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👩‍🎤 | Lila Gray subscribes and releases debut work + "Fun The World" MV released!

Photo Lila Gray subscribes and releases debut work + "Fun The World" MV released!

Lila Gray subscribes and releases debut work + "Fun The World" MV released!

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The song was written, composed and arranged by Kissa Sasaki, the leader of the synth punk band "Recoride".

Lila Gray has subscribed and released her debut work "Lilac".group… → Continue reading


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RecorideIs2009It is a 3-member band formed in March.When it was first formed, it was only FQTQ,Sasaki CafeIt was a trio of2010In the spring, we welcomed Yuya Hashimoto as a new member, and it became a four-member group.



Is also active as a member of.Techno pop-ElectroAt related events, fashion events, etc.DJAnd are doing various activities.

FQTQ (synthesizerResponsible)

He is also active as a solo artist, and is attracting attention as a performance.The girls unit that is now disbanded "80 loafWe are also engaged in various activities such as producing.

Sasaki Cafe(programming・ Vocal)

,Monthly professional bowlerAfter joining and disbanding in 20093Formed Recoride.All ofLyricsComposition-Arranger・ Producing.

Hashimoto Yuya (guitarResponsible)

A member who officially joined as the fourth member in the spring of 2010.



20093, Also activeonly, Was also active soloFQTQ, Has been active after joining and disbanding various groupsSasaki CafeIt is formed by three people.

2009May 11, Released debut mini album "".The song "Baseball Murder"Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Series program "PiramechinoIs appointed.


2010January,Taiwan-TaipeiDo a live tour at.The venue is full and successful.This pattern has been taken up by various media.

To be a new member in springHashimoto YuyaWe will be active in a group of four.


Mini album

  1. (2009May 11Release)

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