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👩‍🎤 | Nogizaka46 Haruka Kaki, Nogizaka46 Rena Yamazaki Personality "I wanted to talk to someone in Rena Yamazaki. 』…

Photo Nogizaka46 Haruka Kaki, Nogizaka46 Rena Yamazaki Personality "I wanted to talk to someone in Rena Yamazaki. ] Guest appearance decision!

Nogizaka46 Haruka Kaki, Nogizaka46 Rena Yamazaki Personality "I wanted to talk to someone in Rena Yamazaki. 』…

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"I wanted to talk to someone from Rena Yamazaki.

[Click here for images] Haruka Kaki of Nogizaka46 and Rena Yamazaki of Nogizaka46 are the personalities of TOKYO F ... → Continue reading


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Reina Yamazaki

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Rena Yamazaki(Reina Yamazaki,1997〈Heisei9 years>May 5 -) isJapan OfIdol,Radio personalityAnd a female idol groupNogizaka46Is a member of[2].TokyoEdogawa-kuBackground[3].Ikubunkan Junior and Senior High Schoolgraduate[4].Keio Universitygraduate[4][5]..During entertainment activitiesRena Yamazaki(Rena Yamazaki)[6][Note 1]Therefore, the following will be referred to as Rena Yamazaki.


Joined Nogizaka2013 after passing the 25nd gen member audition on March 3, 28[7]On December 5 of the same yearAkasaka ACT TheaterTheatrical performance at16 principal deuxNogizaka46's 2nd gen member at the daytime performance[8]Was done.

On February 2015, 27 (Heisei 2), "Nogizaka46 3rd YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE』(Seibu Dome) To be promoted to a regular member[9]However, on June 6th of the same year, Nogizaka30 announced the suspension of activities for the 46th single in order to concentrate on his studies.[10]did.

On the official blog on March 2016, 28 (Heisei 3),Keio UniversityAnnounced to go on to[11][12].

On March 2018, 30 (Heisei 3), the radio program "Money』(bayfm) To assistant MCMisato EtoAppeared as a successor[13]Then, it was announced.

2019 years(Reiwa5st year) From May 9thHikari TV channel +Started broadcasting his own crown program "Nogizaka46 Rena Yamazaki History Jikan"[14], From the broadcast on November 11, the same yearCBC Radio"ChumoriThursdayGuessing』In the corner" Nogizaka46 Rena Yamazaki's "One Piece of Push" "regular appearance[15].

On the official blog on March 2020, 2 (Reiwa 3nd year),Keio UniversityAnnounced that he graduated from[16][Note 2]..On May 5th of the same year, "Nogizaka28 Rena Yamazaki History Jikan" reached its final episode.[17], From August 8th as a successor programHikari TV channel +"Nogizaka46 Rena Yamazaki and Ohatsu-chan" started broadcasting[18]..From October 10st of the same year, the live radio wide daytime program "What I wanted to talk to someone in Reina Yamazaki.(Monday-Thursday 13: 00-14: 55),TOKYO FMStarted broadcasting on (Yamazaki himself acts as a personality).This is the first regular appointment of a band program among the members of Nogizaka46.[19]..On October 10th of the same year, the "Edogawa Future Conference" (chaired by: Chairman:Takeshi SaitoElected as a member of the Edogawa Ward Mayor)[20]..Since October 10, the same year, he has been a regular on TV Tokyo's "Tokyo GOOD!" (Monday 12: 21-).[21].

On February 2021, 3 (Reiwa 2), as the first book, the history book "History Jikan" based on "Nogizaka10 Rena Yamazaki History Jikan" was published.GentoshaReleased by[22]..Nogizaka6's 9th single "" released on October 46th of the same yearI'm sorry Fingers crossed"Rusted compass", a song by an under member recorded as a coupling song of "", will serve as the center for the first time.[23].



Nickname is Renachi[24], Rena Chi[25], Lena[25], Zaki[26], Zaki[27], Zakichi[25], Zakicchi[28], Zaki-chan[28], Zakichon[28], Zakincho[28], Zakiyama-chan[24],Such.

There are many nicknames, and as of February 2018, the number has exceeded 2.The name used during idol activities is "Rena Yamazaki" using "saki" instead of "saki", which is the notation on the family register, in order to prevent garbled characters.[6][Note 1].


Nogizaka46's bestReki-joKnown as[29]I love taiga dramas and historical novels, so I bought two high school textbooks, and in one of them I wrote a correlation diagram of the characters in the margin and learned like a drama.Ryoma SakamotoBig fan of[30]..When I was in college, I started learning Chinese because I wish Nogizaka46 could live in China. I want to help the group at that time.[31].

My hobby is quizzes,Quiz presentation variety Q-sama!!』And frequently appear in quiz programs such as[32]..The reasonKazu LaserAnalyzed that "the growth rate of the second time was higher than when it appeared the first time, and it came to be called because the people around me thought that they were enthusiastic about working on the program." ing.Participating in a quiz study session sponsored by Kazureza[31]..In October 2020, also as a quiz measureWorld Heritage TestObtained the second grade[33].

Since I was a university studentradikoHe charges premium members and listens to various radio programs.In particular, CBC Radio, which ended in September 2019,Nagaoka x ScrambleWas a heavy listener, posted on the program and appeared on the program[34][35]. Also,Sanin Broadcasting(BSS Radio) "Kana Moriya's Hakidasa Night!』, And played a guest appearance on the program in July 2020[36][37].

Friendship etc.

Former member of Nogizaka46Sayuri InoueIs a close friend of Nogizaka46 before its inauguration.[38].




Kojizaka 46



Video work



Other TV programs




History book

  • History (February 2021, 2, Gentosha)[22]



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