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👍 | How beauty blogger Sabrina Bradley spreads posi…


How beauty blogger Sabrina Bradley spreads posi…

With a platform based on images first and text second, Instagram is the social media of choice for creative businesses such as food, wine, art, and beauty. Skin-care specialists, makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and manufacturers flock to Instagram to post And share their work. One such user is Sabrina Bradley. Located in Los Angeles, Sabrina is a self-made esthetician with clients varying from everyday people to A-list celebrities. She has made a name for herself in this industry with a specialization in holistic skincare. This gives people a better understanding of what leads to better skin,… → Continue reading

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Business Day is the business and financial daily newspaper from Lagos, Nigeria. This publication covers all major national and international news, with a specific focus on Nigeria's economy.

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