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😀 | "Ban G Dream! Garpa ☆ Pico Comic Anthology" Volume 3 is on sale


"Ban G Dream! Garpa ☆ Pico Comic Anthology" Volume 3 Released

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The recording writers are Akakashi / Amane Kashiko / Inukaipo / Daiseitsuki / Miyami Omiya / Frog DX / Kagamitsuki / Chiruo Kazahana / Akihiro Shirano / Tatsuhiko / Telephone pole stick / Secret / Peke / Shinnosuke Fujishima / Hoshi Miyajima ..

"BanG Dream! From the project "BanG Dream! Garpa ☆ Pico" official comic anthology "B ..." → Continue reading

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Chiruo Kazahana

Chiruo Kazahana(Kazahana Chiruo,1976May 9 -) isJapan Ofmanga artist,Coterie writer.NagasakiFrom,AichiResident, male.


2001 『Action PizazzSpecial edition Cosplay No.6 ”(Futabasha) Debuted in the one-shot "Midnight TV Trouble Counseling Room".For menAdult cartoonmagazine,AnthologyAfter that, in 2005,Manga Time Kirara Carat』(Houbunsha) First serialized in "DESTiNATiON!"

"Dengeki G's magazine』(ASCII Media Works) 『Ido-Lising! Gaiden Olin Rising!],WEB comic"Hyakka Ryoran SAMURAI GIRLS(Original:Akira Suzuki,Hobby Japan,Character Design:Niθ), Etc., and is currently working on "Comic Boost" (Gentosha Comics), "" (Original, Hyakumon Isshin) is serialized.

The representative work is "Manga Time Kirara Carat』(Houbunsha) Serialized "At home romance"Such.

In douujin activities, he sponsors a circle called "Misai'd".


Serialized manga work

  1. 2019th of February 8 ISBN-978 4344842823
  2. 2019th of February 6 ISBN-978 4344844636
  3. 2020th of February 1 ISBN-978 4344845909
  4. 2020th of February 9 ISBN-978 4344847101
  • DESTiNATiON! (Houbunsha "Manga Time Kirara Carat" June 2005-May 6)

Anthology comic


  • (Gentosha Comics, Novel: Kazumasa Hyakumon) -In charge of cover and illustration.
  1. 2018/1 ISBN-978 4344841253
  2. 2018/8 ISBN-978 4344842939
  3. 2019/6 ISBN-978 4344844698
  4. 2020/1 ISBN-978 4344845961
  5. 2020/9 ISBN-978 4344847194
  1. 2017/4 ISBN-978 4344839823
  • (,novel:Morita Season) --In charge of cover, illustration and manga.
  1. 2016/4 ISBN-978 4434218378


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