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📱 | Smart lock that cannot be seen from the outside! ??"DEN Smart Strike" with sophisticated appearance and function


A smart lock that is completely invisible from the outside! ??"DEN Smart Strike" with sophisticated appearance and function

If you write the contents roughly
Even if you are out or busy when a delivery company or home-visit caregiver arrives, you can unlock by simply accepting the unlock request that arrives at the app.

The smart lock system "DEN Smart Strike" developed by a Dutch startup is the world ... → Continue reading


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Visiting care

JapaneseLong-term care insuranceService benefits (2015)[1]
Home type
3,88900 million yen
Visiting place
3,05400 million yen
Visiting care/bathing816 billion yen (10.4%)
Visiting nursing/ Rehabilitation211 billion yen (2.7%)
Day care/ Rehabilitation1,777 billion yen (22.7%)
Welfare equipment loan247 billion yen (3.2%)
Short-term admission (Short stay)375 billion yen (5.8%)
Other458 billion yen (4.9%)
94800 million yen
Small-scale multi-functional home care182 billion yen (2.3%)
Dementia Group Home509 billion yen (6.5%)
134 billion yen (1.7%)
Other123 billion yen (1.6%)
Facility type
2,59300 million yen
Nursing care facility(Special diet)1,363 billion yen (17.4%)
Nursing care health facility(Old health)1,017 billion yen (12.9%)
Nursing care facility227 billion yen (2.9%)
Home care support(Care manager)408 billion yen (5.2%)
the amount7,85400 million yen

Visiting care(Homonkaigo) is so that users can live an independent daily life while staying at home.Visiting caregiverEtc. visit the user's house,Assistance"Physical care" in terms ofHouseworkA service that provides "living support" in terms of aspects.Home helpIt may also be called.

However, in a broad sense, other than the Long-term Care Insurance Lawdecree(For exampleDisability Independence Support ActEtc.) and private services that are not based on laws and regulations may be included.


Long-term care insurance methodIn Article 8, Paragraph 2

A person requiring long-term care and staying at home (Elderly Welfare Act(Act No. 38 of 133) Prescribed in Article 20-6Retirement homes, Stipulated in Article 29, Paragraph 1 of the same lawPaid nursing homeOtherMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIncludes living rooms in facilities specified by the Ordinance.same as below. )Nursing careFor those who receive, at the person's homecare workerOther care provided by a person specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and other daily life care, which is specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Is defined as.

Derived service type

As a derived service typeNight-time home-visit care[2](2005(Established by the revision of the Long-term Care Insurance Law in 17) andRegular patrols and occasional home-visit nursing care[3][4](2011(Established by the revision of the Long-term Care Insurance Law in 23), all of which are considered to be community-based services.


  • 1962 : Elderly Welfare ActWith the establishment, the family service worker dispatch business (predecessor of the home-visit long-term care business) was institutionalized.
  • 1967 : handicappedIs also applicable.
  • 1995 : Home-visit caregiver training training system started.
  • 1997 : Long-term care insurance law passed.
  • 2000 : Long-term care insurance started.

Service contents

Physical careAssistance in bathing, excretion, meals, etc.
Life supportHousework such as cooking, washing and cleaning
  • Depending on the office, there is an assistance service for boarding, transferring, and getting off for the purpose of going to the hospital.
  • Weeding, pet care, general cleaning, customer support, etc. are not covered.


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