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💪 | "Beauty Bust" training 1 times a day!Two push-ups to intensively train the pectoralis major


"Beauty bust" training 1 times a day!Two push-ups to intensively train the pectoralis major

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With the night bra getting a lot of attention, it seems that interest in making beautiful breasts will continue in the future.

There are times when I'm worried about the shape and size of the bust, such as "it hangs down with age" and "the size has gone down" ... → Continue reading


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Making beautiful breasts


bra(British: brassiere[† 1].Quebec French : bra[† 2]) Is mainly for womenclothesUnderwear that you can wear underneath.略してFor shortbra(British: bra[† 3]) Also called.


FoundationIs a kind ofFemaleWear on the chestunderwear.UnderwearIt is used as a breast to protect the breast and to shape it and prevent it from collapsing.

A brassiere that fits your body will keep you in the correct posture when you wear it, which will improve your physical and mental health.[1]It can also be seen.

gravurePhotos andNude picturesAnd on the chestNipple,AreolaThings and actions that coverHandCover your chest with "Hand bra"hair"Dang in front of the chestHair bra"Shellfish"○○ bra" such as "" that covers the chest with a shellColloquialismThere is.


Ancient greeceSo, I wrapped a small cloth band around the underbust so that my breasts wouldn't move when walking.Later, I wrapped a thin ribbon called "ya" from the chest to the waist.[2].

Kyodo NewsAccording to (April 2006, 4)ChugokuInner Mongolia OfChifeng City2004Was more excavatedLiaoTeenagerTombFrom elaborateembroideryWorn on the chest by a woman, with a belt-like part and a strap-like part in a form very similar to a modern brassiere.Made of silkUnderwear was found[3].

The prototype of the current brassiere is in France1889To(English editionIs the "Corsle Gorge" invented by.Something close to the current shape1913March 2The United States of America(English editionInvented1914Obtained a patent.[4]

2008ToUniversity of InnsbruckArchaeologist,オーストリアSo I found a bra that was made 600 years ago and was actually used.

1970 eraEarlyWoman rib movementSo, some activists view bras as "symbols of restraining women" and burn them down and don't wear them in their daily lives.No braThere was some activity, but it was transient and calmed down.


TaishoFrom the endShowaWestern-style underwear was gradually introduced into the early days.Bras are also called "breast holders" and "breast bands" and appear in advertisements in women's magazines, but they were often sold at pharmacies as hygiene products.[5].

1948Around (Showa 23), aluminum wirespiralHow to make a bra pad that is used by covering the shaped spring with cotton, wrapping it in a cloth, and sewing it on the back of the clothesBeautiful living notebook』Introduced in the first issue.Wae ShojiLaunched the exclusive sales right Brapat in 1948 and gained popularity, and later sold a brassiere with an inner bag to put a pad on.1952(Showa 27) Launches nylon brassiere under the trademark of Wacoal.[6]


There are various types of brassieres, such as the part and area to cover the breast, the means to support it, the means to fix it, and the shape.

Basic configuration

The brassiere consists of the following components.

  1. Cup: A cup-shaped part that wraps around the breast, and there are two cups, one on each side to match the breast.
  2. Belt: A band that surrounds the chest around the underbust area, ties the two cups together and holds them on the back to prevent the cups from coming off.NubraThere is also a type without a belt like.
  3. strap : Also called a shoulder strap.The brassiere is hung from the shoulder by a strap, usually extends diagonally from the left and right ends of the cup, wraps around the shoulder and connects to the belt on the back.Made of nylon or urethane, the length can often be adjusted.There are also "strapless" without straps and "nubra" without underbelts or straps themselves.
  4. Hook: A part for stopping the belt.Most of the belts are not connected at the back so that they can be easily worn, and they are connected by stopping the hook.The hooks are often on the back side, but some front hook products have hooks between the left and right cups.Half topSome products do not have hooks, such as those worn from the head.

カ ッ プ

Cups are the most complex component and there are many types.

Classification by cup cover area

The bust area is divided into three types according to the area and area that covers the breast.

  • Full Cup Bra-The cup is designed to completely cover the entire bust, giving a sense of stability and shaping the bust into a conical shape, which is preferable for busts of C cups and above.
  • 3/4 cup bra-A design in which the upper 1/4 of the cup of a full cup bra is cut diagonally from the side toward the center, and the side meat is gathered to make a bust, which is preferable for a thin bust.
  • 1/2 cup bra, half cup bra, demi cup bra-The design of the full cup bra with the upper half of the cup cut horizontally makes the bust hang down and the roundness of the breast shines, and even a small breast can be produced plumply.
3/4 cup bras, topless bras, open bras, etc., which are full cup bras with the upper 1/4 of the cup cut, have many exposed busts and large decorative elements.
Classification by the presence or absence of wire
Some brassiere cups use wires.The wire is used for the purpose of supporting the breast and shaping it into an ideal shape, and metal, resin, shape memory alloy, etc. are used.
It is sewn into the cup material cloth like a belt core along the bottom of the cup, which marks the boundary between the chest and the breast.The larger the size, the looser the Burgess line and the larger the diameter of the hemisphere.Underwire bras are divided into hard and soft wires, and there are roughly three types of wires, including those without wires.
  • Non-wire: No wire is used at all.
  • Soft wire: The wire is in the core, but it is quite soft.
  • Hard wire: A wire that is contained as a core and is not soft.
The hard wire is comfortable to wear if it has a shape that matches the size and shape of the bust, and the breast is stable and the correction effect is high.If the shape does not match and there are traces of wearing or a painful feeling, adjust with the cup size or pad, or select soft wired or non-wire.
A single piece of fabric that makes up the cup, one with a pad pocket,PolyurethaneThe cup is made thicker and more elastic, such as 1-2.centimeter There are various types such as those with a pad of about (cm) and double ones in which the front decoration and the backing cloth are sewn together.


The belt is hooked to the underbust position and serves to secure the entire brassiere.

Belt thickness
Thick ones are hard to come off, but the body is hard to bend, and the feeling of oppression is called "under pressure" and depends on the presence or absence of bones, the thickness of the belt, and the elasticity.When you want to relax, the type with low under pressure is suitable.
  • Thickness that stays with one hook: Used in domestic C cups and below, the correction power is not strong.
  • Thickness that stays with two hooks: Used in domestic D cups and below, and is usually used in many cases.It can be worn without a strap.
  • Thickness that can be fixed with 3 hooks: Used for domestic E and F and above, and can be worn without a strap.
  • Thickness that stays with 4 hooks: Used in long brassieres, the total number of hooks can exceed 10.
Most of the commercial products are about 1 cm to 2 cm thick, and the hooks are lined up in 1-2 rows in 2-3 stages.Domestically produced belts are thicker than D cups, and hooks may be lined up vertically in three rows.When the cup becomes large, the under pressure is increased and fixed in response to the increase in load, and the belt is thicker for those with high correction power and those that can be used by removing the strap. "Long brassiere" has a particularly thick belt and is suitable for bare back dresses.
Belt shape
  • Belt width does not change much --- Most of the belts do not have strong correction power.
  • Draw a U-shape or arch shape from a strap-mostly those with strong correction power.
Presence or absence of bones
Large and soft breasts tend to flow to the side, and a bone core may be placed about 3 cm from the cup to prevent deterioration of wearing comfort and shape loss.
Most of the types have strong correction power, but the belt may be difficult to bend vertically and may be cramped.There are many bones in long brassieres that emphasize correction power.


The strap is basically a cloth string with a width of about 1 cm, and many have an adjuster to adjust the position and shape of the breast.Shorten the straps for high-positioned breasts and lengthen low-positioned breasts to fit the breasts and cups, respectively.
Front connection position of the strap
There are various bonding positions between the strap and the cup.
  • The connection position of the strap and the cup is the upper part of the center of the breast
The basic and classic is to attach the strap to a position that extends approximately the center of the breast upwards.It seems to be the result of seeking the optimum balance to support the weight of the bust.
  • The strap and cup are connected to the left and right sides.
For the purpose of correcting the shape and position of the breast, some cups and belts are shaped so that subcutaneous fat is collected from around the armpits and the entire breast is lifted higher in front of the chest.In this case, the straps are tied to the sides of the bust rather than above the center.By lifting from both sides up, it has the role of pushing the entire breast larger and more forward to the chest.In this way, it is possible to construct a "valley between the breasts" that is not clear in its natural state.
Strap on the back
The strap connects to the belt on the back, but there are many variations.
  • A normal back with a strap tied to the belt
  • At the position where it is tied to the belt, the width of the strap expands, or the width of the belt expands upward and integrates.
Some have a wider back and are integrated with the belt for added stability.
  • Back belt with selectable position to join the straps
Some are permanently fixed to the back belt, while others can be repositioned with fasteners.For women with stroking shoulders, the straps can slip off the shoulders, especially if the straps are on the front of the chest and on the left and right sides, which is extremely likely to slip.In order to prevent this, some straps can be adjusted to a position closer to the center of the back.
  • The strap is a back cloth
Straps called cross bras, or back cloths, have straps crossed on the back in a cross shape.In this case, even a person with a stroking shoulder does not slip off the strap.Many active sports bras are sold in a crossed state, but you can change to a backcross style by removing the strap of a regular bra and replacing it yourself.It used to be used in this way, but nowadays it is rare and often seen by men with curiosity.
  • The strap goes around the neck and becomes one
With an emphasis on fashion, there is also a style that turns around the neck to make a single strap and does not tie it to the back belt.
Removing the strap
There is a brassiere that can be removed from the strap in search of the development and fashionability of the fabric materials that make up the brassiere.Depending on the material and design of the belt or cup, if the brassiere does not slip without the strap, it means that the strap is not necessary.
There are also straps that are not only intended to support the bust, but also look good as fashion.Straps made of various materials are conceivable, and translucent silicon straps that are inconspicuous even when the shoulders are exposed (useful in hot seasons such as summer), and accessory chains that can be used as fashionable straps are beginning to be sold. ..These fashion straps are sold separately and can be enjoyed in exchange for your bra straps.
If the fabric material and design allow the brassiere to function without the straps, then the straps are not needed.Bras without straps are called "strapless bras".Strapless bras are designed from the beginning on the assumption that there are no straps, which is different from the removable strap bras.topologyBecause it becomes a cylindertubeAlso called.
Straps may be attached to the strapless bra for fashion purposes, but the difference from the strap removable bra in this case is that the removable bra is designed on the premise of the strap. The point is that there is.In the case of removable bras, some individuals may experience problems such as the bra becoming unstable when the straps are removed.
Position of adjuster
  • Strap adjuster on the front of the chest
The straps usually have one adjuster on each side.It is easy to adjust the length of the strap even after wearing it.
  • The one with the strap adjuster on the back
Some products have an adjuster on the back.The reason for this is that there is decoration (such as a ribbon) on the front of the strap and an adjuster cannot be attached to the front, or because of the aesthetic appearance when viewed from the front.


Hook position
There are the following two types.
  • A type in which the hook is located almost in the center of the back (normal)
  • Type where the hook comes between the cups (front hook)
Approximately 9% of commercially available brassieres have hooks attached to the end of the belt extending from each cup, and when attached to the body and fastened, it is almost in the center of the back, that is,spineCome to the position of.However, the type called front hook has a hook between the two cups.
The front hook is suitable for people who are stiff or unfamiliar with wearing a bra, and is also easy to use for people who are rehabilitating or breastfeeding.Compared to a general brassiere, it is easier to collect fat from the back and sides, so there is an advantage that it is easier to create a valley between the breasts.On the other hand, if it does not fit your body, you may feel more uncomfortable than the normal type.
Number of hooks

The hooks are about 1 cm apart and are usually lined up in 3 or 2 rows.Some, such as long bras, have a total of more than 10.


The size of the brassiere is represented by the top bust, under bust, and cup size.The top bust is the perimeter that runs horizontally over the most swollen nipple of the breast while standing upright, and the underbust is the perimeter that runs horizontally below the bulge of the breast.

The cup size is the difference between the top bust and the under bust and is displayed in alphabets.It is just a difference, and it does not mean that "the larger the cup size, the larger the absolute value of the chest circumference".[† 4].

The capacity of the cup has a relationship that "when the number of cups is increased (decreased) by one and the underbust is decreased by one (increased), it becomes almost the same".[† 5]However, the "cup shape" differs from manufacturer to manufacturer or even from the same manufacturer depending on the product series.Finding your own cup size is not too difficult if you compare products of different shapes and choose the one that suits you best.

Made in Japan

JapaneseThe average cup size for womenTriumphAccording to the survey, it is changing as follows[7][8][9].

Survey yearA cupB cupC cupD cupE cupF cupG cup

The size made in JapanJIS L4006[10]It is stipulated in, and is expressed by underbust and cup size.

The size of the under bust on the market is in 65 cm increments such as 70 cm, 75 cm, 80 cm, and 5 cm.The under bust can be adjusted by about ± 2 cm by the hook attached to the belt.

The cup size is based on A, where the difference between the top bust and the under bust is 10 cm, and the larger the cup size in 2.5 cm increments, the more alphabets B, C, D, E ... are assigned. Cup sizes smaller than A are expressed as AA and AAA in -2.5 cm increments.

List of cup sizes specified in JIS L 4006-1998[10]
Cup sizemeaning
AAAAA cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 0.0 cm
AAAA cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 2.5 cm
AAA cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 5.0 cm
AA cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 7.5 cm
A cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 10.0 cm
B cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 12.5 cm
C cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 15.0 cm
D cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 17.5 cm
E cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 20.0 cm
F cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 22.5 cm
G cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 25.0 cm
H cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 27.5 cm
I cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 30.0 cm
J cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 32.5 cm
K cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 35.0 cm
L cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 37.5 cm
M cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 40.0 cm
N cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 42.5 cm
O cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 45.0 cm
P cupThe difference between the top bust and the under bust is about 47.5 cm

Japanese brassieres have smaller cup notation standards than Western and Korean ones.For example, the B cup in Korean size is equivalent to the C to D cup in Japanese size.

Originally, Japanese women had a smaller bust size than Westerners, and the A cup occupies the majority, and the C cup was considered to be in the category of big breasts, but top bust and under bust Accurate measurement of the difference and changes in the size standard since the mid-1990s have reduced the number of A cups, and the ratio of B to D cups has become mainstream.[Source required]..Therefore, it is impossible to compare brassiere-sized cups with those before that.

The store has a corner for E cups and above, but the number and types of products for G cups and above are scarce compared to those for C cups and below, and the price is higher than regular cups (B to D cups).

Made in USA / UK

AmericaMade andThe United KingdomIn the case of underwear made, the cup size is different from the brassiere made by Japanese manufacturers,inch-フ ィ ー トBased on the law.Follow the steps below to select the size.

  1. Measure the underbust, add 4 inches if it is an even number, and add 5 inches if it is an odd number to get the size of the brassiere band.
  2. Subtract the above brassiere band size from the measured top bust size.If the number subtracted is 1, then the A cup, if 2, then the B cup, if 0, then the AA cup, if -1, then the AAA cup, and so on.

For example, if the measured size is 32 inches (about 81 cm) for the under bust and 39 inches (about 99 cm) for the top bust, the size obtained from the calculation is 36C.

グ ィ ッ テ ィ ン グ

Bras can be harmful to your body if they don't match your body shape, breast size, breast shape, or breast texture, or if you wear them incorrectly.Points to check when matching the product and body[11]Write.

  1. The top of the cup floats
  2. The top of the cup bites
  3. Extra cup
  4. The front center floats
  5. Pressure is applied to the front center and sides
  6. Under bust bites
  7. The front center of the under bust floats
  8. Under bust is painful
  9. The whole under goes up
  10. There is a gap at the bottom of the brassiere
  11. The strap bites
  12. The strap slips off
  13. The wire cuts into the bust
  14. Bust line facing down
  15. There is a float or slack on the side
  16. The back part goes up


  1. Pass the strap of the brassiere through your arm and hang it on your shoulders, support the bottom of the cup with both hands, and align so that the wire part hits the barges just below the breast.
  2. Bend your upper body slightly forward, place the wire of the cup under your chest, hold it firmly in the cup so that you can scoop up your breasts from below, and lift it up.Support the under part of the brassiere with one hand, pull the breast from the side to the inside of the cup with one hand, and stop the hook of the brassiere in the same posture.
  3. Raise your body and pull up the strap slightly to fit your shoulders and adjust the length.While adjusting the strap, check the flow of the armpits, put the protruding part in the cup, and make sure that the front and rear underlines are horizontal.
  4. Move your upper body to make sure your bra is adapted to your body.Wearing is completed if it does not shift even if it moves.

The wearing procedure is different for each person, and in some cases, the under-hook is stopped first, then turned to the back, and then the breast is trimmed.

Functional products

Bust up bra

It enhances the appearance of the bust and has the function of inserting thick cups and pads.There is also a popular name for push-up bras.

Soft bra

A loose-fitting sensation that emphasizes comfort and omits wires, pads, hooks, etc.

Plunge bra

Designed with the center part in a low position. Also known as "planning bra".It is easy to match with clothes with open chest, and the valley is emphasized because it is supported from below.The origin of the name is [Plunge] which means "dive", "dive", etc. in English.

Balconet bra

It is designed to support a small bust.The origin of the name is "バルコニーFrom.The effect of lifting the bust is great, and it looks like a well-balanced shape.It features a semi-circular cup that covers the lower half of the bust.

T-shirt bra

T-shirtIt is designed so that the brassiere does not stand out when wearing something that is in close contact with the body, and there are many seamless and molded cups.

Junior bra

From child's breast to adult's breastDevelopmental periodUnderwear makers sell junior bras and junior bras for girls.[12][13][14]..In addition to bras with hooks and adjustable straps, some bras do not have hooks.[15]..WacoalBust top3 stages from the beginning of swelling,AtsugiIs divided into 4 stages, and it is recommended to wear it according to the growth stage.[16][14][17], Says that it is not necessary to wear it during sleep so as not to hinder the growth of the bust[18].

Maternity bra

  • 妊娠InsideMammary glandDevelops, cups and undersizes grow in a short period of time, and the shape of the breast changes[19]..During this time, a normal bra presses on the mammary glands,BreastmilkMay affect the secretion of.Wires that can withstand size increases and changes in shape, elastic materials, and strong straps that support developed breasts are used.
  • Maternity bras that have been devised such that the cup part can be removed without removing the brassiere when breastfeeding, and lingerie that have functions suitable before and after childbirth are also called maternity innerwear.

For kimono

kimonoIs said to be good for straight-line dressing without causing unevenness on the body, and has the function of making the bulge of the chest inconspicuous, contrary to general brassieres.

For wedding

  • Since the dress is worn on top, the type that has high correction power and the strap can be removed is common.There is also a type called backless, which corresponds to a dress with a large back opening.
  • The color is generally pure white, but some may contain blue.Four items that make the bride happy when she wears it during the wedding ceremonySomething FourThere is "Something Blue" in the legend.In addition to brassieres, underwear that has functions suitable for brides to wear at weddings is also collectively referred to as "bridal innerwear."

Disease response

Breast cancerThere is a brassiere for partial or total resection of the breast, reduction of one breast, etc. due to treatments such as.Pad holder for easy insertion of large pads手術There are ingenuity such as a design that makes it difficult for the brassiere to touch the marks.

For decoration

  • Cupless braTopless braThe upper half of the breast and the nipple are exposed.In the slit bra, the nipple is visible from the cut in the cup.
  • There are also no-cup and cupless cups that omit the cup, and most of the breast is exposed.

Night bra (night bra)

  • SleepIt is a brassiere that firmly supports the bust inside and maintains an accurate position even in an unreasonable posture to protect the Cooper's ligament. Generally, many non-wire bras are made with an emphasis on sleeping comfort.Also known as night bra[20].
  • The main purpose of the daytime is to prevent the bust from drooping, but the main purpose of the night bra is to prevent cross flow rather than to prevent drooping.


な ど

Lingerie integrated with brassiere

な ど

Market share in Japan

  1. Wacoal (23.1%)
  2. Triumph (10.6%)
  3. Charle (5.9%)
  4. Cecile (5.1%)
  5. Gunze (2.4%)

Nihon Keizai Shimbun"2002 Survey on the Share of 100 Major Products and Services"

BesidesLucian,Peach John,Senshukai,Chuchuanna and so on.

Events and records related to brassieres

Cardrona Bra Fence

1998から1999OverNew ZealandFour bras were hung on the fence of a public road in the central Ottawa region of Ottawa, and many people imitated it. After that, it swelled to thousands and became a tourist attraction.

Bra chain

Guinness World RecordsAccording to the longest chain made of bras, in August 2009AustraliaMade of 166,625 bras and 163.77KilometersIs[21].


[How to use footnotes]

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