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⛺ | [My favorite] Soft cooler classic!Thorough review of Seattle Sports "Frost Pack 23qt"


[My favorite] A classic soft cooler!Thorough review of Seattle Sports "Frost Pack 23qt"

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The tongue has a color that is familiar to the campsite, and it looks great in any situation, so I recommend it!

It's getting warmer little by little, and it's time to enjoy camping in earnest!When it gets warmer, the cooler ... → Continue reading


It is an outdoor information transmission media "Hapican".It is also linked with the program "# Ogiyahagi no Hapikan-I tried to camp for the first time-" which is being broadcast every Wednesday at 0:15 on Nagoya Broadcasting Network (Me-Tele)!The program is GYAO!But it is delivered free of charge. YouTube channel too!

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