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👍 | Naomi Watanabe reports her trip to the United States "I arrived in New York safely 🗽💗"

Photo Image: Naomi Watanabe Official Instagram

Naomi Watanabe reports her trip to the United States "I arrived in New York safely 🗽💗"

If you write the contents roughly
It seems that Beyonce also belongs to the management company (which supports Naomi Watanabe in the United States).

"I arrived in New York safely 🗽 A feeling of the beginning of a new life 🔥 I will do my best to study various things 🙏 Always support me ... → Continue reading

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Naomi Watanabe

Naomi Watanabe(Naomi Watanabe,1987(Showa62 years)May 10[1] -) isJapan Ofcomedian,chairperson,actress-Voice actor,singer.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs.Tokyo NSC12th generation.2021(Reiwa3 years) nowニ ュ ー ヨ ー クResident.


父-mother-sister・ A family of four (originally, the profile of one person was published, but later corrected).father Japanese,mother Taiwanese[3]So Naomi was born in Taiwan. He lived in Japan with his parents, but divorced when he was a child. Taken over by my motherIbarakiRaised in (Yoshimoto Kogyo's profile says "Ibaraki Prefecture"[4]), Taken by my motherJapanIt was a life of going back and forth between Taiwan.I've been longing for the entertainment world since I was little,JapaneseI was raised by a mother who didn't understandDouble Limited), Later at the age of 18 in the entertainment worlddebutdo ittv setI couldn't use Japanese well for a couple of years[5].

IbarakiGraduated from Ishioka City Ishioka Junior High School.Because I couldn't study at allUniversityI took the exam at 3 schools but failed, so I didn't go to high schoolYumeanAtPart-time jobWork as and save money.Middle school studentsAt that time, he was shy, but he was also imitating even if he gathered close friends, so he overcame the opposition of his parents and was almost runaway.NSCに 入 る[6].. Some parents have called NSC.

After breaking up the "Watamochi" combination with Aiko Mochizuki, Rina Sasaki of NSC synchronization[Note 1]I was forming a combination "Fresh Lime" with2007(19) Disbanded due to a difference in direction in September and made his debut as a pin entertainer.

2008(20) January 1 broadcast "New Year Big Sale! pacific saury no Manma』(Kansai TV)Koji ImadaIntroduced and performed as a comedy performer,Beyonce2 songs are imitated. Imada said, "The muscles I use are exactly the same as Beyonce", "I'm not a cheap snack sister." At this time,Mariah CareyI was going to imitate, but changed to Beyonce just before the production[7].

From May 3 of the same yearYou can laugh!』(Fuji Television Network, Inc)'S 14th generationIto youth squadAs,Rin SuzukiWithItomo Girls CorpsWas formed. American group where Beyoncé was enrolled in June of the same yearDestiny's ChildFamily BEST "Love Destiny"CMWas appointed to.

2009(21), participated in the unit "Tokyo One Dozen" by young Yoshimoto Kogyo.Other membersChocolate planet,Yoshii Inoshita,Tumons,Jungle pocket,Meme.

"" Held on November 11, December 30 and 12 of the same yearKeisuke Kuwata Act Against AIDS 2009 Guest Music in Tora-san, Charan Polanski Director, Screenplay, Starring "I Want to Do a Man"[8].

2011(23),"Stupid 8] Second place.

2012(24),2013(25) and appeared in "Unprecedented !! Laughing Festival The Dream Match" for the second consecutive yearWinFulfill.

2014(26) For 5 months from Mayニ ュ ー ヨ ー クStudy abroad in.same year,Boat racingImage character of (boat race)Boat meowAppointed as one of (BOATNYA RED). Also a Hong Kong TV stationNo-elevationIn the special drama "Affectionate Time" produced bymarriageContinues for 300 years to worry about the other partyJapanese sweets shopStarring in the role of the only daughter of.

2016(28),ChugokudomesticインターネットIn the above, it is introduced as "fashionable even if fat" and "in Japan, where obesity is a shame, her comical infection completely infected the audience and rapidly increased in popularity."[9].. From the end of the same year in TaiwanDepartment of Transportation Tourism BureauHas been appointed as a Taiwan Goodwill Ambassador[10].

2017(29) July serial drama "Canna!』(TBS) Starring[11].. It is the first time to star in a serial drama in the Golden Prime belt (7 to 11 pm).

2020(Reiwa 2nd year) In July, on his YouTube channel "NAOMI CLUB"Lady Gaga&Ariana Grandeof"Rain on me"Music video OfParodypublish[12].. RiceBillboardIn addition to being introduced to the media around the world, Gaga himself alsotwitterReceived praise as "Love this !!!"[13].


When appearing on the programheight157 cm,WeightIt is announced that it is 107 kg,Self-proclaimed H cup.. On November 2008, 20, it was revealed at an exercise event that he gained 11 kg in the seven months from April.[14].

BeyonceBecause he is a big fan of the song "Crazy in loveBegan to perform a lot of dance impersonation on TV.Along with this, it was also called "Japanese Beyonce," "Buyonse," or "Yoshimoto Beyonce."

The comedians I admireTakashi Okamura,croquette.the reasonIs "Because we are pursuing fun that anyone can understand with movement and face'[6].. 2016 (Heisei 28)NowThe problem is that the number of stories is small.When the material is exhausted, just as it istv setIt is said that it is scary because it seems to be erased from.It is said that the goal is to appear regularly in the Tale program, but it came true by becoming a regular of Picaru's theorem.[6].

I am extremely poor at cleaning, so I leave the cleaning of my room to a contractor.At the time of the first request, it was too dirty100 million yen (The amount of capital is incorrect here and in history, and should be divided by XNUMX correctly.)It was said that the cleaning fee was required[15].

I have a habit of wasting money, and basically I leave it to my desires to buy and splurge what I want.Since becoming a hot seller, his monthly income has reached millions of yen, but he is on the verge of running out of money before the payday due to unplanned usage.It is said that the deposit balance is always around 2 yen,Household account bookPut onCustomNor[15].

Catchy and pop fashion such as costumes and makeup in recent years has received widespread support.Social MediaBecause he has many followers inInstagramIt came to be called "the queen"[16].. The style is Watanabe's exclusive stylistAyano OtakiIs greatly affected by[17].. Watanabe is also said to be in love with Otaki[18]..Also, about make-up, make-up artists such as Noboru Tomizawa oftenInstagramAppear in.

On May 2017, 29 (Heisei 5), I obtained an ordinary driver's license (AT only).

In May 2017VOGUEIn the world's makeup series, Naomi Watanabe's makeup video[19]Is published,YouTubeIn addition to achieving millions of playbacks immediately, other makeup videos also achieved millions of playbacks in a month, and the makeup technique is also attracting attention.

CosmeticsEstee Lauder,Cefine, Proclaiming in his video that he loves Lunasol[20].

In Gochi, the family name was originally called "Watanabe", but now it is called "Naomi", and recently, other than Gochi, the name "Naomi" has become established.

ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クStudy abroadIn the examination at the medical institution that I had before I did, the effect of not remembering the words that I had to remember between the ages of 0 and 3 was noticeable. Originally, it was said to be "a number that makes TV work difficult".In response to this, Watanabe himselfMother tongueAlsoForeign languageHas not been established, so-called "Double LimitedI understand that.Also,Junior high schoolI self-analyze that this is the reason why I was extremely weak in school at the time.[21].

Miyu SawaiとDate of BirthIs exactly the same, Sawai originally liked Watanabe, and he actually metTwo shotで写真I have been allowed to take a picture[22].


TV program

Current appearance program
Past appearance programs

(October 2015-March 6, 2017,CBC TV)-Biweekly

Single-shot appearance program

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgram
2017(29)/68 timesFirst[27]Glitter feat. Canna

Radio program

Past appearance programs
  • AVALON(April 2016, 4-March 7, 2019,J-WAVE)-Thursday navigator

Web distribution


  • "Hanazakaso People #1 -Are you hungry?" (April 2008-4, 15,Jimbocho Kagetsu)
  • "People at Hanasakaso # 2 ~ Brothers & Brothers ~" (May 2008-5, 13, Jinbocho Kagetsu)
  • "Hanazakaso's People #3 -From Here and Here-" (June 2008-6, 17, Kazuki Jimbocho)
  • Kamibocho Kagetsu 2nd Anniversary Performance "UNSUNG HEROES ~ Heroes Who Can't Be Singed ~" (July 2009-7, 7, Kamibocho Kagetsu)
  • Super Chample Theater “Mirai Cyborg VS The Seven Youkai” (August 2009-8, 3,Yoshimoto Prince Theater)
  • "No." (February 2010-2, 16, Kazuki, Jimbocho)
  • "That's a megaton" (August 2010-8, 2, Kazuki Jimbocho)-Starring

Live & event

  • Single live "H" (August 2008, 8, Shibuya Theater D)
  • Solo live "Minamikurajo Naomi" (February 2009, 2, Shinjuku Theater Bratz)
  • Independent live "Natsu no petal Giant Revolution ~21 no Natsu~" (August 2009, 8, Shinjuku Theater Bratz)
  • Naomi & Hebo Talk Live (October 2009, 10, Shibuya Theater D) --Hirohisa Ota (Jungle pocket) With
  • JIMBOCHO Talk Naomi & Heebo (February 2010, 2, Jinbocho Kagetsu) --Co-starring with Hirohisa Ota (Jungle Pocket)
  • Single live "Production OK! ~22 Spring~" (March 2010, 3, Shinjuku Theater Bratz)
  • JIMBOCHO Talk Naomi & Heebo April Performance (April 4, 2010, Jinbocho Kagetsu) --Co-starring with Hirohisa Ota (Jungle Pocket)


Theater animation


TV drama

Web drama

Television Animation


  • 2014-The role of Boat Meow Red
  • 2017/2018-"Let's BOAT RACE!"-2017 alone, 2018RobertCo-starred with[40][41]
  • 2019-"Princesses Let's BOAT RACE"-Robert andKei TanakaCo-starred with[42]

Music video


  • "LUMINE the Yoshimoto "Aoda Buying 2009 Winter in the Industry" (2009)-as "Naomi Watanabe and Mr. Saito"
  • "Hanazakaso People First/Second Volume" (2009)
  • "Fight! Captain Bonita" (2009)
  • "Bakusho Red Carpet with Love from Katsumi" (2010)



Makeup videos

  • VOGUEOfficial YouTube Channel[55]Famous for revealing the whole story of his makeup[56].. The phenomenon that cosmetics such as lotion and foundation used in this video are sold out is one after another.




  • NAOMI CLUB members (channel registrants) announced a plan to give 100 members gifts by lottery every month.[59].
  • Appeared in the deliveryGuestGet Naomi Watanabe's weightPlanningannounced.If your weight is perfect, you will receive a gift.[59].

Distribution list

■ To describeGuestOnly the delivery times that appeared.

YouTube channel legend
○ --"After school of NAOMI CLUB"
TimesDelivery dateCHGuestWeight
12020(2nd year of Reiwa)
May 3
◎Ogawa Atsuna,Junnosuke MuraLosing
2May 3Jungle pocket
3May 4Hoshino Gen
4May 4Haruna Kondo
5May 4spike,Yokosawa NatsukoNot held
6May 5Tomochi
7May 6〇Haruna Ogawa, Junnosuke Mura
8May 6
9May 6
10May 9
11May 9

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