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👩‍🎤 | NMB48 [Live Report] Miru Shiroma Produce Performance Starts! 25th SG selection members ...

Photo © NMB48

NMB48 [Live Report] Miru Shiroma Produced Performance Starts! 25th SG selection members ...

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Selected members are Wakana Abe, Yumi Ishida, Akari Ishizuka (first selection), Cocona Umeyama, Yuuka Kato, Chihiro Kawakami, Karin Kojima, Haruka Sadano, Kiyone Shiotsuki, Nagisa Shibuya, Rei Jonishi, Miru Shiroma. 14 people, Rui Mami (Center), Karen Hara, and Momone Yasuda.

NMB48 will be holding W4N-C (wink) <Miru Shiroma Pro ... → Continue reading


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Ishizuka Akari

Ishizuka Akari(Akari Ishizuka,1997〈Heisei9 years>May 7 -) isJapan OfIdolAnd a female idol groupNMB48Is a member of.ChibaI'm fromKYORAKU Yoshimoto. HoldingsThroughShowtitleBelongs.Theatrical company Akazunomaproducer[3].



  • In December, passed the final audition for NMB12's 48rd term research student audition.


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,NMB48 TheaterFirst performance appearance at.
  • On October 10th, he was promoted to a regular member of the first team BII.


  • On July 7th, a full-scale challenge to the stage with the theater company's bad play "Meromero Tachi".
  • On December 12th, the game "Nico Nico Live Broadcasting"Dragon quest10 hours live commentary.


  • On January 1th, serialization started on Pia Kansai version WEB "Theatrical company Akari Ishizuka".
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,the UAF YouTube-channel"Ishizuka Akari" channel opened.
  • On September 9, the launch of the theater company Akazunoma produced by himself was announced.[4].


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,OsakaABC hallTheatrical company Akazunoma launching performance "ShowyThe first day is approaching.


  • April 4th, NMB19's 48th single "Weeping willowIt will be announced that he was selected for the first time as a single title song selection member[5].


  • Nickname is Anchu[6].
  • The game is distributed on YouTube.
  • SHOWROOMThe appearance of crying to eat matcha cookies during live distribution becomes a hot topic[7].


  • Narumi KogaCo-starred with the theater company Akazunoma.Close contact with a small shower room during the training period[8].


Participating songs on NMB48

Single selection music

NMB48 name

AKB48 name

Album selection song

NMB48 name

AKB48 name

  • "1830mRecorded in
    • Aozora, are you lonely?

Theater performance unit song

3rd generation performance "I wanted to meet"

  • Koi no PLAN

Team BII 1st Stage "I wanted to see you"

  • CHERRY of Nagisa
  • Hold me from your back
  • Rio Revolution

Team BII 2nd Stage "I'm in love now"

  • Faint (Yuka Kato under)

Team M 2nd Stage "RESET"

Team BII 4th ​​Stage "Love Ban Ordinance"

Team M 3rd Stage "For Someone"

  • ラ イ ダ ー



  • Theatrical company Ichi theater "SQUARE AREA" (February 2016, 2) --Daily guest
  • Bad play vol.18 "Meromero-tachi" (July 2016, 7-July 15, 7,HEP HALL・ Akasaka RED / THEATER) --The role of continuing shame[11][12]
  • Bad play vol.19 "Trap" (April 2017, 4-April 8, HEP HAL ・Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater West) --The role of Machete Soliton[12]
  • Yoshimoto Shinkigeki (July 2017, 07)
  • Theatrical company Akazunoma launching performance "Showy(May 2018, 4-June 12, 4,ABC hall) --Miki / Hiru role (two roles per person)[13]
  • Theatrical company Akazunoma 2nd performance "Night song" (January 2019, 01-, ABC Hall, Shinjukumura LIVE)-As Tsutomu[14]
  • Impromania 9 (March 2019, 03, Knowledge Theater)
  • Improvius Busters # 23 (April 2019, 04, Post Yoshimoto)
  • Impromania X (September 2019, 09, ABC Hall)
  • Improvius Busters-Osaka Culture and Arts Festival Special Edition- (October 2019, 10,COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA SS Hall)
  • Recitation drama "Love Later" (June 2020, 06,Namba Grand Hanatsuki, Non-audience delivery performance) --Arisa[15]
  • Edited by Ayumu Kyuma "Monthly TaleNovember issue "(November 11, 2020,Yoshimoto Manzai Theater)


  • After-school devil (2014,ENERGY) --Yumemi Nishio
  • Nuu-san (2015, YNN) --Ahko
  • Teahouse Girl (2016, YNN) --Sachie
  • Episode 1(2019,Asahi Broadcasting)
    • Season 1 # 1 Romance drama "Your name is." --Ayame
    • Season 1 # 11, 12-Shortcut female role
    • Season 2 # 7 --Rize
  • New King of Minami 18th work "Temptation of part-time terrorism" (January 2020, 1,Kansai TV)
  • Akina & Fujisaki Market FIRST TAKE Theater (May 2021, 5, video distribution) -Improvisation drama[16]


  • Shinrabangae ~ I will play all kinds of games ~ (May 2018, 5 --October 23, 2019,Kawaiian TV)
  • Yoshimoto home game club"NMB48 Anchu Game Channel" (August 2020, 8-December 26, 2020,Mildom)
  • Yoshimoto Home Game Club "Osaka Entertainer Game Channel" (January 2021, 1-Biweekly, Mildom)


  • I got the top of NMB48's mahjong! (July 2020)[17]



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