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👩‍🎤 | #Babababambi Mio Minato & Akane Yoshizawa praise their determination for the first local triumphal live "The best memories are updated ...

Photo #Babababambi Mio Minato & Akane Yoshizawa Official Twitter

#Babababambi Mio Minato & Akane Yoshizawa praise their determination for the first local triumphal live "The best memories are updated ...

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With the addition of new members, #Babababambi, which is gaining momentum, and Mio Minato and Akane Yoshizawa will keep an eye on their future activities.

#Babababambi's Mio Minato and Akane Yoshizawa talk about their enthusiasm for events and live performances in their hometown of Fukuoka this weekend ... → Continue reading


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Mio Minato

Mio Minato(Minato Mio,1997May 6 -) isJapan OfIdol,Gravure idol[2],モデル,actress.Zeroichi FamiliaBelongs. Female idol group# Bubba BambiMembers of[3](Blue charge[4]).


  • When I was a freshman in college, I became the first cosplayer to stand in front of people[5].
  • While working at a maid cafe in Fukuoka, he is active as a cosplayer and photo session model not only in Fukuoka prefecture but also in Tokyo and Osaka.
  • Moved to Tokyo in July 2019, August 7, 2019Zeroichi FamiliaAnnounced affiliation and started activities as a model and actress based in Tokyo[6].
  • Zeroichi FamiliaParticipated in the 2020 image visual of[7].
  • I was watching the performance at the event "Fukuoka's Valentine SP" held on February 2020, 2.# Bubba BambiThe staff will ask you to join the next day. March 2020, 3 Officially announced to join# Bubba BambiTo start activities as[8].
  • Zeroichi FamiliaParticipated in the 2021 image visual of[9].


  • My hobby is watching the game.
  • Special skill is bass performance.
  • Self-proclaimed personalityDarkness.
  • I have a cat at my parents' house in Fukuoka.
  • I was a library committee member until high school, and my dream at that time was a librarian.[5].
  • SUPER ☆ GiRLS,= LOVE,Nogizaka46Have been auditioned for[10].
  • Your favorite idol isNogizaka46とBiSH.. I recommend the former membersNanase NishinoAnd Ayuni D.
  • Aikatsu Friends!It has nothing to do with Mio Minato, the character that appeared in.
  • # Bubba BambiThe color in charge is blue.




# About the appearance as a member of Bubba Bambi# Bubba BambiSee

TV programs/Internet distribution programs

  • Tokyo Style TV (YouTube Tokyo Style Channel)
    • June 2019, 6 broadcast #9
    • June 2019, 8 broadcast #12
    • June 2019, 8 broadcast #31
    • June 2020, 1 broadcast #25
    • June 2020, 3 broadcast #15
  • Death office(Episode 2019 guest appearance, TV Tokyo affiliate, broadcast November 11, 13)
  • Oops girl trip-Slip and fall to Myoko- (TV Kanagawa, broadcast on February 2020, 2)
  • Cream Nanchanra(TV Asahi series, broadcast on August 2020, 8)
  • WINTICKET Midnight Bicycle Race(AbemaTV, broadcast on August 2020, 8, September 17)
  • Mari Yaguchi's Tuesday The NIGHT #206 (AbemaTV, broadcast on August 2020, 8)
  • SESSION (Chukyo TV broadcast on February 2021, 2, YouTube released on February 9, 2021[11], Episode Talk released on February 2th[12])
  • Little Devil Teacher ♡ Psycho (peep, released on March 2021, 3)[13]
  • Hospitality Channel (YouTube, Part 2021 Released on March 3, 25[14], Part 3 released on March 27[15])


  • reGretGirl "Spring" (2020)[16]


  • Boarding School JulietAnimation commemoration event (September 2018-9, 16, Adores Akihabara store)[17] -Cosplay: Persia
  • The 7th Anitama Festival (October 2019, 10, Omiya Sonic City)[18] -Cosplay: Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Fukuoka's Valentine SP / Honda YuuhoBirthday Celebration (February 2020, 2, Shimokitazawa RHAPSODY)- Honda Yuuho,Akane YoshizawaCo-starred with
  • VenusFilm Vol.7 DVD release commemorative event (February 2020, 2, Sofmap AKIBA ① store)


  • 劇団コノエノ!特別公演「MONEY MONEY MONEY!」(2019å¹´11月6-10日、下北沢シアター711) - 出演は11月8日13:00、19:00、11月9日13:00 の公演


  • Weekly Shonen Magazine No.44 (October 2018, 10, Kodansha)-Boarding School Juliet Cosplay
  • Weekly Young Jump No. 12 (February 2019, 2, Shueisha)-YJ Cosplay War
  • Platinum FLASH x Zeroichi Familia (September 2019, 9, Kobunsha)-Zeroichi Jack
  • Monthly Entertainment December issue (October 12, 2019, Tokuma Shoten)-"Shifuku and Mizugi"Honda Yuuho,Akane YoshizawaCo-starred with
  • Separate Young Champion January issue (December 1, 2019, Akita Shoten)-Gravure in the volume "Oriental Journey"
  • Weekly playboy Issue 51 (Dec. 2019, 12, Shueisha)-Gravure in the volume "Starting Day"
  • Weekly playboy No. 10 (February 2020, 2, Shueisha)-Gravure in the volume "Bali Kawa Hakata Girls"
  • smart × Zeroichi Familia PHOTO & DVD BOOK (March 2020, 3, Takarajimasha)-Zeroichi Jack
  • Monthly Entertainment December issue (October 5, 2020, Tokuma Shoten)-"Shifuku and Mizugi"Kaho MoriCo-starred with
  • BLT July issue (May 7, 2020, Tokyo News Service)-Now is Zeroichi
  • Monthly Entertainment September-October issue (July 9, 10, Tokuma Shoten)-Kaiki! Zeroichi Gakuen 2020nd hour
  • Weekly playboy No. 33-34 (August 2020, 8, Shueisha)-Gravure in the volume "# Itoshii"
  • Weekly Young Jump Issue 36-37 (August 2020, 8, Shueisha)-6 girlfriends who love you
  • Weekly SPA! November 11 issue (October 3, 2020, Fusosha Publishing) --Beauty map "Fresh body in the process of maturity"
  • Monthly Entertainment February Issue (December 2, 2020, Tokuma Shoten)-"in Bedroom"
  • Weekly playboy No. 14 (March 2021, 3, Shueisha) --Book in Book "Tominato Kishi" co-starred with Miyu Kishi


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外部 リンク

# Bubba Bambi

The original notation is "#BubbaBambi"is. The title given to this article isTechnical limitationsorArticle name restrictionsIs inaccurate due to.

#BubbaBambi(Babababambi)2020Was formed inJapan OfFemale idol groupIs.Affiliation office01familia.


An entertainment agency with many models, talents, and gravure idols01familiaAkane Yoshizawa, Miyu Kishi,Mio Minato, Kotori Yui, Ikeda Melda and the research student's name have not been formed yet[1].

The origin of the group name is a coined word that means "horse, horse, horse, fawn" in kanji.[2]..The concept is "stupid"[3].

At the time of the flyer of the unveiling live, "No name yet" was planned to be a regular member instead of "Mio Minato", but it was announced that he would decline, and the current members will be active.


BYR color wheel.svgIn this theoryColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.
NameReadingDate of BirthBirth PlaceheightColor in chargeTagline
Akane YoshizawaYoshizawa Akane1997/07 / 02_ (1997-07-02) 1997May 7(23 years old)Fukuoka162 cm    黄色Innocent magician who loves pretty girls
Miyu KishiKishi Miyu2001/02 / 13_ (2001-02-13) 2001May 2(20 years old)Saitama145 cm    "Red"The youngest member with a cute petite body
Mio MinatoMinato Mio1997/06 / 10_ (1997-06-10) 1997May 6(23 years old)Fukuoka162 cm    tag[4]Orthodox idol from Fukuoka prefecture
Little bird playTakanashi1997/10 / 24_ (1997-10-24) 1997May 10(23 years old)Mie151 cm    whiteAn active female college student who is a nerdy idol and works hard
Ikeda MeldaIkeda Melda2000/02 / 06_ (2000-02-06) 2000May 2(21 years old)Saitama163 cm    绿A mood maker that boasts outstanding communicative competence
Saeko KondoSaeko1997/07 / 01_ (1997-07-01) 1997May 7(23 years old)Kumamoto149 cm    purple
UsakiRabbit2003/04 / 27_ (2003-04-27) 2003May 4(18 years old)Kanagawa156 cm    peach

Yearly record


  • January 1, #Babababambi formed[1].
  • The debut live will be decided on January 1st and March 31th of the same year.[2].
  • Mio Minato joins on March 3th[5].
  • March 3, debut live will be canceled due to the influence of coronavirus[6].
  • Participated in the first live performance against the band on July 7th[7]..This will be the first live performance.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,BLTIt is decided that the serialization project will start from the October issue[8].
  • From the Roppongi Idol Festival 8 held at EX THEATER ROPPONGI on August 9, the admission SE "Fanfare" will be held.Noburou TsunodaWill be a collaboration version with[9].
  • August 8st and 21nd, 22st and 21nd onlySHIBUYA109"POP UP SHOP in SHIBUYA109 Shibuya B1F DISP bikkur", a pop-up shop of #Babababambi, will be held at[10].
  • November 11, sister unit # 2i2Announced the formation of[11].


  • On February 2, Saeko Kondo and Usa Hiiragi joined and announced that they would start activities with seven people from March 25, 2021.[12].
  • On March 3th, he made his debut live at Veats Shibuya in Tokyo for over a year.[13]..I promised in the program that appearedMari YaguchiFlowers are given from and become a hot topic[13].


Delivery music

Delivery start datetitleLyricsCompositionform
2020th of February 7Babababambizmu ~!minamo / Akane YoshizawaKanae Asabasingle
2020th of February 7Love candyminamo / Akane YoshizawaKanae Asabasingle
2020th of February 8Zero gravity runnerAkane YoshizawaKOJI obasingle
2020th of February 8HanabigatariAkane Yoshizawa / Kan KojimaKOJI obasingle
2020th of February 9SOS! SummerAkane YoshizawaKOJI obasingle
2020th of February 12-Self-mindedness-Akane Yoshizawa / Kan KojimaKenta Hosoi / KOJI obasingle
2021th of February 2Youth GuiltyDJ Goldfish / Akane YoshizawaShinji Ryoki / KOJI obasingle
2021th of February 2AinohanaKojima Kan / Yoshizawa AkaneShinji Ryoki / KOJI obasingle

Single CD

#Release datetitleStandard product numberRecorded musicRemarks
12020th of February 8The beginning of the beginningHSRCD-0001
  1. Babababambizmu ~!
  2. Love candy

Live event

Live appearance

Media appearance

tv set

  • @JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL 2020 Complete Edition Special! !! "Future Stage Complete Edition Special !! DAY1" (December 2020, 12,Nippon Television Plus)


  • #Babababambi !? RADIO (October 2020, 10-March 6, 2021)InterFM897)

Web tv

Magazine serialization


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