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📱 | Does XNUMXSeg look worse while charging your smartphone wirelessly?


Does XNUMXSeg look worse while charging your smartphone wirelessly?

If you write the contents roughly
If you try to receive XNUMXSeg / Full Seg TV broadcast waves with a wireless charger with insufficient noise countermeasures placed in the immediate vicinity of your smartphone ... A weak signal will be buried in the noise, resulting in a decrease in reception sensitivity. May appear.

The number of digital gadgets that support wireless charging is increasing rapidly.Smartphones are a typical example, on the charger ... → Continue reading


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Receive sensitivity decline

Television broadcasting

Television broadcastingWhat is (television smallpox)?televisionbybroadcast.

The notation of the quoted sokuon and yoon is the original sic


What is defined by law isBroadcasting lawArticle 2, item 17 states, "A momentary image of a stationary or moving object and its accompanyingvoiceOtheracousticSendbroadcast(Text,FigureIncludes other images (including those with audio or other sound) or those that also send signals. ) ”. General affairsMinisterial OrdinanceRadio Law Enforcement RegulationsIt is also defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1, Item 28.

As a definition related to the same article of the Radio Law Enforcement Regulations

No. 28-2 "Standard television broadcasting" refers to television broadcasting other than high-definition television broadcasting.
No. 28-3 "High-definition television broadcasting" refers to television broadcasting that is listed below.
(1) Every other scanning method, and the number of scanning lines in one video is 1 or more.
(2) The scanning method is sequential and the number of scanning lines of one image is 750 or more.

There is.


DefinitionAs you can see, television broadcasting is roughly divided into standard television broadcasting and high-definition television broadcasting.

Broadcast Law Enforcement RegulationsThen, in the classification of the core broadcasting according to the type of the attached table No. 5 No. 5 broadcasting

(4) Television broadcasting
A. Television broadcasting including high-definition television broadcasting
B Standard television broadcasting

There isCore broadcastingIt is one of the types of.

In addition, Article 2, Item 5 of the same rule states

"Cable television broadcasting" means by television broadcastingWired general broadcastingSay.

In Article 142, item 2

Area broadcastingType of
Television broadcast to Lee

There is wired general broadcasting andTerrestrial general broadcastingIt is one of the types of.

Satellite general broadcastingAbout, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Ordinance [1] In the transmission method of Article 3, item 1[2] Is to be used.

That is, core broadcasting andGeneral broadcastingIt is one of the subdivisions in.


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