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👍 | Mos Burger video has a large number of entertainer Joyman "It seems to come out in a dream" Moss official "I'm sorry for the response beyond my imagination!"

There is a "Increase Joyman" button on the official photo website (provided by Mos Food Service)

Mass outbreak of entertainer Joyman in Mos Burger video "Let's come out in a dream" Mos official "I'm sorry for the response beyond my imagination!"

If you write the contents roughly
Mr. Ikeya "I'm very happy to have you use it for Mos Burger's WEB video.

The official Twitter account (@mos_burger) of Mos Food Service, which develops Mos Burger nationwide, is ... → Continue reading

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Mos Burger

Mos Burger(MOS BURGER) IsMos Food Service Co., Ltd.(English name:MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC.) ExpandsJapanOf originHamburger(Fast casual)chain, And the name of the hamburger sold at the store.


With the aim of providing hamburgers that suit the tastes of Japanese people, the market share at hamburger franchise stores in Japan isJapan McDonald'sSecond place after. According to the company's official website, the number of stores in May 2 was 2020 in Japan (5 directly managed stores, 1279 franchise stores) and 37 overseas (described later).[PR 1].

"After-order method" that carefully selects the material and makes it after receiving the order[Annotation 1]Such,Slow foodIncorporates elements of (Fast casual) Is a feature.fast foodAlthough it is classified as a store, it cannot be "eat immediately" as the word "fast food" implies, and it is regarded as fast food because it mainly deals with hamburgers. It can be said that it is only[2],"Hamburger" instead of fast foodRestaurantIt may be classified as ".[Source required] 1990 eraDuring the price cut war of the fast food chain that started in the latter half of McDonald's, hamburgers were only lowered by about 10 yen, and there was almost no significant price cut. It adheres to the basic policy of "thinking about the price of" Mos Burger "based on the price of the best-selling cigarette" (from Sakurada's lecture).

Origin of the name

Mos Burger's MOS isMMountain (noble and majestic like a mountain)OIs Ocean (with a deep and open heart like the sea)SIs meant to mean Sun (with a passion that never burns out like the sun)[PR 2]But,The origin is a company that the founder Kei Sakurada set up before Mos Food ServiceMerchandising Organizing SAn acronym for ystem[Source required].. In the beginningMOSIt seems that it was an abbreviation for T delicious hamburger because it was posted on the store, but the meaning of MOS has not changed.[2].. Abbreviations and nicknames are "Moss, And used it in "Moss mood todayThere is a catchphrase such as ".


Start a business

Nikko Securities (currentlySMBC Nikko Securities)Sarah officialKei Sakurada(1937May 1 - 1997May 5, 60 years old.IwateOfunato CityI'm fromTokyo Metropolitan Omori High School,Nihon University Faculty of EconomicsAfter graduating from the Faculty of Commerce) and Sho Yoshino1972May 3,TokyoItabashi ku OfTobu Tojo LineNarimasu StationOpened the first store at the south exit (initially Marui Narimasu store etc. moved in, and later opened an experimental store in the basement of the shopping center "Narimasu Narimasu store" which was rebuilt as Daiei Narimasu store).The number of stores has increased from the vicinity of the station, and there are many long-established stores along the Tobu Line.At this time, the American hamburger shop "Tommy's (Tommy's)Tommy's)” was used as a reference for management.

With McDonald'sDifferentiationMos Burger has been on the high-end route of high price and high quality to this day. The management strategy of thoroughly improving the taste of products even at high cost is based on the founders' philosophy that "Japanese people are noisy about taste, so food must be good." At the time of its founding, due to lack of funds, the advertising power was weaker than other fast food restaurants, and it was difficult to expand into prime locations, so customersReviewsOne of the reasons we made the luxury is that we could expect business expansion only by spreading the reputation with[3].

When developing products, former president Sakurada had a policy of always tasting the newly developed menu of prototypes when he was full. It was because of his commitment that "products that feel delicious even when eaten when they are full are really delicious foods."

Until the early 1990s, the yellow M logo was used on a red background similar to McDonald's, but it has been changed to the white M mark.

From red moss to green moss

bird-fluOutbreaks and foreign vegetablesPesticide residueIn 2004, when consumers became more aware that "cheap is not enough, safe and cheap foods that can be eaten with peace of mind are good", and in Moss, pesticide reduction and pesticide reduction started around 1996.OrganicHad begun to use vegetables[PR 3]However, in order to make it more widely known and appealing, we started to change the traditional red signboard to green as a symbol of "safety, safety and environment", and we changed the conventional store from the signboard color toRed moss, New storeGreen mossAnd At the same time, a break from "just fast food"Fast casualFor the purpose of changing the business format to, we are also proceeding with the renovation from the interior of a general fast food restaurant to a spacious interior based on the wood grain image similar to a restaurant, limited to green moss such as the luxury hamburger "Takumi" We started to offer high-class menus, but these gave the image that "moss is expensive".

Review of green moss

The original plan was to complete green moss by the end of FY2008, but it became impossible due to soaring raw material prices, and there was confusion on the store side due to the provision of menus outside the area of ​​fast food. Some stores have been far away from customers due to smoking bans in some departments, and the policy of the head office is repulsed due to the burden of renovation costs for green moss.FranchiseThere was also an owner. Due to the decline in business performance, President Sakurada said, "The route of green moss is not wrong," but in the future, "we will review the rules and proceed with the conversion to green moss."[4].. Due to this trajectory correction, the names red moss and green moss are no longer officially used, and the green moss limited menu "Moss rice" is now described on the official website as "limited to some stores". In addition, Takumi, which was a representative menu of green moss, was discontinued in 2008.

Currently, there is no difference in the menu depending on the color of the signboard, but it is being gradually converted to a green moss store due to new store openings and renovations. On the other hand, the red moss logo is also used in commercials, CI marks, and overseas stores (Taiwan, Singapore, etc.). In addition, we are developing a business format different from the conventional “Mosberger” and promoting overseas business.

2018In March, it was announced that all domestic stores would be smoke-free by March 3.[5].. This year, due to the effects of the food poisoning incident described below, it fell into the final deficit for the first time in 11 years.[6].

Overseas expansion

As of 2018, Mos Burger is expanding to eight countries and regions, mainly in Asia. The earliest overseas expansion was at the Hawaii store in 8, but then withdrawal, now expanding to Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea[PR 4].

In particular, the expansion in Taiwan is remarkable, with 2012 stores including Taipei, which is the capital as of 246, and Kinmen Island, which is close to China and does not even have McDonald's.[PR 5], McDonald's 370 stores[7]128 Kentucky stores, though inferior to[PR 6]Is striving to make a big difference.


  • 1972
    • August 3- Tobu Tojo LineNarimasu StationAn experimental store of only 2 tsubo opens in the basement of the former famous store street.
    • July-Established Mos Food Service Co., Ltd.
  • 1973October - "Teriyaki burgerReleased.
  • 1973November-First franchise store "Shin Ruishop"(Aichi)open.
  • 1976October-10th store ``Kozashop"(Okinawa)open.
  • 1979October-1th store ``Shodoshimashop"(Kagawa, Does not exist) Open.
  • 19846
    • Changed the trade name to "Moss Food Service Co., Ltd."
    • Released "Teriyaki Chicken Burger".
  • 1986
  • 1987
    • Expanded stores to 47 prefectures nationwide.
    • August-Released "Hot Dog".
    • December-"MossRice burgerReleased.
  • 1988August-"Co., Ltd.NakauCapital tie-up with.
  • 1989
    • September-Launched "Rose cutlet burger".
    • December-First US store "Kalakaua store" (Hawaii)open.
  • 1990December-Released "Moslice Burger Yakiniku".
  • 1991
    • February-Taiwan's first store "New South Road Store" (Taiwan)open.
    • October-3th store ``EkodaAsahigaoka store "(Tokyo)open.
    • July-Released "Spicy Series".
  • 1992September-"Most chicken" released.
  • 1993May-Singapore's first store "Isetan Scotts store" (Singapore)open.
  • 1994 --Opened in Shanghai, China[PR 7].
  • 1997 --Withdrawal from Shanghai, China[PR 7].
  • 1998October-10th store ``Eniwashop"(Hokkaido)open.
  • 2002September-Opened Kitchen Moss. An experimental shop that offers hourly menus and menus other than burgers for a high-class feel[8].
  • 20034 - deliverypizzachain"Strawberry conesIn partnership with Mos Burger, the home delivery service will be launched in earnest, but this business alliance will be dissolved later.
  • 2004
    • January-Released "Japanese Burger Takumi Lettuce".
    • February 2-The first green moss store "Shimbashi 16-chome" (Tokyo) opens.
    • 3 month - ISO14001Obtain[PR 8].
  • 2005
    • March-Released "Japanese Burger Takumi Tendan". The price of a single hamburger is 3 yen, which is the first topic among major companies.
    • 4 month - HawaiiStore closed
    • This year, in the 2005 Nikkei Research survey, we won the first place in the ranking of hamburger stores that we want to use.
  • 2006
    • February-"Reprinted Mos Burger Store" in TokyoShiodomeOpen to. The menu also recreates eight items at the time, and double-burgers and other menus that are not currently available are reprinted (closed at the end of February 8).
    • September-Ended sales of "Japanese Burger Takumi" old series (Takumi, Takumi cheese, Takumi avocado hemp, Takumi tendan). In addition, on the 9th, the "Voluntary Agreement for Environmental Conservation between the Government and Businesses" was held for the first time in Japan.Ministry of the EnvironmentConcluded with. This agreement aims to promote advanced efforts regarding reduction of the use of plastic shopping bags and conversion to non-petroleum products.
    • 10 month - Hong KongFirst store "Mos BurgerKwun TongMillennium City 5 (Sokinojo 5th term)-apm store opened
  • 2007
    • 1 month - Thailand-BangkokFirst store "Mos Burger store" opened
    • April-Introducing coupons.
    • June-Introduced stamp card campaign (until August).
  • 2008
    • 2 month - Duskin(In Japan, the donut chain brand "Mister DonutAnnounced a capital and business alliance with[PR 9].
    • December-Started selling the "Superb Hamburger Sandwich" series.
  • 2009
  • 2010
    • 2 month - Mainland ChinaThe first store "Shimei South Road Store" opens.
    • June 6-Released the second joint project "Terry Ito's Zakuzaku Chili Oil Burger" with Nippon Television "Refreshing !!" for a limited time.
  • 2011
    • August 3- Great East Japan EarthquakeBy Iwate PrefectureRikuzentakataThe stores were virtually closed due to the damage from the tsunami.
    • 4 month - AustraliaThe first store "Sunny Bank Plaza Store" opens.
    • May 5-The third collaboration project with Nippon Television "Refreshing !!" "Spicy" Fruit Miso "Chicken Burger" will be on sale for a limited time (26 million meals).
    • August 6- Japan AirlinesIn-flight mealLimited product "AIR MOS BURGER"Japan AirlinesProvided on major international flights. Initially it was limited until the end of August, but since it was popular, it was extended until the end of November 8[PR 10].
  • 2012
    • August 2- South KoreaThe first store "Lotte Jamsil" opens.
    • April --Opened Ofunato store in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture, the birthplace of the founder Sakurada. It was positioned as an alternative to the Rikuzentakata store, and the site was designed to convey the thoughts of the founder.
    • June 6-As the 1th AIR series released on Japan Airlines' major international flights, "AIR MOS Rice Burger" following the previous year's Air Mos Burger will be available from the same day. Limited to August 5, 2012[PR 11].
    • November 11-Swap the menu of Moslice Burger.
  • 2013
    • June 6-SignboardLEDAnnounced to move to a new design using[PR 12], Renewed store logo. The new signboard has been introduced in some stores since 2012.
  • 2014
    • May 5-In collaboration with Mister Donut, "Moss French Cruller Guru Guru Chorizo" and "Moss French Cruller Berry Chocolat" using Mister Donut's main product "French Cruller" for buns are released.On the other hand, Mister Donut released "Missed Rice Burger Tantan Beef Yakiniku" and "Missed Rice Burger An & Custard" which arranged "Rice Burger".
  • 2017
  • 2020Smoking cessation planned at all stores in Japan in March[5].



"Yashima Nishimachi store" (Kagawa prefecture) from December 2004th to 12th, 18Takamatsu)soNorovirusByFood poisoningThe outbreak caused damage to 148 people. The store will be suspended for five days from December 12st by the Takamatsu City Health Center, but the virus was also detected in 21 employees of the store as a result of inspections by the health center on the 5th. The store closed without restarting business[PR 15].

November 2014, 11, "Iidabashi East Store" (Tokyo)Chiyoda Ward), there was a blackboard that was set up at the store to discriminate and bully Chinese female employees.twitterIt was discovered that there was a post with a photo in. The content written on the blackboard was, "I'm not late for the daughter of a Chinese woman who is late many times,'I'll make ramen with your backfat next time!'"[9]The following day, on the 12th, the Mos Burger official website admitted that "the content is an expression that defame people and the country," and the store manager apologized.[PR 16].

September 2018, 9, at "Mos Burger Ario Ueda Store" in Tenjin 10, Ueda City, Nagano PrefectureEnterohemorrhagic Escherichia coliAnnounced that food poisoning caused by O121 occurred. A total of four people were infected, including two elementary school boys, one elementary school girl, and a woman in her twenties in the prefecture. As a result, Ueda Public Health Center ordered the business operator to suspend business for 2 to 1 days. Diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms of two men and women in their twenties who ate the product on August 20 at "Mos Burger Chino Okita Store" (Chino City, Nagano Prefecture) on the 4th of the same month, and one of them was hospitalized and had the same genotype. Suwa Health Center (Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture) announced that it had suspended its business until the 10th, following the detection of O3.[10].. A total of 2 people were infected with O19 at 28 stores in the Kanto Koshin region, including these two stores.[10].


August 2014, 9,TaiwanLocal subsidiary that operates Mos Burger (TECO Electricグループ[11]) Is in TaiwanFats and oils made from waste oilIs edibledistributionIt was announced that it was used in five products such as the mainstay Mos Burger at the company.[12].. The oil in question was produced by Japan's Tsukishima Food Industry andMitsuiGroups etc.InvestmentTo doKaohsiung CityThe company is a Taiwanese manufacturer of processed fats and oils.Micro traderWaste oil from Hong Kong suppliersfeedI was purchasing oil[13].

In 2018, one of the animal protection groups created a accused image that the chicken cage of the company that supplies eggs to Mos Burger in Taiwan is narrower than the regulation and there are problems with livestock welfare and food safety. Mos Burger, on the other hand, argues that the accusation image is false.[14][15].

South Korea

2018From April to mid-September, a Korean-owned joint venture, Mos Burger Korea, runs on a tray mat that says, "Please eat with confidence. Mos Burger Korea does not use Japanese ingredients." What was written in was spread on Twitter in October and became a flame in Japan[16].. In response, he apologized on the Mos Burger official website that it was a misleading expression.[17].

Menus / stores / features / services

Menu features

Patties using sauces and minced meat that match the taste of Japanese people (using patty of 100% beef for a period of time) are distinctive from other American franchise chains.

1973For the first time in the worldTeriyaki burgerAnnounced. In order to sell this teriyaki burger, a proposal from a female high school student who is a regular customer,University OfCultural FestivalWe have devised ways to raise awareness, such as distributing 50 Teriyaki burgers for free.[18].

1987In order to solve the rice surplus that was regarded as a problem in Japan at that time, instead of breadRiceBased onRice burgerWas released and became one of the current Mos Burger main menus[19][20].Ministry of AgricultureWill be commended by.

Furthermore, since the latter half of the 1990s, we have partnered with farmers' groups.[Source required]Since then, we have promoted the domestic production of raw materials and the visualization of production areas / producers, and have begun to post the production areas and producer names on the bulletin boards in stores. It can be said that the consumer confidence of "safety and security" in recent years was preempted.[By whom?].. Today, all raw vegetables are produced by partner farmers in Japan.[PR 17]Some of these vegetables are available at Mos Burger's official online shop.[PR 18]It is possible to purchase at.There is also a burger called "Natsumi" that wraps only vegetables such as lettuce without using bread.[21].

In 2003, some stores launched the “Japanese Burger Takumi” series. The initial price is 580 yen (640 yen with cheese), which is an unprecedentedly high price, and it is a luxury-oriented product. The Takumi series was discontinued in 2008, but now the "Tobikiri Hamburger Sandwich" series, which was developed as a product with a single item price of around 400 yen in consideration of the balance between taste and price, inherits the concept, and this product is a hamburger. Rarely in the chain, they sell "domestic beef".

Store form

Dick Bruna model store

For interior decoration and tablewareDick BrunaA store that uses the illustration. There are 4 stores in Kanto.

Experimental store

ThinkParkFrom the location conditions at the Osaki Cafe storeOffice worker,OLAs a unique menu aimed at layerscake,beer mugIs on the menu.


Telephone order (telephone order)

Since it may take some time from ordering to receiving, Mosberger accepts orders by phone. Most are used for take-out, but they can also be used for eating and drinking in the store. In addition, at some stores in the office district,deliveryWe also do (additional charge required).

TelFor customers ordered in10 yen coinPochi bag containingNew Year's gift bag) Is passed. This is the telephone bill at the time of ordering, "I bear the telephone bill of the customer[2]It means "."

In recent years, we have also received orders from the official website, and we are handing out pochi bags as well as telephone orders.

original character

Mos Burger has an original character, "Motsan", and is used in goods and events. Moz debuted in 2009 as "Arafor's Star" at the age of 37, and in 2012 it was a great middle-aged age of 40. Born in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo in 1972, his hobbies are traveling and cosplay (this hobby is reflected in Mozsan's picture book nationwide).[22].. The body isBuns, Meat, tomatoes, sauces, etc., each of which can be recombined[PR 19].. My favorite is Mos Burger's "Mos Burger", so you can eat many hamburgers of the same family[PR 20].

Goods development

At "Moswaiwai Children's Lab", we are collaborating with various places to develop "Moswaiwai set" children's toys, as well as the North Kanto limited original mug (made in China).[23]Original Shizuoka limited mug (Mino ware, made in Japan)[24]Goods that are closely related to the community are also being developed. Other straps via Bandai Gashapon[25]And Mosuiwai lucky bag[26]Are also planning.


At some storesNTT Communications OfPublic wireless LANservice"Hot spot"NTT DoCoMoPublic wireless LANdocomo Wi-Fi"NTT East-NTT WestPublic wireless LANFLET'S SPOTThe access point is installed. In 2012, a prepaid card called Mos Card was set up to promote personal use and use as a gift card.[PR 21].

At some storesSmartphone,laptopOutlet is prepared for charging.

Consideration for the environment

A feature of Mos Burger is that it is more environmentally friendly than other fast food restaurants. Specifically, glass meals, ceramic mugs, and metal tableware are used for in-store meals, and only paper bags are available for take-out.Plastic bagDo not issue[PR 22](At some stores, there is a request from the store to the company such as headquarters, and some stores use plastic bags for rainy days).

Other restaurant business

New business

  • 80 ℃ Cafe & Kitchen
  • Mos Burger Classic-Old Moss Sea (MOS's-C)
  • Mother Leaf-Cafe centered around tea and American waffles
  • Cafe Regello-a new store of self-style mother leaf
  • And in beans
  • Miacuccina

New business concept

  • Mos Burger α

New business developed in the past

  • -Casual restaurant
In September 2009, launched the Stefan Grill business (all 9 stores that were open at the time)Pepper food serviceTransfer to[PR 23].

Foreign Operation

Mainly operating in Asia.


  • Chef's buoy-Chef's buoy (not a vegetable restaurant, not a vegetarian restaurant) is deployed.
  • Shikina-Develop AEN (seasonal seasonal food).
  • Sungrace-aiming for a stable supply of raw fresh vegetables such as ``fresh moss vegetables'' in 18Agricultural production corporationEstablished as a joint investment with Vegetable Club Co., Ltd.

Affiliated company in the past

  • Tomos - Chirimentei(Chinese buckwheat) January 2014, 1 All shares (1%) transferred to Kenko Co., Ltd. (headquarters Kanagawa prefecture Chinese restaurant management)[PR 24].

Related item

  • Moss (MOSDO!)-Joint venture brand in partnership with Mr. Donuts.
  • Surf Beverage -Initially it was a subsidiary of Mos Food Service.
  • Gaki empire evil war -Published September 1981Toei movie[27].. After the release, Mosberger protested that the film's depictions of Mosburger stores and shop assistants have significantly impaired the company's image. Since then, with the exception of one exception, it has not been shown in theaters, nor has it been broadcast on TV or software.[28].. There was a scene in which the hamburger at this shop was a cat flesh, so it was said that Mosberger protested in the streets. However, the actual movie does not have that line[29].


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