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🥾 | Mt. Bukousan for a day trip!Introducing mountain climbing routes, parking lots, toilets, required time, etc. ♪


One-day mountain climbing with Mt. Bukousan!Introducing mountain climbing routes, parking lots, toilets, required time, etc. ♪

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The summit is 52nd Street, so you can see how much you have climbed now!

In this article, we will cover the climbing route, required time, toilet, parking lot location, etc. when actually climbing Mt. Bukousan. → Continue reading

 Saitama Mall

Saitama area blog "Saimapuru" which achieved 60 PV monthly. We introduce information on Saitama's outing spots, gourmet foods, and new open information centering on Ageo City.

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52nd Street (Manhattan)

52 chome(Give me a lot,British: 52nd Street(Fifty Second Street)) IsNew York Cityマ ン ハ ッ タ ンIt is a street.Also, oncejazzIt was the center.Of a famous jazz clubBird Land(It's a different store from the existing Birdland, and it's not related.) And many other jazz clubs were gathered there.


Before the war, the center of jazz wasHaremIt was a relatively northern region in New York.Swing jazzLet me hearCotton clubA lot of white customers came to Harlem, which has many famous clubs such as.But,Second World WarWhen it gets fierce, manyBig band(Large jazz band) fell into financial difficulties and was at a turning point from swing jazz, so many jazz musicians moved their bases after the war.Eventually, big stars came to famous jazz clubs such as Birdland on 52nd Street, and it became a place to support a new era of jazz.

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