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😀 | Rice, Yoiko, Sanda ... I was showing "Penguindrum", the 10th anniversary new work, on Twitter ...


Rice, Yoiko, Sanda ... I was showing "Penguindrum", the 10th anniversary new work, on Twitter ...

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"Penguindrum" is directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara, who directed "Revolutionary Girl Utena" and "Yurikuma Arashi". He created online buzzwords such as "Tell you who can't be helped" and gathered a lot of attention.

The anime "Penguindrum", which was broadcast on TV in all 2011 episodes in 24, will be released as a TV version and a new work to commemorate the 10th anniversary ... → Continue reading

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Revolutionary Girl Utena

"Revolutionary Girl Utena』(Shojo Kakumei Utena) isJCSTAFFProductionAnimethe work.From April 1997, 4 to December 2, 12 as a TV seriesTV Tokyo seriesIt was broadcast on.All 39 episodes.


"Sailor MoonWas the main staff of the seriesKunihiko IkuharaFormed a production group Be-Papas by gathering a small number of elite staff, a girl manga artistSaito UchihoA unique work released to the world in collaboration with.2ndAnimation kobeReceived the highest award in the TV program section.

Beautiful man dressed as a man,WritingBackground, mysterious play within a story by shadow puppet girls, etc.Takarazuka RevueThorough as if the avant-garde stage drama was eclecticAvant-gardeCharacterized by the directing.In addition, it deals with many elements such as fairy tales, duels like old aristocrats, homosexuality and intimacy, centering on closed worlds such as schools and shojo manga motifs such as roses and princes, and philosophical words, symbols and diagrams. Is consistently studded in large and small.The chorus "Apocalypse of Absolute Fate", etc.Shuji TerayamaLed byCeiling pierWas in charge of musicJ. A. Seazer OfUndergroundAdopting a typical song was also a major factor in creating a unique world view.

Oshii MamoruDirector'sAngel eggThere is a phrase in the work that is reminiscent of ”, and the influence of the XNUMXth episode“ Seven Fruits Egg ”is noticeable.[1].


Be-Papas(Bepapas) is a team created by Kunihiko Ikuhara to create original works, and its name means "let's grow up".[2]..The purpose was also for the animation production staff, who were rarely recognized as authors in the past, to stand out from the standpoint of the original author.[3].

The first project that took shape was an OVA aimed at the core target, with the main character's name being Utena and the enemy's name being "the end of the world."Around this time, Ikuhara often spoke of the word "end of the world" in the sense of despair.However, when Ikuhara met Chiho Saito's work, this project became more oriented toward the general public TV series.At the time of finally requesting the character draft, the title of the work was "Revolutionary Girl Utena Kiss", and when the main character kisses someone, she transforms into a beautiful girl dressed as a man.This is a children's animation that is sponsored by a toy maker.

Ikuhara had a plan to make Utena and Anthy intimate, but Saito strongly denied the idea that the girl who was the viewer did not want it because of her pride as a girl manga artist, and Ikuhara was shocked. HaraAcute GastroenteritisWoke up[4]..However, in a roundtable discussion after the broadcast, Saito said that the influence of Be-Papas has led to affirmation of homosexuality.[5]. AlsoYoji EnokidoThe main character, Utena Tenjo, is modeled by Chiho Saito, and what she wanted Utena to aim for was a high degree of humanity, contrary to the cheesy morals that Chiho Saito aimed at.SexualityStates to be the height of[6].

Then of King RecordShunrin OtsukiBy catching the eyes of the producer, the project moved to a more full-fledged production system, and major changes were made to the final form.[7].

Direction / art

The work is strongly influenced by the artist Ikuhara, who is the director, but other staff members are also voluntarily introducing various ideas.For example, the shadow play girl is not Ikuhara, but a series compositionYoji EnokidoIs the idea of[8].

It was in episode 5 that various productions began to be performed in the student organization room.Hiroshi NishikoriIs said to have changed the apple into a rabbit.Katsuyo HashimotoHighly praises this as a production that suggests the essence of the act of revolutionizing the world with just two paintings.Similarly, in episode 2, it was Nishikori who made Touga Kiryuu's chest open.[9]..After this, the character exposure battle by each staff member escalated.[5].

Served as an art directorKobayashi ShichirouWas a big veteran at the time, 64 years old (at the start of broadcasting).Director Ikuhara gave instructions that emphasized the image rather than reasoning, for example, even if he drew an arch, he did not draw the building that should be ahead, but made him draw a pure white sky on the other side.The shock was that Kobayashi once worked with himIdezakiIn a similar sense, he said that such a leap of ideas was something that he did not have, and that it was a good stimulus.Also designed most of the buildingHiroshi NagahamaKobayashi was shocked by the free idea of ​​ignoring gravity and mechanics, and tried to make the best use of the good parts.[10].

Media mix

Various during TV animation broadcastingMedia mixThe development was carried out, and in addition to manga and games, musicals and novelizations were also announced.When the movie version is released, "Gekko Opera CompanyThe stage by "" was released.In addition, up to 12 episodes of the TV anime version were rebroadcast on August 1999th and 8th, 9 at midnight on TV TOKYO to coincide with the release of the movie version.Also, a manga work of the same name by Chiho Saito has appeared in the world ahead of TV broadcasting, but it is not the original because it is serialized in response to the decision to produce the TV series.ComicalizationIt is positioned as a kind of, and is clearly stated as "Original Be-Papas".

The story development and settings are different for the TV anime version, manga version, novel version, and theatrical version.

In 2017Monthly flowersIn the September issue, the new work for the first time in 9 years as the 35th anniversary project of Chiho SaitoRead throughA manga (60p) was posted.


Utena Tenjo, a girl who longed for the prince who helped her when she was young and wanted to become a prince, meets Anthy Himemiya, a girl called "Rose Bride" at Otori Gakuen. ..The student organization insiders (duelists) who continue to fight for the "rose bride" that gives the engaged person the "power to revolutionize the world" that leads to "eternity" are the same "rings that Utena once received from the prince." He had a ring called "Rose Engraving".Utena is also involved in this duel game and approaches the "end of the world" behind it ...

Episodes 1 to 13 are for the Student Organization, episodes 14 to 24 are for the Black Rose, episodes 25 to 33 are for Akio Ohtori, and episodes 34 to 39 are for the Apocalypse.


In-work terms

(Order of the Japanese syllabary)

Akatsuki no Meisei(Ake no Myoujo)
Shining in the eastern sky at dawnVenusThat thing.Venus is also called the dawn star or the evening star.The star that gave Akio's name, the fallen angelLuciferIt is also a symbol of.
Goddess of love and beauty in the manga versionVenusIt is added that it is also a symbol of.
engagementMeaning of.The winner of the duel over Anthy is described as "engaged" with Anthy, who submits to the winner.
Otori Gakuen
The stage of the story.From childhood to high schoolIntegrated schoolso,Student dormitoryTo be equipped.It stands on a small hill and faces the sea.Men's uniformsStuffed collar, Women's uniformsSailor suit..If you look at the whole view of Otori Gakuen that appears in the first episode, you can see the grounds of the school.Front and rear circleYou can see that it has the shape of.
Black rose duelist (black rose duelist)
Those who were released from the darkness of their hearts by Souji Mikage and were allowed to participate in the duel.After being released from the darkness of their hearts by Mikage in the visitor room of the Nemuro Memorial Hall, they took out the sword from the bodies of the members of the Student Organization Inside School (with the exception of Kanae Ohtori, the first black rose duelist), and Utena's Take the action of sending a letter of fulfillment to the locker, "Wait at the duel square in the evening to those who engage."And when Utena comes to the duel square, he says, "I swear over this black rose. I will win this duel and die to the rose bride."Desks are lined up in the duel square, and different things for each black rose duelist (those related to the black rose duelist) are placed on the desk.In addition, on the ground of the plaza, there is a red figure that imitates the shadows of the boys who died when the Nemuro Memorial Hall was destroyed by fire.During the duel, they carry a black rose engraving (possessed by a hundred deceased boys) and a black rose on their chest.When the duel is lost and the roses are scattered, the black rose duelists lose their memory when they were black rose duelists.
Duel Square (Ketto Hiroba)
A circular square where a duel takes place.Only those with a rose engraving can enter from the forest behind the school.Take the spiral staircase (up to the Black Rose Society) or the central gondola (after Akio Ohtori) to reach the square on the top floor.An upside-down castle can be seen above the square, and at the climax of the duel, the illusion of Dios descends from this castle to one of the duels to empower them.According to Mamiya, it was Professor Nemuro who made the "castle" of this square appear and opened the "road to the square".Desks are lined up during the duel with the black rose duelist.In the duel in Akio Ohtori, the same type of car as Akio is scattered.In a duel, you lose if you scatter the roses in your chest.
The end of the world
A mastermind who organized a duel over the rose bride.Its true identity is the end of what was once a "prince".
The power to revolutionize the world
The power that is supposed to be obtained by those who engage with the rose bride.Although the specific content is rarely mentioned in the work, duelists want this power for different reasons and challenge Utena to a duel.
Dios sword
It was named because it was once owned by Dios.It looks like a straight saber with a rose motif, and has an elegant shape suitable for a prince to have.At the time of the duel, Anthy, the bride of the rose, appears from her chest with the chanting "Rose of the noble castle, the power of Dios sleeping in me, answer now (mainly answer and show now)".
From the Student Organization Inside School to the Black Rose Society, it was taken out of Anthy's body, but it disappeared once in the middle of the duel with Saizonoji in Episode 25, and after that, another sword came out of Utena's body with Anthy's hand. As it was taken out, Anthy's chanting changed to "Noble Rose, please-the power to revolutionize the world."
In fact, this sword is the embodiment of the "ideal" that Dios lost.
DuelMeaning of.He has the right to challenge anyone who has a rose engraved ring and is engaged with the rose bride.
Nemuro Memorial Hall
In an old building in the corner of the school, 100 students who were engaged in research on "eternity", where Professor Nemuro was the chief researcher, died in a fire. According to the main character of "Someday Revolutionary Story", it doesn't appear in the student notebook.The Mikage Seminar (commonly known as the Black Rose Association) uses this school building, and Kaoru Miki was invited to join by the Mikage Seminar, but refused to avoid the Nemuro Memorial Hall.In the place where Souji Mikage is active, there are pointing marks (☜) everywhere, and the entrance hall is decorated with pictures of black rose duelists.
Rose bride
Anthy Himemiya.Engagement with the winner of the duel.In fact, a shadow warrior (witch) to bring out a true rose bride.
Engraved rose
A ring to which only the ones selected from the ends of the world are sent (Professor Nemuro and 100 boys who were involved in the research to create "eternity" in the past were obtained by "contract" with the ends of the world).Only those with this can enter the duel square and participate in the duel.Mikage used the ring owned by 100 boys who were studying "eternity" together to create a black rose duelist.The ring of the black rose duelist has a black color, but Mikage says, "When the owner of the ring dies, the ring will be dyed black."
Rose engraved letter
This is a notice with a rose stamp that the end of the world is sending to Utena Tenjo and the members of the Otori Gakuen Student Organization.It smells like roses.
Rose engraved ring
A ring with a rose sign that Utena Tenjo and members of the Otori Gakuen Student Organization have.A testimony of your eligibility to participate in a duel.In fact, the end of the world has another side as a tool for searching for a true rose bride.
Twelve constellations of rose engraving
Only the manga version appears.It is a picture of the twelve constellations showing the order of duels.
Rose story
A fairy tale told in episode 34.
"Once upon a time, when all the girls were princesses, the princesses had a prince of Hakuba who would help them in the event of a crisis. One day, an old woman tried to steal the light of the world from an old woman to a castle in the sky. When the prince hears that there is a witch, he goes to a castle floating in the sky to protect the light of the world. However, it was actually a trap to capture the prince who is the light of this world itself. In fact, the old woman is a ghost of her sister. As a result, my sister was saddened that she couldn't become a princess and locked in the prince. Thus, the world was closed to darkness. "

Television Animation

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorAirdate
1Rose brideYoji EnokidoKunihiko IkuharaToru TakahashiShinya Hasegawa1997
May 4
2Rose smiles for whomShingo KanekoHiroshi NagahamaMay 4
3On the night of the ballKazuhisa TakenouchiTakashi WatanabeNaomi MiyataMay 4
4Brightened Garden / PreludeToru TakahashiHiromi KatoMay 4
5Brightened Garden / FinaleHiroshi NishikoriShingo KanekoMasahiro AizawaMay 4
6Beware of Nanami!Noboru HigaAtsushi MatsumotoYukio OkazakiAkemi HayashiMay 5
7Unfinished treeYoji EnokidoKatsuyo HashimotoMay 5
8Curry high tripNoboru HigaSatoshi NishimuraAkihiko NishiyamaAkira TakeuchiMay 5
9A castle that has eternityYoji EnokidoKazeyama XNUMXEmi KadonozonoMay 5
10The important things of the seven fruitsNoboru HigaAtsushi MatsumotoSakurabi KatsushiHisashi KagawaMay 6
11Gracefully ruthless, those who pick the flowersKazuhiro UemuraHiroshi Nishikori
Shingo Kaneko
Shingo KanekoMasahiro AizawaMay 6
12Maybe for friendshipShiToru TakahashiHiroshi Nagahama
Shinya Hasegawa
May 6
13Trajectory drawnYoji EnokidoToru TakahashiTakao AboMay 6
14Black rose boysKatsuyo HashimotoYukio OkazakiAkemi HayashiMay 7
15The landscape pointed to by the treetopTakafumi HoshikawaTakeuchi NobuyukiMay 7
16Happy cowbellNoboru HigaHiroshi NishikoriShigeo KoshiYoshiaki TsubataMay 7
17Death thornRyue TsukimuraAtsushi MatsumotoKatsushi SakurabiHisashi KagawaMay 7
18Mitsuru frustrationNoboru HigaSatoshi NishimuraYukio OkazakiAkemi HayashiMay 7
19Now the song of the dead kingdomKazeyama XNUMXToru TakahashiMasahiro AizawaMay 8
20Wakaba flourishesRyue TsukimuraKatsuyo HashimotoKatsushi SakurabiTakeuchi NobuyukiMay 8
21Bad bugHiroaki SakuraiKunihiro AbeMay 8
22Nemuro Memorial HallYoji EnokidoAtsushi MatsumotoHayato DateYoshiaki TsubataMay 8
23Duelist conditionsKatsuyo HashimotoYukio OkazakiAkemi HayashiMay 9
24Nanami-sama's secret diaryNoboru HigaAtsushi MatsumotoToru TakahashiTakao AboMay 9
25Two eternal apocalypseYoji EnokidoKazeyama XNUMXShingo KanekoMasahiro Aizawa
Shinya Hasegawa
Hiroshi Nagahama
May 9
26Birdhouse on the trunk (brightened garden / arrangement)Atsushi MatsumotoYukio OkazakiAkemi HayashiMay 9
27Seven fruit eggsNoboru HigaHiroshi NishikoriHayato DateTakahiro Tanaka
Yumi Nakayama
May 10
28Whisper in the darkRyue TsukimuraToru TakahashiKunihiro AbeMay 10
29Lighter than the sky, lapis lazuliChiaki ShiraiKatsuyo HashimotoYoshiaki IwasakiTakeuchi NobuyukiMay 10
30Barefoot girlYoji EnokidoKazeyama XNUMXKatsushi SakurabiHisashi KagawaMay 10
31Her tragedyNoboru HigaHiroshi NishikoriYukio OkazakiAkemi HayashiMay 10
32The love of the dancing girlsAtsushi Matsumoto
Shingo Kaneko
Shingo KanekoMasahiro AizawaMay 11
33Prince running at nightYoji EnokidoKatsuyo HashimotoToru TakahashiShinya Hasegawa
Hiroshi Nagahama
May 11
34Engraved roseJunichi SatoKatsushi SakurabiYoko Kadogami
Shinya Hasegawa
May 11
35Love that sprouted in winterRyue TsukimuraAtsushi MatsumotoHayato DateMasahiro AizawaMay 11
36And the door of the night opensHiroshi Nishikori
Toru Takahashi
Toru TakahashiTakahiro TanakaMay 12
37Those who revolutionize the worldYoji EnokidoKazeyama XNUMXKatsushi SakurabiTakeuchi NobuyukiMay 12
38The end of the worldShingo KanekoAkemi HayashiMay 12
39Shining together somedayKatsuyo HashimotoToru TakahashiShinya HasegawaMay 12


Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast seriesAirtimeRemarks
Kanto wide areaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.TV Tokyo seriesWednesday 18:00-18:30Production Bureau
HokkaidoTV HokkaidoSimultaneous net
AichiTV Aichi
OsakaTV Osaka
Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefectureTV set
FukuokaTXN Kyushu
IwateIwate BroadcastTBS seriesSunday 5:30-6:00[12]Delay net
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting CorporationNTV seriesSunday 5:15-5:45[12]
ShizuokaShizuoka broadcastingTBS seriesSaturday 2:45-3:15 (Friday midnight)[12]
GifuGifuhosoIndependent stationSunday 11:00-11:30[12]
MieMie televisionFriday 16:35-17:05[12]
ShigaBiwako Broadcasting
NaraNara TV
WakayamaTV Wakayama
TokushimaShikoku BroadcastingNTV seriesSunday 1:55-2:25 (Saturday midnight)[12]
OitaOita BroadcastingTBS series
Start March 1998, 9[12]
Saturday 6: 00 - 6: 30[12]
All over JapanAT-XAnime specialtyCS broadcasting
Kids stationCS broadcasting
TV Tokyo series Wednesday 18:00 --18:30
Previous programProgram nameNext show
baby and Me
(Move from Thursday 19:00 frame)
Revolutionary Girl Utena

Movie version

"Revolutionary Girl Utena Adoresens Apocalypse』Title, a completely new feature filmAnimated movieAs from November 1999, 8ToeiPublished in the system.A completely original theatrical anime work that has been radically and brilliantly renewed from the original TV anime version using the original 35mm film of the theatrical version.Chiho SaitoCartoonizationIt is also the one that was done.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayKing recordThanDVD(KIBA-474) is on sale. year 2000Annecy International Animation Film FestivalA feature-length competition nominated work.

Story (movie version)

Utena Tenjo, who has transferred to the prestigious dormitory school, Otori Gakuen, meets Anthy Himemiya, a mysterious beautiful girl called "The Bride of the Rose," and is involved in a duel game with her students.Utena gradually becomes friends with Anthy, but discovers the secret hidden in Anthy and tries to escape to the "outside world" with her.

Staff (Movie version)

Theme song (movie version)

Related works

Comic version

"Chao"(Shogakukan) Was serialized.The author isSaito Uchiho..The book is Shogakukan (Ciao Flower Comics) From all 5 volumes, laterShogakkan LibraryAll three volumes of the paperback edition have been published.Separate Shojo Comic SpecialA more theatrical version of the comic has also been published.

Extra edition

  • Preface Rose engraving(Published in the June and July 1996 issues of Ciao)
  • Curry makeover(Published in the 1996 Ciao Deluxe Winter Special Issue)
    A story based on the anime "Curry High Trip".
  • 3 wishes(Published in the September 1997 issue of Ciao)
  • Deep lapis lazuli shadow(Published in the special issue of Ciao Deluxe Winter 1998)
    A story based on the anime "Lighter than the sky, lapis lazuli".
  • Engraved black rose(Published in the special issue of Ciao Deluxe Spring 1998)
    A story based on the anime Black Rose Society edition.
  • Adresense Apocalypse Part XNUMX / Part XNUMX(Published in the May 1999, 5 and September 5, 9 issues of the separate Shojo Comic Special)

Previous list

Paperback edition
New Edition

Novel version

Pallet libraryMore published.The author isOkochi Ichirou..Initially, it seems that all 4 to 5 volumes were planned[Source required] However, it ends in 2 volumes.

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena 1 Ao no Soju (released January 1998, 1, Ichiro Okochi, Palette Bunko) ISBN-4 09-420243-9
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena 2 Midori's Thoughts (Released on March 1998, 3, Ichiro Okochi, Palette Bunko) ISBN-4 09-420244-7


1998May 5ToRevolutionary Girl Utena A story that will be revolutionizedWith the titleSEGA EnterprisesReleased byCD-ROM2-disc setSega SaturnuseGame software(GS-9182).A story about a transfer student girl who is the original character of the game.In chronological order, it is located between episodes 8 and 9 of the original story.

A parameter called "nobility of mind" is set for the main character, and it changes depending on what you choose from the options that appear occasionally.The ending changes depending on the nobility of each character's heart and who is the highest.

Love gamesAlthough there are some elements, most of the characters end up in the form of unrequited love of the main character because most of the characters have different feelings and the stage is in the middle of the original story.However, there are many other factors such as the animation (game original) in which the student organization members fight duels, and the route in which the main character himself becomes a duelist.

The hero's father appears in silhouette, but his hairstyle is very similar to a certain main character.In addition, the town around Otori Gakuen appears in this work. ・ It is said that "the East Building can only be occupied by those who are engaged", but this is a setting that was not used in the animation.

The endings are "Perfect", "Utena", "Fuyubu", "Saionji", "Juri", "Stem", "Anthy", "Akatsuki", "Black Rose", and "Normal". 11 types of "No change" and "Bad (game over) end".

Staff anime part

  • Director-Hiroaki Sakurai
  • Screenplay- Okochi Ichirou
  • Character design / jacket illustration-Shinya Hasegawa
  • Directed by Shingo Kaneko and Toru Takahashi
  • Animation director-Akemi Hayashi
  • Music-Shinkichi Mitsumune
  • Chorus (insert song) --JA Caesar
  • Production Producer-Tomoko Kawasaki
  • Animation production - Zexes

Staff game part

  • Planning and production-Yasuhiko Nakatsu, Masashi Kato
  • Art Coordinator --Naohiko Iida
  • Producer-Yutaka Kanno
  • Director-Kazunori Yamaji


Musical / Revolutionary Girl Utena
Gekko Opera CompanyPerformance / Revolutionary Girl Utena Makai Tensho Apocalypse ~ Reijin Nirvana Visit ~
  • May 1999, 5-June 26, 6 ZamzaAsagaya(Tokyo)
  • Main staff cast
    • Produced by: Kunihiko Ikuhara
    • Screenplay / Direction:Ei Takatori
    • Utena Tenjo: Megumi Ichinose
    • Anthy Himemiya: Noguchi
    • Touga Kiryuu: Rei Saito
    • Kiryuu Nanami: Narumiya Kannon
Theatrical company FANTASY ADVENTURE performance, Revolutionary Girl Utena ~ Koros fantasy life form ~
  • January 2000, 9, January 30, 10 AmagasakiPiccolo TheaterMedium Hall (Hyogo)
  • Major cast
    • Utena Tenjou: Mayu Wataru
    • Anthy Himemiya: Cute Aki
    • Touga Kiryuu: Kazuki Aoi
    • Juri Arisugawa: Shinobu Kiryu
Musical Revolutionary Girl Utena ~ White Rose Bud ~
  • September 2018-3, 8 CBGK Shivureki !!(Tokyo)
  • Major cast
  • Main staff
    • Original: Be-Papas
    • Supervisor: Kunihiko Ikuhara
    • Screenplay / Director: Kotaro Yoshitani
    • Planning / Production: Exit Tunes / Pony Canyon
    • Production: Polygon Magic
    • Organizer: Musical "Revolutionary Girl Utena" Production Committee
Musical / Revolutionary Girl Utena-Deeply Collapsed Black Rose-

Trading cards

  • CarddassMasters (Bandai)
    • Two series of "Act XNUMX" and "Act XNUMX Beyond the Rose".AnimeA collection card that is a card of one scene.Anime systemTrading cardsRarely, there are cards taken by staff and cast (Kunihiko Ikuhara, Chiho Saito, Shinya Hasegawa, Yoji Enokido, JA Seazer, Tomoko Kawakami, Iloilo).
  • PP Card Revolutionary Girl Utena (Amanda Printing)

Olive Related Products

Screenplay collection

Original illustration collection / reference material collection

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Character Setting Final Draft
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Art Setting Manuscript
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Saito Uchiho Original Drawing Collection CD-ROM (Inner Brain, no date of issue)
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Setting Documents Collection (Movic, 1997)
  • This is Animation Revolutionary Girl Utena Rose Confession (released January 1998, 1) ISBN-4 09-101543-3
    • Supervision: Be-Papas
    • Planning / Composition: Caramel Mama
    • Publisher: Shogakukan (Ciao special editing)
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Rose Apocalypse (Seibayashi Kogesha, Released November 1998, 3) ISBN-4 88-379000-2
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Photobook Memories of Roses (released June 1998, 6) ISBN-4 19-900057-7
    • Editor: Animage editorial department
    • Publisher: Tokuma Shoten (Animage Bunko)
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Easy Piano Solo (Tokyo Ongaku Shoin, released in August 1998) ISBN-4 81-143767-5
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Rose Appearance (released September 1998, 9) ISBN-4 58-418354-6
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena ART COLLECTION The whole picture of the rose (released on September 1998, 9) ISBN-4 78 971392-X-
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Saito Uchiho Reproduction Original Drawing Collection (Shogakukan, released on August 1999, 8) ISBN-4 09-199682-5
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Aduresense Apocalypse Scenario Book (released August 1999, 8) ISBN-4 88-379035-5
    • Author: Yoji Enokido
    • Publisher: Seirin Kogeisha
  • Theatrical version Adolescence of Utena Adolescence Apocalypse Original Soundtrack <Adolescence Russie> (Released on September 1999, 9) ISBN-4 81-144399-3
  • Girl Revolution Utena Visual Making Book Art of Utena (released October 1999, 10) ISBN-4 56-873008-2
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena ROM-COLLE LA MAISON DE CHUCHU (King Record, released on December 1999, 12) KIRA-3
  • NEWTYPE ILLUSTRATED COLLECTION Revolutionary Girl Utena Adolescence Apocalypse (released March 2000, 3) ISBN-4 04-853169-7
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Aduresense Apocalypse (No date of issue)
    • Composition / Editing: Yuichiro Oguro

Anime research book

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Visual Story Book 1 (released February 1998, 2) ISBN-4 09-135831-4
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Visual Story Book 2 (released February 1998, 3) ISBN-4 09-135832-2
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Visual Story Book 3 (released February 1998, 5) ISBN-4 09-135833-0
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Visual Story Book 4 (released February 1998, 5) ISBN-4 09-135834-9
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Visual Story Book 5 (released February 1998, 7) ISBN-4 09-135835-7
    • Planning / Editing: Kishikawa Editing Office
    • Publisher: Shogakukan (Flower Comics Anime Version)

Game strategy guide

  • Book designated by Otori Gakuen Girl Revolutionary Girl Utena Someday Revolutionary Story Official Guidebook (released June 1998, 6) ISBN-4 79-730669-6
    • Editing: Sega Saturn Magazine Editorial Department, Amusement Book Editing Department
    • Publisher:Softbank Creative

Music cd


  • Rondo-revolution (Released on May 1997, 5) KIDA-21
  • Truth (Released on May 1997, 5) KIDA-21
  • Rondo-revolution / truth (released May 1997, 5) KIDA-21
  • labyrinth / sometimes love (Released on May 1999, 7) KIDA-2
  • I want to be a fiance (released December 1997, 12) TODT-10[14]

Sound album


  • Revolutionary Girl Utena L'Apocalypse: 1 (released January 1999, 1) KIBA-1
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena L'Apocalypse: 2 (released January 1999, 2) KIBA-1
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena L'Apocalypse: 3 (released January 1999, 3) KIBA-1
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena L'Apocalypse: 4 (released January 1999, 4) KIBA-1
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena L'Apocalypse: 5 (released January 1999, 5) KIBA-1
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena L'Apocalypse: 6 (released January 1999, 6) KIBA-1
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外部 リンク

Spinning ping drum

"Spinning ping drum』(Penguindrum, turningMAWARU-PENGUINDRUM) Is2011From August to NovemberEvery day broadcasting(MBS) Broadcast elsewhereBrains baseProductionJapan OfTelevision Animationthe work.Abbreviation is "Pinguindrum"Or"Penguindrum'[1].


"Revolutionary Girl Utena』WorkedKunihiko IkuharaIs an original anime work directed and written by the theme of "family".[2]. All 24 episodes[3]..The original author "Ikuhara Chowder" is the name of a creative group centered on Ikuhara.On terrestrial2011From May, the previous program "Dororon Enma-kun』\ Program promotion began to flow after the end of the broadcast[3](TVQ Kyushu BroadcastingAfter that, the broadcast started in the form of taking over the frame.At the beginning of the broadcast, there was no program page on the MBS official website.

Used for scene change in symbolic expressionAutomatic ticket gate,Departure mark, In addition to themPictogramIs drawn in the form ofMob characterHowever, it is depicted as a unique style.Also,AppleとPenguinHowever, it is depicted in various scenes with various expressions.In the work, "Galactic train nightIs often quoted[4].

23 (15nd)Japan Media Arts Festival Animation DivisionThen, the work recommended by the judging committee / feature film (theatrical release, TV animation,OVA) Has been selected[5].

catch copyIs "I'm sure I'll tell you who can't be anything","Share all my love and your punishment"," Can't be anything "is the keyword"Survival strategy"Or"Destiny(運 命) ”And is often mentioned by the characters in the works.[6].


BrotherTakakura Crown LeafとTakakura ShoumaSister'sYangHad a short life expectancy due to illness.Brothers respond to their sister's wishes and are a place of memory for themaquariumHowever, Yomari collapses and he died at the hospital where he was transferred.Although he was prepared, he was just a grieving brother, but suddenly bought it at the aquarium in front of them.Penguins-shaped hatYomari was revived with a shout of "Survival Strategy!"As long as he is wearing a penguins hat, Yomari has a different personality.Princess of the CrystalWas in a state of changing to.And if the princess wants to help Yomari,PenguindrumI order my brother to get it.Follow them3 penguinsThe brothers who were given were high school girls at the command of the princess.Ringo OginomeStart investigating, but it leads to the pastTSM Ogikubo LineIt was the beginning of various incidents along the railway line[7].

Apple is my sisterMomokaWas a girl born on the day she died.Sachika, who imposes herself on being a deceased sister, is a diary left by her sister, "Destiny diaryWas my sister's soulKeiju TabukiTo be tied withProject MTo carry him outStalkingWas[8]..While the Takakura brothers were secretly investigating Yomari, they became friends with the apples that Yomari met by chance.[9], The Takakura family and Sachika learned about each other's circumstances, made a promise to hand over a diary in exchange for cooperation with Project M, and decided to act together with Akima.[10][11]..However, in the project M of Apple, Keiki and actressYuri TokikagoI got stuck in my engagement and someone robbed me of half of my diary[12][13][14].

In addition, Kanba, who wants to protect the Takakura family, is taking a unique action to raise the large amount of money necessary for the survival of the family, a girl who also aims for Kanba himself and his younger brother Mario's diary.・Masako NatsumeIn exchange for Akima, who was taken hostage by Masako, Sachika gave out half of the diary left in Masako.[15][16].

Then, after losing his diary and losing his obsession with Project M and becoming Momoka, Sachika realizes his feelings for Akima, but at the illusion place set up by the princess, 16 years ago, which was the cause of Momoka's death. The case is the parents of three brothers and sisters TakakuraTakakura Mt. Tsurugisan and Chie MiOrganization "Ping Force (Ping Force)Penguins Association) ”Was caused by Akima.[17]..Immediately after that, the princess runs out of power, leaving a warning about the "dark rabbit", and Yomari takes her breath again, but a mysterious man,Sanetoshi WataseResuscitates Yomari with medicine and brings the movements in the real world to the surface, approaching Yomari, after demanding compensation from the crown leaves.[18][19].

In fact, it was Yuri Tokikago who married Tabata who took half of the diary from Apple.Yuri, a childhood friend of the late Momoka, who still has a longing for her, was trying to get a diary of Momoka in order to "regain her".As a result, Masako and Yuri often vie for the rest of their diary.[20][21]..Sachika tells him that he was once refused to interact with him because of the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator's family, but he will chase after him again.[22][23].

On the other hand, Tabata, whose special existence Momoka was robbed by the parents of the Takakura brothers, decided that there was no choice but to finish it.However, prior to Yuri who revealed a grudge against the Takakura family in front of her, she abducted the apples and the sun and took action to lure the crown leaves.He threatens Kanba and Yomari to give "punishment" to the Takakura family, but when they see themselves thinking of their family rather than their bodies and lives, they withdraw and disappear from everyone.[24][25].

It was Takakura brothers and sisters and Sachika who confirmed each other's bonds and feelings, but Masako who boiled the work on the crown leaf that keeps thinking of Yomari attacked Yomari, and the crown leaf and Yomari are blood with the Takakura family It is revealed that the three brothers and sisters Takakura were a fake family of miscellaneous things.[25][26].. Following the whereabouts of Mt. Tsurugisan, Tabata found a corpse with the name tag of Mt. Tsurugisan in an abandoned house where the crown leaves were coming and going. I'm stabbed by Yuki[27]..Then, the Takakura brothers are sentenced by Makoto to have a short life expectancy due to the decrease in effectiveness due to continued use of the drug.As Kanba tries to save Yomari, he gets entangled in Makoto's plan and goes deeper into the "Kaikou no Kai", and begins to move to a plan to take over the activities of Mt. Tsurugisan and Chiemi.Such crown leaves and Akima broke down, and Yomari also left the Takakura family to stop the crown leaves, and the Takakura brothers and sisters fell apart.[27].

Yomari collapses to accept his death because of the crown leaf, and Masako also stops the crown leaf by order, but the crown leaf trying to save Yomari rushes to the destruction of the world with Makoto.[28]..In fact, the main culprit in the subway incident 16 years ago, which still manifests itself as a curse and aims to destroy the world again, is the remains of Momoka who prevented the completion of the crime 16 years ago. It was a diary that could change the fate and the younger sister Momoka.Yuri returned the fate diary she had to Sachika after Tabata saved her life, and Sachika was trying to use the diary to save Yomari's life.Makoto points the crown leaf, collects the separated diaries, and erases them in front of the apple.[29].

Momoka's voice arrives at Akima, who is taken to the hospital by the crown leaf and disappears in front of her, asking her to change her fate.After hearing the words of Akima and Makoto's departure, Sachika boarded the fateful train of Makoto and Makoto, who prepared for the destruction of the world.People facing each other by train[29]..Akima had no choice but to make an unstoppable situation, but when he heard the words of Yomari, who remembered the life of three brothers and sisters in the Takakura family with pain and love, he loved and punished them. In order to share, he takes out what was given from the crown leaf from himself and gives it back to the crown leaf through the hands of Yomari.Ten years ago, the crown leaf and Akima were trapped in a cage facing each other and left without food, and when the two died, the fruit of the fate that the crown leaf divided into Akima, the half apple that was shared. , "This is a ping drum," says Yomari.Then, Sachika shouts out words that come to her mind as a spell, prepared to pay herself.The spell is the words that Kanba said when he saved Akima, the words that Akima said when he saved Yomari, and Yomari is his friend.Double HIt was the word "Let's eat the fruit of fate together" that Sachika knew by telling them as an important word.[30].

The change of fate began, and Kanba said that he had obtained "real light," and carried Yomari's body to the train seat, shattering and disappearing.The cursed flame that wraps the body of the apple moves to Akima who hugs the apple, tells the love to the apple, and the Akima disappears.When the destruction of the world was stopped again, Momoka said goodbye to Makoto, leaving him alone and leaving with two penguins.In the trains of the world after the fate transfer was over, while the passengers were making noise, only Yomari and Apple were lying down.[30].

In the world where fate was changed, Tabata and Yuri found the meaning left in the world and were fighting for each other.There is no memory of Kanba Takakura and Shouma Takakura in Masako who lives with Yomari and Sachika who became friends after falling down on the same train at the same time, and Masako who lives with healthy Mario, and the two are former in their lives. It had become something that did not exist from.It just left a scratch on the forehead, a piece of note, and an edge in the dream[30].

Two children with crown leaves and Akima's hair color and voice passed by in front of a small house in the world where Yomari and Apple were having lunch together, and then four penguins. Arrived and walked away somewhere[30].


Main characters

Kanba Takakura
sound - Kimura Subaru
The eldest son of the Takakura family and the older brother of Akima and Yomari.1995May 3Born 16 years old.A second-year student at Gaien Nishi High School.A boy with reddish hair with green eyes.Favorite foodRoll cabbage..She is popular with women because of her beautiful and lively personality, and although she is changing lovers one after another, she really loves Yomari as a person of the opposite sex.
He is devoted to his family and is willing to sacrifice himself, especially to save the sun, but behind the scenes he is involved in the "Penguins" and pays the large sum of money needed to treat the house and the sun. ing.Since he didn't talk to his sister and younger brother about his activities, Akima was thought to be busy playing with women, but since he knew this, he was in conflict. He asked himself, "If the future is predetermined, does it mean that we were born?" And confessed, "I hate the word fate."
Actually, from the Natsume family, Masako is a true twin brother and sister, and Mario is a younger brother. About the father of "Penguins" He left the Natsume family and was welcomed by his comrade Takakura family after his father's death.
Penguins No. 1
Voice-Subaru Kimura
A male who is a partner of the crown leaf and has three crisp eyebrows and a sticking plaster on the cheek.There is a strong interest in human women, and you can look inside the skirt orErotic booksAnd collect underwear for women.エ ス メ ラ ル ダIs forced to favor.Often injured.The bark is "Gyu".
Shouma Takakura
Voice- Ryohei Kimura
The only real child of the Takakura family's second son.He is the younger brother of Kanba and the older brother of Yomari. Born March 1995, 3, 20 years old, a second year student at Gaien Nishi High School.A boy with bluish hair with green eyes.I cherish my sister, Yomari.Even if it appears, the face is not depictedYosuke Yamashita(Yosuke Yamashita / Voice- Ryosuke Sakamaki) Is a classmate.
At home, he is in charge of housework and usually has a calm personality, but sometimes getting involved with his family can be emotional.I trust my brother, Kanba, but I'm amazed at the relationship with women.Dissatisfied with the princess, Akima throws protests and dissatisfactions every time she appears, and is often dropped into a hole by Penguins 2 and forced out.
When he witnesses the misery of his family, he says, "It's a punishment for me," and is passive about what happens to him. He asked himself, "If the future is predetermined, does it mean that we were born?" And confessed, "I hate the word fate," like Kanba.In addition, he has a feeling of love and hate for his parents who caused the incident 16 years ago as "the cause of misery."
Penguins No. 2
Voice-Ryohei Kimura
A male who is a partner of Akima.When I see a cockroach, an insecticide appears in one hand, and I am eager to get rid of the cockroach.He has a strong interest in food and sometimes helps with cooking.Also,Egg sacThere is a heating function in the part like this, and there are also scenes where you are warming cabbage rolls and meat buns.I often steal and eat, which can cause trouble.The cry is "Kyu".
Himari Takakura
Voice- Arakawa Miho
The eldest daughter of the Takakura family, the youngest child, Kanba and Akima's younger sister.I stopped commuting to school when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, and three years have passed since then.It features deep purple eyes, pale brown long hair, and a shining forehead.He has a bright, pure and honest personality. He is very cherished by his two older brothers, and he himself admires them.Special skill is knitting.I'm not good at milk.When I was in elementary school, I was aiming to become an idol singer with my classmates Hibari and Mitsuri.
It cannot be cured by modern medicineIntractable diseaseSuffering from the doctor in chargeWashizuka(Washizuka / Voice- Yara Yusaku) Has been diagnosed as having a "short life expectancy".Yomari, who collapsed during the temporary homecoming medical treatment, was vacant in the emergency transport and died, but in front of his two mourning brothersPenguins hatSuddenly resuscitated with a shout of "survival strategy!", And his condition recovered.Since then, when she wears a penguins hat, a different personality, the Princess of the Crystal, will appear and her eyes will turn pink.However, Yomari himself has no memory of becoming a princess.
After the resuscitation, Yomari became medically healthy, but her life was a temporary one given by the hidden power of the penguins cap and part of the life of the crown leaf, so the penguins Life activity ceases when the cap is removed from the hand or when the life given to it is exhausted.
In fact, there was no blood connection with the Takakura family, and Akima saved him from being abandoned by his mother 10 years ago and became a member of the Takakura family.
Princess of the Crystal [6][Note 1]
A mysterious personality that appears when Yomari is wearing a penguins hat.The first person is "warawa".In the illusion space that draws in the main characters, they dress up from the body of the teddy drum with a shout of "Illusion!"[6], The closing decision line is "Survival strategy, let's do it".His personality is different from that of Yomari, he behaves proudly, and sometimes gives off rants and poisonous tongues.The Takakura brothers believe that the penguins are manipulating the sun.The princess ordered the Takakura brothers to get what was called a "penguindrum" without explaining what it was.In addition, she was extended by extracting a part of her life from the crown leaf and transferring it to Yomari.
Life was extended, and I was sent off halfway,MomokaAlthough the relationship between the penguins and the penguins was described, its identity remained a mystery.
Penguins No. 3
Voice-Miho Arakawa
Yomari's partner.female.It is called "3 (San) -chan" by Yomari and is loved.It features a red ribbon and eyelashes.He is good at knitting and is also interested in fashion, and he often wears a wig and combs his hair during the work.The cry is "squeaky".
Oginome Ringo (Oginome apple)
Voice- Marie Miyake
A girl that Akima became deeply involved in saving Yomari.1995 years old born on March 3, 20, the same as the Takakura brothers.A bob cut with brown hair and orange-brown eyes.I have a habit of not looking away from my interests and playing with my bangs when I'm shy.Sakurahana Gyoen Girls' High School 16nd grade[31]..His specialty and favorite food is curry.For friends at schoolMari Fujishiro(Mari Fujishiro / Voice- Hibiki Yamamura) And ganguro with long hairYukina Kashiwagi(Yukina Kashiwagi / Voice- Yoshiko Ikuta) Is there.According to the data that the crown leaf was hacked, the evaluation at school is said to be excellent in both grades and personality, but it has a mentally unstable aspect, and it is unobtrusive and indulges in dreams and explodes emotions. Sometimes.If it is for the purpose, he has the ability to act without choosing any means.
Worried that his parents divorced and his family collapsed, he thought that if he became his sister's peach fruit, his family would return to normal, and he planned to change his fate by tracing what was written in his sister's diary. , As "Project M (Maternity Daisakusen)", he was stalking his sister's soulmate, Keiki, but after events such as his father's remarriage, plan failure, and loss of his diary, he became obsessed with executing "Project M". Lost, noticed his feelings for Akima and confessed.
The habit is "Destiny". "I like the word fate because I have a fateful encounter," he confesses.The name "Senka" is the Chinese character for apples and is pronounced "Pingo".
Keiju Tabuki
Voice- Ishida Akira
Takakura brothers' homeroom teacher.Momoka is a childhood friend, and she has had a relationship with Apple's family since childhood.I was stalked by Apple, but I didn't notice it at all.My hobby is bird watching.Favorite foodMont Blanc..There are linear marks at the bases of the four fingers of the hand except the thumb.
I lived in an apartment near the Takakura family, but I got married after moving to a new luxury tower condominium with my classmate Yuri after announcing my engagement.Yuri was married to those who share her feelings for Momoka.
The birth of a talented half-brother as a child loves only the piano and talented peopleMother of butterbur(Voice- Aya Hisagawa) I crushed my fingers for fear of being abandoned, but in the end I was abandoned and thought that I should not exist, but in that situation I thought about myself Momoka, who saved her as "necessary," is still a special existence for Tabata.
Yuri Tokikago
Voice- Mamiko Noto
A popular actress who plays the role of a daughter in the "Sun Shanny Opera Company" Nijigumi.An old friend of Katsura and Momoka, she was a love enemy of Sachika until she got married.A long wavy blonde beauty.The habit is "Fabulous Max" (a coined word that combines "Fabulous: legendary and incredible" and "Max: Maximum, the largest and best").
In episode 7, he got married after announcing his engagement with Tabata and the withdrawal of the opera company, but behind the scenes, he played the role of a partner of the theater company.Yuki Tsubasa(Voice- Park Lumei) Also had a physical relationship.
A famous sculptorLily's father(Voice- Naoya Uchida) Continues to say, "I'm not loved because it's ugly," and I've been abused both mentally and physically. The psychology of seeking grace and love is the basis of action.
When I was in elementary school, I still admire Momoka, who thought of herself as she was and saved her, and as a person who shares her memories with Momoka, she offers to become a family.
Masako Natsume
Voice- Yui Horie
A girl who seeks a penguindrum like the Takakura brothers.Late grandfatherSabei(Sahe, voice-- Itohiro), He is the president of the giant company "Natsume Holdings" and lives with his younger brother Mario in a large Western-style building.Hair is a vertical roll of brown hair.The habit is "I don't like it, I have to grind it quickly."Like the Takakura family, the penguins Esmeralda is by the side, and the butler who has served the Natsume family since his grandfather's generation.Renjaku(Waxwing, voice-- Mai Nakahara) Only, and may also entrust the monitoring of crown leaves and sunflowers.
Believing in Makoto's words, "The spell of the diary saves Mario's life," he colludes and proceeds with "Project M (Mario)" to obtain the diary of the sword, but he is wary of himself.
Crown leaf fruit twin sister.When I was a child, I was at the "Penguins" with my father and brother, but since I was returned to the Natsume family with my younger brother, I knew that I wanted to release the crown leaves from the "Penguins". I hope. A special penguins-marked red bullet made by "Kaikai no Kai"SlingshotYou can erase a part of your memory by firing it from a modified gun or hitting the target.There is also a blue bullet, which claims to be able to restore lost memory, but it ended without hitting.
エ ス メ ラ ル ダ
Voice-Yui Horie
A female black penguins who is Masako's partner.It features almond-shaped eyes and bouncing habit hair on both the left and right sides.He takes a strong approach, such as pressing his gravure photo on Penguins No. 1 and forcibly kissing him, but he is feared by No. 1.The bark is "Kyufu".
Mario Natsume (Jujube Mario)
Voice- Kazusa Aranami
Masako's younger brother.It was seen that his life was extended thanks to Makoto.
You may wear a penguins hat with a crown on your head, which has a different bunch color from that of Yomari. Sometimes.He has pale yellow hair and blue eyes, but may be pink when wearing a penguins cap, but details about his relationship with the penguins remain unknown.
Momoka Oginome
Voice- Ayo Toyosaki
Apple's older sister.He looks like a younger sister and a melon, but has pink hair and brown-orange eyes that are a little longer than the apple.By casting the spell written in the diary, you can make a "change of fate". At the time of the incident caused by "Ping Force" on March 1995, 3, Makoto and Makoto met in the subway car, and Makoto was banished by "Transfer of fate" and tried to stop the crime, but Makoto and Makoto argued. Trapped in his "curse" in the form of, he gave birth to two penguins.It is said that the world died, leaving only the diary.
A girl with compassion who wants to save others in order to receive the compensation of "Scorpion Flame".He taught his childhood friends Tabata and Yuri "hope to live" and rescued them, and they were special to them.Even after disappearing, it has had various influences on the Oginome family, butterbur, and lilies.
Sanetoshi Watase
Voice- Yutaka Koizumi
A mysterious man with long pink hair and pink eyes.The habit is "Will you be sick?" "Hey."
Appeared as a librarian of the Central Library "Sora no Kobo Branch".Later, he reappeared as the doctor in charge of Yomari who was re-hospitalized, and tried to intervene and interfere with the death and behavior of others.In addition, he is aiming to destroy the diary of Apple, but since he cannot touch the diary by himself, he colludes with Masako to follow the diary.
He always smiles gently and does not show emotional ups and downs, but has the metaphorical nature of a "curse" that denies the whole world.Always make statements that make others smoke with an abstract narrative.
Former assistant of Washizuka and leader of "Ping Force". He was the true mastermind in the case 16 years ago, but after a duel with Momoka, he confined Momoka in a "curse" and divided it into two penguins, and he himself wrote a "spell of transfer". As a result of receiving it, two black rabbits were born and disappeared from this world.It is said that she died after being obstructed by the plan and disappeared with her, but she tried to move the "Penguins" as an unrealistic "ghost" that curses the world and re-execute the plan to destroy the world. To do.
Voice- Ai Iwasaki(Shirase),Genki Takashiro(Soya)
Two boys that Makoto is taking as an assistant.They are always acting together, both with black hair and red eyes and two faces.The difference between them is the red hair ornament like the ears of a rabbit, the one with the ribbon standing is Shirase, and the one sleeping is Soya.
The true identity is a black rabbit born from Makoto by the spell of Momoka.His habit is "That's right, Makoto-sensei!", And he often praises Makoto, but sometimes he makes meaningful remarks.
Double H / Hibari Isora, Hikari Utada
Voice- Yui Watanabe(Lark),Marie Miyake(Mitsuri)
A popular idol singer combination.In the ending animation, in addition to being entwined with Yomari, the deformed character is on the subwayHanging advertisement(Not a still imageDigital Signage(Animate like) appears every time.The girl with long peach hair is a lark, and the girl with long blue hair and straight eyes is Mitsuri.Mitsuri had short hair when she was in elementary school.
Yomari is a friend of elementary school, and three of themTriple HHe was aiming to make his idol debut, but Yomari dropped out due to circumstances and made his debut as a double H two years after leaving school.
You can wear a muffler made by Makoto sent by Makoto as a "gift from an important friend" and appear on TV, or you can directly write a new album with the title saying that Makoto is important. I still think that Yomari is an important friend when I come to deliver it.

Family and friends of key figures

Takakura Mt. Tsurugisan
Voice- Takeyasu Koyasu
The father of three brothers and sisters Takakura, and a leading executive of the "Penguins Association".He was a hot-blooded man who burned with the ideals of family love and the "Penguins' Association", and he poured his love into the sun and the crown leaves, which are not his real children.He once said in the crown leaf, "There is no storm that doesn't pass by, but if you wait for it, you can't protect your loved ones."
It is said that Momoka was the perpetrator of the subway incident that was sacrificed, and has disappeared with Chiemi three years before her involvement became apparent.
Chiemi Takakura
Voice- Kikuko Inoue
The mother of three brothers and sisters Takakura, and a leading executive of the "Penguins Association".In the past, he has been injured with a lifelong scar on his face, protecting him from the appearance that he had knocked him down. Like Mt. Tsurugisan, he has disappeared for three years.
Ikebe's uncle
Voice- Hideyuki Tanaka
Uncle of three brothers and sisters Takakura.Takakura brothers and sisters call him "Ikebe's uncle."He runs a Japanese sweets shop "Ikebeya" and has been helping the Takakura brothers and sisters since his parents disappeared, but due to financial problems, he has also offered advice to sell the Takakura family to Kanba.
In the novel version, the setting is uncle.
Satoshi Oginome
Voice- Fumihiko Tachiki
Apple's father.He is divorced from his wife, Eriko, and meets with Sachika on the day of the visit.He removed the penguins strap, which was a proof of his family for Apple, from his cell phone, proposed to his girlfriend with a child, and remarried.
Eriko Oginome
Voice- Rika Fukami
Apple's mother.Living with my daughter.Even after divorcing my husband, consider my daughterMarriage sequeldoing[6]..I'm busy with work, and there are some places where there is a discrepancy with the wishes and feelings of Apple.
Asami Kuho
Voice- Saori Hayami
An exclusive model for the magazine "Sixteen" and a former lover of Kanba.At the recommendation of MasakoOnly(Voice- Matsuzaki),Chizuru(Voice- Kana Akutsu) And formed the "Takakura Crown Leaf Love Victims' Association".Someone pushed me down on the escalator down the station and was injured, and Masako, who came to visit me, erased my memories of before and after the incident and about the crown leaves.

the term

The item that the Princess of the Crystal instructed the Takakura brothers to obtain as a condition to prolong the life of Himari, but was explored without detailed explanation.
Eventually, it was an apple-sized red sphere that Akima took out of his chest, split in half on the hands of Yomari and passed to the crown leaf.
Takakura family penguins
DeformationBluePenguinIt looks like a stuffed animal and is called a penguins.It is packed in a frozen courier and delivered to the Takakura family, and is distinguished by a number written on the back based on the idea of ​​crown leaves.Although it is only visible to the Takakura brothers and sisters, it is depicted as showing that it has substance.Subordinate to the Princess of the Crystal.
Each has its own personality, and there is a strong connection, such as having the same tastes and behaviors as the corresponding partner, and being linked to injuries and life conditions.This characteristic is the same for Masako's Esmeralda.
Penguins hat
A hat with long tufts on both sides of the penguins' face.After Momoka was trapped in Makoto's "curse," her body was divided into two parts, which Yomari and Mario possess.Himari has something purchased at the aquarium, and her other personality, "Princess of the Crystal," appears when she is wearing it.Mario's hat has a different bunch color than that of Yomari.Makoto explains to Yomari that it is a "corolla dedicated to the fateful bride."
Teddy drum
When the Princess of the Crystal dresses up and appears, it appears as a vehicle or a seat in the illusion space where it is set, a giant bear-shaped figure.Mech robot..When a tubular rocket is launched and opened, it emerges from the contained cage.There are two bodies, white and dark, and after undergoing several transformation processes at the opposite positions, the two are connected.When the body of the white teddy drum opens, a princess appears from inside, and the dark teddy drum forces the Takakura brothers and other people to face the princess.[6]..The dark-colored teddy drum has a pitfall mechanism, and it is a place where people who do something that does not follow the princess's intentions are deported.
Many stuffed toy-sized dark-colored teddy drums were prepared for the re-planning plan at Makoto's "Penguins' Association" at the end of the game.
Destiny diary
The diary of Momoka who disappeared.It was in possession of Apple as a relic of my sister.It is pink and has an illustration of Ryugu Castle on the front cover and a sea turtle on the back cover. "Fate diary" is the word of Apple.The Takakura brothers think this is a penguindrum, but the princess does not give a clear answer when asked.Due to twists and turns, the diary was torn in half, Masako in the first half and Yuri in the second half, but they disappeared completely with the hands of Makoto and Kanba.
Momoka asks God to cast the spell written in her diary in exchange for her own compensation.[32], He said that he could "transfer" his fate, and it is recognized that Momoka and Yuri had changed for Yuri.
TSM Ogikubo Line
TSM is an abbreviation for Tokyo Sky Metro and is also called the "symbol of the new Tokyo".Suspended typeSubway.On the Ogikubo line, there are houses, schools, and places where incidents occur in various places along the line.Station name and routeTokyo Metro Marunouchi LineIt almost overlaps with.Episode 13 celebrated the 10th anniversary of its opening.The double H hanging advertisement "Today's slogan" is related to the content of each episode.Represents this lineLogoIs also displayed in the opening.
Takakura family
Takakura three brothers and sisters live aloneTokyoSuginamiOgikuboA small house in 5-chome.The walls are covered with colorful galvanized iron plates, which are the homes of Yomari's favorite off-the-shelf dolls, with crown leaves and Akima to cheer up Yomari, who was saddened by her parents' disappearance. This is because it was reformed to imitate.Right next to it is a small park with animal playsets.The nearest station isOgikubo StationTSM Ogikubo line and J-ARS line are on board[6].
Central Library Sora no Kou Branch (Chuo Toshokan Sora no Anabunshitsu)
The mysterious library that Yomari saw in his dream in episode 9.There is a central library that I usually use on the 61st basement floor of the aquarium, and there are up to 32 numbers in the back.15 puzzleIt is transferred from the door that imitates.According to Makoto, this is a special place that only those who are destined to enter can enter.When Yomari visited, she was trying to borrow at the Central Library.Kaeru-kun saves Tokyo"[33]There are countless books titled "Saving Frog-kun XX" similar to[Note 2].
Everywhere fate
The place where the princess and Makoto said they "come" from there.As if it is the terminal station during the workStation name markThe name of the next station is "Survival Strategy".
Penguins Association
A criminal organization with two faces, Pin group inc, on the front and KIGA on the back.The round-faced penguins that can be seen in various parts of the city are those of Pin group inc, in diagonal black and white that was drawn on Masako's slingshot bullets, cash envelopes received by the crown leaves, and the jacket of Mt. Tsurugisan in episode 2. The painted round-faced penguins are from KIGA.[35]..The members are dressed in black.
The former name was "Ping Force" and the logo mark was a black penguins mark.During the Ping Force era, he used to wear orange work clothes with a mark as his uniform.The leader of the Pingforce era, Makoto, has disappeared from the real world in a way that is in conflict with Momoka, but the "Kaikai no Kai" is also moving toward the destruction of the world at Makoto's will.
"penguin"Is a penguins kanjiJapanese nameOne of the.
Children's broiler
It is a facility where children abandoned from all over the world are gathered, and several large ventilation fans are rotating.It is said that the children gathered here are put on a conveyor belt, crushed into pieces by a huge shredder, and disposed of, becoming a "transparent existence" and disappearing from the world. Mt. Tsurugisan rates it as an inappropriate facility, but details about its existence and its involvement with society are unknown. It is written as "child broiler" on the "recollection" display board.
In the past, Yomari and Tabata have been here, but they have been saved by being selected as Akima and Momoka, respectively.
1995May 3
In addition to the birthdays of the Takakura brothers, Sachika, and Masako, it is also the day when the "subway terrorist attack" led by Makoto occurred, and it coincides with the anniversary of Momoka's death as a victim of the incident.The number "4" is often displayed on the screen during the work. March 95, 1995 in JapanSubway Sarin caseIt is exactly the same as the date and time when it occurred, and it became a model of the "TSM Ogikubo Line" that appears in the work.Tokyo Metro Marunouchi LineAlso on the dayAum ShinrikyoHas been the target of indiscriminate terrorism.Therefore, some critics point out that the actual subway sarin incident may be one of the motifs of the work.[36].

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

Opening theme
"Nornil(Episode 1-Episode 14)
Songwriting - Tika α / Arrangement- Naoko Eto / song - Yakushimaru Etsuko Metro Orchestra
"Boy, come back to me(Episode 15-Episode 23)
Lyrics / Composition --Tika α / Arrangement --Kenji Kondo / Song --Etsuko Yakushimaru Metro Orchestra
Ending theme
"DEAR FUTURE" (Episode 1-Episode 9, Episode 11, Episode 12)
Lyrics- Yuho Iwasato / Composition / Arrangement- Narasaki / song - coaltar of the deepers
"DEAR FUTURE feat.Yui horie(Episode 10)
Lyrics --Yuho Iwasato / Composition --NARASAKI / Arrangement --WATCHMAN / Song - Yui Horie
"Gray waday(Episode 13, 15, 18, XNUMX)
Lyrics- Ryo Ishibashi,Hisashi Shirahama / Composition-Hisashi Shirahama / Arrangement- Yukari Hashimoto / Song-Triple H
ARBCover of the same song.It was also used as an insert song in episode 9.
"Bad News Black premonition(Episode 14, 17)
Lyrics-Ryo Ishibashi / Composition- Ichiro Tanaka / Arrangement-Yukari Hashimoto / Song-Triple H
A cover of ARB's song of the same name.
"I'm crazy !!(Episode 16)
Lyrics --Ryo Ishibashi / Composition --Ichiro Tanaka / Arrangement --Yukari Hashimoto / Song --Triple H
A cover of ARB's song of the same name.
"HIDE and SEEK(Episode 19)
Lyrics and composition --Hisashi Shirahama / Arrangement --Yukari Hashimoto / Song --Triple H * Although the songwriting is credited to Hisashi Shirahama, it is actually a collaboration with Ryo Ishibashi.
A cover of ARB's song of the same name.
"Private Girl(Episode 20)
Lyrics / Composition --Ryo, Hisashi / Arrangement --Yukari Hashimoto / Song --Triple H
A cover of ARB's song of the same name.
"Keep your soul" (Episode 21)
Lyrics / Composition --Ryo Ishibashi / Arrangement --Yukari Hashimoto / Song --Triple H
A cover of ARB's song of the same name.
"In the morning shadow" (Episode 22)
Lyrics / Composition --Ryo, Hisashi / Arrangement --Yukari Hashimoto / Song --Triple H
A cover of ARB's song of the same name.
"HEROES ~ Heroes(Episode 23)
Lyrics and composition --Hisashi Shirahama / Arrangement --Yukari Hashimoto / Song --Triple H
A cover of ARB's song of the same name.
Insert song
"ROCK OVER JAPAN(Episode 1-Episode 3, Episode 5-Episode 7, Episode 16, Episode 17)
Lyrics / Composition --Ryo, Hisashi / Arrangement --Yukari Hashimoto / Song --Triple H
A cover of ARB's song of the same name.
"Daddy's shoes(Episode 5)
Lyrics / Composition --Ryo Ishibashi / Arrangement --Yukari Hashimoto / Song --Triple H
A cover of ARB's song of the same name.
"you(Episode 6)
Songwriting - Akiko Kosaka / Arrangement-Yukari Hashimoto / Song-Keiju Tabuki (Akira Ishida), Ringo Oginome (Marie Miyake)
A cover of Akiko Kosaka's song.
"M's Tragedy" (Episode 7)
Lyrics- Ikuni-Squid / Composition-Yukari Hashimoto / Song-Yuri Tokikago (Mamiko Noto)

List of stories

The subtitle of each story is displayed at the beginning of the ending.

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
1ST STATIONThe bell of fate ringsKunihiko Ikuhara
Takayo Ikami
Kunihiko IkuharaNakamura AkikoTerumi Nishi
2ND STATIONDangerous survival strategyMitsue YamazakiTakahiro Kagami, Haruka Kambara
3RD STATIONAnd eat me brilliantly ...Katsunori ShibataNakamura Miyuki
4TH STATIONThe falling princessShingo KanekoMasafumi Tamura, Yu Shindo
5TH STATIONThat's why I do itKunihiko IkuharaSo ~ Tomekou IchirouMitsuko Baba, Terumi Nishi
6TH STATIONConnect with me with MMitsue YamazakiTomomi Ishikawa
7TH STATIONA woman who is tamahomareAtsushi MatsumotoTetsuo IchimuraAiko Sonobe, Takahiro Kagami
8TH STATIONEven if your love is a lieNakamura AkikoToshiki FukushimaMasafumi Tamura, Yu Shindo
9TH STATIONice WorldNobuyuki Takeuchi
10TH STATIONBecause I like itKeiji Goto
11TH STATIONYou finally noticedKunihiko Ikuhara, Shingo Kaneko
Mitsue Yamazaki
Mitsue YamazakiMiyuki Nakamura, Terumi Nishi
12TH STATIONThe circle around usKunihiko Ikuhara, Katsunori ShibataKatsunori ShibataMitsuko Baba, Takahiro Kagami
Nakamura Akiko
13TH STATIONMe and your sins and punishmentsKunihiko Ikuhara, Tomohiro FurukawaTetsuo IchimuraTerumi Nishi
14TH STATIONLiar princessKunihiko Ikuhara, Mitsue YamazakiMitsue YamazakiKumi Ishii, Miyuki Nakamura
15TH STATIONThose who save the worldKunihiko Ikuhara, Katsunori ShibataKatsunori ShibataYuko Kusumoto, Yu Shindo
16TH STATIONMan who does not dieKunihiko Ikuhara
Takayo Ikami
Shingo Kaneko
Tomohiro Furukawa
Kunihiko Ikuhara, Shingo Kaneko
Tomohiro Furukawa
Shingo KanekoTomomi Ishikawa, Takahiro Kagami
17TH STATIONThe UnforgivenKunihiko Ikuhara
Takayo Ikami
Kunihiko Ikuhara, Shoko Nakamura
Masahiro Aizawa
Shoko Nakamura, Masahiro Aizawa
18TH STATIONSo I want you to be for meShigeho YamauchiTerumi Nishi
19TH STATIONMy soul mateKeiji GotoKeiji Gotoh, Kumi Ishii
20TH STATIONThank you for choosingAkemi HayashiAkemi Hayashi, Ikuo Kuwana
Yuko Kusumoto
21ST STATIONThe door of fate we chooseKunihiko Ikuhara, Tomohiro Furukawa
Mitsue Yamazaki
Mitsue YamazakiMiyuki Nakamura, Yu Shindo
22ND STATIONBeautiful casketKunihiko Ikuhara, Tomohiro Furukawa
Mitsue Yamazaki, Shoko Nakamura
Tetsuo IchimuraTakahiro Kagami, Tomomi Ishikawa
Shoko Nakamura, Miyuki Nakamura
23RD STATIONEverywhere fateKunihiko Ikuhara, Masahiro Aizawa
Shoko Nakamura, Tomohiro Furukawa
Katsunori Shibata
Masahiro Aizawa, Shoko Nakamura
Shingo Kaneko
Masahiro Aizawa, Kumi Ishii
Terumi Nishi, Mitsuko Baba
Katsunori Shibata (effect animation director)
24TH STATIONI love youKunihiko Ikuhara, Mitsue Yamazaki
Shoko Nakamura, Tomohiro Furukawa
Kunihiko Ikuhara, Mitsue Yamazaki
Nakamura Akiko
Terumi Nishi, Yu Shindo
Nakamura Akiko
Katsunori Shibata and Keiji Gotoh (effect animation director)


Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateseriesRemarks
Kinki wide areaEvery day broadcasting2011May 7 - May 9Friday 2:10-2:40 (Thursday midnight)TBS seriesProduction Bureau
2011May 10 - May 12Friday 2:00-2:30 (Thursday midnight)
Kanto wide areaTBS TV2011May 7 - May 12Saturday 2:25-2:55 (Friday midnight)
AichiTV Aichi2011May 7 - May 12Wednesday 1:30-2:00 (Tuesday midnight)TV Tokyo seriesMBS production credits erased
All over JapanAT-X2011May 7 - May 12Friday 23:00-23:30CS broadcastingWith repeat broadcast
BS11Friday 23:30-Saturday 0:00BS digital broadcastingANIME +frame
Bandai channel2011May 7 - 2012May 1Updated Friday 12:00Online delivery 
Nico Nico Channel2011May 8 -2012May 1Friday 0:30 update (Thursday midnight)

Olive Related Products

Blu-ray Disc / DVD

rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
12011May 10Episode 1-Episode 3KIXA-90132KIBA-1890
22011May 11Episode 4-Episode 6KIXA-90133KIBA-1891
32011May 12Episode 7-Episode 9KIXA-90134KIBA-1892
42012May 1Episode 10-Episode 12KIXA-90135KIBA-1893
52012May 2Episode 13-Episode 15KIXA-90136KIBA-1894
62012May 3Episode 16-Episode 18KIXA-90137KIBA-1895
72012May 4Episode 19-Episode 21KIXA-90138KIBA-1896
82012May 5Episode 22-Episode 24KIXA-90139KIBA-1897
BOX2015May 2[37]All 24 storiesKIXA-90476


titleRelease dateStandard product numberRemarks
Penguindrum character song album "HHH"2011May 12KICA-3168Character song

Visual Book

fan Book


A novel by Kunihiko Ikuhara and Kei Takahashi.The cover illustration isHoshino Lily[38].

Publication information


The comicalized work by Isuzu Shibata is "Comic birds』(Gentosha) Serialized from the July 2013 issue to the March 7 issue[39].

Publication information



  • As popular with women in their 20s after airing[40],Apparel brandof"Innocent World, A collaboration product of blouse and skirt (Himari blouse and Himari skirt) worn by the character Yomari was also released.[41].
  • Tokyo Metro Marunouchi LineTokyo,Ginza,Akasaka Mitsuke,Shinjuku 3-chome,Shinjuku,NakanosakaueThe program promotion PV was played at the station vision in front of each station platform.The date and time is July 7th8 Day18: 00-23: 00 about 1 times a day[42],May 7と16 Day18: 00-23: 00[43].
  • An all-night event was held at Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro 12th Building in Ikebukuro to coincide with the final airing on TBS on December 23 (before dawn on December 12).The contents include talks by director Kunihiko Ikuhara and cast members Subaru Kimura, Ryohei Kimura, Miho Arakawa, and Marie Miyake, select screenings of already aired stories, and simultaneous on-air screening of the final episode.[44].
  • Social MediaAvatar collaboration items appear as gacha in "Decoo"[45],Good barCollaborate with[46].

Movie version

As the first of the 10th anniversary project, we reconstructed the 1-episode TV series and added a completely new part.Re: cycle of the PENGUINDRUMWas announced in March 2021[47].


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注 釈

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  2. ^ The relevant book isHaruki MurakamiIt is also pointed out that it is a short story of.[34]


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