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📚 | You don't have to throw it away unnecessarily.I will teach you the tips for cleaning up without doing your best.


You don't have to throw it away unnecessarily.I will teach you the tips for cleaning up without doing your best.

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Based on this idea, this book also introduces organizing and storing techniques tailored to individual rooms such as the living room, kitchen, and children's room.

The season for changing clothes.Although I started organizing the closet, the bulkiness of the summer and winter clothes is completely different.In the place where it ends up ... → Continue reading

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Children's room

Children's room(Children's room) lives as a residenceHomeExclusively inchildrenUsed exclusively for部屋That is.A place for children to play and live.


19st century OfEuropeIn the civil society of the middle class and above, the era of unification of work and residence has passed, and after the residence has become a place of comfort and rest for adults working outside the home, children will live in the home. Driven to the periphery of the house, mainly parentsStudy,Bedroom,Guest roomThe room was taken, and the attic of the surplus was addressed as a place for the children.そして、親たちの社会生活に首を突っ込ませないために、その現実の生活の代用として、男の子にはAnd as a substitute for that real life, for boys, in order not to get their heads stuck in the social life of their parentsTin soldierFor girlsDollhouseWas given.

Written in this era and still representative todayChildren's literatureIn the work, the whereabouts of the children areatticIs. "Peter Pan], [Princess Sarah], [Redhead annePlease refer to.

Japan also,Pacific Warrear,Benjamin Spockof"Dr. Spock's childcare bookWas introduced as a disciplined bible, and the view that children should be woken up in a separate room to foster independence became widespread.High growth periodWith the rise of the economy, it has gradually become widespread to set up children's rooms in houses from the beginning.さらに、現代では国民生活の向上とFurthermore, in modern times, the improvement of national lifeYoungerAs a result, even though parents cannot have their own room, each person is given priority.cooler,computerIt is not uncommon for things like this to be installed.


Generally, children's rooms are unisex when children are small, and often become separate rooms after a long time.It is used as a playground and a bedroom as well as a study room.It has the following items.

Location in the house

In 19th-century European urban culture, it was often found in the attic, but in the latter half of the 20th century, as the number of children decreased, the weight of children in the family increased, and the house The children's room is located in a sunny south-facing position,EntranceIt is becoming more and more common for children to be in a place where the noise of children does not get in the way, even if people come and go, such as away from the side or due to the area of ​​adults such as the second floor and work.See Resources for background and history of the birth of the children's room.


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