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👍 | "CoD: Warzone" official Twitter tweeted meaningful content "The end is near ..." ...

Photo Game * Spark Review: Call of Duty: Warzone

"CoD: Warzone" official Twitter tweeted meaningful content "The end is near ..." ...

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In "War Zone", the other day, a user posted a video of a nuclear missile being dropped on the map on the overseas bulletin board Reddit.

Activision Blizzard is now available on the official Call of Duty Twitter account ... → Continue reading

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Nuclear missile

Nuclear missile(Missile)Nuclear warhead(nuclear weapons)missileThat.Nuclear weapon delivery meansOne of.In many cases, not only missiles with guidance devices, but also unguidedRocketIs included in the classification.


Atomic bombWas developedSecond World WarAt that time, it wasaircraftIt was an aerial bomb dropped from.Ballistic missileHas just been born, and the bombing accuracy and loading capacity are insufficient, and the technology isNazi GermanyCould not be used by other countries because it was monopolized by.

With the end of the war, technology spread, and while each country was conducting research, it was the first to succeed in developing a large ballistic missile.Soviet Unionwas.And the Soviet Union1949ToAtomic bombWhen you get the first, both are combinedIntercontinental ballistic missileIsR-7Was developed,The United States of AmericaWill be deployed as a target.

After the warIn the immediate United States, the huge aircraft development power and the result of the new aircraft, the powerful that fought the warair forceThere is a unit, and the nuclear force at that time wasBomberThe unit played a central role.laterB-36The development of the giant bomber 10-10 bomber was already underway during the war, and the development of a jet bomber that adopted the German swept wing theory had also begun.Also heavy and big at that timeAtomic bombLarge bombers that can carryThe United KingdomThe development of ballistic missiles was not in a hurry, partly because there was only one.HoweverB-29Is a copy ofTu-4The news of the existence of the R-7 and the deployment of the R-XNUMX will accelerate the development of ballistic missiles in the United States, and a wide variety of ballistic missiles will be deployed.Of these, the Army's long-range missiles were later transferred to the Air Force to unify operations, which the Air Force originally had.Cruise missileStrategic bomberNuclear attack missions by a combination ofNavy OfSubmarine fired ballistic missileEquippedNuclear submarineTogether, the so-called American "" was formed.After that, a new bomber aimed at reducing the defense budgetXB-70 ValkyrieDevelopment has been discontinuedSALT,STARTIf the increase in ballistic missiles deployed on land is stopped due to the effects of disarmament such as, the weight of nuclear forces will gradually shift to the Navy.

As a result, the Soviet Union took the lead in nuclear missiles, followed by the United States, which caught up.


A nuclear missile can be thought of as an unmanned weapon that flies in the air and launches a nuclear attack.If there is a guidance device, it is called a missile, otherwise it is called a rocket.Ballistic flight outside the atmosphereBallistic missileAnd the winged flying in the atmosphereCruise missileIt can be roughly divided into.Theoretically, an unguided flying object that flies with a jet engine can be considered, but there is no practical example.

Miniaturization, increased power, andHydrogen bombDevelopment etc.nuclear weaponsAs research progresses, nuclear weapons will have diverse goals and will be installed on diverse transportation platforms.Nuclear bombThe powerful destructive power of was more than supplemented by the primitive guidance device at that time.In other words, even if the aim is a little off, it is possible to damage the other party if it is a nuclear weapon.

However, on a global scale, starting with a tactical nuclear attackNuclear warTo each weapon whenNuclear warheadDiffusion gradually slowed down,Cold WarWhen the end of the United StatesロシアMany of the tactical nuclear missiles have been retired.Most of the nuclear missiles are now used as strategic weapons in these countries.On the other hand, new ballistic missiles are being developed in each country with the spread of missile technology, and some of these countries have succeeded in developing nuclear weapons.It is believed that nuclear missiles are in operation in these countries.

Air-to-air missile
A weapon that uses small nuclear weapons to collectively destroy a densely flying enemy bomber unit.
In the United StatesAir-to-air nuclear rocket Gini, An air-to-air nuclear missileNuclear FalconEtc. have been put into practical use.
Air-to-ground missile
Cruise missileThe idea of ​​mounting a bomber on a bomber and invading and attacking an enemy country deeply had been in place since World War II.After the war, it was considered to attach a nuclear warhead and use it as a strategic weapon.At that time, it was in the middle of developing a large ballistic missile, and its future was uncertain, so it seems that winged cruise missiles were seen as the future favorite, especially in the United States.
Rascal, a missile of this typeHound dog,SRAM,ALCMand so on.Even in the Soviet UnionBackfire,black JackIt is known that there are various cruise missiles mounted on jet bombers such as.Britain is other than the US and Soviet UnionBlue steelAnd operatedFrance ASMPIs in operation.
Surface-to-air missile
The Soviet Union had deployed surface-to-air missiles with nuclear warheads to intercept US strategic bomber units.
America tooarmy OfNike Hercules,air force OfBomarkI had a nuclear warhead in place.
Ballistic interceptor missile(ABM)
The ABM is a surface-to-air missile as an operational form.Early ABMs were, without exception, equipped with nuclear warheads.This is the currentBMDHowever, as a problem, the reaction time is extremely short in ballistic missile interception missions where the relative velocity is extremely high, so a nuclear warhead that can take a large radius of harm was adopted in the hope.
For high altitude interception in the United StatesNike Zeus(Development discontinued), sameSpartan, For low altitudeSprintEtc. were developed.ABM was also developed in the Soviet Union, but after thatABM ConventionThe United States stopped operating missiles, the Soviet UnionMoscowOnly a small number were deployed in the surrounding area.At that time, it was accompanied by a nuclear explosionElectromagnetic pulse(EMP) Disturbance is not well known andFalloutConsidering the existence of (Fall out), it is considered that the damage to the home country was considerable even if the interception was successful when the ABM was used over the home country.
Strategic surface-to-ground ballistic missile
Have a nuclear warheadStrategic nuclear weaponsLong-range ballistic missiles are being developed and operated in various countries.
A missile launched from an aircraft and flying ballistically.America isSky boltI was developing ALBM, but the plan was canceled after all.Due to this influence, Britain, which was planning to introduce Skybolt, had to review the nuclear force system, and1962At the meeting between the leaders at that timePresident Kennedy Prime Minister McMillanToPolaris SLBMBritain, which proposed and accepted the sale of the nuclear force, became the main force of the nuclear forceair forceからNavyWill be moved to.
Strategic surface-to-ground cruise missile
This type of missile is mainlyUS Air ForceDeveloped and operated in.Navajo,Matador,Mace, Snark, etc. were operated.Before returnOkinawaToChugokuMace B was deployed with the goal of domestic, and the huge snark has a range of 8,800.kmReachedNorth AmericaIt is possible to attack China and the Soviet Union directly from, and the Air Force called it an intercontinental missile (ICM).
またUS NavyAlso developed regular,Nuclear submarineIn addition to being installed and operated inTomahawkWas developed and installed on surface ships and submarines.
Fractional Orbital Bombing System
The Soviet Union developed a nuclear missile called the Fractional Orbital Bombing System (FOBS) in the 1960s.Unlike ballistic missiles, nuclear warheads fly in satellite orbit.
Tactical surface-to-ground ballistic missile
Short-range ballistic missile(SRBM) and rockets are used for tactical purposes.As a tactical surface-to-ground missile in the United StatesLacrosse,Corporate,Sargent,Pershing I,LanceAnd so on, nuclear rocketsHonest John,Little JohnIt was operated by the Army with.In the Soviet UnionR-17 (Scud)In addition to the operation of many surface-to-ground missiles, it is said that the Luna-M (FROG) series of surface-to-ground rockets also had nuclear warheads.French Pluton,イ ス ラ エ ルJericho,PakistanHatov,Shaheen 1,Chugoku OfDongfeng 11,Dongfeng 15Etc. also fall into this category.
Anti-ship missile/Anti-submarine missile
Make the powerful US Navy a hypothetical enemySoviet navyThere were many anti-ship / anti-submarine weapons with nuclear warheads.Nuclear torpedo,Nuclear lightning, And anti-ship / anti-submarine nuclear missiles.These are mounted on surface ships and submarines, and are sent to the US fleet along with air-launch-to-ship missiles of ground-based Navy bomber units.Saturation attackWas planned to be added.

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