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📚 | April 4nd is "Barbapapa Day"!Thorough analysis of the charm of Barbapapa & Family, which is very popular all over the world!


April 4nd is "Barbapapa Day"!Thorough analysis of the charm of Barbapapa & Family, which is very popular all over the world!

If you write the contents roughly
I feel like Barbapapa was in Scandinavia, but ... what an endless journey!

April 4nd is "Barbapapa Day"!Thorough analysis of the charm of Barbapapa & Family, which is very popular all over the world! 22 ... → Continue reading

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"Barbapapa』(Buddha: Barbapapa) IsFrance OfPicture book authorAnnette TisonとAmericaPicture book writerTalus TaylorBy the couplePicture book, And appear in themcharacterIs the name of.

The spelling in the Japanese version is "Barbapapa" in English, but in French-speaking countries, r is pronounced as "Barbapapa" if it is forcibly written in katakana.In French, Barbe à papa originally meant "papa's beard," and in turn, "cotton candyIt also means.This character name is a combination of two words, "cotton candy" and "daddy".


1970 eraChizon and Taylor togetherParis OfLuxembourg GardensA child tells his parents while taking a walkcotton candy(Barbapapa, "cotton candy" in French) "Taylor overheard.American Taylor didn't understand French, so I asked Chizon what it meant.InspirationIn response, Barbapapa was born from a doodle letter at a cafe in Paris.

Then publication began, the work was produced in French, and many after that.言语Translated into.3 times with the same titleAnimeIt has also been transformed.

in Japan,Children's literature writer-translator OfHaruo YamashitaTranslated for the first time by.

One of the creators, Talus Taylor, died in Paris on February 2015, 2. 19 years old[1][2].


Born from the garden, Barbapapa is a mysterious creature with the power "Barbatric" that transforms into any shape.Seven children were born to Baba Mama, and the Baba family played with human children, made various discoveries, and sometimes faced social problems.


Ghost Barbapapa

Haruo YamashitaTranslated by Kaiseisha, 1972,ISBN 4032021309 etc.
The first work in the series.A story about Barbapapa, who was born from the soil in the garden of a certain house, continues to search for his place while being estranged from the surroundings, and is finally accepted by people.
Only this book is different in size.It was Yamashita's first translated work.[3].
The original title is "Barbapapa".Japanese titleIsGhost Taro』Awareness[4].

Barbapapa picture book

1975LaterKodanshaHad a license.This notation is from an advertisement of Kodansha.

Barbapapa every time
Barbapapa goes on a journey in search of a companion.UK,India,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,SpaceI visited, but I couldn't find it. Immediately after I came back, Baba Mama was born and married in my garden.Children are born at the end.Since the previous work was popular, it was made into a series from this book, and the size has also increased horizontally.
Searching for Barbapapa
As children are born and families grow, the Baba family seeks a home and eventually builds their own home.It was this story that the children's special skills were established.Also, on the page just before arriving at the cut hill where the current house is built, there is a fountain and the river flows out, there is also a hint of the next story.
Barba Daddy's hump
The content is to carry animals that can no longer live on Earth due to pollution of water and atmosphere and hunting for luxury to stars with good environment.Eventually, humans will reflect and regain nature and return to Earth.It deals with the theme of environmental issues at the time of writing.
The Baba family will use their children's special skills to host a fun school to warn of the overly tight education of humans.
Barbapapa's Dai Circus
The Baba family hosts circuses and plays to please the children.
Barbapapa present
It is a struggle to protect the tropical birds, which are Christmas gifts of Barbazo, from the cold.In particular, Barbapikari cooperated fully, but in the end, he escaped to the southern island.
Barbapapa's Shimazukuri
The Baba family, who went to pick wild strawberries, struggle to protect the tree where the owls live.In this story, there is a doctrine element that only Barbamoja draws without any cooperation while the whole family is working hard, and at the end he is preached by Barbapapa.Barbamoja himself says, "It's for the publication of a book on the history of the family."
Barbapapa's Natsumi
The Baba family spends their summer vacation on the southern island.The only episode in which the Baba brothers quarrel.
Go to Barbapapa
火星The Baba family who went to meet the Martian Punpun family and fight against a mysterious green monster.The monster was actually secretly brought by Barba BravoKidney beans.

Barbapapa Mini Picture Book

Previously it was a large size, but this series has been published in small sizes.The number of pages per book has also been reduced, and character introductions are also included.Currently, not only has the series name been changed to "Barbapapa's Little Story", but the number of volumes and the date of the first edition have also been reset.

  1. Barbapapa's Africa Iki (11 volumes in the current version)
  2. Barbapapa's Komori Uta (13 volumes in the current version)
  3. Barbapapa juice making
  4. Barbapapa's Ongakukai
  5. Appear in Barbapapa's sea (6 volumes in the current version)
  6. Barbapapa's Like (4 volumes in the current version)
  7. Barbapapa's Fuusenryoko (2 volumes in the current version)
  8. Barbamoja fashionable
  9. Barbazu and Maigo no Tamago
  10. Barba Mama's cute
  11. Barba Papa's Tanjobi
  12. Baba Daddy Christmas
  13. Barbazo's nice tune
  14. Barbabel lace Ami
  15. Make Barbarib
  16. Barba Bravo's Blacksmith
  17. Barbapapa's Suishagoya (3 volumes in the current version)
  18. Making a pot of barbamoja
  19. Barbazu's Shepherd
  20. Barbapikari's Tokeiya
  21. Barbapapa's Shinjutori (5 volumes in the current version)
  22. Barba Mama's Carpenter
  23. Barbarara bottle making
  24. Barbapapa's Gakkiya-san (18 volumes in the current version)

Barbapapa / Knowledge Picture Book

  1. Barbapapa ABC
  2. Barbapapa's color play
  3. Barbapapa's Kazu no Hon
  4. Searching for the shape of Barbapapa
  5. Every time Barbapapa travels
  6. Barbapapa's Chie Play

Barbapapa Tanken Series

The first series that became the original of the third anime.Out of print.

  1. Afurika Kawa
  2. Ice cubes
  3. Amazon Forest
  4. Toi Sabaku

Ability Development Picture Book Barbapapa World

A picture book from the third anime.Compared to other picture books, it has the feature of not having an outer cover.

  1. Stop the Andean locomotive!
  2. Get rid of Australian wildfires!
  3. Protect New Guinea Akachan!
  4. Let's go beyond Borneo!
  5. Return Himalayan Moja!

Barbapapa around the world

The above remake version has an outer cover.

  1. Searching for Barbapapa's animals
  2. Barbapapa and sea turtles
  3. Barbapapa and Koguma
  4. Searching for Barbapapa pandas
  5. Barbapapa's Sango Shotanken
  6. Barbapapa Penguins

Barbapapa Comic Picture Book

Japanese comics will be released on November 2015, 11KodanshaPublished by.

  1. Go to Baba Mama Volcano
  2. Barbapikari and smaller medicine


The cast described here is the third one.The first and second works have very few performers, so see below.


Barbapapa (British-Buddha: Barbapapa)
sound - Tea wind forest
Body colorPink.
Of this workhero..He has a gentle personality that cannot be left alone when he sees people in need.
Initially, he was put in the zoo because he was "too big", was kicked out of the cage, and was treated as a hindrance to the road, but he helped people in a fire and escaped from the zoo.LeopardBecome a popular person through catching.
In frenchcotton candyIs called Barbapapa, literally translated as "dad's beard".
I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat meat[5].
Barba Mama (British-Buddha: Barbamama)
Voice- Banko
Body colorblack..The color of the flowers on the top of the head"Red".
Barbapapa's wife.A mother who is good at cooking and has a childish feeling.
When Barbapapa became lonely and searched all over the world and even in space, he returned home without finding it, and he was born in the garden where Barbapapa was first born.
They / theyOviparity.

The kids

The names of children in the Japanese version are translated into English or French names, and some of the names that are difficult for Japanese children to understand are given in the image unique to the Japanese version.[6].


Barba Bravo (British: Barbabravo / Buddha: Barbidur)
Voice- Kumai Motoko
Body color"Red"But at birthpinkwas.
I like exercise and often lift dumbbells.Other than that, there are also unexpected aspects such as being a glutton and dressing as a detective in collaboration with Lolita and Barbazo.
From the perspective of the other brothers, he seems to be the eldest son, and he also acts like an older brother to take leadership.
Barbazu (British: Barbazoo / Buddha: Barbidou)
Voice- Yoko Matsuoka
Body color黄色..The third and second son of the brothers.
He has a gentle personality that loves living things and is familiar with the natural sciences.I am very close to Toucan (described later).
Among his brothers, he is the best friend of Barber Bravo and may be an assistant to Bravo dressed as a detective.It goes well with Barbabel.
Barbapikari (British: Barbabright / Buddha: Barbibul)
Voice- Kaoru Fujimoto
Body colortag..The fifth and third son of the brothers.
He has a deep knowledge of science and mathematics such as science and astrophysics, and although he likes inventions, he often fails.I also like to see the stars and have a telescope in my room.
He has a good relationship with Barbamoja and is also the talker of his complaints.On the other hand, it doesn't go very well with Barbazo.
Barbamoja (British: Barbabeau / Buddha: Daub)
Voice- Chiyako Shibahara
Body colorblackAnd the hair is growing.The youngest of the brothers.
He has artistic specialties such as painting and sculpture, and especially likes painting.While other family members were working, I used to draw only one person, but the content was a progress record of the work there.
Sometimes stress builds up, and I often get angry and hit eight.
I don't wear glasses, but my eyes are not so good because I have myopia.[7].

女 の 子

Barbarib (British: Barbalib / Buddha: Barbotine)
Voice- Akemi Shinohara
Body colorOrangeBut at birthvermilionwas.The color of the flowers on the top of the head is blue.The second and eldest daughter among the brothers.
He knows well and is the strongest of his brothers, but he also has a talk.I like books and didn't wear glasses at first, but now I do.
Picari was a science and mathematics student, but in her case she has a lot of knowledge about literature.I often quarrel with the courageous Barber Bravo and the selfish Barbabel.
Bar Babel (British-Buddha: Barbabelle)
Voice- Yumi Takada
The body color is purple, but the first and second anime versions are purplish red.The color of the flowers on the top of the head is yellow.The fourth and second daughter among the brothers.
I like fashion and wear a necklace.He is also good at dancing.I am not very good at hairy insects such as caterpillars and pests such as cockroaches.
Perhaps because he is strong and selfish, he often quarrels with Barbamoja and Barbarib, but he is on good terms with Barbazo and Barbarala.He also has a crybaby personality.
Barbara La (British-Buddha: Barbalala)
Voice- Megumi Toyoguchi
Body color绿..The color of the flowers on the top of the headpink..Sixth and third daughter among the brothers.
Gentle and laid-back personality.It is relatively quiet among the brothers, and because of that, it often plays the most detrimental role.I am very close to girls such as Barbarib and Barbabel.
I like singing and musicWhistleとharpPlay well.You may transform yourself into an instrument such as a harp.


The boy at the house where Barbapapa was first born.
A girl who lives next to the house where Barbapapa was first born.I have a younger brother.
Lolita (British-Buddha: Lolita)
Voice- Yoshimitsu Shimoyama
The dog of the Baba family.Often becomes a family troublemaker.
Toucan (British-Buddha: Toucan)
A tropical bird that Barbazou loves.
Baba Baba
Barbapapa's mother.Show up for a moment in episode 11.
Pun Pun Family
A family of Martians who appeared in "Barbapapa Kasei Go".The body is similar to the Baba family, but with a black and white pattern."Pun" is included in each person's name, and the children's names have a musical scale as a motif.In addition, there is "Barbatenten" in the space barber that looks similar (details will be described later).
Barbaten Ten
Space Baba that appeared in "Barbapapa's Kazunohon".It looks similar to the Punpun family mentioned above, but its relationship with the Punpun family is unknown.
Voice- Masako Ikeda

Anime (1977st work, XNUMX version)

The situation of animation three times is a little complicated, so I will explain it in chronological order.

  • First1977Animated in the same yearMay 4から1978May 3UntilTokyo 12 ChannelIt aired every Monday-Friday from 19:15 to 19:23 (JST).The music and voices produced in Japan were dubbed into the original overseas version of the video, and the theme song and insert song were not the original version but those produced in Japan.The voice actor at this timeKenta with liver,Noriko OharaThe two of them played all the characters.The narrator is Noriko Ohara.
  • Barbapapas transform by casting the spell "Barbatric".It has also been introduced as a sound effect called "barbatrick".
  • The original is mainly Barbapapa picture book and Barbapapa mini picture book, but French comics that were not published in Japan at that time are also used.
  • Past, 1990-JSB (Japan Satellite Broadcasting /) until 1992 at the earliestWOWOW) With the "WOWOW Anime Land" framePerfect TV! OfKids stationHas been rebroadcast on.
  • The insert songs "Barba Moja no Uta" (song-Kaneta Kimotsuki) and "Barbabel no Uta" (song-Noriko Ohara) are "Barbapapa" (Victor Records It was released as KV-57).Also, "Barbazou no Uta" (song-Kaneta Kimotsuki) is a soprano singer.Aikawa Yumi"Chuji Kinoshita's collection of works" Times of Joy and Sorrow "" (Cameratta 30CM-485) with piano accompanimentsongYou can hear it by playing as.Other insert songs include "Barbapikari no Uta" (song-Kaneta Kimotsuki) and "Barbarara no Uta" (song-Noriko Ohara).

Staff (1977st work, XNUMX version)

Theme song/Insert song

  • Opening theme song "Baba Family Song"
    Lyrics- Zenzo Matsuyama / Composition- Kinoshita Chuji / song - Noriko Ohara,Kenta with liver("Barbapapa"Victor Records KV-56)
  • Insert song "Barbapikari no Uta"
    Song-Kaneta Kimotsuki ("Barbapapa" Victor Record KV-56)
  • Insert song "Barbamoja no Uta"
    Song-Kaneta Kimotsuki ("Barbapapa" Victor Record KV-57)
  • Insert song "Barbabel's song"
    Song-Noriko Ohara ("Barbapapa" Victor Record KV-57)
  • Insert song "Barbazu no Uta"
    Song-Kaneta Kimotsuki ("Barbapapa" Victor Record KV-58)
  • Insert song "Barbarara no Uta"
    Song-Noriko Ohara ("Barbapapa" Victor Record KV-58)

List of each story (first work, 1977 version)

Correspondence of the original that is known in parentheses.

  1. Hello Barbapapa (Barbapapa of ghost)
  2. Barbapapa great success (Ghost Barbapapa)
  3. Clean the sea
  4. What's wrong with Barbapapa (every time Barbapapa comes out)
  5. Go on a trip to Barbapapa (every time Barbapapa)
  6. Go to Barbapapa India (every time Barbapapa)
  7. Go to Barbapapa America (every time Barbapapa)
  8. Barbapapa space travel (every time Barbapapa)
  9. Barbapapa ship
  10. Barbapapa's new home (Looking for Barbapapa)
  11. Building a Barbapapa House (Searching for Barbapapa)
  12. The fighting Barba family (Looking for Barbapapa)
  13. Barbapapa's Tokoya-san (like Barbapapa's)
  14. Barbapapa (like Barbapapa)
  15. Where is that forest
  16. Barbapapa milk squeezing
  17. It's like milk
  18. Baba family wine party
  19. Drawing barbamoja
  20. Barbapikari's little lover
  21. Barbamoja hair style
  22. Barbapikari motorboat
  23. Barbapapa Travel Bag (Barbapapa's Africa)
  24. To Barbapapa Africa (Barbapapa's Africa)
  25. Barbamoja and hedgehog
  26. Barbapikari's inventor
  27. Barbapapa runaway train
  28. Baba family doctor
  29. Let's help animals
  30. Get rid of Barbapapa bugs
  31. Who is this egg?
  32. Wonderful barba dam
  33. Fun sports
  34. Barbapapa Desert Trip
  35. Fun Orusuban
  36. Model contest
  37. Barba Bravo skiing
  38. Modeled Barbapapa
  39. Baby babysitter (Barbapapa's muffled song)
  40. Barbapapa's Birthday Cake (Barbapapa's Tanjobi)
  41. Baba family concert
  42. Let's disguise
  43. Barbapapa's Noah's Ark (Barbapapa's Hakobune)
  44. Barba Rocket Toward the Terra (Barbapapa's hump)
  45. Dog rescue operation
  46. Barbarib's Sleeping Princess
  47. The mystery of the disappeared pie
  48. Who is the egg stealer?
  49. François birthday
  50. Barba Bravo motor car
  51. A commemorative photo of the Baba family
  52. Baba family circus
  53. Grass race
  54. Trigger trap
  55. Baby food
  56. Baby birthday
  57. Barbapapa Travel to Mexico
  58. Baba family amusement park
  59. Barbarib piggy bank
  60. Barbapapa bullfighter
  61. Tadpole catfish child
  62. A shy dragon
  63. Baba family balloon trip
  64. Hunting all the time
  65. Let's help the whale
  66. hide-and-seek
  67. Baba family concert
  68. Bravo's Ibarinbo
  69. Red bicycle
  70. Let's make a playground
  71. marathon
  72. Hello from the bottom of the sea
  73. Red chick
  74. Forest forever
  75. Baba family adventure
  76. Robot washing machine
  77. Go to western Barbapapa
  78. Duel in Western Barbapapa
  79. Great catch in the peanut field
  80. Shower
  81. Gentle goat
  82. Pig postman
  83. Save the flower field
  84. Barbazo's doctor
  85. Underground adventure
  86. Refrigerator trolls
  87. Toy factory
  88. Mysterious animals
  89. Picture of the stolen Mona Lisa
  90. A ghost appeared again
  91. Barbapapa Music School
  92. Wilderness horror
  93. Missing Barbapapa
  94. Fuss aquarium
  95. Barbapapa Craft Class
  96. Let's cross the rainbow
  97. Dog show
  98. Baba family fireworks display
  99. Migratory bird barbazo
  100. Do your best, Ali
  101. What do you do
  102. Boomerang trip
  103. Beware of dinosaurs
  104. Big oak tree
  105. Big big stone sculpture
  106. New hat journey
  107. Lost little bird
  108. There are still more goals
  109. Iridescent rail
  110. Lonely puppy
  111. Baba tv station
  112. UFO has appeared
  113. Beaver house building
  114. Troublesome customers
  115. Barbapapa Outdoor School
  116. Chakkari and the frog
  117. Birth of chicks
  118. The circus came to town (Barbapapa's circus)
  119. Barbapapa Theater (Barbapapa's Dai Circus)
  120. Whale who got lost
  121. Mysterious greenhouse
  122. Brave flag
  123. Magic stick
  124. Chick teacher
  125. I wonder if there is something I don't need
  126. A dinosaur appeared
  127. Making a pot of barbamoja (making a pot of barbamoja)
  128. Musical comedy
  129. Jungle mystery
  130. Go to Barbapikari Moon
  131. Let's shovel snow
  132. Barbamoja is an artist
  133. Barbapikari Wizard
  134. Barbazo on the time machine
  135. Cinderella in a fuss
  136. Sand play competition
  137. Help with inchworm
  138. Iceberg whale
  139. Big race
  140. François cleaning
  141. 3 + 5 = 2 Baba nursery school
  142. Barbapapa Gardens
  143. Fun camping village
  144. Baba family sparrow restaurant
  145. Barbamoja's Secret
  146. Baba family windmill hut
  147. Squirrel and acorn fruit
  148. Barbapapa's Yurei Mansion
  149. Barbapapa's trip to Japan
  150. Baba family festival
  151. Barbarib picture book
  152. Panda teacher
  153. Who is the thief
  154. shooting star
  155. Everest mountaineering
  156. Car racing

* Not all of them are new works, and reruns began to appear from the latter half of the year, and the number gradually increased, and at the end, only reruns were available.Such an on-air form is "Colargol explorationAnd 'Spoon aunt], Which is often seen in obi anime.


Anime (second work, 1995 version)

1977The cell video (cell video) is a series of episodes that were band programs, with different sounds such as voice actors, music, and dialogue.VHS) Was released.The voice actorToyama Kei,Miyuki Ichijo..After that, SME / Visual Works →AniplexFrom "Barbapapa ClassicDVD]2001,2005It was released in various packages.

List of each story (second work, 1995 version)

The ★ mark is the title work when it was released as software.

  1. Ghost Barbapapa ★
  2. Barbapapa swimming
  3. Barbapapa Desert Trip
  4. Barbapapa's runaway locomotive
  5. Barbapapa Shepherd
  6. Barbapapa Pest Taiji
  7. Barbapapa comes out every time ★
  8. Barba Kids Athletic Meet
  9. Barbapikari boat
  10. Barba Bravo skiing
  11. Barbapapa's Ongakukai ★
  12. Making a pot of barbamoja
  13. Barbapikari's invention
  14. Barba kids fashionable pretend
  15. Barbapapa juice making
  16. Searching for Barbapapa
  17. Barba Daddy's Tanjobi ★
  18. Barbamoja flea taiji
  19. Barba Mama's cute
  20. Barbazu and Maigo no Tamago
  21. Barbamoja fashionable
  22. Barba Kids Children's Room
  23. Barbapapa's Africa
  24. Barba Daddy's Hakobune ★
  25. Barbapapa's muffled song
  26. Go out to Barbapapa
  27. Barba Kids Yamabori

Anime (1999rd work, XNUMX version)

1999Produced "Barbapapa Around the World" in 1999May 7からMay 10UntilNHK educational TVIt aired every Monday to Friday from 16:50 to 16:55 (JST).In this series, the "barbatrick" shout is no longer used when transforming.

Staff (1999rd work, XNUMX edition)

List of each story (third work, 1999 edition)

This is also a story taken from the French version of the comicSeems to exist[Source required]..When it was made into software, it became a total of 5 volumes of software with 4 episodes in the following order.

  1. Hometown edition
  2. ChugokuHen
  3. IndiaHen
  4. HimalayaHen
  5. NordicHen
  6. BorneoHen
  7. SumatraHen
  8. New GuineaHen
  9. 熱 帯AfricaHen
  10. SavannahHen
  11. AustraliaHen
  12. GalapagosHen
  13. AmericaPrairie
  14. Western United StatesHen
  15. ArcticHen
  16. AndesHen
  17. AmazonHen
  18. AntarcticHen
  19. Red SeaHen
  20. Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHen


  • ItalianIn editionBarba BravoIs the Japanese versionBarbapikariPoint to.Japanese versionBarba BravoIs the Italian versionBarba ForteHits.
  • Columbia Music EntertainmentIn the omnibus album "Children's Song Full Fukubukuro !!" released in November 2005, the 11 version of the anime theme song "Baba Family Song" was released.Yamano Satoko,Hashimoto tide,Hitomi Takimoto,Akira Hayashi,Takao Nakao,Kumai Motoko coverare doing.
  • Electric grooveIs the predecessor band of人生Covers the 1977 anime theme songs "Baba Family Song" and "Baba Moja Song".The former is included in the mini album "Barbapapa" and the latter is included in the album "SUBSTANCE V".
  • musicalIt has also been transformed.Since it is difficult to reproduce that soft body, a human actor wore a dubbing cloth and showed a speedy performance different from the original.
  • Asahi Kasei OfSaran WrapAppeared in CG in the CM of.
  • Sekisui HouseIt has been adopted as an image character for "Housing Visit Day" andCMHas also appeared in.
  • Hyakuju BankIt is used as an image character in the design of passbooks and the like.It has appeared in commercials in the past, and the voice actor in charge of Barbapapa at this time is Hidehiko Samukawa.It is not published in the CM information or CM gallery on the official bank website.
  • 2015May 5, To commemorate the 45th anniversary of birthGoogle DoodleBecame designed by Barbapapa and his family[22].


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(December 1999, 4-February 5, 1999)
Barbapapa around the world
(December 1999, 7-February 5, 1999)
Barbapapa Rebroadcast around the world
(December 1999, 10-February 4, 1999)
(December 2000, 1-February 4, 2000)


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