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📱 | OnePlus Watch test: The least smart smartwatch…

Photo The Oneplus Watch: The least smart smartwatch of 2021? – The Oneplus Watch is elegant and durable. Its confusing software, however, stands out in many places. – OnePlus / dpa

OnePlus Watch test: The least smart smartwatch…

When an up-and-coming smartphone manufacturer like OnePlus announces its first smartwatch, you'd be forgiven for hoping that an Android brand might finally come close to knocking the smartwatch crown from Apple's head. But to the disappointment of OnePlus fans and smartwatch owners , this watch is nowhere near the throne, still claimed by the Apple Watch. Sadly, it offers simply too few smarts for a smartwatch in 2021. OnePlus gambled with its smartwatch and decided against using Google's Wear OS, which allows for deeper integration with Android smartphones. Instead, the watch runs on its own p… → Continue reading


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