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🥾 | A climbing man slipped down and broke, and two accompanying people were involved in helicopter transportation Kobe / Kikusuiyama

Photo Hyogo Prefectural Police Kobe North Station = 3 Koeidai, Kita-ku, Kobe City

A climbing man slipped down and broke, and two accompanying people were involved in helicopter transportation Kobe / Kikusuiyama

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A female office worker (54) in Akashi City and an unemployed man (76) in Kobe City who were climbing together also came into contact with a male office worker who had slipped down, and both hit their right shoulders.

Around 18 pm on the 1th, a female climber at the mountain climbing course "Kikusui Runze" on the west side of Mt. Kikusui in Shimotani, Yamada-cho, Kita-ku, Kobe ... → Continue reading

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Akashi City

Akashi City(Akashi) isKinkiChubu,HyogoSouthernAkashi StraitFacecity.Hyogo Prefecture Higashi Harima Prefectural BureauIt is divided intoCore cityIs specified in.

This item is the name before the city systemAkashi-gunAkashi Town(Akashicho) is also described.


  • Japan Standard TimeDecide135th east longitudeKnown as the city through which.In Japan Standard Time, Kyoto and Fushimi were used as reference points in the early Meiji era,1886(Meiji 19) Internationally, the longitude of the earth, 360 degrees, is divided into 24 parts, which is a multiple of 15 degrees.MeridianIn Japan, 135 degrees east longitude is the standard.Japan Standard Time MeridianAkashi City, which is located on the line, has become established as a "meridian town".At the Akashi Municipal Astronomical Science Museum on the meridian, a large clock that ticks Japan Standard Time is installed.[Annotation 1][1].

Adjacent municipalities/administrative districts

Most of the city borderKobe CityOn the west side that remains slightlyHarima Town,Kakogawa,Inami TownIt is divided by.

Kobe CityThe commuting rate to Japan is 29.6% (22 census).




Successive mayors
代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
Mayor of Akashi
1Shinichiro MiwaMay 1919, 8 (Taisho 11)May 1920, 9 (Taisho 12)
2Shigego AikawaMay 1921, 10 (Taisho 10)May 1922, 11 (Taisho 7)
3Yamawaki primaryMay 1922, 11 (Taisho 7)May 1924, 13 (Taisho 10)
4Tsurutaro IsonoMay 1925, 14 (Taisho 7)March 1937, 12 (Showa 6)
5Raisaburo AokiMarch 1937, 12 (Showa 6)March 1946, 21 (Showa 11)
Mayor of Akashi
6Takeshi TsujiMarch 1947, 22 (Showa 4)March 1951, 26 (Showa 4)
7Seigoro TaguchiMarch 1951, 26 (Showa 4)March 1955, 30 (Showa 2)
8Maruo GibeiMarch 1955, 30 (Showa 3)March 1967, 42 (Showa 4)
9Masao YoshikawaMarch 1967, 42 (Showa 4)March 1971, 46 (Showa 4)
10Satoshi KinugasaMarch 1971, 46 (Showa 4)March 1983, 58 (Showa 6)
11Tsuyoshi OgawaMarch 1983, 58 (Showa 7)1991 (Heisei 3)/7/23
12Nobuhiro Okada1991 (Heisei 3)/7/242003 (Heisei 15)/4/30Akashi fireworks display pedestrian bridge accidentResignation of responsibility
13Hiroto Kitaguchi2003 (Heisei 15)/5/12011 (Heisei 23)/4/30
14Izumi Fusaho2011 (Heisei 23)/5/12019 (Heisei 31)/2/2Resigned from responsibility due to abuse of staff
2019 (Heisei 31)/3/17Incumbent3 elections in the re-election2019 Unified Local Elections4 selections


In June 2018, Akashi City Hall announced that the director-level staff of its own agency had committed eccentric violence against its subordinates.The employee retired on request, but no criminal charges have been filed.[17].

Mayor Izumi accompanies road widening in the evening of June 2017, 6Land acquisitionCalled the mayor's office to the mayor's office and said, "Please evict. Today, light the fire and catch it. Burn it."RantIt turned out on January 2019, 1 that he was vomiting.Mayor Izumi acknowledged the facts and said, "I deeply regret the act as the mayor," and apologized to the executive on the same day.[18].

In August 2018, parents living in the city talked about a two-month-old boy at the time.child consultation centerThere was a case of being temporarily protected on suspicion of abuse.The child guidance center calls this boyInfant clinicTo be admitted for a long timeKobe Family CourtI filed a complaint with the Akashi branch,20198The branch dismissed the allegation as "not abusive" and in November of the same year.Osaka High CourtAlso dismissed the child guidance center's appeal.In response to this, the boy was returned to his parents, but the parents were forced to live apart from the boy for about one year and three months.Izumi FusahoThe mayor20209I met my parents and apologizedThird party committeeTo verify the problem by installing[19].

On February 2019, 2, he announced his resignation saying, "There are voices to hold back, but I want to take responsibility for my remarks."[20], Submit a resignation to the chairman of the city council.Unanimously agreed to resign at the extraordinary session of the city council on the following day.[21]..Izumi won his third election in the re-election on March 3th.[22].


City branch office(Citizen Center Service Corner)

  • Okubo Citizen Center, Uozumi Citizen Center, Futami Citizen Center
  • Akashi Service Corner, Akashi Station Citizen Service Corner, Nishi Akashi Service Corner, Takaoka Service Corner, Eigashima Service Corner

post office

Police related


Health center

  • Akashi Public Health Center
  • Testimony Animal Center


National agency


Akashi City Council

  • Number of people: 30 people
  • Term:2019August 5- 2023May 4
  • Chair: Keisuke Senju (Liberal Democratic Party Shinseikai)
  • Vice Chairman: Satoshi Sasaki (Komeito)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is secretary general)
Liberal Democratic Party Shinseikai11◎ Hiroshi Miyoshi, Kenta Hayashi, Hironori Ishii, Mitsuo Sakaguchi, Koji Tatsumi, Adult Akihara,
Keisuke Senju, Kazuo Enomoto, Yoshihiro Terai, Shuhei Haino, Keijun Ito
Komeito6◎ Hiroki Umeda, Takushi Kuniide, Nobuko Iida, Kumiko Matsui, Satoshi Sasaki, Akiko Ogura
Restoration Society3◎ Katsuko Mori, Takanori Kitagawa, Juichi Tsutsuizumi
Future Akashi3◎ Shozo Izumo, Atlantic Ocean, Satoko Marutani
Japan Communist Party2◎ Tatsuya Tsujimoto, Miki Kusumoto
Forum Akashi2◎ Hideo Yoshida, Yuta Miyasaka
Akashi Kagayaki Net2◎ Kiyoko Takeuchi, Marumi Hayashi
Smile party1Atsuko Ieneya

(As of June 2020, 8[23])

Hyogo Prefectural Assembly

2019 Hyogo Prefectural Assembly election
  • Constituency: Akashi City Constituency
  • Number of people: 4 people
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 247,054
  • Voting rate: 34.79%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Hiroto KitaguchiThis53Independentyuan18,535 vote
Takahiro MatsumotoThis56LDPNow16,381 vote
Katsumasa ItoThis52KomeitoNow14,467 vote
Minoru KishiguchiThis54Japan Restoration Partyyuan13,511 vote
Rei Nakanishidrop39Constitutional Democratic Party新10,844 vote
Yukari Fukuharadrop31Japan Communist Party新7,863 vote
Shingo Yokoyamadrop33Independent新3,258 vote
2015 Hyogo Prefectural Assembly election
  • Constituency: Akashi City Constituency
  • Number of people: 4 people
  • Voting Date: July 2015, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 236,277[24]
  • Voting rate: 41.61%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Hiroto KitaguchiThis49Independentyuan22,173 vote
Katsumasa ItoThis48KomeitoNow15,635 vote
Takahiro MatsumotoThis52LDPNow15,561 vote
Akihito TarutaniThis40Restoration Party新13,190 vote
Michiyo Shinmachidrop68Japan Communist Partyyuan12,102 vote
Minoru Kishiguchidrop50Democratic PartyNow9,453 vote
Miho Arakanedrop55Independent新9,063 vote

House of Representatives

NameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Yasutoshi NishimuraLDP6


As of March 2018, 3, the population is 1 (from the Akashi City website).Although the population has been declining in recent years, it has been increasing continuously since 296,714.

Population distribution by age in Akashi City and the whole country (2005)Akashi City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Akashi City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Akashi City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


  • It is warm throughout the year.[25]
Akashi climate
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)9.0
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)1.5
Precipitation amount mm (inch)35.0
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)
Average monthlyDaylight hours148.4149.2178.2189.6191.9149.6185.9233.6172.5176.0154.6154.12,075.5
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency


Machicho / Oaza

Main office district

The area of ​​the former Akashicho and Hayashizaki villages

Zip CodeLarge name
673-0004Toba Benzaiten
673-0007Toba Nishi Toba
673-0009Nishiakashi Higashimachi
673-0013Wasaka Inaricho
673-0014Kawasaki Town
673-0015Hanazono Town
673-0018Nishiakashi Kitamachi
673-0023Nishishin Town
673-0038Bessho Town
(Koaza Kawazoe is 673-0043
Koaza Wakabayashi is 673-0045
Koaza Nakatanicho is 673-0047
Nakataniyama only 673-0048)
673-0049Nishiakashi Nishimachi
673-0841Tenno Town
673-0844Higashino Town
673-0847Akashi Park
673-0848Falconry town
673-0851Asagiri Kitamachi
673-0860Asagiri Higashimachi
673-0861Matsugaoka Kitamachi
673-0868Higashiyama Town
673-0870Asagiri Minamimachi
673-0871Okura Hachimancho
673-0872Okura Town
673-0873Okura Nakamachi
673-0875Okura Tenjincho
673-0876Higashihitomaru Town
673-0879Okura Kaigandori
673-0882Aioi Town
673-0884Kajiya Town
673-0893Timber town
673-0894Port town
673-0895Misaki Town

Okubo district

Old before being incorporated into Akashi CityOkubo TownThe range is.

Zip CodeLarge name
674-0050Okubocho Matsukage Yamate
674-0051Okubocho Okubo
674-0052Matsukage Shinden, Okubocho
674-0053Matsukage, Okubocho
674-0054Nishiwaki, Okubocho
674-0055Okubocho Midorigaoka
674-0056Okubocho Yamatedai
674-0057Okubocho Takaoka
674-0058In front of Okubocho station
674-0059Okubocho Akane
674-0061Morita, Okubocho
674-0062Taniyagi, Okubocho
674-0063Yagi, Okubocho
674-0064Eigashima, Okubocho
674-0065Nishijima, Okubocho
674-0066Okubocho Fukuda
674-0067Okubocho Okubocho
674-0068Okubocho Yurinoki Dori
674-0069Okubocho Wakaba

Uozumi district

Old before being incorporated into Akashi CityUozumi VillageThe range is.

Zip CodeLarge name
674-0071Kanagasaki, Uozumicho
674-0072Chohanji, Uozumicho
674-0073Uozumicho Kamoike
674-0074Uozumicho Shimizu
674-0081Uozumicho Nishikigaoka
674-0082Nakao, Uozumicho
674-0083Uozumicho Sumiyoshi
674-0084Nishioka, Uozumicho

Futami district

Zip CodeLarge name
674-0091Futamicho Fukusato
674-0092Futami-cho Higashi-Futami
674-0093Futami-cho Minami-Futami
674-0094Futami-cho Nishifutami
674-0095In front of Nishifutami Station, Futamicho

Sister cities, friendship cities / exchange cities

sister city

1968May 12Conclude sister city cooperation with.

Friendship city

1981May 8Cooperate with friendship cities[10].

Interchange city

We have signed an exchange agreement as "Umi no Machi Akashi" and "Yabu no Machi Yabu", and citizen exchanges are held in both cities every year.2005May 5Concluded an exchange agreement with.

Tsuna-gunHigashiura Town,Awaji Town,Hokutan TownAnd "Akashi-Kita-Awaji Strait Exchange Roundtable"1998May 10Established in2005May 4Tsuna-gunGoshiki TownThe name was changed to "Akashi City, Awaji City Strait Exchange Meeting" because the entire area except for was merged into Awaji City.

City flag / city emblem

City flag

  • The city flag has not been established, but the ground color is white and the coat of arms is designated as red.[27].

City emblem

  • To establish a coat of arms suitable for the name of "Akashi"StaffBy1911May 3The emblem that was enacted as a town emblem with a stylized character of "Ming"[28]After the municipal organization1921May 10As a city emblem[2][3][4][29].


裁判 所

A company headquartered in the city


Akashi has been active in the airplane industry since before the war, and there are still airplane manufacturers and electronic component manufacturers.Hanshin Industrial Area,Harima Waterfront Industrial AreaIs one of.After successfully attracting companies, many companies are located in the Futami Seaside Industrial Park in Minamifutami (commonly known as an artificial island) in Futami-cho, and there are also many foreign workers.

Akashi sake brewing

In the southeastern part of Harima, sake brewing has been carried out since the early Edo period, blessed with good quality rice and water.Akashi is called "Nishinada" as opposed to "Nada" in Kobe, and has a history of more than 300 years. As of 2019, there are 6 breweries in Akashi City that are engaged in the brewing industry.


Designated financial institution:Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation(OldTaiyo Kobe Bank→Sakura Bank, July of even-numbered year in the Christian era to June of the following year) ・Mitsubishi UFJ Bank(OldSanwa Bank→UFJ Bank, July of odd year in the Christian era to June of the following year) The two banks have continued to rotate for a long time, but from July 7, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation became the sole company.[30].




Vocational school

College of technology

high school

1975From (40)2008Until (20) in the public high school entrance examination in Akashi cityComprehensive selectionThe system was in place.

Junior high school

primary school



Special school

Abandoned school



West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
Sanyo Electric Railway

Planned railway


Long time agoAkashi City Transportation Department(Akashi Municipal Bus) was operating in the city, but it was abolished on March 2012, 3, and the route was transferred to Shinki Bus and Sanyo Bus, respectively.



Maritime traffic

  • Akashi Awaji Ferry(Tako Ferry): Akashi Port (Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture) -Iwaya Port (Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture) (suspended in October 2010, officially abolished in June 10)
  • Awaji Genova Line: Akashi Port (Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture) -Iwaya Port (Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture), Akashi Port (Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture) -Tomishima Port (Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture) The Tomishima route is suspended.

Mass media

Sights and historic sites




Castle ruins



The facility that once existed

Traditional events, traditional performing arts, etc.

  • Sagicho (January Akashiura Fisheries Cooperative, Izumisho Shrine)
  • Oshataka Ship (July Iwaya Shrine)
  • Okuwahan (Agricultural Shinto ritual at Shimizu Shrine in June, Akashi City Intangible Cultural Property)
  • Hayaguchi Nagashi (city intangible folk cultural property) Lion dance (prefectural intangible folk cultural property) (early October Inazume Shrine)

Cultural facility

local specialty

  • Tamagoyaki(Akashiyaki) Many shops labeled Akashiyaki are for tourists.

Exhibited as Akashi City at the B-2016 Grand Prix Special held in Tokyo in December 12. The Gold Grand Prix was won by PR centered on the "Akashiyaki Hirome Corps", and Akashi City was selected as the number one "town that I wanted to live in".

ImminentHarima NadaHas been known as a good fishing ground since ancient times, especially AkashiOctopusとIkagoIs famous as a national masterpiece.In the center of the cityFish shelf mallYou can buy various marine products at (commonly known as "Uontana").

Tourism resources

Akashi Kaikyo BridgeIt is,Kobe CityTarumi WardIt is hung from.By the wayAkashi Ohashi TheNational Route 2 AkashigawaIt is a bridge that crosses.

Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

  • 1995May 1Occurs at 5:46 amAkashi City Astronomical Science MuseumDamage occurred mainly on the east side of the city.Five people were killed in the city and a fire broke out in six private houses.In our city, "Akashi City Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters" was launched at 5:6 am on the same day. 6 days laterMay 1Currently, 4 people are dead, 4,839 houses are completely or partially destroyed, water supply is cut off in nearly half of the city, and gas is out.AkashigawaThe eastern side was stopped, electricity and telephones were restored to lifelines, and buses and trains were restored mainly in the city. 2 weeks laterMay 1Water has now been restored throughout the city[11][33].

Area code

As mentioned above, most of Akashi City is adjacent to Kobe City, and there was talk of a merger with Kobe City.Area codeIs the whole area078 (Kobe MA)Is.Akashi City is the only area with an area code of 078.[Annotation 2]..Also, in Hyogo prefectureAmagasaki(The whole area is 06 (Osaka MA)),Itami City,Kawanishi City,KawabeInagawa Town(All three cities and towns are 3 (Ikeda MA)) and the area code is not 072 or 079X.

Celebrities related to Akashi

Person from

A person related to Akashi

Works set in Akashi City


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注 釈

  1. ^ Akashi City is on the Japanese standard meridianMunicipalitiesIs one of1910, Japan's first meridian sign is erected
  2. ^ Other than the area code 078KakogawaHiraokacho Tsuchiyama,Kobe City(KitaIkunokogen Housingexcept for),Nishinomiya(Kitarokkodai, Sumiredai and Yamaguchi-choLimited to. ),Kako-gunHarima Town(Limited to Kaminozoe, Kitanozoe, Komiya, Nishinozoe, Nozoe, Nozoejo, Higashinozoe, Higashiniijima and Futako.) The entire area of ​​Kobe City is not 078.


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