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🧑🏻‍💻 TechAcademy | Active engineers explain how to generate models with Rails [for beginners]

An active engineer explains how to generate a model with Rails [for beginners]

Learn how to generate a model in Rails.

If you're not familiar with Ruby in the first place, you can read the article that explains what Ruby is for a deeper understanding.

This article is based on the contents of the Ruby course of TechAcademy's online boot camp.



What is a Rails model?

A model is a mechanism for manipulating information in a database.Normally, in order to operate a database, it is necessary to write and execute SQL statements in RDBMS.

In Rails, there is a mechanism called Active Record to make it easier to handle the database, and each model can operate the database through Active Record.

How to generate a model

Follow the steps below to generate a model.

  1. rails generate…

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