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👩‍🎤 | STU48, Kaede Yabushita & Shinai Kai are on location in Yamaguchi Prefecture!The mini corner of Mizuki Imamura & Minoru Kadowaki also said "Seto ...

Photo STU48, Kaede Yabushita & Shinai Kai go on location in Yamaguchi Prefecture!The mini corner of Mizuki Imamura & Minoru Kadowaki is also "Seto Chare! 』At

STU48, Kaede Yabushita & Shinai Kai go on location in Yamaguchi Prefecture!The mini corner of Mizuki Imamura & Minoru Kadowaki also said "Seto ...

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This time, Kaede Yabushita and Shinai Kai went on location in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

[Click here for images] STU48 will broadcast the crown program "Seto Chare!" On April 4th (Thursday). Details of "STU15" are released ... → Continue reading


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Kaede Yabushita

Kaede Yabushita(Yabuta Fu[Note 1],2000〈Heisei12 years>May 10 -) isJapan OfIdolAnd a female idol groupSTU48Members of.My sister is exNMB48 OfYabuta holly.OsakaI'm from




  • On October 10, the unit activity entitled "Extracurricular Activities" started as the leader of the MC-themed unit "Setomaiku" in STU25.[8].


  • On April 4st, it was announced that the activity would be suspended due to poor physical condition.The activity was suspended at the end of the handshake event on the 1th of the following month.[9].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Yamaguchi Shimonoseki PortSurprise appearance at the onboard performance "GO! GO! Little SEABIRDS !!"[9].


  • May 8Than,MBS RadioThe first crown program "STU48 Fu Yabushita Kaede's Show" started at[10].
  • "STU10 Ishin TV emergency planning unit announcement SP decided by fans" broadcast on October 18 (Family Theater CLUB) Was voted in the "STU48 6th Single Coupling Unit Determined by Fans" and finished second and became a member.[11].



When I took the STU48 audition at that timeNMB48My sister who belonged to柊It was kept secret, and it was only after passing the second screening.Hiiragi, who thought Kaede wasn't interested in idols, was very surprised to hear about the audition exam.[14]..However, in realityNogizaka46He was a fan of idols and had a longing for idols, partly because of his sister's influence.Therefore, I was thinking of taking the NMB48 48th grade audition, which was held the year before the formation of STU5, but I gave up taking the exam due to opposition from my parents and my sister who knew the hardships of my sister.[15]..My sister Hiiragi is "a close friend"[16].

primary school6 years frombasketballHave experience playing[17].. What is your favorite foodToughness[2]..My favorite TV show is "Itte Q to the end of the world!".The longing entertainer is former Nogizaka46Nanase Nishino[3].

My father is type A and my mother is type B.Kaede and her sister Hiiragi are AB type.

Participating songs on STU48

Single selection music

STU48 name

AKB48 name

  • "Perishing every wishRecorded in
    • Voice of Setouchi-STU48 name
  • "November's AnkletRecorded in
    • I'm glad I remembered it-in the name of "STU48"
    • Legal speed and sense of superiority-in the name of "U-17 selection"
  • "JabajaRecorded in
    • Pedal to Sharin and the way it came--in the name of "STU48"
  • "NO WAY MANRecorded in
    • The world that begins with good morning-in the name of "U-19 Selection 2018"
  • "Thank you for heartbreakRecorded in
    • Omoidemyfriend-in the name of "1st Campus"



  • Hiroshima Koiraji (April 2020-,NHK Hiroshima Radio 1)-Wednesday Teens Regular[18]
  • STU48 Fu Yabushita Kaede's Show (August 2020, 8- MBS Radio, Every Sunday from 24:30 to 24:40)-Crown program[10].



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注 釈

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Yamaguchi (YamaguchiBritish: Yamaguchi Prefecture) IsJapan OfChugoku,HonshuLocated at the westernmost pointPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheYamaguchi City.


HonshuLocated at the westernmost end, on three sides海Surrounded by.Most of the soil in Yamaguchi PrefectureSanyo regionIncluded in theKitaura district(Hagi City-Nagato CityetcSan'in districtIs said to hit the western end of[1].Prefectural office locationIs in the central part of the prefectureYamaguchi CityHowever, the largest city in Yamaguchi Prefecture is located at the western end of the prefecture.ShimonosekiIs. In the western part of the prefecture (Shimonoseki City, etc.)FukuokaIt has a close connection with the eastern part of the prefecture (IwakuniEtc)HiroshimaClose connection with (see detailsLater).Regulatory country OfNagato countryとSuoIs equivalent toDefenseHas an alias of (Bouchi). Suo and NagatoMr. MouriByGovernanceAndEdo PeriodIn addition toChoshu clanBecause it was calledChoshuIt is called (choshu).BakumatsuToOverthrow movementBecome the center ofMeiji RestorationBecame the driving force behind.

Designated as Yamaguchi Prefecture fishBlowfishThe Nanfu Tomari Market (Shimonoseki City) occupies the largest market volume in Japan.In the local area and surrounding areas, mainly dealersMediaBut, OmenWe are trying to establish a way of calling it "Fugu" instead of calling it "Fugu" (it is said that Fugu leads to "unfavorable" and Fugu leads to "Fuku").Shimonoseki and Fukureference). In addition to blowfish, it has abundant resources of seafood.

Yamaguchi PrefectureIntelsatIt is in a position where it can communicate in both directions to Europe via the Indian Ocean and to the United States via the Pacific Ocean,KDDI Yamaguchi Satellite Communication CenterIs in Yamaguchi City. Our Center is IntelsatInmarsat, But other,SKY Perfect JSATIs the SUPERBIRD ground station (Yamaguchi Network Control Center),Local government satellite communication organizationThere is also a ground station (Yamaguchi control station). For the latter,National Instant Warning SystemWe are operating the most important mission.



South sideSeto Inland Sea(Hiroshima Bay-Iyo Nada-Suo Nada), west and northSea of ​​Japan(Hibiki Nada) And the three sides海Surrounded byChugoku MountainsIs crossing. In the mountains of ChinaWater sourceAs a river that emitsFirst-class water system OfSawa RiverandKosegawa,Secondary water system OfNishikigawa,Fushino River,Kotogawa,Kiya River,Abu RiverEtc. The plain area is small and part of the inside of the Seto area (the mouth of the main river andShunan districtSurrounded by mountains exceptValley bottom plainThere are many.


With the open seaInland seaDue to the geographical conditions of facing both areas and the mountains lying in the central part, there are great differences in climate even within the same prefecture. The climate is roughly divided into "Seto Inland Sea coastal area", "Inland mountainous area" and "Japan Sea coastal area", but the annual average temperature is 12-16 degrees Celsius, and the annual average precipitation is 1,600-2,300 mm, which is relatively warm. And there are relatively few storms and floods and earthquakes[2].. However, during the rainy seasonHiroshimaalikeRainy season frontIt is prone to heavy rain due to the effect of warm and humid currents, and the number of places with steep slope collapse is second in all prefectures after Hiroshima.[3] And was deposited on the surfaceMasago soilSediment disasters are likely to occur due toJuly 21 Heavy rain in northern China and Kyushu,Heavy rain in Shimane and Yamaguchi prefecture on July 25, 7There are areas damaged by.

In this way, there are differences in weather trends in each region even within the same prefecture, and the primary subdivision areas when presenting weather forecasts are set to four: "West", "Central", "East", and "North". (Originally, there were three divisions of "East," "West," and "North", but the central part was divided from the former east).2003On March 15, 3, the warning and warning announcement areas related to meteorology were subdivided (secondary subdivision areas were set), and the prefecture had seven areas "West" (Toyota / Shimonoseki and Ube), It was subdivided into "Chubu" (Yamaguchi/Hofu/Shunan/Kokuku), "East", and "North" (Nagato/Hagi/Mine).2007On March 19, 3, the secondary subdivision areas were reorganized to reflect the merger of municipalities, and the secondary subdivision areas were reset to eight areas.

  • Current weather classification (2007(As of March 19, 3, parentheses are secondary subdivision areas)[4]
    • Western Yamaguchi Prefecture (Shimonoseki / Ube/Sanyo Onoda)
    • Central part of Yamaguchi prefecture (Yamaguchi/Hofu/Shunan/Kudamatsu)
    • Eastern Yamaguchi Prefecture (Iwakuni / Yanai Hikari)
    • Northern Yamaguchi (Nagato / Hagi, Mine)

For a long time, there were two manned stations in the prefecture, Yamaguchi Observatory and Shimonoseki Local Meteorological Observatory.2010It was abolished on October 10, and is currently only used by the Shimonoseki Local Meteorological Observatory. The Shimonoseki Local Meteorological Observatory isFukuoka District Meteorological ObservatoryYamaguchi Prefecture is classified as "Kyushu Northern Region (including Yamaguchi Prefecture)" in the forecast category of the Japan Meteorological Agency.Northern KyushuTreated as the same area as.

nature Park

Regional division

Eight regionsYamaguchi prefecture is divided into Chugoku region, but they are close to each other across the Kanmon Strait and Suo Nada.KyusyuSometimes called "Kyushu/Yamaguchi region"[5], Governor of Yamaguchi PrefectureKyushu Governor's AssociationとChugoku Governor's AssociationParticipating in both[6][7].

What to treat as Chugoku region

In public institutions,House of RepresentativesProportional section(China block),Ministry of Finance(China Finance Bureau),Ministry of Agriculture(Chugoku-Shikoku Agricultural Administration Bureau),NHKDivides Yamaguchi Prefecture into the Chugoku region.

In the private sector, Japan Post Bank (China area),NTT DoCoMo(NTT Docomo China),National high school general physical education meet <inter high>(Chinese Games),Selected High School Baseball Tournament(Chugoku/Shikoku block) etc.

What is handled as the Kyushu region

In public institutions,Japanese Meteorological Agency(Fukuoka District Meteorological Observatory, Including the Yamaguchi prefecture in the weather classification “Northern Kyushu”),Customs(Moji Customs),Fisheries Agency(Kyushu Fisheries Coordination Office) and others include Yamaguchi Prefecture in the same category as the Kyushu region.

In the private sector, the Yomiuri Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun, and group companies have Yamaguchi Prefecture as their jurisdiction along with the Kyushu region in regional organizations such as the Western Headquarters (branch offices and headquarters).

We treat prefecture area as division or common area

In public institutions, the following departments divide the Yamaguchi prefecture area into Kyushu and Chugoku regions.

organKyushu sideChugoku side
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismRegional Development BureauKyushu Regional Development Bureau(Administrative Affairs of the Port and Airport Department)Chugoku Regional Development Bureau
ShimonosekiAreas other than those on the left
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismRegional Transportation BureauKyushu Transport Bureau(Clerical work related to maritime affairs)China Department of Transportation
Shimonoseki City, Ube City, Sanyo Onoda CityAreas other than those on the left
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismRegional Aviation BureauKitakyushu AirportThe officeIwakuni AirportThe office
Shimonoseki City, Ube City, Sanyo Onoda City, Nagato City, Mine CityAreas other than those on the left
Japan Coast Guard7th District Coast Guard Headquarters6th District Coast Guard Headquarters
Shimonoseki City, Ube City, Sanyo Onoda City, Nagato City, Mine City, Hagi CityAreas other than those on the left
Ministry of DefenseKyushu Defense BureauNagasaki Defense BureauShikoku Defense Bureau
ShimonosekiAreas other than those on the left

Is a private economic organizationKyushu Economic FederationFormerly known as the “Kyushu-Yamaguchi Economic Federation”, 21 corporations such as companies and universities headquartered in Yamaguchi Prefecture centered on Shimonoseki City and Ube City have joined as a member even after the name change.[8][9].China Economic FederationThere are also duplicate members,Yamaguchi BankIs Vice Chairman of both the Kyushu Economic Federation and the Chinese Economic Federation[10][11].

Japan Small Ship Inspection OrganizationIs under the jurisdiction of Iwakuni City, Yanai City, Tabuse Town, Hirao Town, Kamiseki Town, Waki ​​Town, and Suo Oshima Town, while the Shimonoseki Chapter is in charge of the rest of the area along with Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture and the Keizuku District.[12].

Regional area

The terrain is mountainous in the central part of the prefecture, with small plains and basins scattered along the coast and mountains. A coastal industry is located on the coastline, attracting labor in each factory area. Also,Main lineIs a transportation networkNational Route 2,Sanyo Main Line,Sanyo ExpresswaySince it runs along the coastline, it also attracted the labor force in terms of logistics and inland industry.Due to this industrial structure and distribution, population, logistics, capital, and information are concentrated in cities on the Seto Inland Sea side.

Yamaguchi City, where the prefectural capital is located, has a low centripetal force for other areas within the prefecture, and there are also local governments with deeper exchanges with areas outside the prefecture than in the central area such as the city. Western prefectureShimonoseki TheFukuokaKitakyushuと と も にKanmon metropolitan areaHas become the core city ofUbe City,Sanyo Onoda,Mine CityEtc. are included in the same metropolitan area, and in the eastern part of the prefectureIwakuni,Waki TownIsHiroshimaHiroshima cityAs a nuclear cityHiroshima metropolitan areainclude.

Metropolitan area

There are several possible classification methods in the regional area, but one example is according to Yamaguchi Prefecture. 8 metropolitan areas There is[13].. The Shimonoseki Metropolitan Area and Nagato Metropolitan Area have merged within the metropolitan area to become one city within the area. The population listed below is as of June 1, 2021. The total population of Yamaguchi Prefecture is 4.[14].

地区Metropolitan area
(Common name; reading)
Constitution city countyArea population
IwayanagiIwakuni metropolitan area
(Iwakuni/Kuga area; Iwakuni/Kuga-)
(1 city and 1 town)
Yanai Metropolitan Area
(Yanai/Oshima area; No, Oshima-)
Yanai City-Kumage-Oshima-gun
(1 city and 4 town)
ShunanShunan Metropolitan Area
(Chunan area; Shunan-)
Shunan City-Kudamatsu City-Light city
(3 cities)
Mountain defenseYamaguchi/Hofu Metropolitan Area
(Prefectural central area)
Yamaguchi City-Hofu City
(2 cities)
AsaUbe/Onoda Metropolitan Area
(Ube/Mine area; Ube/Mine-/Asa area; Asa-)
Ube City-Sanyo Onoda-Mine City
(3 cities)
ToyosekiShimonoseki Metropolitan Area
(Toyoseki area; Hokan-)
Shimonoseki(1 cities)252,035
ChohokuNagato metropolitan area
(Nagato Otsu area; Nagato/Otsu-)
Nagato City(1 cities)31,987
Hagi Metropolitan Area
(Hagi area)
Hagi City-Abu-gun
(1 city and 1 town)
  • Basically, the boundaries of the metropolitan areas have been demarcated in units of the old counties (there were also old counties that once spanned multiple metropolitan areas). The wide area metropolitan area here is basically a regional areaMetropolitan areais not.
  • The secondary subdivisions of the weather forecast are slightly different from the above-mentioned wide-area metropolitan areas. Detail isclimateSee section.


Basic municipalityHas the following 13 cities, 4 counties and 6 towns (Municipality Codeorder). In Yamaguchi Prefecture, all towns are read as "chou". The village2006(18)May 3 OfHongo VillageDisappeared with the merger of.


Origin of prefecture name

Prefectural government office was set up during the abandonment of the domainYamaguchi Town(CurrentYamaguchi City) Was adopted as the prefecture name as it is. The place name "Yamaguchi" isAbu-gunIt originates from the "mountain entrance" in.In Yamaguchi dialect, the prefecture name is the same as the common languageOrGuchi, the city name is ",There is a distinction between "Maguchi" and the accent (when suffixes such as "prefecture" and "city" are added to the end, both have the same accent as the common word)[Source required].


  • About 2 years ago,KagoshimaKinko BayAira volcano that towers in the back of the city exploded,Volcanic ashBut 1500 kilometers awayHonshuNorthernmost ofTsugaru StraitIt poured down to. There was a deposit of about 50-70 cm around Yamaguchi Prefecture.
  • In ancient times, it flourished as a window for continental culture,Ayarakigo Ruins,Doigahama RuinsMany Yayoi remains such as
  • CurrentNagato CityYutaniIs said to be one of the three most beautiful women in the worldYang KikiIs said to have flowed
  • Itsuhiko is a man in the Chocho district and is referred to in the literature ("Japanese calligraphy"Emperor SurenIt is the first person who looks like (XNUMX years old) and has great power in AnatoAustralianIt is a lore that indicates that there was a death. AlsoShingo EmpressYou can see the practice of Anado Kunizo in the era. Furthermore, it shows that the Chocho region was a transit point on the route to the Korean Peninsula.Emperor YukiIt is the nine-year article. From these lore4st centuryBy that time, it is believed that the Hocho area was already under the control of the Yamato administration. And from the 4th century5st centuryThe Australians dispatched to various placesNational constructionTo sayLocal government officialWas appointed to. According to the "Kokuzo Honki," there were six Kokuzo in Suobu, Nagato, and Nagato.

Ancient times

中 世

The early modern period

  • Keicho5May 9(AD1600May 10)ofBattle of SekigaharaThen, Mr. Mohri, who ruled the entire Chugoku region, joined the Western army.Terumoto MoriBecame general, but Mohri was a member of the clan.Hirokawa Yoshikawa Tokugawa IeyasuI did not participate in the battle because I got in touch with. After the defeat of the western army, the Yoshika Hiroya took over and the Mohri family escaped from modification. After that,BakumatsuIt will be a land controlled by Mr. Mori.
    • In both countries,Clan(Changshu clan)Chofu Domain-Kiyosue clan· SuoTokuyama Domain-IwakuniThe five feudal clan were established, and the feudal lords of all of the Ube Fukuhara clan were united around the Hagi family, but the relationship between the Iwakuni territory and the Hagi clan was not good. There are many people who view the reduction of packaging as being the betrayal of the Yoshikawa family, and Soke did not treat him as an independent family.
  • Tempo3 years(1831): A large-scale rebellion with more than 10 participants, Choshu Domain TenpoRebellion(Douichi Daiichi) breaks out[15].
  • Tenpo 9 years (1838): The feudal lordMoriWas promoted toSeifu MurataReform of the domain is started.
  • Bunkyu3 years(1863): Mori Takachika moved to Yamaguchi by building a new clan office.From then on, the Choshu clan (Hagi clan) is called the "Yamaguchi clan".
  • Bunkyu 3 (1863)-Bunkyu 4 /MotoharuNew Year (1864): Shimonoseki War(Waseki War). Fired at a foreign ship, and retaliatory attacks by the Allied Forces of the four countries unilaterally destroyed the Makan turret and other parts. Since then, many of the clanArrogantからOpeningTurn to the line.
  • MotoharuNew Year (1864)- Keio2 years(1866) Two times of the Edo ShogunateChoshu conquest.. Power clashes within the feudal clan continued, but during the Second Choshu ConquestStrange soldiersLedTakusugi TakasugiAnd repel the Shogunate army. After that,EmperorConsolidate the domain theory by the curtainMeiji RestorationLeave its name as the driving force of.

Modern and contemporary


Population distribution by age in Yamaguchi prefecture and Japan (2005)Yamaguchi Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
■Purple-Yamaguchi Prefecture
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yamaguchi Prefecture
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

National Institute of Population and Social Security Researchが2018年に推計した人口は、2045年の県人口が103万6千人(2015年を100とすると73.7になると予測されている)となっている。市町村別では、下関市 181,656人(同67.7)、山口市 178,452人(同90.4)、宇部市132,461(同78.2)、周南市 107,540人(同74.2)、防府市 101,202人(同87.3)、岩国市 89,637人(同65.5)、下松市 50,419人(同90.3)、山陽小野田市 46,021人(同73.4)、光市 35,636人(同69.4)、萩市 26,119人(同52.7)、柳井市 21,059人(同63.9)、長門市 17,888人(同50.5)美祢市 14,447人(同55.2)、田布施町 10,154人(同66.3)、平生町 8,460人(同66.1)、周防大島町 7,095人(同41.3)、和木町 5,083人(同80.9)、阿武町 1,419人(同41.0)、上関町 913(同32.6)となっている[16].


Prefectural government

Successive governors (public election)

  • First generation Tanaka Tatsuo(April 1947, 4-October 5, 1953, third term)
  • 2 fee Taro Ozawa(April 1953, 4-October 30, 1960, third term)
  • 3 fee Masayuki Hashimoto(April 1960, 9-October 25, 1976, third term)
  • 4 fee Ryu Hirai(April 1976, 8-October 22, 1996, third term)
  • 5 fee Futoshi Nii(April 1996, 8-October 22, 2012, third term)
  • 6 fee Shigetaro Yamamoto(April 2012, 8-October 22, 2014, third term)
  • 7th generation Tsunemasa Muraoka (February 2014, 2-current position, second term)

Prefectural assembly

National politics

House of Representatives OfSmall districtIs 4.House of CouncilorsNow, make up one ward in all prefectures.

Economic and industrial


Cabinet OfficeEconomic and Social Research InstituteAccording to the "29 Prefectural Accounts" conducted by the government, the per capita prefectural income in 2017 (Heisei 29) was 326.1 thousand yen, the 10th highest in the country, and the nominal gross domestic product was 6 billion yen (4131 billion yen).Primary industry421.5 billion yen,Secondary industry2 million yen,Tertiary industry3th place in Japan with 6598.3 million yen)[17].economic growth rateWas ranked 3.2th in the nation with a nominal + 10% and 2.6th in the nation with a real + 18%.Comparing the composition ratio of gross domestic product by economic activity with 1 for the whole country, the primary industry was 0.6, the secondary industry was 1.6, and the tertiary industry was 0.8.If you take a closer lookMining(Specialization coefficient 1.7),Manufacturing industry(1.7),Electrical-gas-Water・ Etc. (1.5),transportation-PostKarma (1.1),Health and hygiene-Social work(1.1) exceeded the national total.Especially when looking at the breakdown of the manufacturing industryChemical(Specialization coefficient 6.3),oil-coalProduct (3.8),Ceramic industry・ Earth and stone products (2.7), primary metals (1.7),fiberProduct (1.4),pulp-paper・ Paper processed products (1.4) and metal products (1.3) exceeded the national total.[18].

Economic zone

The economic zones are scattered throughout the prefecture,Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry TheUrban employment areaThe economic zones based on the concept of are set in the following areas, and their industrial characteristics are analyzed as follows.[19].

Iwakuni Economic Area (Iwakuni-Waki Town·Hiroshima PrefectureOtake City)
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, construction industry, manufacturing industry, medical/welfare, and complex service businesses have seen industry clusters. Especially in the manufacturing industry, the chemical industry (Mitsui ChemicalsEtc.), pulp/paper/processed paper manufacturing industry (Nippon Paper IndustriesEtc.) specialization coefficient is high.
Shunan Economic Area (Kudamatsu City-Light city-Shunan City-Tabuse Town)
The industry is concentrated in the construction industry, manufacturing industry, transportation/postal industry, life related services/entertainment industry, and complex service business. Especially in the manufacturing industry, the chemical industry (Tokuyama,TosohEtc.), steel industry (Toyo Kohan-Japan-made iron light titanium partEtc.) specialization coefficient is high.
Yamaguchi Economic Area (Yamaguchi City-Hofu City)
There is a concentration of industries in the construction industry, manufacturing industry, transportation/postal industry, life related services/entertainment industry, education/learning support industry, medical/welfare, and complex service businesses. Especially in the manufacturing industry, transport machinery manufacturing industry (Car related =マ ツ ダEtc.) occupy most.
Ube Economic Area (Ube City-Sanyo Onoda)
A concentration of industries is seen in the manufacturing industry, education/learning support business, medical care/welfare, and especially in the manufacturing industry, the chemical industry (Ube IndustriesEtc.), ceramic industry, stone and stone product manufacturing industry (Ube Industries,Taiheiyo CementEtc.), and the specialization coefficient of the electronic component/device/electronic circuit manufacturing industry is high.
Shimonoseki Economic Area (Shimonoseki)
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, manufacturing, transportation and postal services, financial insurance (Yamaguchi Financial Group-West China Shinkin BankEtc.), academic research/professional/technical service industry, and complex service business, industry is concentrated. Especially in the manufacturing industry, transportation machinery/equipment manufacturing industry (mainly shipbuilding =Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shimonoseki ShipyardEtc.), food manufacturing industry (Hayashikane Sangyo,Nissin FoodEtc.), metal product manufacturing industry (heating and piping equipment =Chofu Manufacturing-Kobe Steel WorksEtc.) is characteristic.
Hagi Economic Area (Hagi City-Abu Town)
Agglomeration of industries can be seen in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, construction, electricity/gas/water supply, accommodation/restaurant service, medical/welfare, and complex service business.

According to the “28 Municipal People's Economic Calculation” conducted by Yamaguchi Prefecture, the total production value of municipalities in each region was 1,510,167 million yen in Shunan district, accounting for 24.8% of the whole prefecture, followed by Yamaguchi/Hofu district, Ube/Onoda. Continue with the district. On the other hand, in terms of income of municipal residents by region, Yamaguchi City is 1,012,568 million yen, accounting for 23.8 of all prefectures, followed by Shunan District by a small margin (960,439 million yen, 22.6%). Waki-machi, which specializes in secondary industries, has the highest gross domestic product value per worker per worker, and is below. , Ube City, Mine City, Yanai City, Tabuse Town, Shimonoseki City, Hirao Town, Nagato City, Hagi City, Abu Town, Suo Oshima Town.[20].


Sanyo regionThe side of the Seto Inland Sea, which hitsComplexUtilizing the industry centered aroundDistribution industryAre developing,Setouchi Industrial AreaForm a corner. On the other hand,San'in districtThe Sea of ​​Japan sideAgriculture:-Fishery:Such asPrimary industryとtourismThe service industry is mainly.

Once in Ube and MineMiningIs thriving,Ube Coal Mine (Ube City)Omine Coal Mine (Mine City) centering on anthracitecoalWas being mined. Both are currently closed, but in the western part of the prefecture (Ube City, Sanyo Onoda City, etc.)Heavy chemical industryThe region originally has this coal mine background. Instead of coal in the Mine arealimestoneIs being mined,cementManufacturing companies are concentrated. On the other hand, in the eastern part of Shunan, Iwakuni, etc.oilDevelop a refining complex,sodaIt forms an industrial area mainly for manufacturing chemical products.


Various agricultural products such as rice, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and beef are produced due to various natural conditions from the coastal areas to the mountainous areas, the proximity of consumption areas, and the high maintenance of the transportation network.In particularChoshu clanOf the eraFour white policiesSince then, rice cultivation has been actively carried out.Reclamation,Rice terracesBy the opening of Nitta such asFarmlandHas been increased.Especially riceKoshihikari Rice,Hitomebore,HinohikariIs being produced.Vegetableswasabi,Lotus root,TomatoProduction is thriving, and fruits are in the Seto Inland SeaWenzhou oranges,Summer oranges, In the mountainous areasChestnutCultivation is thriving.FlowersShimonosekiAroundLily,rose,Carnation,chrysanthemumCultivation is thriving.In terms of livestock, this prefecture was born for the first time in Japan and is the only one in Japan.Polled Japanese beef[21],Wagyu beefIt is said to be the original species ofNatural treasureIs specified inMishima beefBut,PoultryIs thrivingNagato CityThen prefecture originalLocal chicken"Choshu black kashiwa" is bred[22]..In terms of the ratio of agricultural production valueRiceIs the highest with 34.9% of the total production value,VegetablesIs 24.2%,chicken14.7% (egg/broiler),fruitIs 6.6%[23].

Fishing industry

Yamaguchi Prefecture, which faces the sea on three sides, has been active in the fishing industry for a long time.Edo PeriodThe Choshu clan recommends fishing, especially in the current Nagato city's Dori district and Senzaki district.whalingIt was said, "If you take one whale, it will be crowded with seven uras."WhalingMeiji EraContinued untilロシアbySea of ​​JapanDue to whaling in Japan, it declined quickly, and with the subsequent introductionShimonosekiHas become one of Japan's leading whaling bases.After that, the international anti-whaling movement became active, and Japan againInternational Whaling CommissionFor a long time by joiningCommercial whalingWas banned2019Withdrawal from the market resumed commercial whaling[24], Shimonoseki City again commercial whaling andResearch whalingIt is the base of.In addition, the cityBlowfishIt boasts the largest amount of blowfish in Japan, and the city's Nanfumari market handles most of the blowfish nationwide.The catch of Yamaguchi Prefecture in 21 was 2nd in Japan for tilefish and Sazae, 4th in Japan for grunt and abalone, and 5th in Japan for red sea bream, prawn and horse mackerel, and boasts one of the largest catches in Japan for many fish species. ..The fishery processing industry is also thriving, and in Shimonoseki CityUniBottling,Menta cod roe,KamabokoBoasts one of the largest production volumes of paste products such as[25].


Yamaguchi PrefectureSeto Inland SeaOn the coastTaisho eraThanShipbuildingAnd chemical, mechanical, and metal factories are expanding one after another.Second World WarInsideImperial Japanese Army OfArsenalEtc. were located.After the warPetrochemical complexWas formed and became one of the leading industrial prefectures in Japan.Setouchi Industrial AreaConsists of.In particularShimonoseki,Ube City,Sanyo Onoda,Mine CityIsKitakyushu Industrial AreaIt is also a constituent city of.In the western part of the prefecture, in MineKarst plateauProduced fromlimestoneMade fromcementThe manufacturing factory is located,Shunan City,IwakuniIn the eastern part of the prefecture, such as oil refineriessodaCompanies that produce chemical products such as are concentrated.In addition, Yamaguchi Prefecture is active in the manufacture of transportation equipment, food, and pharmaceuticals.マ ツ ダ(Car),Hitachi, Ltd.(Railway car),Mitsubishi Heavy Industries-Mitsubishi Shipbuilding(shipbuilding),Bridgestone(tire),Shimano(bicycle),Takeda Pharmaceutical(Pharmaceutical),Maruha Nichiro(Food),Nissin FoodMany major manufacturers such as (food) are located[26]. further,Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryAccording to the Industrial Statistics Survey conducted by, the shipment value of manufactured goods per establishment has been nationwide since 1, and the figure for 2000 (preliminary figure) was 2018 million yen. It is analyzed that chemical industry, transportation, petroleum, and steel alone account for 35% of the total, and there are many large-scale business establishments, thus pushing up the shipment amount per business establishment.[27].

Major companies

A company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange with its head office, head office and headquarters in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Major companies with production bases and main offices in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Companies originating in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Besides this,Chaebolone ofNissan KonzernFounders of (Yoshisuke Ayukawa-Kunosuke KuharaEt al.) is from Yamaguchi Prefecture, and the production bases of several companies that follow the flow of Nissan Konzern remain in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

In addition,ToshibaIs one of the founders ofIchisuke FujiokaIs also from Yamaguchi Prefecture.



Police station



Expressways and motorways

National/prefectural roads

1963(Showa 38)Yamaguchi National Athletic MeetOn the occasion of the prefectural management road (prefectural road and some national roads)guardrailThe special productSummer orangesAfter that, I decided to make it yellow. Since then, yellow ones have been used for guardrails on prefectural roads.

Bus operator


Major port

International base port

Important port

Specific Type 3 fishing port


International ferry

Domestic ferry

Ehime prefecture flag(Mitsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Mitsuhama Port)

Once in ShimonosekiHikoshimaWith Arata PortKitakyushuKokurakita WardIn the Himei PortKanmon Kaikyo FerryWas tied.

Other routes

Medical and welfare

Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan, Yamaguchi/Hofu, Hagi, Ube/Onoda, Nagato, ShimonosekiSecondary medical areaIs set.

In Yamaguchi PrefectureTertiary emergencyThere are the following four designated medical institutions.

In the entire Hagi Medical Area and Nagato Medical Area,AutomobileAs the travel time exceeds 1 hour, the maintenance of medical systems and transportation networks has become an issue.

Educational institution

National university (1 school)

Public university (3 school)

private university-Junior college (11 school)

College of technology (3 school)

Secondary school (1 school)

Ministry College (1 school)

(Ministry of AgricultureJurisdiction,National Research and Development Agency Fisheries Research and Education Organization LawMinistry based on

Vocational school (2 school)

Mass media

News (Chinese)

Regular paper (national paper)

The Yomiuri, Asahi, and Mainichi newspapers are located in the western headquarters (Yomiuri isFukuoka City, Asahi/EverydayKitakyushuNikkei is under the jurisdiction of the Western branch (located in Fukuoka) and Sankei is located under the Western headquarters (located in Fukuoka). Sankei Shimbun1997It was suspended from around 9, but with the launch of the Sankei Shimbun Kyushu Yamaguchi Headquarters (now Sankei Shimbun West Headquarters)2009(21)May 10Issuance resumed in Yamaguchi Prefecture. PrintingSagaTosu City OfMainichi ShimbunOutsourced to the factory.

In addition, in a small part of the eastern part bordering Hiroshima and Shimane prefectures, there are stores that sell the one issued by the Osaka head office and the one issued by the western head office (branch office/head office) in parallel.

Sold in Yamaguchi PrefectureNational newspaperIs as follows.

Regular paper (local paper)

Local newspapers that publish throughout Yamaguchi PrefectureYamaguchi newspaper(Shimonoseki City, daily,Minato Yamaguchi Godo ShimbunIssued).Chinese newspaper(Hiroshima city) IsShunan CityWith the Chocho Headquarters located in Yamaguchi PrefectureChugoku Shimbun YamaguchiAre sold as. Long time agoWest Japan Newspaper(Fukuoka City) Was also sold in the western part of the prefecture,2009(21)May 3Has stopped sales in Yamaguchi Prefecture,Yamaguchi CityとShimonosekiThe branch office that was there also withdrew. otherNagashou Newspaper(Shimonoseki City, published three times a week, published by Choshu Shimbun).

The following are the main local newspapers that publish in specific areas within the prefecture.

Specialty paper

Sports and evening paper

It is a sales area for the western headquarters, except for daily sports (the area of ​​the Hiroshima branch under the jurisdiction of Osaka and Kobe). Originally, daily sports were originallyShimonosekiIt was publishing a newspaper produced by the Seibu Nikkan Sports Daily Newspaper, outsourced to the Minato and Yamaguchi Godo Shimbun's factory, but merged with regional publishing head offices in the West, Osaka, and Nagoya.Nikkan Sports Newspaper West JapanOne year after2010(22) In April east of Hofu City, Hiroshima PrefectureHatsukaichiIt has been changed to a newspaper issued by the Osaka Headquarters (same as for Chugoku and Shikoku regions except western Yamaguchi) that was consigned to the Chugoku Shimbun's factory.

As a result, sports newspapers sold in the prefectureFukuoka Softbank Hawks,Avispa FukuokaThere are many topics based in Fukuoka Prefecture such as (For daily and daily eastern Yamaguchi,Hanshin TigersOrHiroshima Toyo CarporSanfrecce HiroshimaBased in Hiroshima, etc.). As mentioned above, the Sankei Shimbun has resumed publishingSankei sportsHas not been released. Also, onceWest Japan SportsWas also released, but withdrew from the sale in Yamaguchi Prefecture at the same time as the Nishinihon Shimbun withdrawal from Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Fuji and Gendai will only sell the Osaka head office version of the early print at a few station stands. Although Kyushu Sports is a newspaper affiliated with Tokyo Sports, it is not an evening newspaper because it is dealt with in the morning.

TV/Radio broadcasting

Prefectural broadcasting station of TV

Yamaguchi PrefectureFNN/FNSSystem andTXN系列局が存在しない。同県における両系列局の受信は隣県域局の直接受信(特にShimonosekiの旧市内では福岡県のテレビ番組が、Iwakuniの一部地域では広島県のテレビ番組が受信可能である)またはCable TVDone by The coverage of the prefecture by FNN affiliates is mainlyTV West Japan(TNC)[29] Is in charge ofIwakuniThen.TV New Hiroshima(TSS)[30] Is in charge, in Hagi CitySan-in Central Television Broadcasting(TSK) may be in charge[Source required].

Weekly TV guide-The televisionEtc.TV magazineThen, in the eastern part of the prefecture, "Hiroshima, Shimane, Tottori, Yamaguchi East version" (with Yamaguchi Prefectural Bureau)HiroshimaRegional stationTottori prefecture/Shimane prefecture"Recorded program list of)" in the western part of the prefecture "Fukuoka/Saga/Yamaguchi West Edition" (with Yamaguchi Prefectural Bureau)FukuokaRegional stationSagaIt publishes and sells each region's program guide), and you can issue and purchase two types of booklets in the same prefecture, even though they are the same magazine.

Radio prefectural broadcasting station

US military radio station in Japan

Community radio stations

"JW" behind the brackets J-WAVE Therefore, "MB" is Music bird There is a program distribution from (unmarked mainly by in-house production).

Cable tv station

Cable TV penetration is relatively high[31], Especially in the central part of the prefecture and the Ube/Mine areaYamaguchi Cable VisionHas announced that the subscription rate in the area is over 75%[32].



The prefectural dialect is "Yamaguchi dialectHowever, there are significant differences between regions.

Food culture:

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and IndustryIs as follows.


サ ッ カ ーteam isRenofa Yamaguchi FC,FC Baleen Shimonoseki,FC Ube YarmanEtc. Long time agoYongdai Industrial Soccer ClubWas based in Hirao-cho, Kumage-gun.

baseballteam isHiroshima Toyo Carp2 armies of IwakuniHiroshima Toyo Carp Yuu Driving RangeIs based in. Also,Yokohama DeNA Baystars(Former Ocean Whales) was established in Shimonoseki City when the team was established.Shimonoseki City StadiumWas based in.

basketballteam isYamaguchi PatriotsFrom the 2021-22 seasonB3.LEAGUEWe are working to enter the market.

rugbyteam isNagato Blue AngelsThere,Taiyo Life Women's Sevens Series 2019Overall victory.

AthleticsThen,All Japan Business Group Half Marathon(Yamaguchi City, every February),Shimonoseki Kai Hibiki Marathon(Shimonoseki City, every November),Hofu Yomiuri Marathon(Hofu City/December every year) and other marathon events are held, as well as being held all over the country.National Junior High School Ekiden TournamentHas been held in Yamaguchi City. Long time agoKanebo Athletics ClubWas based in Hofu City.

Public competition isHofu bicycle race track(Hofu City),Boat Race Tokuyama(周南市)、Boat Race Shimonoseki(下関市)、Sanyo Auto Race Ground(Sanyo Onoda City).

Special products/special products

  • Hanakkori -Green vegetables born in Yamaguchi. Saishin (Chinese vegetables)WhenbroccoliMultiplied by.
  • Puffer fish-Angler fish-Horse mackerel-squidEtc. --- The fishing industry is thriving in Shimonoseki and the Hagi and Nagato areas, and there are many landings of inshore seafood.Shimonoseki City has the highest landing of blowfish and anglerfish in Japan, and Nagato City has the highest landing of squid.Shunan CitySukumo IslandKnown as the birthplace of blowfish longline fishing, it is one of the specialties.
  • Prawns --In the Aiohigashi area of ​​Yamaguchi CityPrawnsIt is also the birthplace of aquaculture of prawns and shrimp.
  • Seafood products (especiallyKamabokoSuch asFish paste products) --It is popular in various coastal areas, mainly in the Hagi and Nagato areas.Kamaboko is also manufactured in Ube and Hofu.
Iwakuni/Yanai area
Shunan/Kudamatsu area
Hagi/Nagato area
  • Boiled cousin - Hagi CitySimmered dishes that are transmitted to the surrounding area.
  • Summer oranges -Originally from Aomi Island, Nagato City, produced in Hagi.
  • Hagi ware -Produced mainly in Hagi and Nagato, it is also famous as a tea ware.
  • Mishima beef --A traditional Japanese beef breed produced in Mishima, Hagi City, which is not influenced by Western breeds.It is called a phantom high-class meat because only about 12 of them are sold a year.
Yamaguchi/Hofu district
  • Gairo - Yamaguchi CityMainly sold. Characterized by using bracken powder.
  • Ouchi Nuri-Folk Art of Yamaguchi City
Ube/Onoda/Mine district


The annual number of tourists in each municipality of Yamaguchi Prefecture is the figure for 2019 based on Yamaguchi Prefecture statistics.[33] According to the report, the number of tourists in the prefecture as a whole was 3601.3 million, and the number of guests was 13.6 million, down 376.2% from the previous year due to the absence of major events.In terms of the number of tourists by municipality,ShimonosekiThe largest number was 711.3 million (101.6% compared to the previous year), followed byYamaguchi City516 million people (84.3%),Hagi City451 million people (99.1%),Iwakuni322 million people (102.3%),Nagato CityThis is followed by 241 million (95%).

The number of foreign tourists decreased by 22% to 35.7, and the number of foreign guests decreased by 14.9% to 10.4 due to the deterioration of Japan-South Korea relations.As a compositionMainland China8.5 (composition ratio 23.8%), then South KoreaApproximately 8.3 (23.2%),Taiwan6.3 people (17.6%),AmericaThis is followed by 2.5 (6.9%).

In terms of the number of tourists by departure and arrival point, the prefecture has the largest number with 2124.2 thousand (composition ratio 59%), followed byChugoku421.4 people (11.7%),Kyushu regionas well as the Okinawa region395.2 people (11%),Kanto region189.4 people (5.3%),Kinki163.6 people (4.5%),Chubu region79.7 people (2.2%),Shikoku region52.5 people (1.5%),Hokkaido regionas well as the Tohoku regionThere were 24.5 (0.7%).

In terms of the number of tourists by seasonSpring:(March-May) was the largest with 3 million (composition ratio 5%), followed bySummer: (June-August) 6 million people (8%),Fall:(June-August) 9 million people (11%),Winter:(December-February) There were 12 million people (2%).

The hot spring isYuda hot spring,Kawatana hot spring,Yumoto Onsen,Tawarayama OnsenThere are 51 springs. Of these, 25 springs are radioactive springs, 9 springs are simple hot springs, 13 springs are chloride springs, and the remaining 3 springs are of other quality.

As a tangible cultural property building,Matsushita Village School,Hagi reverberatory furnace, Hagi Castle Town,Oitayama Tatara Iron Making Site,Ebisugahana Shipyard Site world HeritageRegister with ("Meiji Japan's Industrial Revolution Heritage Steel & Steelmaking, Shipbuilding, Coal IndustryOf Shimonoseki CityKozanji TempleBuddhist templeSumiyoshi ShrineMain hall of Yamaguchi cityRuriko-ji TempleFive-storied pagodaNational treasureSpecified to,Akama ShrineThe water gate and corridorImportant intangible cultural propertyThe Horiuchi area, Heian Ko area, Hamasaki area, Sasami city area of ​​Hagi city and Furuichi Kanaya area of ​​Yanai cityImportant traditional buildings preservation areaHas been selected as.


Events held in the past


Works set in Yamaguchi Prefecture

People from Yamaguchi Prefecture


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