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👍 | Satsuki Sho 2021 "Nakayama Straight Line" Enters Twitter Trend at the Opening-Ears of "Uma Musume" Trainers Nationwide ...

Photo Satsuki Sho 2021 "Nakayama's straight line" entered the Twitter trend at the opening- "Nakayama's straight line is short" engraved in the ears of "Uma Musume" trainers nationwide

"Nakayama Straight Line" Enters Twitter Trend at Satsuki Sho 2021 Opening-Ears of "Uma Musume" Trainers Nationwide ...

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Due to the influence of the game, it can be said that this is a rare phenomenon caused by the rapid increase in the number of users who are more familiar with "one feature of the racetrack" than the theory of participating horses and horse racing. What kind of episode will happen in "Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby)"?

Central Horse Racing Classic Triple Crown Round 1 G2021 Race "Satsuki Sho 4" will be held on April 18th. Service started at the end of February ... → Continue reading


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