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🐈 | The number of followers is increasing rapidly on SNS!Emi Necozawa "Nekosiki I'm hungry even if I'm sad, and I'll do it properly tomorrow ...


The number of followers is increasing rapidly on SNS!Emi Necozawa "Nekosiki I'm hungry even if I'm sad, and I'll do it properly tomorrow ...

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centuryWhat is (seiiki)?ADIt is a name for a range that is separated by 100 years.Centennial. "century"British /ˈSenʧɚi/ Century)Translation(The etymology is Latin "centum" which means "hundred"). "Century"CMay be represented by the abbreviation "" (for example, "20C "Is20st centuryRepresents).

Century is AD, ADFirst year(1) Is counted as one unit every 100 yearsOrdinalIt is expressed by. AlsoB.C.The century is also counted every 1 years, starting from 100 BC (Later). For this reason,0There is no such thing as the "0th century", just as there is no. For example,21st centuryIs in EnglishThe 21st (twenty-first) Century Is expressed as "21ThCentury"FirstIt means "21st century".

In addition,astronomyThen, as a unit of time "quantity"Julius century(= 36 525 days) is used (Later). In addition to this, the century has been used for various expressions, and this section also explains these expressions.

How to find the range of the century and its year

Century after AD

cCentury (cpositive OfInteger) Is the year (c× 100-99) to AD (c×100) refers to 100 years. For example,20st century The1901から2000To say.

Conversely, if a given year is the year y (= year y) (y is a positive integer), then that year isCentury (⌊x⌋ is the largest integer less than or equal to x(Floor function(See)).

Century BC

B.C.The century in is similar to the century after AD, only with the years reversed. Ie BCcCentury (c is a positive integer) BCc×100) to BC (c× 100-99) years up to 100 years). For example,1th century BC The100 BCから1 BCUp to2th century BC The200 BCから101 BCUp to.

If any given year is the year y BC (y is a positive integer), then that year is BCCentury (⌊x⌋ is the largest integer less than or equal to x).

For example, the century 200 BC = BCCentury = BCCentury = 2nd century BC

Negative AD century

Astronomy, not the number of the previous yearISO 8601: 2004The minus year used in (Astronomical chronologyIn the case of ), there is a one-year gap between the absolute value of the AD and the year before the epoch, so0,1 BCSee also).

Ie BCcThe century (c is a positive integer) is the year (-c×100 + 1) to AD (-c×100 + 100) for 100 years. For example, the third century BC is 3 years from the year (-3 x 100 + 1) = -299 to the year (-3 x 100 + 100) = -200.

A given year is the year y (where y is 0 orNegativeInteger), the year is BCCentury (⌊x⌋ is the largest integer less than or equal to x).

For example, century -200 BC (= 201 BC) = BCCentury = BCCentury = 3nd century BC

Establishment of translation

originally"worldThe character ""丗”Is also written,30Represents30 年 間Was meant. This is one generation, that is, because one generation is replaced in about 30 years.generation"Means,"worldIs also represented.

The word century is originallyChugokuでemperor OfGenerational recordsWas meant.JapanBut also "DescentWas used to mean that1876ToSuzuki onlyFor the first timeTranslation of "century"Used as1882It started to take root around that time. In earlier books, there was a verbatim response to century as "the hundredth century." In China, the word "稘" was originally used as the translation of century.Sino-Japanese warFrom the front and backJapaneseUnder the influence of, "century" came to be used to mean century.

Discussion on century breaks

About the century delimiter,20st centuryFor example, there are the following two ideas.

  1. 1901May 1Begins with2000May 12Ends in
  2. 1900Starting on January 1st,1999It ends on December 12st.

1. is the official delimiter, so21st century The2001Starting on January 1st,2100It ends on December 12st. The reason for this is0Is not provided,1st century The1から100Until,2st century The101から200Up to Similarly, if you continue to divide into 100 years, then the 20th century will be the division of step 1 above, and the following 21st century will also be 2001 years from 2100 to 100.

Record when the century breaks[Detailed information for identifying documents]according to16st centuryDiscussions have been repeated since the end. The reason why discussions are overwhelmed as the time comes to come every 100 years is because the parties who once participated in the discussion are all dead 100 years after the next discussion.

In Europe and America, there was a strong opinion that the 21st century would start in 2000. New Year's Day 2000MillenniumCelebration events and other events were held in various places. In addition to the good year 2000,キ リ ス ト OfGreat sacred yearIt is also a big hit.JapaneseMany of them did not have such a habit, so many people said they would start in 2001. In some governments, the government officially adopted the year 2000 as a break, but withdrew it and announced that it would start in 2001.

Century in astronomy

astronomyIn this case, the century is used as a unit of time. In this case, "Julius century (julian century)''[1].. Julius centuryJulian yearIs 100 times. That is, 36 525 d (days) = exactly 3 155 760 000 secondSay. The unit symbol of the Julian century is "TIs often used.

Other usages and meanings

  • Divide 100 years (= 1st century) into equal partsHalf50 years ofHalf a century(Hansei),one quarter25 years ofQuarter century(Shinseiiki),Three quarters75 years ofThree quarter quartersIt is sometimes expressed as (sanshihansei).
  • "Media"A new century begins"Space developmentOf the century"America"Century"TimeIt is sometimes used to mean "," and symbolizes the age of something,Century ofThere is also an expression with "". Although there is no clear distinction, the "century of" contains long-term nuances of about 100 years, and the expression of a period of about 30 years includes "...generationThere is.
  • Events and records that seem to occur once in the first century, such as "invention of the century" and "reversal of the century", are preceded by the words "CenturyIs used to emphasize expressions. In fact, even if it’s not so rare or that it happens many times in the first century,Emphasized expressionIs used as.
  • Generational records,HistoryIs called "century" (example of use- This morning century).


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  1. ^ SI Units, IAU 5.15 Astronomical units: Section "The IAU has used the julian century of 36 525 days in the fundamental formulae for precession"

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