tie record
Home most consecutive win record
Record of most consecutive losses in league match
  • 14 consecutive losses (April 2009, 4 J4 Section 1 Urawa RedsBattle-July 7, Section 13 Jubilo Iwata) * J17 worst 1rd place, worst 3st place after overtime abolition

Goal score record (after joining the J League)

Most scored match


Most goals scored

  • J1: 4 runs
  • J2: 4 runs
    • 2-4 (Section 1999, 20) FC TokyoBattle)
    • 1-4 (Section 2010, 4) Tochigi SCBattle) Other 4 games
  • J3: 3 runs
    • 4-3 (2016 Section 17 Fujieda MYFC match)
  • J1: 6 runs
    • 0-6 (2007 Section 23 Jeff United Chiba match, 2013 Section 25 Vegalta SendaiBattle)
  • J2: 6 runs
  • J3: 2 runs
    • 2-2 (Section 2016, 5) Gamba Osaka U-23Battle)
    • 1-2 (2016 Section 8 Tochigi SC match) and 2 other matches


Total number of goals conceded annually
  • 24 goals (average 1 points per game, 0.706) * J1 minimum record
    • Home 9 goals (average 1 points per game), away 0.529 goals (average 15 points per game)
Number of league games shut out annually
  • 34 out of 17 games (2008)

Most scorers of all seasons

  • Results for league games only
  • If the name and score are in bold, the league has the most points.
1999J2Japanese flag Takuya Jinno19
2000Brazilian flag Will22
2001Brazilian flag Benigno16
2002Brazilian flag Andradina18
2003J1Japanese flag Takayuki Yoshida7
2004Brazilian flag Magno Alves11
2006Japanese flag Daiki Takamatsu12
2007Japanese flag Daisuke Takahashi10
2008Brazilian flag Wesley7
2009Japanese flag Daisuke Takahashi5
2010J2Republic of Korea flag Choi Jung Han
Republic of Korea flag Kim Bo Kyung
2011Japanese flag Yasuhito Morishima11
2012Japanese flag Sanheiji
Japanese flag Yasuhito Morishima
2013J1Japanese flag Yasuhito Morishima7
2014J2Japanese flag Hayashi Yohei7
2015Japanese flag Hirotaka Tameda6
2016J3Japanese flag Yusuke Goto14
2018Japanese flag Kenji Baba
Japanese flag Noriaki Fujimoto
2019J1Japanese flag Onaiu Ado10
2020Japanese flag Tatsuya Tanaka8

Home stadium / practice field

Home stadium

  • Showa Denko Dome Oita(Oita CityLocated in Yokoo) is the home stadium[1].
    • From the team's founding to 2002Oita Municipal Athletic FieldWas used as a home stadium, and even after the completion of Showa Denko Dome in 2001, home games were held in combination.After Trinita was promoted to J1 in 2003, he was not registered as a home stadium because he did not meet the J1 holding standards, and since then the official game sponsored by Trinita has not been held.[Note 16], Showa Denko Dome will be held in 2019Rugby World CupIt will be used as one of the match venues in Japan, and it was approved for use as a special case because an alternative venue for home games was needed, and two league games sponsored by Trinita were held for the first time in 2002 years since 17.[94].
  • Until 2007Kumamoto Prefectural Sports Park Athletic Field(Currently: Egao Kenko Stadium) held home games 1-2 times a year.
    • October 2007, 10 at KKWING from 20:13 Rosso Kumamoto (currently:Roasso Kumamoto), Trinita from 19:30Held on the same daydid.
    • It was canceled due to a thunderstorm in 2004, but at this timeKumamoto Prefectural Sports Park Indoor Sports Square(Park Dome Kumamoto) The parking lot on the south side was flooded, and about 150 parked cars stopped working.However, since this parking lot was originally a reservoir that temporarily stores rainwater to prevent flooding, it later developed into a compensation problem for Trinita.
  • OtherKagoshima Prefectural Kamoike Athletics Stadium(Currently: Shiranami Stadium),Nagasaki Prefectural Sports Park Athletic Field(Currently: Transcosmos Stadium Nagasaki),Kumamoto City Suizenji StadiumIn the past, sponsored games were held in the past, but no sponsored games have been held outside the prefecture since 2010.

Practice field

The main practice area isOita Sports ClubandShowa Denko Soccer / Rugby FieldIs[1].Oita Sports ParkWe may also practice at the sub-stadium.Until around 2002,River Park InukaiI was practicing from one ground to another.

Number of games by year and stadium

List of Oita Trinita performances by year #Number of visitors by yearSee.


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)tagblacktag
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)"Red""Red""Red"
GK (2nd)绿绿绿
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •   blue,  yellow[1]


  • From the 2009 season uniform2008 J League CupA star mark indicating victory is attached on the chest emblem. In the 2019 uniform, the position of the star mark has moved under the emblem[95].
  • 2010-Until 2012, under the J-League logo on the right sleeve of the uniformLOVE OitaWas put in. From 2013, "OITA"Is included.
  • Even after being promoted to J2019 in 1, we continue to adopt the specification that only the uniform number and sponsor logo are displayed without putting the player's name on the back of the uniform, but this is the only one in the J1 club and 2019 There is no similar example in the subsequent J2 clubs.In the J3 league, there are several clubs that use uniforms that do not include player names.

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestDaihatsu KyushuDaihatsu Kyushu2011-2013-2016 is a two-line notation of "Daihatsu" and "Kyushu"
clavicleShowa DenkoSHOWA
2020-Posted on the right
Upper backSBI General InsuranceSBI GROUP SBI Insurance2020-
Lower backSBI Lively Small Amount Short Term InsuranceSBI lively short2020-
2002-2005 pants
1998-2001 is written as "NEXD SOPH."
Front of pantsNone--
Back of pantsNet One Systemsnet one2021-2009 sleeves
2010-2015 is the upper back
2019-2020 is the front of the pants
2009-August 2013 is written as "Net One Systems"

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1998Asahi Solar /
Paint house
Before banGreen milkBefore banNEXD SOPH.-Before banPUMA
1999Paint housePAINT
2003PentaKunColumbus floor
Sato Beneck
2004PentaKun /
2005- /
2006MARUHANBOWS[Note 17]JoyfullCoca-Cola
2008Omega Project
2009- /
Net One Systems
2010-Net One Systems- /
2011Daihatsu KyushuKOYOU
Net One Systems /
net one
2014net oneJay leaseGreen milk
2016Jay leaseOita Joint NewspaperOITA BANK
2017Daihatsu Kyushu
2019Green milkYukoyukonet one
SBI GROUP SBI InsuranceSBI lively shortSOPH.-
2021--net one



Color board

Supporters raise color boards in certain gamesChoreographyMay make[96][97].2008 J League CupIt is also listed in the final match (see image).

Defensive forfeit

2003 J League Cup Of京都Battle (May 3,Saikyogoku) Then, 1 minutes in the second half, which was greeted by 1-17, OitaDaiki TakamatsuWas injured and the Kyoto side once took the ball out of the field.After the match resumesNorito TerakawaKicked to return the ball to the opponent's goalkeeper, but kicked the ballRodrigoCut and started dribbling and scored as it was[98]..Kyoto players expressed anger as an act of breaking the tacit understanding, and both teams had a quick mood.[98].

After that, the match was resumed with a kick-off on the Kyoto side, but he was the manager of Oita at that time.Shinji KobayashiRecognizes unfair play and against playersInstructed to abandon defense[98]..Kyoto·Daisuke NakaharaiThe Oita defense team saw off the shot, and the score was 2-2, which was even again.

Strangely this matchtotoGOALWas the first match since the start. "TotoGOAL" predicts the score of the specified team with "0 points", "1 point", "2 points", "3 points or more", so this event changed the result of totoGOAL. However, the match commissioner of this match said, "There is no problem with the rules. I don't want to be abused (Kyoto goal), but in a good way it is an extension of fair play.[98]",at that timeJapan Football AssociationCaptainKawabuchi SaburoAlso expressed the view that "it couldn't be helped in that situation," and the J-League side did not punish Oita.

Revenge 16

2007 years,J1Oita, who had been sluggish at 18th place in the automatic relegation zone at the end of Section 17, called the 16 games in the second half of the league "Revenge 16".[99].. As "Three Revenge Warriors"Suzuki Shingo-Hoverto-EdmiwsonIn addition to winning, as a symbol character of this project, "RidgeHas appeared[99]..In addition, various projects were held for each match with the sponsorship of the sponsor.[100][101][102]..He finished these 16 games with 8 wins, 7 losses and 1 draw, almost 14 minutes, and remained in J1 in XNUMXth place in the season.

「リベンジ16」の中で唯一対戦していなかった横浜FMについては、2007年に2戦とも大敗かつ無得点(第7節・A0-5/第18節・H0-3)であったことから、2008年のホームゲームで「リベンジマッチ」と銘打ってリッジーも再登場のもと行なわれた[103]..The match won 1-0 and revenge.

Stadium dj

  • MC MAX
Past stadium DJ

20th Anniversary Match

2014Oita, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of the club's founding, opened a special website[104], And even the same yearMay 6 OfEhime FCThe battle was held under the name of "20th Anniversary Match, Oita Prefectural DAY", and plans such as the announcement of the best eleven of all time selected by voting from supporters were planned.[105].

Relationship with Asadaame

2018May 8, J2 Section 29Tokyo VIn the battle, about 5 minutes after the start of the gameTomohiro KatanosakaThere was one act in which the voice of was screaming and the press conference after the match was also rattled.[106]..Oita supporters who saw the sceneTwitterAtMay 8"Asada candyProtect Kata's throat[107]When you tweet, this is Asadaame's Official account Reacts.Due to this connection, the sales staff of Oita FC (Oita Trinita management company) will go to the Asadaame head office to greet the next day.[106].May 890 cans of medicated throat lozenges were inserted into Oita from Asadaame, and it was held on the same day.TokushimaIn the battle, Katanosaka holds a can case of throat lozenges from beginning to end and licks the candy all the time.[108] I sent instructions beside the pitch[106]..When asked about Asadaame in a post-match interview, he commented, "Thanks to you, I am grateful that I was able to give instructions without screaming until the end. Asadaame, I can't let go anymore."[108]..Asadaame, who saw Katanozaka sending instructions while holding a throat lozenge, said, "I want to meet in person and thank you."May 9Visited the practice field in Oita and met with Katanozaka[109]..J2 Section 33, which was held the next daySanukiAt the aurora vision in the war, it was announced that it would be officially sponsored, and an advertising sign for Asadaame was installed on the pitch side.[109].

2019May 2, Asadaame and Oita Trinita's collaboration product "Fighting Throat Asadaame" was announced to be released, and the home opening gameMay 3Started selling at the match venue goods section[110].


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