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🐈 | The dogs went to space.The trailer for the movie "Dog does not sing" has been unveiled, additional scene photos, and release date have been decided!


The dogs went to space.The trailer for the movie "Dog does not sing" has been unveiled, additional scene photos, and release date have been decided!

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And such an urban legend was born in the city-Leica returns to the earth as a spirit and wanders the street corner with her grandchildren-This work is space development, ego, unreasonable violence, space development of this society surrounding dogs A new-style documentary film in which the streets of Moscow and the universe intersect through dogs, drawn from the archive of the project and images taken from the perspective of dogs on the ground.

Where are dogs and humans heading? The 1950s, the era of the Cold War.Soviet Union for space exploration ... → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Space development

Space development(Uchukai Hatsu,English: space exploration) Is宇宙空間TheA humanIt refers to all activities for sending various devices to space and for human beings to go out into space in order to use them for their social activities or to satisfy human quest.

History of space development

As a concept of space development for human beings to advance into outer space,19st centuryOf science fiction writersJules VerneDrawn in the novelCannonball space travelHowever, as research aimed at realization,1903Toロシア OfKonstantin TsiolkovskyHowever, liquid fuel type multi-stage rockets andArtificial satellite, Proposed basic technologies for space development such as colonialism on planets.AmericaThen.1926ToRobert GoddardThe liquid fuel rocket was successfully launched by.GermanyThen,1923ToHermann OberthProposed an empirical theory of rocket propellant1927As a foundationVfR (Space Travel Association)Is established.

after that,World DepressionDue to such influences, research on space development will run out of funds.Space Travel Association1934I'm going to break upGermanyThen.1929ToWaffenamtStarted developing rocket weapons and belonged to the associationWerner von BraunAnd Oberth and others1942ToLiquid fuelSucceeded in development using.Second World WarInV2 rocketEtc. were also used in actual battles.When Germany's defeat in the war became deeper, rocket engineers such as von Braun surrendered to the United States, and the Soviet Union, which was behind the United States in the development of atomic bombs, also seized scientists and rocket objects and materials. The rocket technology cultivated in Germany was handed over to the victorious nation.

After World War II, the United States and the Soviet UnionCold WarWhen it becomes a state, research on technologies that can be used for military purposes, such as ballistic missiles and artificial satellites, will be competed as a national project.Space development competitionWill be.Expansion of the communication network by the realization of artificial satellites is also expected in private businesses, and the United States is led by the Navy.Vanguard planBased on1955In July, the Soviet Union declared the launch of artificial satellites in August.The Soviet Union is facing technical problems in the United States1957Artificial satellite in OctoberSputnik 1, I put a dog in NovemberSputnik 2Succeeded and showed a technological advantage over the United States.The United States launched Vanguard 12 in December but failed, fearing that the successful Soviet satellite launch would threaten US security.Sputnik shockRan.In the United States, the Vanguard plan was revised1958ToNASAWas established, and in January, the Juno I type was successfully launched.Then the US and the Soviet Union will fight fiercely for the world's first achievement.

In the space race, the Soviet Union initially took the lead, manned space flight and to the moon and planets.ProbeHe monopolized all the world's first great achievements such as landing.However, in the manned lunar landing, the AmericanApollo projectWas preceded.The Apollo program required a huge amount of money and received a lot of opposition from politicians and others, but the plan was promoted with the strong support of public opinion.1969May 7ToApollo 11Succeeded in the world's first manned lunar landing, and the space race reached its peak.After thatRice sode tant, The competition between the US and the Soviet Union has become looser due to the entry of space development other than the US and Soviet Union and the diminished public attention.1975By the US-Soviet UnionApollo-Soyuz test planIt ended with.

Number of rocket launches by country / success rate

The cumulative number of rocket launches in the world is 2011 as of the end of 5,171.Of these, 4,731 were successful, with a success rate of 91.5%.[1]

  • Cumulative number of rocket launchers by country / region / international organization / multinational company (end of 2011)
RankingLaunch countryNumber of aircraftNumber of successesSuccess rate
1Soviet Union flag Soviet Union / Russian flag ロシア2,9622,76293.2%
2United States flag The United States of America1,4821,31388.6%
〇European Union flag ESRO / ESA21019592.9%
〇Multi national company20219395.5%
3Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China16414990.9%
4Japanese flag Japan887686.4%
5Indian flag India352571.4%
6French flag France12975.0%
7Israeli flag イ ス ラ エ ル8675.0%
8British flag The United Kingdom2150.0%
9Iran flag (I.e.22100%
10Brazilian flag Brazil200%
11Republic of Korea flag  South Korea200%

Number of satellites and spacecraft launched by country

The cumulative number of satellites and spacecraft launched in the world is 2020 as of May 5.Among them, the number of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites / spacecraft is 9,568, the number of medium earth orbit (MEO) satellites / spacecraft is 5232, the number of geosynchronous orbit (GEO) satellites / spacecraft is 383, etc. The number of satellites and spacecraft is 880[2].

  • Cumulative number of satellite launches by country / region / international organization / multinational company (May 2020)
RankingLaunch countryQuantity
1Soviet Union flag Soviet Union / Russian flag ロシア3,772
2United States flag The United States of America2,759
3Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China535
4Japanese flag Japan266
?Unknown flagGlobal star84
〇Unknown flag Intelsat81
〇European Union flag ESRO / ESA71
5French flag France109
6German flag Germany64
〇Unknown flagSES55
〇Unknown flagEutelsat49
7British flag The United Kingdom44
8Canadian flag カナダ42
9Italian flag イタリア33
10Spanish flag スペイン20

Space development agencies in each country


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