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🎣 | Fishing popularity is increasing!Is the big boom coming back with the booming "3 dense avoidance" due to the corona wreck?

Photo fishing popularity rises!Is the big boom coming back with the booming "3 dense avoidance" due to the corona wreck? (C) Shukan Jitsuwa Web

Fishing popularity rises!Is the big boom coming back with the booming "3 dense avoidance" due to the corona wreck?

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Globeride announced that its recurring profit for the fiscal year ending March 21 was 3 billion yen, 63 times the previous year's level.

On March 3, the Japan Marine Business Association (JMIA) held a press conference in Tokyo, and now the corona sickness can be avoided. → Continue reading

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Full year ending February 21

Globe ride

Globe Ride Co., Ltd.(Globeride, Inc.)fishingManufactures and sells suppliesLtd.Is. Head officeTokyoHigashikurume shiLocated in Maezawa.


mainlyFishing tackle(Global brand name "Daiwa”), But also manufactures golf equipment and sports equipment (”)Tennis= Brand name "Prince"Golf-badminton-SkiEtc.), and also sells bicycles ().

The former company name was "Daiwa SeikoIt was,2009From October 10st, the current company name will be changed to "Globeride".Until now, the company name Daiwa has become the sole global brand name for the fishing division, and fishing tackle continues to be "Daiwa".

Fishing tackleFamous as the top manufacturer ofTV OsakaSystem fishing program "THE fishingIs the leading sponsor.Alsomovies"Fishing idiot diaryUsed for shootingFishing tackleIs made by the same company.

In recent years, with the company's custom brand [Eyes Factory]Mega busIn [ito engineering]collaborationreelHas been developed and announced a capital tie-up with Megabass Co., Ltd. from November 2008, 11.


  • 1955 --For fishingreelStarted manufacturing (mainly for export) (mainly for export)Matsui Seisakusho).
  • 1958 --"" in Nakano-ku, TokyoDaiwa Seiko Co., Ltd.Was established.
  • 1969 - Daiwa SeikoCompany name changed to a joint-stock company.
  • 1970 - Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed in the second section.
  • 1976 --Redesignated to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 1983 - THE fishing - TV OsakaBecame the leading sponsor of fishing programs.
  • 1990 --Bicycle-related wholesalerSpecializedConcluded a general agency contract in Japan with (USA).
  • 2002May 9 - Jackal (company),Japanese millingAnd announced that it will jointly develop the biodegradable soft plastic material "Edime" and commercialize a worm using this material.[1]
  • 2006 --Announced the termination of the contract with Specialized.
  • 2007May 4 --Termination of contract with Specialized.
  • 2007 - GermanyLeading manufacturerI OConcluded a new agency contract with the company "" in the sports bike business.
  • 2008August 11- Mega busAnnounced a capital tie-up with.
  • 2009November 4-Ltd.Snow peakConcluded a transfer contract for the fishing business of
  • 2009August 10- Globe rideCompany name changed to a joint-stock company.Until now, the company name Daiwa will be the global brand name for phishing alone.

Production base

Directly managed

  • Tokyo Factory (Higashikurume City, Tokyo)-(Operation in May 1960)
  • Hiroshima Factory (Aki Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture)-(Operation in January 1970, merged with Tokyo Factory in March 1)
  • Reel production
  • Tochigi Factory (Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture)-(Operation in August 1970, merged with Tokyo Factory in March 8)
  • Production of fishing rods


  • Nasu Daiwa Co., Ltd. (Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture)-(Operation in November 1980)
  • Production of fishing equipment
  • Daiwa Seiko (Thailand) Co., Limited (Bangkok, Thailand)-(Operated in June 1995)
  • Production and sale of fishing tackle
  • Zhongshan Dayiwa Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. (People's Republic of China)-(Operation in 2003)
  • Fishing gear production
  • Daiwa (Hong Kong) Co., Limited (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China)-(Operation in January 2004)
  • Fishing gear production
  • Daiwa Vietnam Limited (Da Nang, Vietnam)-(Operation in September 2005)
  • Fishing gear production
  • Shinshu Daiwa Co., Ltd. (Minamiazumi-gun, Nagano)-(Operation in May 1995, Liquidation in November 5)
  • Production of sporting goods
  • Taiwan Taiwa Co., Ltd. (Daiwa Taiwan Corporation) (Taiwan, Kaohsiung City)-(Operation in 1971, Cleared in 2007)
  • Production of fishing tackle.

Sales base

Directly managed

  • Sapporo Sales Office (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
  • Sendai Sales Office (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • Toyama Sales Office (Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture)
  • Tokyo Sales Office (Higashikurume City, Tokyo)
  • Nagoya Sales Office (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)
  • Osaka Sales Office (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture)
  • Fukuyama Sales Office (Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture)
  • Takamatsu Sales Office (Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture)
  • Fukuoka Sales Office (Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture)


  • World Sports (Tachikawa, Tokyo)-(December 1985)
  • Former Oyagi Shoten. In 2012, the former Casting and the former Fishing World were absorbed and merged.Sale of fishing tackle.
  • Windsor Trading (Kanagawa)-(2008)
  • Sale of racket sports equipment such as tennis and badminton
  • Fourteen (Gunma)-(2008)
  • Manufacture and sale of golf clubs
  • Daiwa Corporation (California, USA)-(November 1966)
  • Sale of fishing gear and sports equipment
  • Daiwa (Australia) Pty. Limited (Sydney, Australia)-(February 1973)
  • Sale of fishing gear and sports equipment
  • Daiwa Sports Limited (UK, Scotland, Wishaw)-(July 1977)
  • Manufacture and sale of fishing gear and sports equipment
  • Daiwa France SAS (Leuhan, France)-(October 1984)
  • Sale of fishing gear and sports equipment
  • Daiwa Kormoran GmbH (Munich, Germany)-(April 1990)
  • Established as a joint venture with German company Kormoran and made a wholly owned subsidiary in 2009.Sale of fishing gear and sports equipment
  • Taiwa Business Co., Ltd. (Taichung, Taiwan)-(2002)
  • Sale of fishing tackle
  • Daiwa Korea Co., Limited (Korea)-(2005)
  • Sale of fishing tackle
  • Guangzhou Tile Billion Stylistic Supplies Co., Ltd. (People's Republic of China)-(2005)
  • Sale of fishing tackle
  • Asia Daiwa (Hong Kong) Co., Limited (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China)-(November 2010)
  • Manufacture and sale of fishing tackle
  • Asia Daiwa Sports (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd., Penang (Malaysia)-(April 2016)
  • Sale of fishing gear and sports equipment


Directly managed

  • Golf course (Kitakoma-gun, Yamanashi)-(Started in July 1991, sold in March 7)
  • In 1991, he entered the sports facility management business with the establishment of a golf course in Yamanashi Prefecture, but in March 2005, he sold it to Vintage Co., Ltd. and withdrew from the sports facility management business.

There used to be several stores in the city, but now it is only Super Ocean 21 with an indoor fishing pond.


  • Desco (Higashikurume, Tokyo)-(August 1985)
  • Former Daiwa General Service Co., Ltd.We provide welfare services.
  • Sports Life Planets (SLP) -(2008)
  • Business related to fishing equipment repair, parts sales and after-sales service
  • Daiwa Logistics Service (Hamura, Tokyo)-(March 2013)
  • Warehouse cargo handling business

Features of fishing tackle

Suitable for export from the founding periodSpinning reel"Type 1 DUX57”, And then started developing fishing tackle.

The biggest feature of the product group is the attitude of introducing a number of advanced technologies.Originally a strength in advanced engineering, the company has made many achievements, especially in the field of reel development.For example, "Magforce" that uses magnetic force as an auxiliary brake for bait reels (both bearing reels), "Twist Buster", a line roller mechanism that reduces yarn twist in spinning reels, and magnesium alloys for reel materials, which are trends in the fishing industry. Is one of the first to adopt, and continues to influence the industry.On the other hand, there is a feeling that the model cycle is a little fast, and there are relatively few long-lived models with rods and reels.

We are also focusing on the lineup of small items such as baits and needles other than flower-shaped products such as reels and rods, especially lines and lures that are comparable to specialized manufacturers, and are long-selling products such as "Bomb Fishing Mizu-kun". There are also convenient items.

Furthermore, in Japan, many fishing tackle stores, large and small, have yellow signs of "Daiwa fishing tackle", and also in Europe and the United States.Bass Pro ShopsThe product is widely handled, including the above.Among anglersShimanoAlong with, it is recognized as the largest domestic fishing tackle maker.

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