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👍 | Japan Hockey Association Ambassador Roch Nakaoka also congratulates Ariyoshi "Yeah, Ariyoshi-san!"

Photo Image: Lotti Nakaoka Official Instagram

Japan Hockey Association Ambassador Roch Nakaoka also congratulates Ariyoshi "Yeah, Ariyoshi-san!"

If you write the contents roughly
For example, in the video channel (of Sompo Japan, which supports the association), "Quiz!

"Congratulations. I did it, Mr. Ariyoshi!" So Nakaoka, a comedy combination "Roch" who is an official ambassador of the Japan Hockey Association ... → Continue reading

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Sompo Japan

Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd.(Songai Hoken Japan,English : Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.) IsJapan OfNon-life insuranceCompany.SOMPO HoldingsIt is a central company.

The abbreviation is "Sompo Japan(Sonpo Japan).The brand slogan is "Innovation for Wellbeing. "


January 2002Yasuda Fire and Marine InsuranceとNissan Fire Marine InsuranceBy the merger ofSompo Japan Insurance Inc.(First generation) was inaugurated, and management was under reconstruction in December of the same year.Taisei Fire Marine InsuranceWas merged.

In 2006Financial Services AgencyIt was pointed out that "business operations are business-focused", and the business has been suspended due to omission of insurance payments.Later)[1].

January 2010Nipponkoa InsuranceWithStock transferByHolding companyNKSJ Holdings established and business integration[2].. After integrated management with the company, merged in September 2014,Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Co., Ltd.(Songai Hoken Japan Nippon, abbreviated as "Sompo Japan Nipponkoa(Sonpo Japan Nipponkoua)”) was established. It became the largest non-life insurance company in Japan. At the same time as the merger, the holding company NKSJ Holdings changed its name to Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings (in October 2016, changed its name to SOMPO Holdings again).[3], Some of the group companies have also been merged or changed to a trade name bearing "Sompo Japan Nipponkoa". Although it is easy to understand by enumerating the company names of the old companies, since there were nouns that originally had the same meaning such as "Japan" and "Japan", a sense of duplication was unavoidable and it was "too long company name", and it was found on some parts of the Internet, etc. It was a hot topic.

In order to shorten this "too long company name" in April 2020, the company name, which was one of the predecessors of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa, was taken over,Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd.Changed name to (2nd generation)[4].. With this change in company name, the abbreviation, English company name, and homepage address that were used in the Sompo Japan Japan (first generation) era have been taken over, but the symbol mark is the red circle that was used when Sompo Japan Nipponkoa was established.platinumThe "SOMPO" logo is combined with the symbol mark that combines the rings of, and the company name logo of "Sompo Japan" is inherited from the font used by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa, and the slogan is also used by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa. "Innovation for Wellbeing" was being used continuously.[5].. At the same time as the announcement of the medium-term management plan for three years from 2021, the brand slogan was unified to "Innovation for Wellbeing" including Japanese.[6]

In 1987, Sompo Japan's predecessor, Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance, cost about 53 billion yen.Van Goghof"sunflowerWas awarded (see detailsLater). Large spring holidaysGolden weekIn 2004, Sompo Japan Japan (first generation)Trademark registration(No. 4824147).


This section describes the history from the establishment of Sompo Japan Japan (the first generation), through Sompo Japan Japan Nipponkoa, to Sompo Japan Japan (the second generation).[7].. History of Nipponkoa InsuranceNipponkoa InsuranceSee.

Sompo Japan Japan (first generation) established
  • 1887 (Meiji20 years)7 -Established limited liability Tokyo Fire Insurance Company.
  • 1893 (26th year of Meiji)
    • 6 -Changed name to Tokyo Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
    • 9 -Established Imperial Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1900 (Meiji 33)-Imperial Marine Insurance, trade name changed to Imperial Marine Transport Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1902 (Meiji 33)-Imperial Sea Freight Insurance, the trade name changed to Empire Marine Freight Insurance Co.
  • 1907 (40th year of Meiji)1 -Tokyo Fire Insurance changed its name to Tokyo Fire Marine Transportation Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1908 (41th year of Meiji)8 -Established Daiichi Kankyo Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1911 (44th year of Meiji)5 -Established Nippon Accident Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1913 (Taisho2 years) August-Tokyo Fire and Marine Transport Insurance, changed its name to Tokyo Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1919 (8th year of Taisho)-Japan accident insurance, changed its name to Japan Accident Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1920 (Taisho 9)4 -Established Taisei Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1922 (Taisho 11)3 -Nippon Accident and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. changed its name to Chuo Fire Accident Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1926 (ShowaFirst year)-Empire Maritime Fire Insurance, the trade name changed to Empire Maritime Fire Insurance Co.
  • 1930 (5)11 -Daiichi Kankyo Insurance changed its trade name to Daiichi Can Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1936 (Showa 11) March-Central Fire Accident Insurance, changed its name to Central Fire Marine Accident Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1937 (12)6 -Central Fire Marine Accident Insurance changed its name to Nissan Fire Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1941 (Showa 16) November-Tokyo Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. merged with Taihei Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1942 (Showa 17)-Tokyo Fire Insurance, changed its name to Tokyo Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
  • 1943 (18)2-Tokyo Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. merged with Toyo Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Teikoku Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. merged with Daiichi Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 1944 (Showa 19) February-Three companies, Tokyo Fire Marine Insurance Co., Teikoku Marine Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.Was launched.
  • 2002 (Heisei14 years)
    • April-Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.Dai-ichi Life InsuranceMutual company (currentlyDai-ichi Life HoldingsDaiichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd., which was a non-life insurance company.
    • May-Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.Credit SaisonConcluded a comprehensive business alliance with
    • July-Merged Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. and Nissan Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.Sompo Japan Inc. (first generation)Was launched.
Sompo Japan Japan (first generation) to the establishment of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa
  • 200212 -Merged with Taisei Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • 2003 (15) April-A subsidiary of Credit Saison Co., Ltd.Saison car fire insuranceAcquired a part of the stock of the company,Largest shareholderBecomes
  • 2004 (16) April --Hitachi Capital Corporation (currentlyMitsubishi HC CapitalHitachi Capital Insurance Corporation (currently), a subsidiary of Hitachi Capital Insurance CorporationCapital insuranceAcquired a part of the shares of Hitachi Capital Corporation (currently Mitsubishi HC Capital Corporation) and made it an affiliated company.
  • 2006 (18) May-Hiroshi Hirano (at that time), was sought responsibility for administrative penalties for nonpayment of insurance claims, resigned.
  • 2008 (20) June- Ministry of the Environmentof"Eco firstCertified as a system.
  • 2009 (21) July-Acquire additional shares of Saison Automobile Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., making it a consolidated subsidiary.
  • 2010 (22)May 4 -With Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd.Stock transferByHolding companyNKSJ Holdings Co., Ltd. (now SOMPO Holdings Co., Ltd.)[2].
  • 2012 (24)
    • May 3 -With the approval of the relevant authorities, etc., the companies merged with Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd. to become Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd. in the first half of fiscal 2014.board of directorsAnnounced that it has signed a basic agreement on merger[8].
    • May 8 -Announced entry into nursing care service business through investment limited liability partnership and concluded capital and business alliance agreement with Cedar Co., Ltd.[9].
  • 2013 (25)
    • May 3 -Announced that the date of merger with Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd. will be September 9[10].
    • May 4 -Prior to the above-mentioned merger, integrated operation with Nihon Koa Insurance Co., Ltd. (actual merger) started[10].
  • 2014 (26)
Since the establishment of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa, the name of the company has been changed to Sompo Japan Japan (2nd generation)
  • 2015 (27) October 10-Co., Ltd.Hitachi, Ltd.Established SOMPO System Innovations Co., Ltd., a system development company specializing in system reforms, in a joint venture with[15].
  • 2019 (31)
    • May 3 - Small amount short-term insuranceEstablished Mysurance Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary responsible for business[16].
    • May 3 -Canceled the capital and business alliance agreement with Cedar Co., Ltd.[17](Note that the nursing care business in the SOMPO Holdings GroupSOMPO careThe company is responsible for this).
  • 2020 years (Ryowa 2 years)May 4 - Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd.Change name to (2nd generation)[4].

About management body

Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
Yasuda ZaibatsuNon-life insurance company belonging to. However, since it was not originally involved in the establishment and it was acquired after this name,Nichido Fire Marine Insurance,Yasuda Life InsuranceThe relationship with was not deep.
Dai-ichi Life Insurance
There was a vacancy in the non-life insurance departmentDai-ichi Life InsuranceWith the purpose of mutually complementing the insurance company, Daiichi Life Insurance Co., which was a non-life insurance subsidiary of the company, has also been merged. Although there was a loan and personnel relationship with Dai-ichi Life, it was not as close as in recent years.
Nissan Fire & Marine Insurance (Nissan-)
A non-life insurance company that belongs to Nissan Konzern. Nissan Harumitsu Group (日立・Nissan Group).Nissan MotorWas said to be strong by the sales company, but in reality Yasuda Fire was deeply involved due to the connection with the Fuyo Group.[18].BankBelongs to XNUMX society. Also, the main line isIndustrial Bank of JapanBecause it was日立-Nippon Life・The relationship with Dai-ichi Life is stronger than it was originally.
Taisei Fire Marine Insurance
Furukawa ZaibatsuNon-life insurance company belonging to. In 1920Taiwan under Japanese ruleWas founded in 1950, but it was disbanded due to the defeat and in XNUMXDaiichi Bank-Asahi Life InsuranceEstablished with a new investment. Belongs to Furukawa Group Furukawa Sansuikai. Mascot character with the motif of fire extinguishing "Taita"was there. The business volume as of 2001 is the smallest excluding direct sales type non-life insurance and life non-life insurance,ReinsuranceThere were many underwriting.
2001 9 month 11 dayAmerican terrorist attacksThe outbreak of the AmericanReinsurancebrokerSigned with Fortress Leeaircraft OfReinsuranceInsurance payment of approximately 700 billion yen for the contract occurred. This kind of reinsurance isAioi General InsuranceAlthough many other mid-sized companies in the same industry have underwritten this, there was a financial impact, but if Taisei Fire incorporates the prospect of payment into the interim results of the same year, it will be about 400 billion yen.Debt overrunReinsurance payment was made on November 11, the same year.DefaultAsCorporate rehabilitation special law(For general companiesCorporate rehabilitation lawApply)bankruptcy.. Total debt is about 4000 billion yen. The companyCommercial paperWas incorporatedSanyo Investment Trust OfMedium-term government bond fundCaused the default to break down the principal, which undermines the myth of a bond-type investment trust called a real principal guarantee.Investment trustThere was confusion in the securities industry dealing with.
In November 2001, due to the application of the Taisei Fire Company Rehabilitation Law for the special contract fire insurance and earthquake insurance of the Housing Finance Corporation, 11% of the Taisei Fire underwriting discount under joint insurance was paid as in the case of the Daiichi Fire Management Bankruptcy. The situation was reduced, which caused great upset for policyholders.The escort fleet system of insurance companies by the government has completely collapsed.The special contract earthquake insurance is fully covered by the non-life insurance policyholder protection mechanism, and the insurance money has not been reduced.[1]
The merger of Yasuda/Nissan/Taisei was changed to a merger of Yasuda and Nissan. Yasuda Fire acted as a reconstruction sponsor to change the conditions of the funded non-life insurance contract (reduction of the funded part), split the reinsurance department, and conclude the rehabilitation plan in 3. It was merged with Sompo Japan in December of the same year and disappeared.

About corporate groups

Sompo Japan Japan (the first generation) was established by the merger of Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance and Nissan Fire and Marine Insurance.Mizuho BankIs one of the predecessors ofFuji BankMade up of trading companiesFuyo GroupIs the Nissan Fire and Marine InsuranceNissan KonzernConsisting of Hitachi/Nissan affiliatesShunko social gatheringRespectively, and belong to these two corporate groups through the merger (Spring Light Association also belonged to Nippon Koa Insurance at the time of business integration into NKSJ Holdings (now SOMPO Holdings)).

The Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., which was the reconstruction sponsor and ended the rehabilitation plan, was formerly one of Mizuho Bank's predecessors.Daiichi Kangyo BankMade up of trading companiesFurukawa GroupI belong to the group, and after the merger in December 2002, I came to belong to the same group.

Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd. was established in April 2001 by the merger of Nippon Fire & Marine Insurance and Koa Fire & Marine Insurance, and in April 4, it absorbed Taiyo Fire & Marine Insurance.Mitsubishi UFJ BankIs one of the predecessors ofSanwa BankMade up of trading companiesMidori-kaiI belonged to the company, and I continued to belong to it after the merger, but when I was established in September 2014, Japan Insurance Co.

Due to these circumstances, the current Sompo Japan Insurance (2nd generation) belongs to four corporate groups: the Fuyo Group, the Harumitsu Kankai, the Furukawa Group, and the Midori Kai.

Main product

As for insurance products for individuals, the brand name that was different for each insurance product at Sompo Japan Japan (the first generation) and Nippon Koa General Insurance at the time of the establishment of Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance in September 2014 was unified, and "THE" It is being developed as a series.

  • For individuals
    • THE car insurance (for personal useCar insurance)
    • THE Home Insurance (Individual Fire Comprehensive Insurance)
    • THE Household insurance (Rental housingFor residents onlyFire insurance)
    • THE Injury Insurance (Comprehensive Accident Insurance) -Only group contracts will be underwritten after the release of "THE Body Insurance" below.
    • THE Body Insurance (Personal Injury Income Comprehensive Insurance)
    • off! (New overseas travel insurance)-For corporations, a package product "off! Corporate package" that includes "Overseas travel comprehensive insurance company comprehensive" is prepared.
  • Corporate
    • Business Master Plus (Comprehensive business activity insurance)
    • SGP (general car insurance)
    • Boiler Insurance-As the name implies,boilerAn insurance product that compensates for damage caused by accidents that occur in pressure vessels. Boiler and first class pressure vessel performance tests are also conducted if desired. It has a history of more than 100 years since it started to be handled by Daiichi Agency Steam Can Insurance, one of our predecessors, and it is also an original insurance product that we only handle in Japan.
    • Prosperous business (Shokaihanjo,Liability insurance)-Insurance products that package the necessary compensation for each industry. Construction businessTransportation industry-Manufacturing industry-Sales industry-Restaurant business-Service industryCorresponding to 6 industries (previouslyITAlthough the business was also set up, sales will end on July 2019, 7, and it will be covered by cyber insurance with similar compensation contents).
    • L-Pack (Distributor comprehensive liability insurance)

Head office building

Nishi-Shinjuku "Sompo Japan Headquarters BuildingIs headquartered in.This was originally the headquarters of the former Yasuda FireYodobashi water purification plantOn the site1976 It is a skyscraper built in Tokyo, and is also called "Skirt Building" or "Pantalon Building" because of its widespread appearance. Due to the merger with Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd. on September 2014, 9, the building name was changed to "Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Headquarters BuildingHowever, the company name was changed on April 2020, 4, and the name was changed to "Sompo Japan Headquarters Building" again.

Since the opening, the building has a deep connection with the old Yasuda Fire.Seiji TogoThe Togo Seijo Museum of Art has been set up to display a collection of works of art.The museum has been renamed and moved to a new museum that was built adjacent to the building, and as of 2021, "SOMPO MuseumThe works mentioned above and "Sunflower" are exhibited under the name of "".

Administrative sanctions, scandals, etc.

2001 year 9 month 11 dayTerrorist attacksAs a result, a loss of approximately 1450 billion yen will be incurred in the contract between the former Nissan Fire and the US reinsurer Fortress Lee, and Sompo Japan will take over. Similar reinsurance is also between Taisei Fire Insurance Marine Insurance and Fortress Lee, and the loss of this insurance has forced Taisei Fire Insurance Marine Insurance to collapse.[19].

2005 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,There was a large amount of improper payment of insurance claims by 16 non-life insurance companiesWas announced, and the company was included in that (first non-payment discovery). On November 1th of the same year, as one of 11 companies including 25 newly added companies,Financial Services AgencyReceived an administrative sanction from a business improvement order[20].

2006 In May, due to various problems including unreasonable payment of insurance claims and illegal solicitation, a company-wide 5 week suspension order (however,YamaguchiAt the time of the inspection, it was discovered that a large amount of customer's name stamps had been discarded at the time of the inspection, and the evidence had been destroyed.[21].

Specifically, the frauds covered almost all of the following tasks such as insurance solicitation, underwriting, payment, and audit.

  1. It was revealed that a large amount of non-payment of insurance claims was discovered by the inspection, and the internal system for paying the insurance claims to be paid to customers fairly and appropriately was not established.
  2. At the customer's request, fraud was made in which the insurance company itself created fake insurance policies with contract conditions different from genuine insurance policies. Due to the lack of management system, the company has not been aware of this misconduct for a long time, and even after it was discovered, it did not try to respond appropriately.
  3. There were many cases in which employees paid insurance premiums themselves, knowing that they were in violation of laws and regulations because they imposed excessive business quotas. In addition, the president himself sent a large amount of emails to the company to achieve the quota.
  4. We have a large number of customers' name stamps or copies of stamps on tracing paper, and use them illegally to re-contract without permission.Written forgeryIn some cases, the insurance application form or the insurance claim form was imprinted without confirming the customer's intention, which caused a large number of complaints to the Financial Services Agency. , That no specific measures were taken

The former president was eventually forced to resign,QuotaIn spite of the fact that he sent an e-mail calling his employees to achieve it under his/her own name, he initially denied himself resigning until the end as unrelated to the case. In addition, after resigning, he will remain as chairman andPoliticsThe mass media criticized him for trying to cover his business, and eventually he could not assume the position of chairman, and quit all positions including affiliated companies. However, while issuing more than 500 disposers to the staff, the directors under the president remained "voluntary return" of executive compensation, and the parties who illegally pushed the staff by norma regulated themselves with "official disposition" until the end It never happened.

Regarding this extraordinary punishment, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun on May 2006, 5, the FSA executive said, "It is the insurance company's most basic function to pay the insurance. It is said that he emphasizes that he is particularly concerned about an irresponsible corporate constitution that does not take action to investigate the cause or take countermeasures even after a malicious illegal act is discovered. One month laterMitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.Case of[22] Became a problem with. After that, as of November 2009, 11, Sompo Japan was lifted from the obligation to report the performance status related to the business improvement plan because it was recognized by the Financial Services Agency that sufficient improvement measures had been taken.

Then, in the non-life insurance industry,Third sector insuranceUnreasonable nonpayment related to is discovered (second nonpayment discovered). The company will announce its findings on October 2, 2006. At this point, the number of cases was 10 and the amount was 31 million yen.[23].

In this way, the FSA, which was keenly aware that new unfair and unpaid cases were revealed one after another and the end of the problem was not felt, conducted a re-investigation of nonpayment to non-life insurance companies on November 2006, 11. Instructions. The company2007 4月末までに調査が完了すると発表し、同年4月27日に調査結果を発表。これによると、新たに1万9009件金額にして約17億円の不払い(3回目の不払い発覚)が確認され、合計で4万8495件、金額にしておよそ33億8300万円の不払いとなった[24].

2006, except for non-payment casesMay 12For 2x4 constructionFire insurance premiumsThe problem of taking too much is discovered.

In July 2007, about 7 personal information such as customers of Sompo Japan and its subsidiaries were leaked onto the network by the file exchange software "Winny".

On October 2007, 10, Sompo Japan was suing for insurance paymentOkayama CityThe judicial scrivener inside ordered full paymentOkayama District CourtBased on the ruling, the company's Okayama branch was forcibly executed, which resulted in a blame for the execution of the branch's cash and about 200 desks and chairs.[25]". In the life and non-life insurance industry,Non-payment of insurance claimsFrom the customer to the sales baseEnforcementThere has never been a situation that developed into.

Guarantee insurance for securitized products (CDOEtc.) caused a loss of ¥2009 billion in the year ended March 3, 1479.[26].


In September 2010, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company announced a partnership with Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance to sell non-life insurance products. Meiji Yasuda has been selling non-life insurance products in partnership with Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd. in January 9, but Nippon Koa Insurance Co., Ltd.'s business integration with Daiichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd. It is thought that the distance was shortened rapidly. It was a situation in which Nippon Koa Insurance, which had earned 2004 billion yen in premium income annually through Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance, could lose its largest distributor.[28].

November 2010, 11 in the United StatesMono lineThe biggest player, Ambak, went bankrupt.Sompo Japan has undertaken reinsurance of Ambak Assurance.Sompo Japan's Amback Assurance insurance reinsurance exposure is said to be about 2000 billion yen.[29].

On December 2010, 12, it was announced that there were 21 non-payment of insurance claims of 1700 million yen.[30]

In the summer 2011 XNUMX damage assessment following the Great East Japan Earthquake,Non-life insurance registered appraiserIt was reported that Sompo Japan had an unqualified person conducting an investigation.[31]

In December 2011, three residents of Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, filed a lawsuit requesting payment from Sompo Japan, etc. It happened to the Kesennuma branch.[32]

On June 2012, 6, it announced that it lost two CD-ROMs that recorded customer information for a total of 22 people, including names and bank accounts.

Recruitment of voluntary retirees in September 2012.

In April 2013, we issued $4 billion of dollar-denominated subordinated bonds (about 14 billion yen). The funds raised may be used to refinance the JPY 1300 billion yen-denominated bond issued in May 2009 and redeemed in May 5.

On July 2013, 7, Detroit in the United States goes into financial distress. We have issued a large amount of public debt, and the parties will begin to make adjustments regarding this public debt.

Recruitment of voluntary retirees in September 2013.

Announced that the customer list was lost in Takamatsu on October 2013, 10[33].

2013 year 11 month,JPX Nikkei Index 400Not adopted by NKSJ. This stock index selects 3400 stocks that are attractive to investors from the 400 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and moves the stocks that drive the Japanese stock market with excellent financial and management. Is announced as an index. NKSJ was adopted by the Nikkei 225 (400 stocks), but not by the JPX-Nikkei Index XNUMX.

On November 2013, 11, NKSJ Holdings Inc. announced on November 19 that it will raise its consolidated net income forecast for the fiscal year ending March 19 from 2014 billion yen to 3 billion yen, up 340% from the previous year.[34]

In December 2013, it announced that it would acquire British Sompo Insurance Canopias for 12 billion yen.

In February 2014, the whole of Japan was hit by a record heavy snowfall, and NKSJ's insurance amount was 2 to 200 billion yen.MS & AD, which is a 250 mega insurance company, is 3 billion yen, and Tokio Marine HD is 200-150 billion yen.[35].

On February 2014, 2, he announced that he would reduce the number of posts by section managers and office managers who are equivalent to that by about 26% from the present.[36]

Recruitment of voluntary retirees in September 2014.

On April 2014, 4, the Financial Services Agency begins inspection.

On April 2014, 4, it announced that it will raise the price of automobile insurance by an average of 4%. The target is 2 million.

On May 2014, 5, NKSJ Holdings decided to reduce its final profit for the fiscal year ending March 1, 2014 from the previously forecast of 3 billion yen to around 720 billion yen.[37]

On May 2014, 5, NKSJ's final profit fell sharply from 20 billion yen forecast as of September 13 to 9 billion yen.[38]

Sompo Japan issued a yen-denominated catastrophe bond in June 2014.

In November 2014, we started to consider changing the company name.[39]

In December 2014, it announced that there were a maximum of 12 auto insurance premiums taken at Sompo Japan before the merger.[40]

In February 2015, it announced that it had lost customer information for 2 people. I lost the insurance payment related documents that include accident information such as personal injury, name, address, telephone number, financial institution account information.[41]

Main subsidiary

This section describes the subsidiaries of Sompo Japan. Subsidiary of parent company SOMPO HoldingsSOMPO Holdings # Major affiliated companiesSee.

In October 2016, our parent company Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings changed its name to SOMPO Holdings. With the change of the company's name to Sompo Japan (the second generation), the subsidiaries that had "Sompo Japan Nipponkoa" changed to "Sompo Japan".

Non-life insuranceJewelry business
Credit SaisonJoint investment with. Mainly direct sales. It was part of the former Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd. on July 2019, 7Sonpo 24 General InsuranceWas merged.
Defined contribution pensionbusiness. Corporate name changed to Sompo Japan Nipponkoa DC Securities Co., Ltd. on September 2014, 9[42] However, the company name will return to the previous name on April 2020, 4.
  • Mysurance Co., Ltd.
Small amount short-term insurance business.
Mitsubishi HC CapitalJoint investment with. Specializes in insurance that covers the loss of income associated with employees' long absences. our company'sEquity methodApplicable company.
Loan/credit business
Sompo Japan Credit Co., Ltd. changed its name to Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Credit Co., Ltd. on September 2014, 9[43].. The company name was changed to the current company name on February 2017, 2[44].
Insurance-related business
  • SOMPO Corporate Insurance Support Co., Ltd- Insurance accidentInvestigation, damage compensation calculation, payment, subrogation compensation procedure business
Sompo Japan Corporate Insurance Service Co., Ltd. and Nipponkoa Marine Service Co., Ltd. merged on September 2014, 26, and Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Corporate Insurance Support Co., Ltd. was established. The current company name was changed on October 9, 1.
  • SOMPO Communications Inc.- Call center・Education and training business
Sompo Japan Heartful Line Co., Ltd. and Nipponkoa Hotline 2014 Co., Ltd. merged on September 26, 9, and Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Magokoro Communication Co., Ltd. was established. The company name was changed to the current company name on October 1, 24.
  • SOMPO Business Solutions Co., Ltd.-Comprehensive consulting business for insurance agents
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Business Solutions Co., Ltd. was established on September 2014, 26 by the merger of Sompo Japan Agency Support Co., Ltd., Sompo Japan Human Resource Development Co., Ltd. and Nipponkoa Agency Service Co., Ltd. The company name was changed to the current company name on October 9, 1.
Business agency/system related business
  • SOMPO Business Service Co., Ltd.-Insurance business processing agency business.
Sompo Japan Information Service Co., Ltd. and Nipponkoa Business Service Co., Ltd. merged on April 2011, 4 to form NKSJ Business Service Co., Ltd. The corporate name was changed to Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Business Service Co., Ltd. on September 1, 2014, and the current corporate name was changed again on October 9, 1.
  • SOMPO Systems Co., Ltd.-System development and maintenance business
On April 2011, 4, Sompo Japan System Solutions Co., Ltd. and NK Systems Co., Ltd. merged to form NKSJ Systems Co., Ltd. The corporate name was changed to Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Systems Co., Ltd. on September 1, 2014, and the current corporate name was changed again on October 9, 1.
  • SOMPO System Innovations Co., Ltd.-System development and maintenance business specializing in system innovation
With Hitachi, Ltd.Joint Venture
Human resourcesDispatch・Job placement business
  • Sompo Japan Career Bureau Co., Ltd.
Corporate name changed from Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Career Bureau Co., Ltd. on April 2020, 4.
Survey/Research (think tank)business
  • SOMPO Future Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Sompo Japan Research Institute, Inc. changed its trade name to Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Research Institute, Inc. on September 2014, 9, and changed its name to its current name on April 1, 2019.
Insurance agency
  • Sompo Japan Partners Co., Ltd.

Related Foundation

  • Public interest incorporated foundationSOMPO Environmental Foundation (Environment)-renamed Sompo Japan Environmental Foundation from Sompo Japan Environmental Foundation on September 2014, 9. Renamed to the current name on January 1, 2020.
  • SOMPO Art Foundation (art,SOMPO MuseumAdministration)-Renamed Sompo Japan Art Foundation from Sompo Japan Art Foundation on September 2014, 9. Renamed to current name on April 1, 2020.
  • SOMPO Welfare Foundation (Welfare)-April 2015, 4 Sompo Japan Memorial Foundation and Sompo Japan Memorial Foundation are merged and the Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Welfare Foundation is established. Renamed to current name on April 1, 2020.
  • General FoundationSOMPO Smile Kids (nurturing the next generation, operating a certified nursery school)-renamed Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Smile Kids on April 2020, 4

About Van Gogh's "Sunflower"

1987 May 3The Yasuda Fire at that time was held in London, EnglandChristie'sIt was exhibited as a highlight in the sponsored auctionVan Goghof"sunflowerWas awarded for about 53 billion yen. The successful bid for "Sunflower" was made in the same yearMay 7ToNaritaArrived at. The flight numbers and arrival times of the planes were not disclosed because they were only valuable paintings. And at Seiji Togo MuseumMay 10When it was opened to the public, the number of visitors exceeded 3 in just half a month, and it was a great success, exceeding the annual number of visitors (about 5) of the museum until then.

The price of the painting was about 53 billion yen, and it took about 58 billion yen including the auction fee and insurance fee, but there was also a critical opinion that the large amount of money was used.[46].. First of all, criticism that the international price of paintings has risen because of Japanese companies because "Sunflower" was a precedent because it was too expensive. And criticism that it is too much money to expose Japan to the world. Furthermore, there are criticisms that concern the impact of huge investment in fields not directly related to management as an insurance company on the evaluation of the entire company. However, despite the large number of Japanese and Japanese companies purchasing art at high prices during this boom, compared to the fact that almost all of them flowed overseas during the subsequent recession, It can be said that, given that the museum is still owned by the museum until now, it has made a reasonable social contribution to these criticisms.[47].

Van Gogh has seven sunflowers in the world. Van Gogh draws with the same composition, and the big difference that is easy to understand is the number of sunflowers in the jar, which is 6 patterns, 3 patterns, 12 patterns. The current SOMPO Museum has 15 sunflower versions, the largest in size, measuring 3 meter in height and 15 cm in width, and is said to be the brightest yellow sunflower. Compared to "Himawari" in other museums, "Himawari" in this museum has uncertainties in its history, and because it has no signature, there was a counterfeit theory.[48].. However, according to a survey by curators and conservative engineers of the Van Gogh Museum, it is reported that it is a true work, although there are traces of addition by others.[49].

Social contribution activities

In 1965Mizuho Financial GroupThe road safety business that was started by the former Fuji Bank, which was the predecessor of Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.Yasuda Life Insurance(CurrentMeiji Yasuda Life Insurance) Together. Since 2005, Mizuho Financial Group, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance,Dai-ichi Life InsuranceIt operates under a four-company system, and continues to be implemented until the 4th in 2, which became the current Sompo Japan (2021nd generation).[50].

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  • Tatsuya Fujiwara --Sompo Japan Nipponkoa era CM appointed.
  • Hana Kuroki --Sompo Japan Nipponkoa era CM appointed.
  • Yutaka Matsushige --Sompo Japan Nipponkoa era CM appointed. Until September 2019Sunflower lifeAlso appeared in the commercial.
  • Kanjani Eight -Scenes in front of the head office building will appear in the second commercial of Kanjani ∞ appearance on September 2014
  • Becky --Although he appeared with Jani ∞ regarding Himawari Life, he dropped out due to Becky's own scandal.
  • Koji Yakusho --Appointing a commercial for the predecessor Yasuda Fire Era (currentlyCompetitorAppeared in the commercial
  • Kawaguchi Noukatsu -Appointed the CM of the predecessor Nissan Fire era
  • Kane Kosugi -Appointed CM of the former Sompo Japan era
  • Aya Ueto -Appointed CM of the former Sompo Japan era
  • Aragaki Yui -Appointed CM of the former Sompo Japan era
  • Yasunori Danda -Appointed CM of the predecessor Japan fire era
  • Hiroshi Sekiguchi -Appointed CM of the former Koa Fire era
  • Ishihara Corps -Appointed CM of the predecessor Nippon Koa Insurance
  • Nana Eikura -Appointed CM of the predecessor Nippon Koa Insurance

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